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Feature update

Wednesday, 15 April 2009 00:01

We've been working away for the past month and are pleased to announce a raft of new little features:

  • Refined moderation of user comments. Your valued contributions will appear on the site quicker.
  • Top rankings pages now show the top 5 most popular stats for each variable, rather than the top 1.
  • We've put a search box at the bottom of each page, so it's convenient to find new things out of our vast collection.
  • The encyclopedia home page has been cleaned up, showing categories and themes.
  • Best of all: you can now sort by amount and alphabetical order on graph pages with instant feedback. No need to wait for the page to reload

We hope these modifications improve your experience. Feel free to drop us a line with any thoughts of your own.



swami punitanand
4th January 2010
you print this article on your website.

the depth of vedic hinduism

Over the ages there developed a keen search of spritual significance that who is the Almighty and the relation between Aatma and Parmatma.Our ancestors worked on this topic,thus we got the Vedas, Puranas,Upnishads among these one is Jyotish, which includes practice of planets nature, relation and effect of planetary energy on living and non- living objects and various other aspects such as Remedial Mantra, Yantra and Tantra. The ancient rishis and maharishis when in the condition of self hypnosis, i.e meditation- a very deep spritual concentration at a point where’s ones energy is purely attending a feeling of Devineness,heared the vibrations of mantras.That vibrating mantra when practiced by yogis then attended a form of instrumental spritual shape of that devine energy it means that perticular design of perticular mantra is called as yantra.Yantras are visual forms of mantric energy. Yantra literally means “loom”, “instrument or machine”. It is an interlocking matrix of geometric figures, floral patterns, circles, triangles, that form fractal patters of elegence and beauty.Now, the mantra one who practices is not merely affecting or energizing ones body its direct relation is with the sole, the sole can can only transfer, create, develop or communicate with the charging energy of mantra.In vedas there is very deep discription of the purity of the soul and not much on the purity of body.So one who continuosly chants or meditates mantras with faith and worships that perticular diety ruling that mantra soon that person becomes capable for viewing the yantra of that perticular diety representing the mantra and then finally the application of mantra and yantra both forms the wide and vast occult science of Tantra.There is pure white tantra i.e Daksheenmarge and the other is Vammargee tantra as explained by punitanand saraswatiji maharaj a occultism practitioner from india. he says that the creator of tantra is lord SHIVA.
We all know that we have a great litterature with us.We all are aware with the stories of ramayana, mahabharat,panchtantra and many more mythological and historical kathas, studies of these stories gives us an idea of our past period civilization that time the yogis, devs, danavs, yakshas, some of them were capable to represent themselves at many places at a time.They were termed as Mayavis, i.e literate of magic or maya.also they can dissappeare from one’s eyesight, they can form an army within a fraction of time all this proves that they were more strong and capable than our present generation example- ravana, meghnada, hanumana, ghatothkacch, hiranyakashyapa etc. etc. So does anybody has thought about this thing? Can such a phenomenon can take place in ones life! actuallywhat was that which we are unable to understand at present. The answer of this question is that all supernatural powers and other capabilities were with them because they knew the principle and application of fourth dimention, they were capable to travel and express themselves in the 4th dimention which cannot be recognized and detected easily by normal human beings, which remains hidden behind every dimention of 3D structure. Einstien’s theory of relativity created a hope for the search of 4th dimention, but till now nobody has got sucess in search of this dimention with the help of modern or classic physics theories or by sprituality by so called dharmic gurus of present generation.
The 4th dimention always terminates between space-time curvature also the unit, quantum, and nature of this dimention is not known by our scientists. When we will suceed in search of this dimention we will also be capable to perform such activities which our ancestors has practiced thousands of years back.

baljeet kumar chaurasia
9th February 2010
The disappearing forests of Munger: a wake-up call for environmental protection
By Baljeet Kumar chaurasia

At the crack of dawn Baburam , along with his wife and two children armed with axes begin their slow trek to the nearby forest. Their aim—to cut the wood and return home heaped with branches and twigs. They are not alone in this. Some 3000 woodcutters join them in this pre-dawn move and as the sun shines, a full army of them are at work in the forest.

This seems a page out of the bizarre when the entire world’s focus is on preservation of forests as ‘carbon sinks’ but infact is a routine occurrence in Munger district of Bihar where hundreds of people are involved in illegal cutting of forest wood. What is ironical is the fact that it is taking place under the nose of the administration which shows a criminal negligence by turning a blind eye. The illegal activities are not restricted to cutting of forests but ‘mining’ to dig out from the hills, precious minerals and stone which are then surreptitiously transported out under the cover of darkness. Activities hugely detrimental to the environment and flagrant violation of the law.

In Munger district, there is a nexus at work between the mine-owners, timber mafia and local officials. About 2000 people in the district particularly in Patam earn their livelihood through these nefarious activities. The noise and the pollution is highly disturbing for not only the human beings around the area but the birds and animals living there. They have been driven out of their natural habitats

The tradition in this country for centuries has been one of deep respect for nature. The symbiotic bond between human existence and patterns of nature was understood more in an intuitive, intrinsic way , rather than intellectual . It defined the relationship between the two, which was one of harmony .

With modern development, this concept turned turtle and the results are there for us to see and to reap. Floods, Drought, Earthquakes and other forms of natural calamities have been the bitter harvest, the aberrations in the natural cycle which have been taking their toll. In some ways we have come the full circle to again go back to basics, this time supported by intellectual debate and some policy steps to mitigate the situation .

The Wild life Conservation Act 1972, has a clear provision for protecting the means of livelihood of local inhabitants. The government recognizing the food and fodder needs of communities living around reserved forest areas had even drawn up a plan. Sadly 9 years later, implementation on the ground is lax, amply evident in Munger.

Unless the government takes decisive steps to provide alternative and clean fuel to prevent the use of wood as fuel, it is impractical to expect Babulal and hundreds like him not to flout the law openly or in connivance with local officials to keep alight their home fires. In sum unless the government addresses this, it is virtually impossible to stop illegal cutting in forests.

There is a lacuna at the policy level too. While Forests is very much a Central Government subject, the impetus and its implementation clearly needs to come from the state governments. There was a move afoot some years back to set up para-security forces for guarding the forest zones. State governments were told to respond to this. Nothing came out of it and precious time has been lost.

We have as a country and world community unfortunately strayed far away from the innate
understanding that our ancestors possessed. That human existence is undeniably and inextricably
linked to the environment and its preservation must in a sense come first. If we had just stuck to
this dictum, what we would have inherited today would have been clean air and water, lush
forests and a promise of an eternity of peaceful existence for the future generations.

Instead it is quite the opposite. The reasons are many and probably differ in different regions and zones across the country. The concerns of Munger are not its alone. More than three decades ago, world leaders had first sat up and taken note of the deterioration in environment and the devastating effect it was having on life on earth. But the promise has remained unfulfilled and the state of the world is a far cry from the harmony and equity that is needed to preserve the environment and all of life.

In India, it is clear that state governments need to buy-in into the concept and take onus. They cannot be bystanders or passive players in the move to protect and purify their natural resources. And during disasters, take shelter behind outmoded laws and ineffective programs. Environment should not remain an issue or a subject but needs now more than ever to evolve into a movement that sweeps the country. Perhaps only then will Munger be able to restore its fast disappearing green gold.
18th April 2010
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25th October 2010
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17th February 2011
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