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Lifestyle Statistics > Best States to Live (most recent) by state

DEFINITION: Livability Index by state. "To determine a state's 'Livability Rating,' each state's rankings for 44 factors were averaged. The scale is 1 to 50, the higher the number, the better. Data used are for the most recent year in which comparable numbers are available from most states. All factors were given equal weight. States with no data available for a given category were ranked based only on the remaining factors. In our book, data are listed from highest to lowest. However, for purposes of this award, we inverted rankings for those factors we determined to be 'positive.' Thus the state with the highest median income in the book (ranking 1st) would be given a number 50 ranking for this award." - Morgan Quitno Press
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Rank   States  Amount 
# 1     New Hampshire: 35.45 
# 2     Minnesota: 33.86 
# 3     Vermont: 31.73 
# 4     Wyoming: 31.61 
# 5     Virginia: 31.57 
# 6     Iowa: 31.41 
# 7     Massachusetts: 30.8 
# 8     New Jersey: 30.77 
# 9     South Dakota: 30.73 
# 10     Nebraska: 30.52 
# 11     North Dakota: 30.43 
# 12     Maryland: 30.25 
# 13     Wisconsin: 29.75 
# 14     Connecticut: 29.68 
# 15     Maine: 29.36 
# 16     Colorado: 28 
# 17     Delaware: 27.66 
# 18     Idaho: 27.32 
# 19     Utah: 27.14 
# 20     Kansas: 26.8 
# 21     Indiana: 26.11 
# 22     Missouri: 25.82 
# 23     Rhode Island: 25.77 
# 24     Montana: 25.5 
# 25     Washington: 25.07 
# 26     Hawaii: 25.02 
# 27     Alaska: 24.98 
# 28     Michigan: 24.47 
# 29     Nevada: 24.41 
# 30     New York: 24.09 
# 31     Illinois: 23.91 
= 32     Ohio: 23.86 
= 32     Pennsylvania: 23.86 
# 34     Oregon: 22.73 
# 35     California: 22.27 
# 36     Arizona: 22.11 
# 37     Florida: 21.82 
# 38     Georgia: 21.77 
# 39     Alabama: 21 
# 40     North Carolina: 20.61 
# 41     Kentucky: 20.48 
# 42     New Mexico: 20.43 
# 43     Oklahoma: 20.37 
# 44     South Carolina: 20.34 
# 45     Texas: 19.93 
# 46     West Virginia: 19.64 
# 47     Tennessee: 19.5 
# 48     Arkansas: 19.25 
# 49     Louisiana: 17.25 
# 50     Mississippi: 16.11 
Weighted average: 25.5  

SOURCE: Morgan Quitno Press, 2005

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"Best States to Live by state", Morgan Quitno Press, 2005. Retrieved from http://www.StateMaster.com/graph/lif_bes_sta_to_liv-lifestyle-best-states-to-live

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20th November 2012
I really think it depends on what each person is looking for when they are searching for the best place to live. I'm looking for a place with low crime, low taxes, lots of jobs, and a nice quiet neighborhood. I don't like cold weather and I want to live away from hurricanes and tornadoes. I also think it depends on what city you lived in, I like to live in a less populated city but not too country.
30th October 2012
Florida should be more down low. I live in Fl and I would know how bad of a state it is. There is not that much income, nothing really beautiful except for sunsets at the lakes. The beaches get old after a while. There is high crime rate, especially near the metropolis areas and even 40 miles away from there. It is hot and humid all year round until late november to the middle of Feb. Disney gets old after two trips, not that much nice of folks around either. Anyone who praises Florida for perfect weather all year round is wrong. Come here right at the beginning of june and you'll be dying to get out.
I say North Carolina is a wonderful place, and also anywhere in the west is awesome. I guess this poll is really from personal experience.
24th August 2012
I was raised in Round Rock, Texas, and have visited over 8 states so far. In my community it is safe, diversed, clean, friendly, and healthy. There is snow every 1-4 years, but at least a hail or two. Winter can go below 20 F, but summers can hit up to the 120 F. Immigration in my area isn't an issue, Spring is beautiful, many of us are encouraging, education is great, we got the Famous Round Rock Donuts, and we are strong.
Houston can be a bit too humid and stormy, but it's a little too messy, though it has many opportunities, a great place for Asian food, and it has buildings to appreciate.
San Antonio is welcoming that's all I can think about it.
Dallas is a bit loud, though there is usually fresh stuff around.
Galveston can be sandly around the shore lines, though the entertainment is fun, there are nice old houses that you can observe, but some of the people can be a little crooked.
Corpus Christi has many visitors, though some are selfish, it is beautiful, there are many people to experience, and it has a nice setting.
I have visited other places where many of the communities were wonderful in many ways, things are historically beautiful, the rules are appropriate, the days are fair, and the people are scrambled.
So I think Texas should bump up 10-15 steps.
oh lord
24th May 2012
Are you from Mississippi? Higher rank = lower rank value and vice versa.

