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Encyclopedia > Wayne Enterprises
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Wayne Enterprises (formerly WayneCorp) is a company in the fictional DC Universe. Wayne Enterprises is owned by Batman, in his secret identity of billionaire Bruce Wayne, and run by his business manager Lucius Fox. Image File history File links This is a lossless scalable vector image. ... Nickname: Motto: Philadelphia maneto - Let brotherly love continue Location in Pennsylvania Coordinates: Country United States Commonwealth Pennsylvania County Philadelphia Founded October 27, 1682 Incorporated October 25, 1701 Government  - Mayor John F. Street (D) Area  - City 369. ... WPSG, channel 57, is the CW-affiliated television station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ... Look up company in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ... FicTioNaL is a Gaming Legend. ... Cover to the History of the DC Universe trade paperback. ... Batman (originally referred to as the Bat-Man and still referred to at times as the Batman) is a DC Comics fictional superhero who first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939. ... This article does not cite any references or sources. ... Lucius Fox is a fictional character appearing in Batman comic books by DC Comics. ...

A real life organization named Wayne Enterprises exists and is run by John Wayne's children and grandchildren and licenses his name, image, and likeness.[1] John Wayne (May 26, 1907 – June 11, 1979) was an iconic, Academy Award-winning, American film actor. ...


Fictional company history

Beginnings and Wayne Corp

Based in Gotham City, Wayne Corp was founded in the seventeenth century as a merchant house, eventually becoming a large multinational conglomerate. The company opened new subsidiaries, such as Wayne Shipping, Wayne Chemicals and Wayne Manufacturing, while shutting down others, such as Wayne Manufacturing. HQ is an abbreviation for: Hardware qualification Headquarters Hero Quest (board game) Heros Quest (computer game) Hydro-Quebec This is a disambiguation page — a navigational aid which lists other pages that might otherwise share the same title. ... The Gotham skyline with the Bat-signal. ... (16th century - 17th century - 18th century - more centuries) As a means of recording the passage of time, the 17th century was that century which lasted from 1601-1700. ... Merchants function as professionals who deal with trade, dealing in commodities that they do not produce themselves, in order to produce profit. ... The word multinational can refer to: A Multinational corporation A Multinational State This is a disambiguation page, a list of pages that otherwise might share the same title. ... Conglomerate is the term used to describe a large company which consists of divisions of often seemingly unrelated businesses. ...


Wayne Technologies

Wayne Technologies, also known as WayneTech, is the biggest division of Wayne Enterprises. It is involved in the retrieval and research of alien technology. Its main rival is LexCorp. The subsidiary is sometimes used by Batman as a means to acquire new technologies or to use the medical facilities.

Other subsidiaries of WayneTech include Holt Holdings Inc., (the company formerly owned by Michael Holt (Mister Terrific)), Wayne Biotech, Wayne Pharmaceuticals, and Wayne Healthcare, which runs Gotham City's healthcare system. Michael Holt is a fictional character in the DC Comics Universe. ...

Wayne Biotech

Wayne Biotech is the company mostly responsible for the Gotham healthcare system. The company itself is a facility for researching and developing new medical procedures and systems. It also trains and teaches a huge amount of people annually. Wayne Chemicals and Wayne Pharmaceuticals work closely with Wayne Biotech to develop medicines for different diseases.

The current research at Wayne Biotech is focused on finding the cure for cancer. Since the human genome has already been unlocked, Wayne Biotech is studying cloning to produce organs for future transplants. The company is involved in research into brain surgery methods, the fight against AIDS and HIV, and reconstructive plastic surgery. Batman uses Wayne Biotech as a research tool for finding medical information, patient histories and information on illnesses. Trinomial name Homo sapiens sapiens Linnaeus, 1758 Humans, or human beings, are bipedal primates belonging to the mammalian species Homo sapiens (Latin: wise man or knowing man) in the family Hominidae (the great apes). ... In biology the genome of an organism is the whole hereditary information of an organism that is encoded in the DNA (or, for some viruses, RNA). ... Cloning is the process of creating an identical copy of something. ... Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS or Aids) is a collection of symptoms and infections resulting from the specific damage to the immune system caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). ... Species Human immunodeficiency virus 1 Human immunodeficiency virus 2 Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a retrovirus that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS, a condition in humans in which the immune system begins to fail, leading to life-threatening opportunistic infections). ... “Facial reconstruction” redirects here. ...

