FACTOID # 3: A mere 0.8% of West Virginians were born in a foreign country.
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People Statistics > Estimated number of Illegal Immigrants (most recent) by state

DEFINITION: Estimated number of Illegal Immigrants. Latest available data - 2000 Census. Eight other States --Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming --each had fewer than 2,500 estimated unauthorized residents in 1990 and 2000. The US Citizenship ad Immigration Services also highlights that the illegal immigrant population in America grows by approximatley a half a million each year. Taken into account, the current illegal immigrant population is between 9 and 11 million people.
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Rank   States  Amount 
# 1     California: 2,209,000 
# 2     Texas: 1,041,000 
# 3     New York: 489,000 
# 4     Illinois: 432,000 
# 5     Florida: 337,000 
# 6     Arizona: 283,000 
# 7     Georgia: 228,000 
# 8     New Jersey: 221,000 
# 9     North Carolina: 206,000 
# 10     Colorado: 144,000 
# 11     Washington: 136,000 
# 12     Virginia: 103,000 
# 13     Nevada: 101,000 
# 14     Oregon: 90,000 
# 15     Massachusetts: 87,000 
# 16     Michigan: 70,000 
# 17     Utah: 65,000 
# 18     Minnesota: 60,000 
# 19     Maryland: 56,000 
# 20     Pennsylvania: 49,000 
# 21     Kansas: 47,000 
= 22     Tennessee: 46,000 
= 22     Oklahoma: 46,000 
# 24     Indiana: 45,000 
# 25     Wisconsin: 41,000 
# 26     Ohio: 40,000 
= 27     Connecticut: 39,000 
= 27     New Mexico: 39,000 
# 29     South Carolina: 36,000 
# 30     Arkansas: 27,000 
= 31     Alabama: 24,000 
= 31     Iowa: 24,000 
= 31     Nebraska: 24,000 
# 34     Missouri: 22,000 
# 35     Idaho: 19,000 
# 36     Rhode Island: 16,000 
# 37     Kentucky: 15,000 
# 38     Delaware: 10,000 
# 39     Mississippi: 8,000 
# 40     District of Columbia: 7,000 
= 41     Louisiana: 5,000 
= 41     Alaska: 5,000 
# 43     Hawaii: 2,000 
Total: 6,994,000  
Weighted average: 162,651.2  

SOURCE: US Citizenship and Immigration Services, field report, 2000.

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"Estimated number of Illegal Immigrants by state", US Citizenship and Immigration Services, field report, 2000.. Retrieved from http://www.StateMaster.com/graph/peo_est_num_of_ill_imm-people-estimated-number-illegal-immigrants

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yo mamma
20th October 2011
I understand that the reason for a lot of them coming over is to provide for their family but instead of them coming over we should either annex mexico and help or just help them out to get a good economy and better government but just because they have bad lives doesn't meen they can cross the border illegaly if you read the BIBLE it has many verses about helping your neighbor and not breaking the law
18th October 2011
Folks, take note that these numbers are double to what is being reported because the numbers posted here on StateMaster are from 11 year old data, the 2000 US Census! The problem with illegal immigration is far worse than reported on this site.
6th October 2011
What concerns me most on this blog is that "Mr. Ends It All" actually used the terms "dang" and "holy fudge". What the hell is that all about?
2nd October 2011
First of all, I think we should look at one of the reasons that Latin Americans immigrate to the U.S. The U.S. government and large corporations systematically undermined Latin American states beginning in the 70's through the 80's in order to stop them from gaining control of their own land and resources through brutal and inhumane measures. The sentiment "go back where you came from" is ironic from a citizens of a country made up of immigrants and the resounding answer from Hispanic immigrants should be- YOU FIRST! If our government and businesses are in their country profiting from their resources and undermining their economy by doing so, then why shouldn't they come to our country in search of jobs?
29th September 2011
I would just like to say that some of us do not like illegals because they come over a expect the government to pay for welfare, their kids, and food stamps and that causes us to go more in debt and causes Americans to suffer and then we become broke. There is almost no middle-class anymore. Middle-class has sunk down into lower-class. So please if you are illegal go back from where you came it helps everyone.
27th September 2011
I live in Cary, NC I just went to pick my daughter from school approx 5 miles. While my wife drove I counted over 500 mexicans driving,walking,etc I moved here 4 years ago. What a mistake I am selling my house and getting the hell out of here. It will soon be like Miami in 5 or 10 years.
17th September 2011
I had some work done by some illegals. They worked really hard. But the work really sucked and the effed up everything they touched. I had to completely redo the job. Thank God I fired them before they "finished". Then I really would have had a mess to fix.