For example: Alabama was ranked #1 in the AP BCS poll, therefore Alabama was the highest ranked team.

17th April 2012
Correct me if I'm wrong people, when reading the DEFINITION under the ranked States, it clearly explains, "the states are ranked from 1 to 50. The HIGHER the rank, the BETTER". If I'm not mistaken that clearly means that Mississippi, at #50, is actually ranked #1?!
14th January 2012
@ Jim, You're kidding...right? South Jersey is cleaner, more beautiful and safer that North Jersey by far! ...and it smells better. While South Jersey maintains the image of "the Garden State, North Jersey is nothing but smelly industry and inner city smut and crime. You are dillusional.
NH Enthusiast
9th January 2012
I'm a born Washingtonian and raised Californian and to be honest I find faults in both states, especially the latter. California is beautiful but I feel there is too much wrong with it! I'm 16 and hoping to relocate to a state like New Hampshire in the east. Everything I've heard about it plus this lists validates my love for it. Vermont and Maine seem nice, too.
3rd January 2012
My son says Idaho should rank lower because of racism.
3rd January 2012
My son says Idaho should rank lower due to racism.
Texas sucks
16th November 2011
Texas needs to control its drug and imigrant problems also it needs to improve its education system.

Virginia is the best
31st October 2011
Well the list is interesting. I grew up in VA and I think honestly it should be lower on the list, definately not #5. For natural beauty, history and seasons, its great. But employment opportunities, rising crime rates and anyone that has lived there knows that state taxes you for everything. Cost of housing is usually way higher than potential income in most cities. I have lived in TX and currently been in FL for a few years. Texas has low cost of housing, but property taxes on homes is pretty high compared to alot of other states. Houston where I lived had lots of jobs, but had a lot of crime as well.
Florida is where it should be, honestly I would not be here if it was not for my child being here. Its a great state to visit, but living here the glamour fades quick. If you want to buy a home, good luck, many insurers have drop Florida for home owners insurance. No state income taxes is great, but considering the cost of things here it does not make a difference. The storms are another thing you worry about the closer you get to the oceanfront, then there are the tourist in central florida which can make your commute to work hell. And anyone living there knows jobs are hard to come by with decent wage because so many people want to live in Florida. Crime is a known problem across much of the state.
25th October 2011
I have lived in Minnesota for my whole life, but I have visited a lot of other states. I can say Minnesota is an amazing place to live. Though sometimes we do get annoyed by the winters and are just ready for summer, we also get really hot weather as well. So those who complain about their summers being really hot come to Minnesota and you will see we have that along with really cold winters. So don't complain. I have cousins that live in California, that before they came to visit us one winter had never even seen snow. I mean how can you grow up without snowball fights, snowmen, and snow angels. And then there are the summers with so many lakes, we have fun all the time with jet skiing , swimming, fishing, ect. It is just full of beauty. I couldn't think of a better place to grow up in! MINNESOTA!
15th October 2011
MInnesota deserves #1!!!! It really is the best state i grew up there but now i have to live in the terrible #36 state (az)
I love MN!!!!!
Scotty M
13th October 2011
I have lived in every part of the US and have to say the top 5 are pretty much dead on, well all except Wyoming where I also lived. If you can afford to live in Jackson Hole then maybe you would say it should stay but the rest of the State has no appeal. New Hampshire is a great #1, and number 5 Virginia should be #2. Now living in California I would choose any other of the 49 to live in. The Golden State should be dead last.
25th September 2011
I'm really surprised by the 'Top 5' (Top 10, even); all i know is that North Carolina definately got the boot; we deserve a spot in the 'Top 5'...
19th September 2011
This information is 5 years old.Time they updated it!!!!!
19th September 2011
I'm glad Wyoming is near the top. That is totally right. We have gorgeous mountains and not a whole lot of people. Our state has a lot of money too. Most states don't have anything as pretty as the explosive geysers in Yellowstone or the extremely tall Teton Mountains. It doesn't cost a whole lot to live here either. Wyoming is packed full of history!
19th September 2011
I am from Chicago. Lived in Indiana for 10yrs, now. I AM IN MINNESOTA hopefully. Every. Things goes. Well.