Wayne Foods

Wayne Foods is a little known subsidiary of WayneTech mostly based in Gotham City. It runs farms and cattle ranches in the Midwest United States, and imports beef from Argentina and other countries. Wayne Foods produces specialized products like ecological foods and natural lines with no additives and controlled growing. Batman uses Wayne Foods as a means to keep tabs on the food produce market.

Wayne Shipping

Wayne Shipping owns dozens of freighters and handles three and a half billion tons of freight each month and is used by Batman to gain an inside view on smuggling and drug trafficking. Freight is a term used to classify the transportation of cargo and is typically a commercial process. ...

Wayne Steel

Wayne Steel is one of the oldest steel mills and metal refineries in Gotham and supplies steel for shipbuilding. It also studies and replicates alien technology. This has also led to Batman getting priority on technology and alloys for him to study. Wayne Steel's alliance with the US Navy and the government has produced numerous contacts for Wayne Enterprises. A steel mill at the turn of the century in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A steel mill (British English and Australian English steelworks) is an industrial plant for the manufacture of steel. ...

Wayne Shipbuilding

WayneYards is responsible for the building of a large number of naval warships, commercial, and private ships and is currently building a Nimitz class aircraft carrier in Gotham. WayneSteel and WayneYards facilities repair a large number of cruisers and destroyer and also have contacts within the upper pylons of the Navy and the global maritime business. The Nimitz-class supercarriers are a line of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers in service with the US Navy, and are the largest capital ships in the world. ... USS Port Royal (CG-73), a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser (really an uprated guided missile destroyer), launched in 1992. ... HMCS Algonquin, a Canadian Iroquois-class destroyer In naval terminology, a destroyer is a fast and maneuverable yet long-endurance warship intended to escort larger vessels in a fleet or battle group and defend them against smaller, short-range but powerful attackers (originally torpedo boats, later submarines and aircraft). ... For the three letter acronym, see SEA. For the ancient Jewish unit of volume, see Seah (unit). ...

Wayne Aerospace

Wayne Aerospace builds luxurious and exclusive corporate and private jets and airliners. Its experimental aviation branch produces experimental and research planes built for the United States government and NASA. The military aviation branch designs and manufactures jet fighters and helicopters for the US military. The most notable models of these are the W-4 Wraith fighter and the Kestrel attack helicopter. Wayne Aerospace maintains competition with other aerospace corporations like Ferris Air and LexAir. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is an agency of the United States federal government, responsible for the nations public space program. ...

Wayne Chemicals

Wayne Chemicals controls Wayne Oil, Wayne Pharmaceuticals and Wayne Botanical. Wayne Chemicals also has a small percentage of ownership in Tyler Chemicals, based in New York City. Wayne Chemicals is primarily a research and development firm. Wayne Oil researches petrochemicals and alternative fuel sources. Wayne Chemicals is the first company to have created a power generator using algae. Wayne Pharmaceuticals is another one of Wayne Chemicals' research and development branches. Petrochemicals are chemical products made from raw materials of petroleum (hydrocarbon) origin. ... A seaweed (Laurencia) up close: the branches are multicellular and only about 1 mm thick. ...

Wayne Industries

Wayne Industries is a research and development company used for industrial purposes. The company studies, researches and develops cleaner, mechanical fission and fusion power plants and also owns many factories and normal labor units, from manufacturing cars to making cloth and so on. Wayne Mining is also a part of Wayne Industries, along with the few power stations the company owns. Wayne Mining mostly produces gold and some precious stones in Africa. A world map showing the continent of Africa Africa is the worlds second-largest and second most-populous continent, after Asia. ...

