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Encyclopedia > Videodrome
Directed by David Cronenberg
Produced by Claude Héroux
Written by David Cronenberg
Starring James Woods
Deborah Harry
Sonja Smits
Peter Dvorsky
Leslie Carlson
Jack Creley
Music by Howard Shore
Cinematography Mark Irwin
Editing by Ronald Sanders
Distributed by Universal Studios
Release date(s) February 4, 1983 (USA)
Running time 89 min.
Country Flag of Canada Canada
Language English
Budget $5,952,000 (estimated)
Gross revenue $2,120,439 (USA)
Allmovie profile
IMDb profile

Videodrome is a 1983 sci-fi horror film directed by David Cronenberg. This article needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of quality. ... Image File history File links Size of this preview: 383 × 599 pixel Image in higher resolution (483 × 755 pixel, file size: 78 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg) Film poster for Videodrome This image is of a film poster, and the copyright for it is most likely owned by either the... David Paul Cronenberg OC, FRSC (born March 15, 1943[2]) is a Canadian film director and occasional actor. ... David Paul Cronenberg OC, FRSC (born March 15, 1943[2]) is a Canadian film director and occasional actor. ... For other persons named James Woods, see James Woods (disambiguation). ... Debbie Harry on the cover of her collection Most of All: Best Of Deborah Harry (born July 1, 1945) is a Miami-born American rock and roll musician who originally gained fame as the frontwoman for New Wave band Blondie, which originated in the late 1970s and achieved commercial success... Sonja Smits (born September 8, 1958 in Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada) is a television actress who has played roles in many television series, including Falcon Crest, Airwolf, Odyssey 5, The Outer Limits, Street Legal, Traders and The Eleventh Hour. ... Howard Leslie Shore (born October 18, 1946) is an Oscar, Golden Globe and Grammy Award-winning Canadian composer, best known for composing the scores to The Lord of the Rings film trilogy and films of David Cronenberg. ... Mark Irwin is a prolific Canadian cinematographer. ... This article is about the American media conglomerate. ... is the 35th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. ... For the Jimi Hendrix song, see 1983. ... Image File history File links This is a lossless scalable vector image. ... The English language is a West Germanic language that originates in England. ... // February 11 - The Rolling Stones concert film Lets Spend the Night Together opens in New York North Americas Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Tootsie Trading Places, starring Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy WarGames, starring Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy Superman III Flashdance Staying Alive Octopussy Mr. ... Science fiction film is a film genre that uses speculative, science-based depictions of imaginary phenomena such as extra-terrestrial lifeforms, alien worlds, and time travel, often along with technological elements such as futuristic spacecraft, robots, or other technologies. ... Horror Movie redirects here. ... David Paul Cronenberg OC, FRSC (born March 15, 1943[2]) is a Canadian film director and occasional actor. ...



"Civic TV, the One You Take to Bed With you..."

Videodrome begins with the daily routine of Max Renn (James Woods), president of CIVIC-TV (Channel 83, Cable 12), a sleazy Toronto UHF television station, on his endless search for new material with which to titillate his viewers. CIVIC-TV's pirate satellite dish receives transmissions of the sadistic, plotless program Videodrome that depicts only torture and murder in a bright orange room: snuff TV. He encounters Professor Brian O'Blivion (Jack Creley) (a Marshall McLuhan parody) on a chat show, who communicates only through video recordings of himself. Renn asks his techie employee-colleague to learn more about Videodrome, and is told that O'Blivion is behind the program. He visits the "Cathode Ray Mission", run by O'Blivion, and meets Bianca O'Blivion, the Professor's daughter, who tells him that her father died eleven months earlier. For other persons named James Woods, see James Woods (disambiguation). ... Ultra high frequency (UHF) designates a range (band) of electromagnetic waves whose frequency is between 300 MHz and 3. ... This article is about the genre. ... “McLuhan” redirects here. ...

Later, Max receives a videotape, sent to him by O'Blivion, warning of a fascist socio-political force called "Videodrome". Afterwards, Max slowly grasps that he has begun hallucinating graphically violent and metamorphic acts showing the malleability of the human flesh. Bianca O'Blivion tells him the hallucinations are the intended side-effect of the Videodrome signal, which is maliciously provoking brain tumours in the viewer. Alone later, Renn sees his belly metamorphose and develop a wound. His lover, radio psychotherapist Nicki Brand (Debbie Harry), a sado-masochist prone to self-mutilation, appears in his recurring visions of the Videodrome room. She disappeared after going to search for the whereabouts of the Videodrome locale in order to audition for a role on the show. A hallucination is a perception in the absence of a stimulus that the person may or may not believe is real. ... Deborah Ann Harry (born July 1, 1945, in Miami, Florida) is a singer-songwriter and actress most famous for being the lead singer for the punk rock/new wave band Blondie. ... http://www. ...