29th August 2011
I think all you have to do is see the migration trends to places like Texas and Arizona. Seems to me that people are voting with there feet.
27th August 2011
I live in Montana, but lived most of my 50 years in Minnesota. They are both beautiful states. Minnesota does have humidity and bugs but is loaded with lakes and so fishing and water sports are huge. Obviously the other guy has a serious chip on his shoulder. Minnesota is consistantly ranked high for a reason. It is a wonderful place to live and I plan to return.
18th August 2011
"Resturants" is spelled wrong. It's "Restaurants."
18th August 2011
I believe Wyoming is ranked so because of the jobs and the beauty. Let those that think negative about it stay in their own states. Please, we like the low count of residents and would like to keep it that way.
15th August 2011
How Minnesota made number 2 I will never know? That place sucks! I'm from there and it is full of Liberal elites. The summers are hot and muggy. Every flying biting insect in the world lives there. The schools are full of high minded Liberals, and the work force has to many worthless unions. Total JOKE!
5th August 2011
I think that Ohio is the best state to live in. North Ridgeville is so beautiful. I might be moving to Minnesota. Does anyone no if Minnesota is a beautiful or ugly state? Tell me please!
29th July 2011
Minnesota is awesome! I've been living here since I was born and it is beautiful. We don't get Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis..lol..the cold doesn't affect me much. For those who says its cold, wear a coat and mittens and your good to go. Our summers are long. The temperature stays around 80 for like 5 months. We just got a huge heatwave making the heat index 119 degrees fahrenheit for a week straight. Overall Minnesota is a GREAT state to live in.
27th July 2011
Massachusetts is the best state in New England...I love it...the best place to live in end of the story
26th July 2011
Illinois SUCKS!!!! let me out!!!Wish I had the money to leave this thieving state.
21st July 2011
Just to let you guys all know North newj ersey is amazing much better then south jersey you get senic views in north jersey NORTH JERSEY IS GREAT
18th July 2011
Alabama #39?? BAHAHA i live in Alabama and I want to get the hell out of here. I think its should of been #45-50. There's a bunch of rednecks and racists down here...
16th July 2011
Michelle W
10th July 2011
I lived all my life in Pennsylvania. It's absolutely georgeous here when it comes to natural beauty and you get the best of both worlds. We have big cities for those who want to live the "night life", and you can also head to some parts of the state where it's all spread out for those who want to explore the beautiful and natural countryside. I'm getting married next year and moving to Alabama for jobs and to escape our sometimes harsh winters, but Pennsylvania also has a lot to offer. Plus we have the Liberty Bell here in Philadelphia!
29th June 2011
I am surprised Maine is ranked 15th. It is a pretty state,with low crime, and 4 seasons. However the winters are very long, and good jobs are far and few between. The transplants from the masshole state are making things worse by pushing thier whacko ways on us, the same type of bull that ruined thier state.
Megan Audrina
23rd June 2011
Let's go Illinois!!! Illinois will always be my favorite!!! It will always be the best because of its most beautiful city, countryside, and suburbs. It has stunning views and amazing food! So listen up people, Illinois is the best state and will be forever!
22nd June 2011
I have driven across this fine land for 30 years and my choice would be Louisiana because of the nice people and great food! I currently live in WA State and we have issues here but we have some nice areas to visit and see whales!
6th June 2011
Hawaii baby!!!!!!!
31st May 2011
I'm from New Hampshire, visit there twice a year. I live in Texas. NH clearly beats TX. The people down here are not as "smart" and the crime rate is ridiculous! Plus it will rain one day and flood but still be considered in a drought. The only people I've met who rave about TX have never been outside of TX.
31st May 2011
Tennessee is low because of the obesity and the poverty increase. The high crime is also a factor thanks to cities like Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga. Other than that, Tennessee is the most beautiful state in the south. The flat plains of the west, the rolling hills of the middle, and the famous smoky mountains of the east.