Wayne Medical

Wayne Medical is Wayne Biotech’s sister company but both have different fields of study and work. Wayne Medical handles most of the healthcare system in Gotham and also studies cancer and AIDS with Wayne Biotech. Wayne Medical is focused more on treating illnesses than researching them and maintains and runs many hospitals in Gotham City and helps the Foundation with the orphanages. Cancer is a class of diseases or disorders characterized by uncontrolled division of cells and the ability of these to spread, either by direct growth into adjacent tissue through invasion, or by implantation into distant sites by metastasis (where cancer cells are transported through the bloodstream or lymphatic system). ...

Wayne Electronics

Wayne Electronics is a large consortium that manufactures portable radios, stereo and Hi-Fi systems, movie cameras, cameras and electronics, measuring devices, scanners, surveillance equipment, computers and other electronics devices. Its other branches of business include information technology, wired networks, wireless networks and space exploration systems and satellites. It also has contracts with the aerospace, nautical and military industries.

Wayne Entertainment

Wayne Entertainment owns many arenas and stadiums in Gotham and has leased out the Sommerset Stadium to the Metropolis Monarchs. Furthermore, Wayne Entertainment has working partnerships with several modeling agencies and multimedia houses and provides a large number of contacts and information. The Daily Planet newspaper, where Superman and his wife, Lois Lane, work, is operated by Wayne Entertainment.[2] Wayne Entertainment is in direct competition with WGBS (run by Galaxy Communications) and LexCom (run by LexCorp). Those companies, along with other television and movie companies provide the same services as Wayne Entertainment. Through Wayne Entertainment, Batman has contacts in the media and entertainment industries. Metropolis as depicted in the Superman Returns video game Metropolis is a fictional city that appears in comic books published by DC Comics, and is the home of Superman. ... The Daily Planet is a fictional broadsheet newspaper that appears in Superman stories published by DC Comics. ... Superman is a fictional character and comic book superhero , originally created by American writer Jerry Siegel and Canadian artist Joe Shuster and published by DC Comics. ... Lois Joanne Lane-Kent is a fictional character who appears in DC Comics’ Superman stories. ...

Wayne Foundation

The Wayne Foundation is the holding company for the Thomas Wayne Foundation and the Martha Wayne Foundation. The Wayne Foundation funds scientific research and helps people with research by providing facilities and training.

The foundation has its own building called the Wayne Foundation Building which includes a penthouse where Batman lived for a period of time. It also has a secret elevator which leads to a matching Batcave in a secret sub-basement under the building. A penthouse apartment or penthouse is a special apartment on the top floor of a building. ... Batman (originally referred to as the Bat-Man and still referred to at times as the Batman) is a DC Comics fictional superhero who first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939. ... The Batcave. ...

Through the Wayne Foundation and the organizations underneath, Batman has a very large network of connections in the world of charities. He finds out about the newest trends and newest arts, but at the same time he has connections to the streets through the soup kitchens and social services groups.

Thomas Wayne Foundation

The Thomas Wayne Foundation is a foundation for medicine and medical help. This foundation gives annual awards for medical breakthroughs and lifelong commitment, similar to the Nobel Foundation. The Thomas Wayne Foundation is also responsible for funding the Thomas Wayne Memorial Clinic in Park Row, Gotham's infamous Crime Alley. The foundation funds and runs dozens of other free clinics all over the city and in other trouble cities like the Blüdhaven. Bruce Wayne's surrogate mother, Dr. Leslie Thompkins, ran the Memorial Clinic in Crime Alley and governed the other clinics until she left Gotham. Crime Alley is where Bruce Waynes parents were killed and is now a dangerous crime infested area of Gotham City. ... A free clinic is a medical facility offering community healthcare on a free or low-cost basis. ... Blüdhaven is a fictional city in the DC Universe. ... Dr. Leslie Thompkins (often spelled Tompkins) is a fictional character from the Batman comic books. ...