Send them back. Hispanic culture is not compatible with Anglo culture.

14th September 2011
I bet all the people that made a comment here are white and yu no nothing about latinos nd why we come here so stop hateing just because we dont have papers or because were illegal .
28th August 2011
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7th July 2011
I just don’t get these Americans on here that probably would swear up and down that they believe in the law and they would have no problem turning anyone of us in for some kind of violation but when it comes to ILLEGAL immigration the ILLEGAL part just doesn’t count in that incidence. So I say let’s turn these people in for treason against the United States of America. They are in violation of allegiance to one's sovereign or to one's state plus the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.
Rodger Jakes
28th June 2011
It is no longer as simple as illegal immigration. It has grown to full fledged "invasion". Look around. Why is everything becoming written with a subset in Mexican language. If you lay down you are going to get ran over and took over. If their way of life is so miserable from where they come from, then arise and do something about it. Running here only makes them moral cowards....and we already have enough of those born here.
jake sing
26th June 2011
I was born in an american hospital whith white skin and black hair, and my doctor was very indian i think she stole me and gave me to me to a black indian father.
Oscar Jimenez
20th June 2011
I wonder what would happen without any illegal immigrants? Would the economy crash down or rise up?
13th June 2011
Keep in mind this chart is from the 2000 census so it is way outdated.
Larry Brown
13th June 2011
President Obama's audacious dream of fundamentally transforming the U.S. into a third world socialist nation has taken a tremendous blow from the recent Supreme Court decision in CHAMBER OF COMMERCE v. WHITING.
Mr. E
25th April 2011
first of all u cant say that all immigrants come from mexico.
second, im glad u dont care about it cuz u ignorant
third, shut the [email protected]#$ up
mr. ends it all
20th April 2011
Omg all of us LEGAL americans some of you are ignorant, some of you are defending them, and some of you are just bored and wanted to comment and dont give a dang on the situation. holy fudge. I say that we just pass a federal law and get search warrants for suspected illegal immagrants AND sympathizers and arrest them and kick em back to their home country. THERE DONE!
Social Justice
21st March 2011
Hold your guns and bibles they are coming to get you!!
10th March 2011
RE: Tim
10th March 2011

They take more than they contribute. Thats the bottom line pal. Lets not make any mistake about it. I suggest you do your research before casting your opinion on the matter.