The producer of Videodrome, businessman Barry Convex, of the Spectacular Optical corporation calls on Max Renn. He asks Max to put on and wear a helmet that records one of his hallucinations. As the story is told entirely from Renn's point of view, reality and hallucination merge, becoming indistinguishable. Later, Convex and his partner Harlan tell Renn that, by inserting the Videodrome signal in violent television programs, they are morally purifying North America so that it can survive the tough times ahead. Renn's abdominal wound video tape cassettes become amorphous. Under the influence of his violent programming, Max takes out a gun from his abdominal video cassette slot that metamorphoses with his hand. He goes to the CIVIC-TV offices and shoots his business partners. Bianca O'Blivion then reprograms him to betray and destroy Spectacular Optical. When Harlan attempts inserting another tumourous video cassette into him, Max fuses a grenade to Harlan's hand, which explodes and kills him. He then shoots and kills Barry Convex during a trade show, causing Videodrome tumors to erupt from his head and torso, and shouts Death to Videodrome! Long live the New Flesh! to the audience of businessmen and women. Grenade may refer to: The well-known hand grenade commonly used by soldiers. ... A trade fair (or trade show) is an exhibition organised so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their new products and services. ...

Afterwards, Renn takes refuge on a derelict boat in an abandoned harbor, where Nicki appears to him on television. She tells him he has weakened Videodrome, but that in order to completely defeat them, he has to leave the old flesh. He then sees a TV set showing an image of himself pointing his handgun to his head, saying Long live the New Flesh. His on-screen image shoots itself and the TV set explodes, spraying human intestines on the deck. Max Renn then imitates and repeats the action he has just watched, squeezes the trigger; the screen goes blank. In anatomy, the intestine is the segment of the alimentary canal extending from the stomach to the anus and, in humans and other mammals, consists of two segments, the small intestine and the large intestine. ...

Cult film status

Videodrome's cult film status has made it a popular source for sampling and homage in Electro-industrial, EBM, and heavy metal music. It ranks tenth on the Top 1319 Sample Sources list [1] and has been sampled in at least 32 individual songs. A cult film is a film that has acquired a highly devoted but relatively small group of fans. ... This article is about reusing existing sound recordings in creating new works. ... Electronic body music (EBM) is a musical genre combining elements of industrial music and electronic dance music. ... EBM can be an acronym for: electronic body music evidence-based medicine Everybody But Microsoft - A virtual group that acts as a competitor to Microsoft and its partners. ... Heavy metal redirects here. ...