PS. To the comments criticizing the south on correct grammar and spelling: we are raised southernly. That's what makes us unique. Doesn't make us any dumber than you are.
24th May 2011
Florida is not at all what it's cracked up to be. The lifestyle is slow-paced, like SOME of it's people, the weather is hot and HUMID year-round, with the exception of a couple months during the "winter," and public transportation is limited. There aren't many plays to watch, Parks to enjoy, and I personally am not much of a beach kind of guy. I'm looking for some place up north with culture, music, museums, a little bit of fashion, and some natural beauty as far as scenery goes! Any suggestions...?
Jerry Kashmerick
14th May 2011
Wisconsin is rapidly going downhill. It is becoming WIssissippi.
11th May 2011
I'm glad to see Louisiana at the bottom of the list. I grew up in Baton Rouge and it is awful! The crime rate is horrible and most of the people in this city are living off of food stamps and welfare. The schools are really bad also. This is NOT a place to raise a family. I'm very happy to be getting away from this trashy state.
Jim Bob Laughlin
26th April 2011
I live in New Hampshire, and quite honestly, I would never live anywhere else except maybe Maine, Vermont, or upstate New York. It is great here. You get a little bit of everything. We have mountains, beaches, rivers, forests, nice people, a relatively good economy, good weather... the list goes on and on. We don't get many tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, or any other severe weather. We've had some recent flooding, but that happens anywhere. We get all 4 seasons with breathtaking foliage, great winter skiing, nice summers, and beautiful springs. And on top of it all, we have some of the lowest crime rates in the country and the lowest murder rate in the country! I love NH!
20th April 2011
New Hampshire really is the best state. It has all the good qualities of all 6 New England states all rolled into one. The only downfall about living here is the cold winters, but it is gorgeous here- especially up in the White Mountains- there isn't anything else like it.
14th April 2011
California should be lower on those ranks. I have been born and raised in California. It's beautiful, fun, every type of life is here, but the cost of living here with the wages that are given is depressing. The only way to keep a roof over our heads in this economy is for my husband, myself, and our 4month old to stay cramped in a tiny room in my husband's step-father's house in a crummy neighborhood. We both have jobs too. Time to relocate.
13th April 2011
I dont know how Texas is 45 we have great weather, a great economy, probably the best economy out of all the states. And we have anything from Mountains to beaches to praires to cities. We also have many good universities. Anything you want Texas has got it.
9th April 2011
I was born in Minnesota and moved at 7 years old in Oklahoma
6th April 2011
Wisconsin should be higher. Grew up there and currently live in Minnesota. Truth be told Wisconsin has nicer people and all the beauty of the outdoors Minnesota has. I don't think you can honestly find a better overall place to live. This is not a knock on anywhere else as I know each state has its beautiful and special areas.
1st April 2011
While I am certain some would look at this as unbiased, I would beg to differ. It's painfully obvious that the further you go south the lower it generally appears on your list.
1st April 2011
Boston is the best city and massachusetts is the best state. Great weather, friendly irish people, clean, smart, lots of education, pride, and families. It is expensive but worth every penny.
30th March 2011
PENNSYLVANIA is awesome. We are right in the middle of everything that matters - Philly, New York City, tons of beaches, mountains, Washington D.C etc. There is the whole western side of the state that we refer to as "Pennsyl-tucky" but I am talking the southeastern part of the state. PA Rocks
28th March 2011
That's interesting New Hampshire is voted best state to live. I live there and i have to say, it's not that great. Not that bad either. Being a kid was born in ohio, NH is allot different. I Live in a rural area, but not all areas here are.
27th March 2011
I grew up in Minnesota and absolutely love the state! Couldn't have asked to grow up in a better place. I kinda want to visit New Hampshire now, though, at least to see what it's like.
16th March 2011
Wisconsin and Florida are good
8th March 2011
Being from California I can see why places like Minnesota and Iowa are ranked high. I currently live in eastern Iowa and other than the long winters life is great. People are friendly, economy is pretty strong and it is cheap to live here. I have been all over the country and to me the pacific northwest and the midwest state like Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin are the best places to live.
Former MN resident
4th March 2011
MN Native, keep those negative comments coming! Don't forget to mention the mosquitos!!! For those of us who know how great MN is we LOVE to hear talk about the cold, high taxes, ect., that will keep everyone from moving there! Meanwhile those who are living there or want to move back will continue to tell everyone about all the negatives while we enjoy low unemployment, beautiful parks, theather, hunting, camping, schools and all the perks the high taxes pay for!
Iowa lover
28th February 2011
Mn native
21st February 2011

