FACTOID # 2: North Carolina has a larger Native American population than North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana combined.
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People Statistics > Total Black Population (most recent) by state

DEFINITION: Total Black Population, states (2003-2004), U.S. (2004)
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Rank   States  Amount 
# 1     New York: 2,892,357 
# 2     Florida: 2,557,098 
# 3     Georgia: 2,468,870 
# 4     Texas: 2,455,655 
# 5     California: 2,211,000 
# 6     Illinois: 1,865,912 
# 7     North Carolina: 1,774,909 
# 8     Maryland: 1,494,489 
# 9     Louisiana: 1,430,039 
# 10     Michigan: 1,401,812 
# 11     Virginia: 1,383,860 
# 12     Ohio: 1,306,923 
# 13     South Carolina: 1,203,926 
# 14     Pennsylvania: 1,201,045 
# 15     New Jersey: 1,161,890 
# 16     Alabama: 1,158,413 
# 17     Mississippi: 1,039,802 
# 18     Tennessee: 946,781 
# 19     Missouri: 635,418 
# 20     Indiana: 521,145 
# 21     Arkansas: 420,586 
# 22     Massachusetts: 354,865 
# 23     District of Columbia: 314,773 
# 24     Connecticut: 310,763 
# 25     Kentucky: 302,044 
# 26     Wisconsin: 299,893 
# 27     Oklahoma: 246,195 
# 28     Washington: 199,139 
# 29     Minnesota: 194,053 
# 30     Arizona: 184,805 
# 31     Colorado: 164,101 
# 32     Delaware: 157,131 
# 33     Nevada: 155,350 
# 34     Kansas: 148,997 
# 35     Nebraska: 70,615 
# 36     Iowa: 58,927 
# 37     Oregon: 58,301 
# 38     Rhode Island: 56,691 
# 39     West Virginia: 52,005 
# 40     New Mexico: 30,723 
# 41     Hawaii: 21,122 
# 42     Alaska: 19,739 
# 43     Utah: 19,110 
# 44     New Hampshire: 11,649 
# 45     Maine: 8,316 
# 46     South Dakota: 6,168 
# 47     Idaho: 6,103 
# 48     North Dakota: 4,062 
# 49     Vermont: 3,572 
# 50     Wyoming: 3,373 
# 51     Montana: 2,128 
Total: 34,996,643  
Weighted average: 686,208.7  

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"Total Black Population by state", statehealthfacts.org. Retrieved from http://www.StateMaster.com/graph/peo_tot_bla_pop-people-total-black-population

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c note
17th January 2012
Do white people know that they are now the minorities in the usa? Well in my book they always have been!! As the rest of us progress it will be more and more evident that the devils will return where they belong, in hell with the one who created them! Just remember, we have God on our side!
Curious George
11th October 2011
Segregation was the worst thing that ever happened in America. We blacks were fine and doing great in our own neighborhoods. It wasn't until we were taken out of our surrounding community and all of our schools were closed so we could attend the so-called better white schools did our community start to go down. Our teachers lost their jobs etc.. And just to let Bryan Lackey know I am 55 and you were probably one of the kids that threw rocks at our school bus. Thank God! they did not let us off the bus or maybe you and I would have met face-to-face. Have a Great Life.
28th September 2011
Some people are just born racists!!!
The Facts
29th August 2011
Read "The Bell Curve" Then you will actually know something of what you are talking bout. Until then, you are clue-less!
16th August 2011
Lincoln is turning over in his grave after he sees the preoblem he created by letting these animals loose.
Tom R 30
10th August 2011
Wow New York is the worst....Time to move to Montana...Lot less mud!
richard right
3rd August 2011
With the destruction of the USA, the circle of the zionist snake is complete!
16th July 2011
@Amazing Gee: Brian's right. Turn off American Idol and have a look around. I promise, you'll be outraged when you open your eyes. Truth is truth, nobody said you had to like it.
10th July 2011
Oh my goodness. The nerve of some people, aka Truth and Bryan. Oh wait. You 'people' aren't even worth my time. Forget it. And Northern California? Move if you can't stand seeing a non white face everytime you go out. Go create a country that's not as multicultural and beautiful as the States, stay there, and then you can talk. Btw, none of us really belong here except for the Aboriginals.
3rd July 2011
The black scourge cannot be stopped now. They have been given too much time and too much government money to swept under the rug now. There was a time when I thought that they might be able to be productive members of society and a select few of them are but most are a drain on our country. They don't want equal rights they want to dominate the white race and make our future generations pay for slavery like we had something to do with it. They drain others, rob others, brutalize others and expect other races to walk on egg shells around them.
northern california
22nd June 2011
Is there a walmart I can shop at with no black or colored people? If so I really would like to know where it is because I am sick of running into a monkey cage everytime I go shopping for my kids
25th March 2011
This country has had its problems with the races. Abraham Lincoln knew that the negroes would cause problems, so he wanted to ship them all out of the country. Well, that goal failed, but he at least promoted the policies to prevent the destruction of America for as long as possible. Lincoln state in the famous "Lincoln / Douglass Debates" that negroes should not vote, should not hold office, and should not marry white people. This lasted for a while, but by the 1960s, negroes could legally marry a white person in America. The destruction has culminated into all facets of America and has even resulted in one of them in the White House. With his foot on the gas pedal, America is headed for a train wreck.
Erica Davis
14th March 2011
Why do people always assume we (african americans) are stupid? This is directed at Bryan
Jackie ChilesT
7th March 2011
Brian Lackey speaks the truth. Many people just can handle the truth.

Before deseg. education in the US was always in the top 5 worldwide. Always!

Now? hahahhaahhahahahahhahahahahahha

Guess what changed.

The system had to be dumbed down so no one would feel inferior.
Amazing Gee
2nd February 2011
I never cease to shudder at what manner of brains some people who call themselves "proud Americans" possess, and bandy about. The guy that calls himself Bryan Lackey is one of the sorry disappointments of the United States...and he is 56!!! 56 wasted years! You owe God an apology for keeping you alive.

One thing is clear though, America is great, and probably has the best assemblage of the greatest and kindest people on earth, in spite of the futile attempt of people like 'Bryan' to smear her glory.
1st February 2011
The black population in Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia will continue to grow, as many blacks from the North and Midwest are moving to these Southern states that are booming in terms of population growth with all races moving to the region in sizable numbers.
6th January 2011
I always wanted to say this, now is the right time.
Black Africans were brought to America by Jews and sold as slaves to white people of America.
The glorified history of Jews been eradicated in Germany as we have been reminded every year (the holocaust) but never mentioned ninety million African men, women and children were transported from Africa to America but only ten percent were reached the shores.
22nd October 2010
You can say that again Mongoose!
7th October 2010


We have 50 states and 1 District (Washington D.C.)

#23 District of Columbia

23rd September 2010
Bryan Lackey,

Holy s@it you are an a$$hole!
31st August 2010
So we have 51 states now? Who labeled these statistics?
Bryan Lackey
30th August 2010
How is it that a race that only comprises about 15% of our country can usurp the resources of a country as large as ours so significantly? As I watch CNN today, whom I have grown to regard as "minority sycophants", and they are fumbling around with the question of what we can do to "fix our schools", I can only say that you already did it. It's called desegregation and bussing. Not even the US can recover from this degredation of the schools and our communities. It's sad and very painful to look at the condition of our once-great country. I'm 56.
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