Discussion over thats it, the end. Get it.
9th March 2011
First of all, it is important to note that illegal immigrants pay taxes. Whether they pay taxes through sales tax, through property tax (which they do by way of rent) and even occasionally if they happen to use a fake Social Security card, then they definitely pay income taxes which they can't get back at the end of the year like you and me. So lets not mistake ourselves in to believing that illegal immigrants don't pay taxes and they are the cause of our poor health care and education. Those have been steadily on the decline since the 1970's are due to poor management by our own governments. Secondly, it is important to understand why so many illegal immigrants come here a large portion is due to NAFTA which puts Mexico's economy at a severe disadvantage. All the while, the United States continues to over-subsidize the corn industry, keeping corn prizes lower than they should be, which floods Mexican markets with US corn and puts their own farmers out of business. Mexican have no place to go and no money to pay for green cards or work visas. I know from personal experience that the immigration process in unnecessarily expensive and complicated for most poor Mexican workers to do. We as a country need to acknowledge our own contribution in the immigration problem and do what we can to fix it. Watch the movie Food Inc. and listen to the ideas coming out of Utah for immigration laws right now. Be informed and be open minded. Do give in to racist rhetoric and made up statistics.
26th February 2011
Jose, Stay out of here so WE have jobs!!!! I do not care about Mexico!
23rd February 2011
I saw one of them illegals in my barn the other day. Get yo shotguns!!
Steven the Alchemist
23rd February 2011
I saw one of them illegal immagrants in my barn the other day. Get yo shotguns!!
13th February 2011
This is over 10 yrs &, w/ the conservative count plus the conservative estimate of continued illegal entries each year, the population is closer to 16 million. Add the anchor baby population to our tax base for schools, social services & prisons it's no wonder each state that has a significant # (at least 20% of the population) is in the red budget-wise.
10th February 2011
It is a shame that so many would crucify those who would seek a better life. However, I also feel that there are proper ways of doing things. If a person does wish to reside in our country at least have the decency to learn the common language of our society. Furthermore, file for a green card, get properly documented to avoid further complications, and pay your equal share of taxes. If a person is going to come to our country, they should be expected to follow the same guidelines as we do. If those guidelines are too much then they can always go back to where they came from and see if it is any better.
7th February 2011
Some of you people are just heartless how would you have felt if when we came over to get away from the England Chruch the Natives said kill them all? Its a shame people dont have the common sense to look at the bigger picture more people more money.....!!!!!
2nd February 2011
There was a time when white men were kidnapping people of all nationalities to FORCE them to do their dirty work and GOD knows what else. Now when people are coming over here and are willing to do the dirty work, u say send them home. I guess if you aren't forcing them then you don't want it done.
John Sanders
23rd January 2011
All rhetoric, no substance. The facts are a disgrace. The political posturing over this issue is criminal. The states need to persue their own policy, completely divorced from the federal government, which is determined to do absolutely nothing just as fast as they can.
15th January 2011
The estimate appears to be underrated by 10 million! The US Census is phony.
13th January 2011
Are the figures on illegal immigration available for the 2010 census?
Too Bad
9th January 2011
California is a pathetic state.
Actually the state itself is beautiful.
The politics are real ugly and run by real ugly people.
The love to punish tax payers.
Turn it around save yourself.
I Agree
7th January 2011
3rd January 2011
3rd January 2011
Build a great wall just like the asians did, great wall of china, place some snipers on top, watching for people climbing. WHITE POWER!
2nd January 2011
How would you like to live in a country that doesn't care, if you live or die.
2nd January 2011
I know it's wrong to be in this country, but would you like to live in Mexico and not have a good job?
Diana Ramirez
27th December 2010
I don't agree I think that every one has a right to be were ever they want.Mexicans try there best to find a jobs and support there family back in Mexico. Sadly must of them have problems that they can't handle. It's not there fault that they were raced that way. Every one has a right to live a good life and be able to be happy.
Write people are not the only people that have rights. We are amazing people just like them!
22nd December 2010
America needs to incorporate the same immigration laws that Mexico uses on anyone living in their country illegally.
Laura in Maine
17th December 2010
Of course most of us are here because our ancestors immigrated here from somewhere else. But when they got here, they registered their immigrant status, tried to learn English, worked hard, paid their taxes and became legal citizens of the United States of America. My only gripe is with the illegal immigrants and the corporations, both large and small, that persist in hiring them. According to "Judicial Watch" (425 Third St. SW, Washington, DC), it is estimated that the cost to American taxpayers is at least $113 BILLION dollars a year. Did you know that if your state is a "sanctuary state" it refuses to enforce our country's immigration laws? That impacts our school budgets, property taxes, health and human services, law enforcement, etc. And who picks up the bill? We need strict enforcement of our immigration laws! I urge anyone reading this to contact your legislators and voice your concerns.
14th December 2010
Its sad that we have that many aliens in our country
a California man
5th December 2010
Im sorry everybody, but illegal is illegal no matter what you say. they have broken the law. i support LEGAL immigration,but utterly despise ILLEGAL immigration. If we keep allowing ILLEGAL immmigration then we should start allowing crimes to go unpunished, since they are illegal too
29th November 2010
They are just looking for a better life. If you wher living in the conditions they where living in you would do the same. We are all immigrants so stop judging.
28th November 2010
I agree with Francis, the idea of educating immigrants, both legal and illegal is a great idea. Another idea that i have seen circulating around is the proposal to legalize illegal immigrants for a fee. Assuming that the estimates are correct and there are 7 million of them, if each were to pay $10,000 to become a United States Citizen,then there would be a $70 BILLION revenue for the United States. Not to mention that these people would no longer be able to work "under the table" and receive pay in cash, they would be forced to pay income taxes, thus increasing the revenue of the United States even more.
22nd November 2010
Everybody should understand that not only hispanics are immigrants. Atleast every person living in the united states has ancestors that came to this country illegaly and because of them, there generation has been American citizens. Immigrants do all the jobs that no American wants to do. Cleaning bathrooms, offices, malls, tables they do all the Janitor jobs. They get paid less than minimun wage and they dont complain, they work harder than anybody else in this country because they want to supply all their needs ot their families like any other person. so just stop talking BS!
28th October 2010
Implementing a system where immigrants are encouraged to get a higher level of education would allow them to receive better jobs. Thus giving them the recourses to pay higher taxes which would in turn lower the deficit they are currently putting on our economy. I know this subject is a lot more complicated than that but it is never bad to keep circulating ideas.
Concerned Citizen!
25th October 2010
Have you ever wondered why the government know where all of this immigrants are at and what they are doing and yet do nothing about it?