  • Apoptygma Berzerk used "It was only 26 hours ago in the building you see behind me..." from Videodrome on the track "Our Souls Will Remain" from their 1992 single "The 2nd Manifesto".
  • EMF used "Long live the new flesh..." in studio and live versions of "Children" from its debut LP, Schubert Dip.
  • Skinny Puppy used "You'll forgive me if I don't stay around to watch... . I just can't cope with freaky stuff" as an ominous intro for "Draining Faces", on 1987's Cleanse Fold and Manipulate.
  • Cyberaktif (a Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly side project) used "See you in Pittsburgh" at the end of the song "Face to Face" off the 1990 album Tenebrae Vision.
  • Techno band Messiah samples several lines from the film in their 1991 song "You're Going Insane".
  • The most prominently quoted line, "Long live the new flesh," was used as the chorus for the Wiseblood song "0-0 (Where Evils Dwells)", later covered by Fear Factory.
  • The metal group Strapping Young Lad has a song titled "All Hail the New Flesh" on their album City, released in 1997.
  • The Belgian EBM band Front 242 used a number of samples from Videodrome in their album Official Version. For example, Barry Convex's line at the SpecOps trade show, "You know me, and I sure know you. Every one of you!" is sampled as the intro to "Masterhit", and the word "television", off O'Blivion's first speech in the movie, can be heard at the end of "Television Station".
  • The band Big Audio Dynamite used Barry Convex's line, "I hope you realize you're playing with dynamite", as an intro to their song "C'mon Every Beatbox", referring to the movie as well as their own band name.
  • The industrial rock band Hardwire uses a piece from Professor O'Blivion's interview speech as the intro to their song "Reformat", from the Master-Control album. The lyrics of the song itself also reflect upon the film.
  • The song "Sexual Orientation", along with at least three Emergency Broadcast Network productions, consists mostly of sound effects and quotes from the movie.
  • The industrial rock group My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult used a direct sample of "Death to the Videodrome" followed up by a sung "Long live the new flesh" in their song "After the Flesh", which was featured in the movie The Crow.
  • The experimental electronic musician Jack Dangers has used numerous samples from the film, namely on the Meat Beat Manifesto album Satyricon.
  • The 1996 Acid Techno track entitled "Reality" by Andrei Morant samples the character Brian O'Blivion's philosophical riddle: "There is nothing real outside our perception of reality, is there?"
  • The Post-punk band Flesh For Lulu named one of their albums Long Live the New Flesh.
  • On the debut album Appetizer (1994) from the Swedish hard rock band Freak Kitchen there are two songs inspired by the movie, "See You in Pittsburgh" and "The New Part".
  • The metal band Videodrone takes its name from the film.
  • Baltimore-based noise rock band the New Flesh takes their name from the film.
  • The song "Niky Braun" by French power electronics project Propergol mostly consists of samples from Videodrome.
  • In Sundsvall, Sweden there is a film store named Videodrome: Cult Film Import. It specializes in alternative film and rare videotapes. Collectors can go there to find films no longer available elsewhere (including out of print x-rated features).
  • Videodrome is also the name of an independent video rental store in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in many hard to find foreign, cult, and anime features.
  • Japanese film director Hideo Nakata has said that the scene of the malicious ghost Sadako coming out of the television in the film Ringu was inspired by Videodrome.
  • Long Island post-hardcore band Disarming Arctica wrote their song "Motives" completely around the concept of the film Videodrome. References are made in the lyrics including "Long live the new flesh" and "First it controlled her mind, then it destroyed her body".
  • The music to the first level of Tempest 2000 used the line "Television is the retina of the mind's eye".
  • Industrial metal band Whorgasm, on their album Smothered, samples the lines "It's just torture and murder", "No plot, no characters; just very, very realistic", and "I think it's what's next".
  • Electronic composer Esther Venrooy used bits of dialogue from Max's wake-up call in the beginning of the film in the track "pitch :: pine" on her album Hout.
  • Reanimator samples various dialogue from the movie in two of his songs ("Socially Positive (Man)" and "Socially Responsible (Reprise)") on his album Music to Slit Wrists By.
  • Videodrome Hands is a painting by artist Mike Retter, who uses the "look" of video and television in his paintings.
  • Dutch EBM band Grendel's 2007 release Harsh Generation contains a track named "New Flesh" which features samples from the film.
  • The Industrial group Nine Inch Nails featured a song entitled "The New Flesh" on the vinyl edition of the 1999 album The Fragile.