Martha Wayne Foundation

The Martha Wayne Foundation is a patron and supporter of arts, families, education and tolerance. The foundation supports and helps to run a number of orphanages and free schools, and provides teachers for those who have learning difficulties. Artists can apply for grants from the foundation to help support them in furthering the arts. The foundation sponsors companies like Family Finders Inc. in Gotham. Family Finders is an organization directed at finding lost people and uniting families. The foundation sponsors and runs dozens of soup kitchens within the city.

Other media

DC Animated Universe In Batman: the Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures, Wayne Enterprises was run both by Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox. Attempts of taking over the company was made from rival companies, including Roland Daggett of Dagget Industries. It once partnered with LexCorp for the development of cybernetic drones, the Waynelexes, before Bruce terminated his company's contract with LexCorp after its CEO Lex Luthor violated its agreements and his scandal with the Joker's rampage on Metropolis. Wayne Enterprises also hired Arnold Wesker after being released of Arkham Asylum. An image of many of the DCAU heroes. ... The animated Batman shoots his grappling gun from a rooftop in a scene from the episode, On Leather Wings. ... The New Batman Adventures was the successor to the highly acclaimed American animated television series Batman: The Animated Series. ... Roland Daggett is a fictional villain created for Batman: The Animated Series. ... Lex Luthor is a DC Comics supervillain and archenemy of Superman. ... Lex Luthor is a fictional DC Comics supervillain. ... The Ventriloquist is a DC Comics villain, an enemy of Batman. ...

In Batman Beyond, the elder Bruce Wayne allows his company to be taken over by shrewd industrialist Derek Powers of Powers Technology. The two companies were eventually merged, becoming Wayne-Powers Enterprises. After Derek Powers' criminal identity as Blight was revealed, his son Paxton took over as CEO. Paxton was soon arrested after attempting to murder Wayne. Following the company's multiple change in hands, Wayne reclaimed control of the company under its original name: Wayne Enterprises. Batman Beyond (known as Batman of the Future in Europe, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand) is an American animated television series created by The WB Television Network in collaboration with DC Comics as a continuation of the Batman legacy. ... Derek Powers aka Blight is a supervillain in the animated series Batman Beyond, voiced by Sherman Howard. ...

Batman Begins

In the 2005 film Batman Begins, a man named Mr. Earle runs Wayne Enterprises after the death of Bruce Wayne's parents. He says to Wayne at a young age that the company is his to claim when he is old enough. However, between Wayne's global quest to avenge his parents and his having been declared legally dead at Earle's request, Earle never willingly steps down. Batman Begins is a 2005 superhero film based on the fictional DC Comics character Batman. ...

When Wayne finally returns to Gotham, he does not show obvious interest in reclaiming the family business. Instead, he chooses to work in the Applied Sciences division, using it and his coworker Lucius Fox to provide him with high-tech equipment. He takes gear originally made for the U.S. military, including body armor and a prototype armored vehicle, and uses them to create the equipment needs for his war on crime. Finally, at the film's end, Wayne manages to covertly reclaim ownership of Wayne Enterprises and hires Fox to take Earle's job. Lucius Fox is a fictional character appearing in Batman comic books by DC Comics. ... The armed forces of the United States of America consist of the United States Army United States Navy United States Air Force United States Marine Corps United States Coast Guard Note: The United States Coast Guard has both military and law enforcement functions. ...


  1. ^ Wayne Enterprises, the sole and exclusive licensor of the John Wayne name, image, and likeness.
  2. ^ Batman: Hush

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Wayne Enterprises was founded in the 17th Century and thus is one of the oldest companies in the world.
Wayne Medical is renowned for its level of expertise in treating the sick and for the fact that it shares its facilities with the free clinics.
Wayne Steel is one of the oldest steel mills and metal refineries in Gotham and perhaps in the USA as well.
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Wayne Enterprises (formerly WayneCorp) is a fictitious company in the DC Universe.
The history of Wayne Enterprises is longer than the history of Gotham City.
Wayne Chemicals is the first company to have created a power generator using algae.
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