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Encyclopedia > Trading Faces
“Trading Faces”
Kim Possible episode

Camille in the fashion show.
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 68
Guest stars Ashley Tisdale as Camille Leon, April Winchell as Ms. Guide
Written by Kim Duran
Directed by Steve Loter
Production no. 403
Original airdate February 10, 2007
Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"Car Alarm" "The Big Job"

Trading Faces is the third episode in the fourth season of Disney's Kim Possible. Kim Possible is an American television series about a teenage crime fighter, who has the task of dealing with worldwide, family, and school issues every day. ... Image File history File links No higher resolution available. ... Ashley Michelle Tisdale (born July 2, 1985)[1] is an American actress and singer. ... April Winchell born April Terri Winchell on January 2, 1962 in New York, New York is a voice actress, radio talk show host, and commentator living in Santa Monica, California. ... Steve Loter is a animation director and producer. ... is the 41st day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. ... Year 2007 (MMVII) is now the current year, a common year starting on Monday of the Gregorian calendar and the AD/CE era. ... A car alarm is an electronic device installed in a vehicle in an attempt to discourage theft. ... The Big Job is the name of the fourth episode in the fourth season of Disneys Kim Possible. ... For the Disney Channel in other countries, see Disney Channel around the world. ... Kim Possible is an American television series about a teenage crime fighter, who has the task of dealing with worldwide, family, and school issues every day. ...

Plot Summary

The episode starts out with Kim looking for her cheerleading outfit. She eventually finds it as it's floating in the air as one of the Tweebs' experiments. After showing her annoyance for them, Kim meets up with Ron and Monique at school, all of them anticipating lunch at the senior table. Unfortunately, Kim's dreams are shattered when she learns that the Tweebs have followed her to school... as freshmen. Turns out, they've skipped about three grades due to their very high IQ and have now been placed at Middleton High on request by a school placement program dubbed S.K.I.P., run by their supervisor, Ms. Guide (pronounced "g'day"). Kimberly Ann Possible (usually known as Kim Possible) is the title character from Disneys animated television series Kim Possible Kim debuted in the series opening episode in June 2002,[1] and starred in all 65 episodes of Season 1-3. ... Information Nickname(s) Tweebs Species Twins Gender Male Age 10-13 Occupation Students Family Dr. Possible (Father), Mrs. ... Ronald Ron Stoppable is a fictional character from the Disney animated television series Kim Possible. ... Information Nickname(s) Monique Age 15-17 Portrayed by Raven-Symoné Monique is a fictional character from Disneys animated television series Kim Possible. ... IQ redirects here; for other uses of that term, see IQ (disambiguation). ...

Fortunately, she gets a reprieve when Wade gives her a mission. As it turns out, her old friend Britina has landed in prison for robbery. However, she claims she's innocent.

As Kim and Ron hear Britina's story, they are interrupted by a fellow celebrity of Britina's: actress and heiress to a cat food fortune Camille Leon and her pet cat Debutante (a hairless Sphinx). Camille pities Britina for having "turned bad" and warns Kim of the possibility of other celebrities who could suddenly go bad. Camille Leon is a fictional character from Disneys animated television series Kim Possible. ...

Later, at a local awards' show, Kim meets up with her old friend M.C. Honey, who's preparing to appear on stage to accept a music award (and a goodie bag to go with it). However, as the two chat in the green room, another Honey runs across the stage with her arms full of awards and bags. A few moments later, the guards catch the real Honey, unaware that the one they have was with Kim the whole time.

As Kim reviews the security camera footage of the crime at school, it's pretty clear to her that Honey and Britina are to blame for their crimes. However, the Tweebs bring up the possibility of an impostor... or even a shape shifter like in their comic books. Kim, however, snubs them.

Things quickly go from bad to worse for Kim. The senior table and it's high-class cuisine has been cut from the school budget in favor of giving it to S.K.I.P., Mr. Barkin reveals the true horrors behind Mystery Meat to the school, and the Tweebs take every opportunity possible to show up and embarrass Kim. Steve Barkin is a fictional character from Disneys animated television series Kim Possible. ...

Curious about Camille, Kim asks Wade to look up what info about her is in the tabloids. From what she learns, Camille was recently disinherited by her father, and is planning to appear at the Beverly Hills Mall to promote her autobiography.

The next day, Kim and Ron (and, much to Kim's chagrin, the Tweebs -- who obtain a ride for the quartet on a Lear jet due to their having tutored the pilot's son) visit the humongous Beverly Hills Mall and notice an interesting item: a 500-karat diamond light bulb in the main elevator. As the two investigate, Kim notices the Club Banana flagship store, "Country Club Banana" -- an expensive members-only branch of Kim's favorite store. As a result Kim knows she can't go in because she has to pass a credit check which she doesn't have. However they spot Camille walking by it en route to the bookstore, where she's signing copies of her autobiography. They accost her and Kim tries to get her to let them in the store where she can buy designer socks. Camille, as Kim suspected, turns it down saying that "socks are gross". Kim tells Ron that it proves it. The real reason Camille couldn't go in was because she was disinherited.