Apoptygma Berzerk is a Norwegian musical group. ... EMF is a British indie dance band which came to prominence at the end of the 1980s and the early 1990s. ... Skinny Puppy is a prominent industrial band, formed in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1982. ... See also: Musical groups established in 1987 Record labels established in 1987 // January 3 - Aretha Franklin becomes the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. ... Cleanse Fold and Manipulate is a 1987 album by Skinny Puppy. ... Cyberaktif was a one-time musical collaberation project between Bill Leeb of the band Front Line Assembly, and cEvin Key & Dwayne Goettel of Skinny Puppy. ... Skinny Puppy is a prominent industrial band, formed in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1982. ... Front Line Assembly (sometimes written as Frontline Assembly, also known by the acronym FLA) is a Canadian electro-industrial band formed in 1986 by Bill Leeb and Michael Balch after Leeb left Skinny Puppy. ... Fear Factory is a Los Angeles, California based metal band. ... Heavy metal redirects here. ... Strapping Young Lad is an influential progressive extreme metal band from Canada, started by Devin Townsend in 1994. ... National motto: Dutch: Eendracht maakt macht; French: Lunion fait la force; German: Einigkeit macht stark (English: Strength lies in unity) Official language Dutch, French, German Capital Brussels Largest City Brussels King Albert II Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt Area  - Total  - % water Ranked 148th 30,528 km² 6. ... EBM can be an acronym for: electronic body music evidence-based medicine Everybody But Microsoft - A virtual group that acts as a competitor to Microsoft and its partners. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... Big Audio Dynamite (later known as Big Audio Dynamite II and Big Audio, and often abbreviated BAD) was a British musical group formed in 1984 by the ex-guitarist and singer of The Clash, Mick Jones. ... This article is about a high explosive. ... Industrial Rock is a musical genre which is a fusion between Industrial Music and specific Rock n Roll subgenres such as Punk, Oi!, Hardcore and later on Hard Rock. ... Hardwire may be a reference to: Hardwired, the default definition; Hardwire (comics) Hardwire, musician of electronic music Hard Wired, an album from Front Line Assembly Category: ... Emergency Broadcast Network is the name of a multimedia performance group that took its name from the Emergency Broadcast System. ... Industrial Rock is a musical genre which is a fusion between Industrial Music and specific Rock n Roll subgenres such as Punk, Oi!, Hardcore and later on Hard Rock. ... My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult (TKK) is an American electronic industrial band originally based out of Chicago, Illinois. ... The Crow is a 1994 American film adaptation of the comic book of the same name by James OBarr (who himself makes a cameo in the film). ... Jack Dangers (born John Corrigan, 1965, in Swindon) is an electronic musician, DJ, producer, and remixer best known for his work as the primary member of Meat Beat Manifesto. ... Meat Beat Manifesto, often shortened to Meat Beat or MBM, is an electronic music outfit originally consisting of Jack Dangers and Jonny Stephens formed in 1987 in Swindon, UK. This was also the hometown of the band XTC, who helped Meat Beat get started. ... Satyricon (or Satyrica) is a Latin novel, believed to have been written by Gaius Petronius, though the manuscript text of the Satyricon calls him Titus Petronius. ... Flesh for Lulu is an gothic/alternative rock band formed in 1982 in the UK. History Flesh for Lulu Nick Marsh (vocals and guitar) and James Mitchell (drums) formed the band and soon recruited Rocco (originally from Wasted Youth, guitar and vocals), and Glen Bishop (bass). ... Freak Kitchen is a heavy metal/hard rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden, formed in 1992. ... This article needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of quality. ... The New Flesh is a Nine Inch Nails song that appears on the vinyl version of The Fragile (1999), as well as part one of the three part European Were In This Together CD single. ... Power electronics is the technology associated with the efficient conversion, control and conditioning of electric power by static means from its available input form into the desired electrical output form. ... Hideo Nakata (中田秀夫 Nakata Hideo, born July 19, 1961, in Okayama, Japan) is a Japanese film director. ... Ring ) is a 1998 Japanese horror mystery film from director Hideo Nakata, adapted from a novel of the same name by Koji Suzuki. ... Tempest 2000 was a 1994 remake for the Atari Jaguar of the classic 1980 arcade game Tempest by Dave Theurer. ... Reanimator is a hip hop artist from Illinois. ... Grendel is a Dutch music group formed from a prior name dating back to 1997. ... NIN redirects here. ... The Fragile (also known as Halo Fourteen) is a double album by Nine Inch Nails released in 1999. ...