Let me tell you something that should be common sense, but since all we do is point a finger at someone else when we can't figure out the real reason to our problem.

One of many facts there are:

#1. Estimated 70% of immigrants pay taxes
#2. They look for real jobs with fake IDs
#3. Theirs face IDs make them pay taxes
#4. Government likes taxes
#6. SOME of them live here all their lives, but will have NO PENSION.
#7. The money they put year after year into the national social security bank IS WHAT IS LETTING THIS FAILED SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM KEEP PAYING Retirement to all Americans who are of age.
#8. I don't expect to get any money by the time I get old because of our debt.





17th October 2010
If people know how many illegal immigrants have entered the United States, then how come they haven't done anything about it?
16th October 2010
We do Not need a fence. It will just be more money for Haliburton. We Need to ALTO giving them the Red-carpet treatment. No Gratis everything or anything. Maybe be allowed to enforce our laws.They would stop coming.
16th October 2010
I am So Excited that Americans are finally waking up to the ILLEGAL Invasion and destruction of America. I watched it for 30 years and hoped these days would come. We may save OUR country after all. Do Not Give Up, Keep up the fight. We deserve it..
Estella Gracia
14th October 2010
A note to all you who are aqainnst immigration!!
1. We came to america first!
2. All we wana to do is qett a job and live a better life!!
3. We did NADA to any of you!!
We are qana keep multiplinqq!! Soo yall can qett over it!! haha
8th October 2010
@chas these are from 2000 if you read the fine print and see the updated estimate is around 11 million
American by birth
4th October 2010
Hey there obama.......was reading your post a moment ago....your a real piece of work............
Cali Doodlekins
30th September 2010
14th September 2010
wtf amen whats your problem i know its a problem but really " I say we move the border north a little bit. Then all these animals will be back in Mexico.
Then we should protect the border with the military and shoot on site." what6 is wrong with oyu
9th September 2010
Sickening. Our country is being invaded and our government does nothing.
Mama Llama
8th September 2010
This is nonsense.
7th September 2010
These statistics can't be right. I noticed that the talley of illegal immigrants by state totals less than 7 million, but modt current estimates show the illegal immigrant population to be 11 million (down from the peak of 12 million a year or so ago).
Gladis & Michelle
30th August 2010
Aman you need to shut up and not sound ignorant. - Michelle
Aman go to hell. -Your mom
19th August 2010
Who the hell is this Aman dude? And is America really capable of cleaning up it's illegal immigrant records? Or are all of an ignorant bunch of fools?
13th August 2010
Sorry Tim Gannon, that will never happen because small town's in The United States don't count.