Minnesota should be 45th at best. Soon to be highest taxes in the country. Bridges fall into the water. Stadium collapses. Roads are terrible. And do I need to mention the worst weather outside of the artic circle? Two 17 inch snowfalls already and 6-8 coming this week and another 16+ next week. Oh yes when all this snow does melt in April we are looking at record flooding. Live anywhere but this god forsaken place .
20th February 2011
I have resided in New Jersey my whole life (minus one year in Long Island NY. Superguy (#3) is probably a full time Jersey resident too. New York outside of the city is great, as is Vermont, NH, etc.

I am planning on moving South within the next few years, originally to New Orleans, LA or AL. Now I am settled on Georgia, Florida or Texas.

Have been to California and the midwest too, but never to the Pacific Northwest. Heard it is great out there but the weather is not to my liking.

Any southern city suggestions would be great.
19th February 2011
Virginia is an awesome state. Everyone hear is nice, we have a beach, mountain range, and we have a large history. The best state is Virginia!!! :D
16th February 2011
Ohio is a very bad place.how I know that ,OK I live there people there very rude and crumpy.
6th February 2011
I think New Jersey should be ranked the worst state to live in. Many people aren't friendly, it can be expensive and the infastructure is pretty bad. Crime rate is high, the public trasnit is poorly organized and the beaches are bad 45 weeks out of the year. Plus there's no scenic beauty, just train tracks, potholes and power lines.
30th January 2011
NYS not NYC is the only place where there is no devistation or major up and downs with weather. Sure we have seasons, but no hurricanes, tornados, floods, or even huge snow storms. All around weather is very acceptable. Not all places in NY are expensive to live either. The state is actually a decent place to live.
26th January 2011
Missouri's ranking in the middle is probably accurate. At least in Southern Missouri. Weather is not too cold not too hot, jobs/income, housing - all moderate. No extremes here.
24th January 2011
Having lived in several states in my nearly 69 years, I can vouch for the fact that Minnesota is one of the very best states to live in. If you take everything into account, low crime rate, low cost of living, best health care in the world, you can't beat it.
Alyssa Adler
23rd January 2011
I currently live in Minnesota. It's a beautiful place. The summers are surprisingly long, and same with the winters. 1 year = December through March is winter. April through May is spring. June through August is summer, and than September through November is Fall. Not a lot of states have winters or falls, so Minnesota is good. From what I heard, florida is a jungle haha, they have alligators there! Well Minnesota has black bears but thats only Wayy up north there. Nobody really wants to buy houses in Minnesota because of the winters so Housing is VERY cheap, you can get a good house. I lived in Nevada for a year and a half, and everybody lived in trailer houses! It was rare to live in a house! everybody wanted to live in Nevada! Minnesota is good! (:
22nd January 2011
21st January 2011
I don't see why people are citing weather as a reason why Minnesota (my home state) and other northern states should be lower. Dealing with the winters is more about mindset than anything else, if you decide you love the snow and also love going skiing, sledding, skating, making snowmen, etc. then Minnesota has some of the best weather in the world. Also the summers are nicer and last longer than we get credit for (in May, June, July, and August Minneapolis is warmer than San Diego, for example).
19th January 2011
Louisiana should be number 1!! we have new orleans and we have class...and dont forget the south can have fun! the north is just a bunch of stuck up snobs who dont know how to live life right....we have the best music, history, and food. we have the friendliest and easy going people here! So come on down to the big easy and get ready to have a blast!!!
17th January 2011
Really need advice from a decent person, im from london UK, and am looking to settle in america, i want a nice place to live with my girlfriend and my dog, somehwere safe and sunny; with great communities, im only 21, though have many ambitions, will be coming this year to try a place out, was thinking miami? after watching miami SWAT, I DONT THINK SO! lol. any help please [email protected]
16th January 2011
Take these results to heart. Any organization can pay anyone else to direct an outcome they want. The manipulation means big money and isn't that why we are failing as a country?
Greed & corruption.
Ruslan Vernon
9th January 2011
I live in New Jersey and I can't believe places like iowa are higher than us, we should be at least number 3.
Kitty Lvr
7th January 2011
I think a lot of people that posted here need to read the "DEFINITION" again!!! For the people that can and cannnot read.... It says "The higher the number, the better the state"... And who says Florida is a great place to live... ugh. Wouldn't give you 2 cents to live there. With all the elderly people driving around that shouldn't even have a license anymore and the BUGS!!! Yuck!!! Think again people! If you LOVE to be around only older people go live there.
3rd January 2011
Honestly reading this, I have doubts about the data, I mean as one person said the # of Wal-Marts and White Castles, I mean come on. I live in KY and I am not surprised that we are pretty far down the chain. KY really needs to get it together. I have been to Southern coastal GA many many times and I love it down there. The people are wonderful compared to the people here in KY and the weather is awesome! The weather is great and just a relaxing atmosphere. I plan on relocating there as soon as I can.
Trent Parker
2nd January 2011
I live in Texas and although it is not perfect, it is as good as any of the other states I have visited (in the west, north, and northeast parts of the US) so I am quite offended by the #45 ranking.