  • David Tsubouchi appears in the film credited as a "Japanese Businessman". In 1995, he would be elected as an Ontario Member of Provincial Parliament. In 1996, he became a Minister with jurisdiction over the Ontario Film Review Board, which handles censorship and film ratings.
  • Civic TV refers to a real Canadian television station, CityTV, notorious for broadcasting soft-core pornography among its programming.
  • Betamax videotape cassettes were used because VHS videotape cassettes were too large to fit the faux abdominal wound.[citation needed]
  • Videodrome pioneered the flicker-eliminating technology used to film a television screen's images; before, film images were superimposed onto blank television screens.
  • The pornographic video Samurai Dreams, of which only five seconds are seen in the film story, was made specifically for the film. The five-minute film is in The Criterion Collection DVD edition of Videodrome.
  • The Videodrome murder-torture-mutilation video is eleven minutes long. After the film's release, men claiming to be the actresses' boyfriends asked producers for copies of the unedited footage; seven minutes of Videodrome footage is in the Criterion Collection DVD.
  • The name "Max Renn" is based on the motorcycle brand Renmax; "Nicki Brand" is a pun on "nick" (to cut) and "brand" (to burn), describing her self-inflicted sexual wounds; "Barry Convex" refers to a convex lens; "Brian O'Blivion" refers to brain oblivion.
  • While the Cathode Ray mission sequence was being filmed, gaffer Jock Brandis told the film crew that the building's power lines were smoking, because of the power overload imposed on them by the TV sets.
  • The concept of brain tumor-inducing television programs is an urban legend dating to the 1940s; people believed television signals caused brain tumors. Canadian rumours of mind-controlling television from right-wing extremists in the United States also inspired the story.
  • Marshall McLuhan, the communications theorist on whom Prof. Brian O'Blivion is based, had a benign brain tumor. Author Philip Marchand, in his McLuhan biography, The Medium and the Messenger (1989), states it was a meningioma. He quotes a McLuhan associate describing the tumor: "as big as a tennis ball" that caused McLuhan fainting and seizures. Doctors warned that blindness and insanity would result if the tumor went unremoved. Despite initial resistance, McLuhan underwent seventeen hours of brain surgery in November of 1967; per surgeon Dr Lester Mount, it was the longest neurosurgical operation in American medicine to that time.[citation needed]
  • Barry Convex's exploding body innards were a plateful of General Tso's Chinese chicken.
  • In the Family Guy episode "Peter's Got Woods", James Woods keeps insisting on showing Videodrome to Peter Griffin; when he asks about the nudity in the film, Woods proudly notes that he shows his buttocks, while not mentioning Deborah Harry's nudity.
  • Alternate titles were Network of Blood and Zonekiller.
  • The film scored fourth as Bravo TV's "30 Even Scarier Movie Moments".
  • Most of Videodrome's major characters (Friday James, Nikki Brand, Brian O'Blivion, and Barry Convex) first appear in a television screen.
  • Brian O'Blivion is named after a Frank Zappa song.[citation needed]
  • Selected as one to the 23 Weirdest Films of All Time by Total Film.[1]

David Tsubouchi (坪内) is a former politician in Ontario, Canada. ... A Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) is an elected member of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, Canada. ... The Ontario Film Review Board uses the following motion picture rating system for theatrical releases in the Canadian province of Ontario under the Theatres Act: General. ... Citytv is an English language privately owned television system in Canada. ... Sonys Betamax is the 12. ... Bottom view of VHS cassette with magnetic tape exposed Top view of VHS cassette with front casing removed The Video Home System, better known by its abbreviation VHS, is a recording and playing standard. ... The Criterion Collection logo The Criterion Collection is a privately held company that distributes authoritative consumer versions of important classic and contemporary films on DVD. It was established in 1984 as a joint venture between Janus Films and the Voyager Company. ... This article is about the optical device. ... Brandis on the cover of a Wilmington magazine. ... A brain tumor is any intracranial tumor created by abnormal and uncontrolled cell division, normally either in the brain itself (neurons, glial cells (astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, ependymal cells), lymphatic tissue, blood vessels), in the cranial nerves (myelin-producing Schwann cells), in the brain envelopes (meninges), skull, pituitary and pineal gland, or... For other uses, see Urban legend (disambiguation). ... It has been suggested that this article or section be merged into far right. ... Meningiomas are the most common benign tumors of the brain (95% of benign tumors). ... Family Guy is an Emmy Award-winning American animated television series about a dysfunctional family in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island. ... “Peter’s Got Woods” is an episode from the fourth season of the FOX animated television series Family Guy. ... BRAVO TV is a German television program which aired from January 1985 till December 1986 on Sat. ... This article or section does not cite any references or sources. ... Frank Vincent Zappa[1] (December 21, 1940 – December 4, 1993) was an American composer, musician, and film director. ... Total Film, published by Future Publishing, is the United Kingdoms second best-selling film magazine, after the longer-established Empire from Emap. ...


  1. ^ http://www.listsofbests.com/list/30267

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Numbers stations are shortwave radio stations of uncertain origin. ... The motif of harmful sensation refers to the physical or mental damage that a person suffers merely by experiencing what should normally be a benign sensation. ...

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Videodrome is a 1983 film directed by David Cronenberg.
Videodrome's cult film status has made it a popular source for sampling and homage in industrial and heavy metal music.
Videodrome is also the name of an independent video rental store in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in many hard to find foreign, cult, and anime features.
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