tim gannon
30th July 2010
If every small town in the USA would pass city laws that prohibited hiring, renting, transporting, harboring these people the ACLU and the feds could not file a lawsuit aginst all of them. It will take the citizens of small town america to get our country back.
9th July 2010
Yes, Americans can travel freely into Mexico, but Mexico has nothing to keep Americans there. I do not have an issue with hispanic people coming into America, I have a problem with them coming in illegally. Mr. J, I would really like to know where you got your information. For one, I am a tax preparer, and I know that if I were to steal someones identity I would go to jail, but illegal immigrants will not. I agree that a good majority of illegals are hard working, but I also know that they can make quite a bit of money using a fake SS number and still get food stamps and other US benefits. Whereas, my mother is disabled, and my father makes 5 dollars too much for her to get any medical help.
4th July 2010
Moose is right, they are ILLEGAL, that one word sums it up. Nobody wants to go to Mexico, that's why they are leaving.
That is correct, America is made up of immigrants but the immigrants that came here years ago came here Legally, that's the difference. Plus what do you think this is costing the American citizen? If they are here ILLEGALLY then all of them need to be shipped back, no question about it because again, it's ILLEGAL.
Mr. J
4th July 2010
Actually, Sean is correct. Research has shown that only about 4% of illegal immigrants use public services like food stamps and welfare. Only about a quarter used an emergency room visit. Only about 11% put their kids in public schools. Compare that with about 60% of illegals that said they had federal taxes taken out of their pay. The bottom line is that there is no way to deport 10-20 million people en masse, so we need to figure out how to a) protect the border, starting right now, and b) get the people here illegally to become citizens so that they have to pay taxes.
Mr. Student
1st July 2010
Wondering where these numbers came from... spent an hour trying to find them at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website. I found nothing...
23rd June 2010
If you studied histury you would find out that the most of Americans come from immigrants family... only 0.9% are native of America so shut up and stop being a dumm ignorant American!!! It is people like you, Aman, that make all other nations think that all Americans are ignorant!!!!
13th June 2010
Aman, your ignorance is why we have so many problems passing laws to help all of the immigrants. The United States is for everyone, every nationality lives and belongs here. We can all travel to Mexico freely I think mexico should close their border and keep all us Americans out if we are not going to let them in. We are not playing fair.
Mr. America
13th June 2010
The comment written by Moose tells it like it really is...Illegal is Illegal and that is it.....
Steve Wolverton
11th June 2010
Devastating socio-economical impact for our country... Needs to stop.
Mrs A
8th June 2010
A note to Aman:
1. They are not ANIMALS
2. They are not all Mexicans
3. America does not believe on shooting all living things.
2nd June 2010
Bottom line is they are ILLEGAL. There is no argument in their defense because they're ILLEGAL. you can defend them until your blue in the face but they're still ILLEGAL
1st June 2010
I say we move the border north a little bit. Then all these animals will be back in Mexico.
Then we should protect the border with the military and shoot on site.
1st June 2010
OMG!!! This is not cool! it needs to stop. But how?
Ms. Me
24th May 2010
Sean, now how do they spend more on government taxes than services? About the only thing they MAY spend on is the money they spend on a place to live. Otherwise most of it is government given and then the rest is sent back to Mexico. Unless they buy beer.
Bob Blue
21st May 2010
There are a lot of "bad people" that come across the border, man. Not all, but A LOT. We have laws in this country, right? Why shouldn't they abide by them?
Sean Garcia
19th May 2010
You say 'them' as if they're bad people. But if you must know immigrants are actually stimulating our economy with
BILLIONS of dollars, and they actually spend more on government taxes rather than government services (Welfare,WIC, etc.). And the U.S. is actually planning on spending 1.2 Billion dollars on a 700-mile long stetch of metal fencing that wont even work.
Steven McAllister
17th May 2010
This is not good it is very bad.
My question is: Is there a way to stop them?
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