It's not as conservative as some people who have not visited think. Especially in Austin :)
Yay Texas!
1st January 2011
Definitely Texas!
Best economy: http://www.cnbc.com/id/37642856/CNBC_s_Top_States_For_Business_2010_And_The_Winner_Is_Texas

We also have not-so-cold winters and really fun summers, lots of jobs, so much stuff to do! Great weather and plains, mountains, rivers, and valleys.
29th December 2010
Trust me I have been to Mississippi a few times and granted some parts are pretty and the food is great-----BUUUUUTTTT----it is number 50 for a VERY GOOD REASON!
24th December 2010
You guys have no clue how good Michigan is. I would put Michigan in the top 20.
21st December 2010
Really? Their basing this list of the "best" states to live in off of things like how many Walmarts or White Castle "restuarants" they have. Neat-o.
21st December 2010
Someone said anywhere upstate ny is a good place to live...I guess they haven't met the common clay that bangs their sisters around here. GO CLARKSON, impede the inbreeding!
20th December 2010
Michigan ranks higher than you might expect in these rankings because of things like access to health care, quality of schools, government, access to culture (theater, arts), sports, excellent state parks, lakes, etc, etc.

If it were a ranking based on current job opportunities alone, yes it would be near the bottom currently.

My mom and my sister retired in northern lower Michigan, they love it. They do not have access to many city amenities like other areas of Michigan but it is beautiful up there.
20th December 2010
The problem with Tennessee Josh, is that there are too many people like you that can't spell or use the right tense in a word or put a sentence together that doesn't read like you just skipped school.
IA Bob
17th December 2010
Missippi has more churches than gas stations. I almost ran out of gas while driving through this state looking for gas station, but people are nice.
16th December 2010
Tennesse is the best state with less expenses regarding gas for cars house rent and most of the people has enough rooms in their houses beside through research tennessee is fifth less unemployment state in the united states
16th December 2010
New York should be in the top 10
The worst state should be Maryland. Horrible traffic, thugs left and right, erratic weather. I've lived here for 10 years and I'm sick of it. As soon as I get a job in another state I'm out.
13th December 2010
Oregon should be a lot higher.
12th December 2010
Citing Minnesota's extreme cold weather and erratic people, it should be below rank#30. The #2 is too exaggerated, remember they've only 1-2 month of warm weather, rest are like frozen tundra. Trust me, I was born there and spent my whole childhood. I still remember freezing temp and artic wind chill below 0 most of the year.
9th December 2010
Southern Girl your english is pathetic it mirrors a two year old, The rank system has not failed by the sounds of it.
9th December 2010
Glad to see Minnesota so high up in the ranking. My family and I are moving there next year.
Southern Girl
8th December 2010
Mississippi is not the worst place to live and NYisn't50! we do have computers down here and we know how to use them and as a Mississippian I am offending by our ranking. Don't talk about stuff you obviously don't know anything about! I wouldn't say that Mississippi is the best place to live but it's definitely not the worst. Some reevaluating needs to be going on. Oh and just to clear something up we do wear shoes here too. Thanks
1st December 2010
Louisiana is a great place to live. That thing is wrong.
30th November 2010
Told ya! Oregon and Washington do rank higher than California!!!! :)
Nikki Peter
30th November 2010
Told ya! Oregon and Washington rank higher than California!!!! :)
18th November 2010
Wow South Carolina always gets the short end of the stick, same with all of the south east.
9th November 2010
OHIO should be #1 i mean its might be ghetto but its the best place to grow up in i mean look how i turnd out =]
6th November 2010
New Hampshire deserves to be number one! Its truly beautifal in every way. They have all four fantastic seasons, low crime, and much more! If you want to call the northeast the "tundra" think again...
2nd November 2010
Minnesota is a place that I'd like to visit.
28th October 2010
I can definitely see why Minnesota is #2. I visited there and was surprised at how nice and clean it was, how sophisticated the people were, and the beautiful environment there.

I wouldn't mind living there even though the winter is long.
26th October 2010
I would just like to say that having lived in both the north (midwest)and south i believe that northern lifestyle is much better. Mississipi is exactly where it belongs; alabama should be lower. The west is beautiful, but i would say places like oregon and washington should be high, not Wyoming. Not too sure about the east, haven't really been there much.
18th October 2010
Woohoo! Go Minnesota!
16th October 2010
Mississippi is the best place to live
10th October 2010
My wife and I are glad Washington got a [false] low ranking. Wouldn't want our Northwestern paradise to get overpopulated.
5th October 2010
I think the list is wrong. I love the South. Most of all, I love Mississippi!!! I think that Mississippi is the best state of all!!!!!
4th October 2010
Number 50 is great and it just gets better from there. We are talking about the USA here.!
11th September 2010
I must say Iowa is pretty darn amazing(: As warm as florida and as cold as alaska. (: and I personally think that there is less problems with people not recycling... but I havent been to all the states yet... so idk it's my home!!! :D
9th September 2010
If you are an outdoors man there is no better place to live than Alaska. Best hunting, camping, fishing, treking, snow sports, most beautiful and scenic state, people are nice. If you are a city slicker than yeah go ahead and keep new york and california
9th September 2010
Any list that would rank Wyoming as the 4th best place to live loses all credibility.
6th September 2010
Minnesota ftw
1st September 2010
Texas is the best place to live. Most fortune 500 companies, low taxes, low cost of living. Texas has the best highway system in the country so you don't have to worry about traffic. Texas is the most air conditioned place in the world for the summer and it doesn't have to deal with freezing winters. Texas has the largest economy of any state in the us and low unemployment rates.
1st September 2010
Virginia being in the top 10 though. I live in Oklahoma and I can definitely see why ugg they're in the toilet along with rest of the bible belt, it's like living with the Taliban down here? really??
Neon Sly
30th August 2010
New Jersey???
16th August 2010
You know, if people in Mississippi had computers, or knew how to use technology, they'd probably be really offended at being ranked so low.
15th August 2010
LOL, the south is all at the bottom.
12th August 2010
I don't agree with this data? "Michigan is ranked 25 on the list as best to live with the 4th highest unemployment, the 6th highest gun violent state, and the 10th highest taxed. Did I miss something?" Yea... what Mark said!
11th August 2010
I don't believe it.
6th August 2010
Florida should be more down. the place gets wrecked by hurricanes, the weather is too hot, and most of it is a swampy mess. Up here we get bug infested, Florida gets alligator infested.
5th August 2010
Isn't it a kick? Michigan is ranked 25 on the list as best to live with the 4th highest unemployment, the 6th highest gun violent state, and the 10th highest taxed. Did I miss something?
1st August 2010
Massachusetts is AWESOME i simply love it! i've been to other states but MA wins
The Georgian
1st August 2010
How could Georgia be number 38? The Atlanta Metro has an excellent quality of life, the best schools in the country, good weather, and is an all around great place to live. But then again, Georgia has a high poverty level, typical of the South.

Lastly, I was in Minnesota in June and can see why it's ranked #2. It's so cold, though!
27th July 2010
There are morons and crime in every state. It's personal preference. I enjoy living in the south. I have traveled a lot as a nurse, but coming back here to a close-knit community is what I enjoy.
Abby Jones
26th July 2010
I think this is pretty much accurate indeed. The southern states, the Bible Belt of America ranked in the most apporiate place possible. Those state are crime ridden and drug infested with the law enforcement protecting those kind of people. Do NOT live in the South at all by no means! Other than that the ranking looks good.
19th July 2010
This looks more like a chart for per capita cases of seasonal depression disorder, how is this determined? I live on South Beach; it is hard to weigh the crime against the standard of living in such a place. Most of your neighbors in south florida came here for three reasons: to die, to party, and political/economic asylum. In other words, the sources method lacks a number of variables. No oil or hurricanes by the way, come visit the beach!
The Doctor
19th July 2010
How can Michigan be listed so high with a terrible economy & the highest unemployment rate in the country. Michigan should be ranked last or near the last. The thing is that the Automotive industry road this state rampant & as well as their local/federal government in the state with false promises of more jobs. Plus the weather in the winter is terrible there.
13th July 2010
Michigan...I can't believe it's even on the list. How old is this list and who was paid to write it?
10th July 2010
This is not on a fair rubric, considering it has all the southern states in the bottoms. Is crime rate not considered?
6th July 2010
Anderson is a douche! Mississippi stinks like goat balls.
2nd July 2010
Florida's climate is awful. Who would want to spend everyday sweating like a pig? I think the the mountain west would be ideal. Dry air.....and few people.
30th June 2010
it all dependes on your goverment, they are the ones who make it hard on us,they keep taking and taxing everything, which makes it hard for people to live anywhere. im from upstate ny just inside the adirondack park, and we plan on selling our home here and moving out of ny.
30th June 2010
The list is rediculous. I would think, Florida, Texas, Washington State, Colorado, New mexico. The frozen tundra of the northeast has to be the worst possible place in america. How could anyone place New Hampshire, New york over Hawaii. That is psychotic
19th June 2010
See I would Rank New York a lot higher. With NY people focus too much on the city, but upstate is totally different, education value is a lot higher in mid state too. Plus as the only state left with the regents I'd say we take the cake :)
19th June 2010
Florida is a crime ridden hell hole. Pretty much anywhere multiculturalism exists is a dung heap!
17th June 2010
Idaho needs to be ranked lower
8th June 2010
This is pretty much how I would rate it also from other info I've seen on the net. I value and educated populace as #1 in importance. I do wonder at Wyoming and Virginia being in the top 10 though. I live in Oklahoma and I can definitely see why they're in the toilet along with rest of the bible belt, it's like living with the Taliban down here. When I'm able I will be moving to one of the top 3 which have been in my radar for years now.
6th June 2010
It's interesting how there are no southeastern states ranked higher than 37, Especially Florida.
John yo
22nd May 2010
How can this info be correct and up to date, since the great disaster hit this country in 2009? It would be nice to see up to date information. Most of the ratings of states listed is not reality!
Yolk fhf
17th May 2010
I would expect Florida to be up at the top!!
10th May 2010
I would like to know exactly what areas this is based on. I think likely it is based on education attainment and income levels, etc. which I don't think are valued appropriately. What about a sense of community and abundance of close relationships bot with friends and family?!
J 7 f
7th May 2010
I say Flordia is the best place to live in 'cause it has the perfect weather all year round! Plus, it has kind citicens and nice houses for sale!
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