The Tweebs, however, find a much better clue in the autobiography itself: a page describing Camille's agreement to undergo a new plastic surgery procedure created by a man named Dr. Beaufox. Before they can get to Kim with their find, though, the diamond light bulb is reported stolen by another celebrity, Starlet, and Kim refuses to pay attention to the Tweebs with their find.

Investigating the doctor, the Tweebs learn that Beaufox had his license revoked for his inhumane process, and decide to ask the man himself exactly what it is. Beaufox reveals his process as "nanomorphing", which would allow one to alter one's appearance at will. So far, he's only ever tested it on one human... Camille.

Camille as Britina
This image is a candidate for speedy deletion. It will be deleted after Wednesday, 1 August 2007.

Meanwhile, Kim and Ron are staking out a fashion show, namely to keep an eye on Camille in the audience. As part of the job, and after she's convinced by Ron that's she's beautiful when she says otherwise, Kim agrees to replace one of the absent models. As expected, Camille is gone by the time Kim comes out on stage. However, she runs into Honey again, despite her still being in jail. Kim's confusion, however, is put to rest when the Tweebs arrive and expose "Honey" as Camille. Image File history File links No higher resolution available. ... Image File history File links No higher resolution available. ...

Her secret revealed, Camille takes advantage of the confusion and morphs into Ron, leading Kim wondering which is which. Fortunately, Rufus reveals the real Ron by popping out of his pocket, and Debutante pops out of Camille's pocket. As Camille runs off again, she get a face full of tracking powder, which Kim brought with her. However, Debutante, while chasing Rufus, knocks the powder into the ventilation shaft, thus interfering with Kim's ability to track Camille. Thankfully, Camille is busted when Debutante runs up to her, despite her disguise.

The next day at school, Ms. Guide considers the idea of transferring the Tweebs to a different high school by her observations of Kim and how badly it was affecting her. Kim, however, has learned to tolerate her brothers (despite the inconvenience) and says that if they go, she follows. Ms. Guide agrees to keep them in Middleton High, and the three Possible siblings share a group hug as the episode ends.


  • Camille's cat may be a call-back to "A Sitch in Time" where a younger Ron thought about getting a hairless cat, but is most likely a reference to Tinkerbell, Paris Hilton's chihuahua.
  • Camille Leon resembles her voice character Ashley Tisdale but her personality is similar to Paris Hilton, Sharpay Evans (also played by Ashley Tisdale) in High School Musical and that of London Tipton in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
  • At the beginning Kim's cheerleading outfit lands on the dryer but when Mrs. Dr. Possible comes in, it is gone.
  • The Hosten twins are a parody of the Olsen twins.
  • Camille throwing dresses at Kim as if they were weapons, might be an allusion to a gag in an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, in which shopping for expensive fashions is equated with physical exercise.
  • Three ladies in the mall's elevator are girls from Kim's cheer squad, and a fourth is the actress/character from the sitcom that Shego was pulled into back in "Dimension Twist".
  • M.C. Honey is a mix between M.C. Hammer and Missy Elliot.
  • In the scene where Kim's in the dressing room, the girl next to her is the girl who appeared in the movie that Ron was watching in Grudge Match.

For other uses, see Chihuahua (disambiguation). ... Ashley Michelle Tisdale (born July 2, 1985)[1] is an American actress and singer. ... Paris Whitney Hilton (born February 17, 1981) is an American celebrity and socialite. ... Sharpay Evans is one of the fictional characters from the Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical. ... High School Musical is a made-for-TV musical. ... This article does not cite any references or sources. ... The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, is an American childrens television series that airs on the Disney Channel. ... Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Fuller Olsen (born June 13, 1986) are twin American actresses who have appeared in television and films since the age of 3 months. ... Shego is a fictional character from Disneys animated television series Kim Possible voiced by Nicole Sullivan. ... MC Hammer (later Hammer), real name Stanley Kirk Burrell, (born March 30, 1962) was an early mainstream rapper, known for his baggy genie pants and catchy hooks on songs like U Cant Touch This. Early Life MC Hammer was born in Oakland, California. ... Missy Elliott on the cover of her album Missy Elliott (born Melissa Arnette Elliott on July 1, 1971 in Portsmouth, Virginia), formerly known as Missy Misdemeanor Elliott, is the first female hip hop superstar, known for a long series of hits including The Rain, Shes A Bitch, Get Ur... Grudge Match, also known as the WWWF (World Wide Web Fights), is a website that stages fictitious fights and contests between pop culture characters and icons. ...


  • Jim & Tim: (first lines in the series dressed in radation suits) "You didn't open the drier did you? Our experiment...you ruined it!"
  • Tim: (as Mrs. Dr. Possible goes to pick up the cheerleader outfit) "I wouldn't do that"
    Jim: (holds up a pair of tongs) "Not without these!"
  • Jim & Tim: Which way to homeroom?
  • Kim: Homeroom? What do you mean homeroom?
  • Tim: That room you go to before you go to your other classes?
  • Jim: You think a senior would know the basics? (Tim nods in approval)
  • Ron: Try middle school...four miles (Points to his left) That away!
  • Jim: We're not in middle school anymore
  • Tim: We've been skipped ahead
  • Jim: We're Freshmen
  • Tim: We're Here
    (outside the whole school shakes as Kim screams)
  • Kim: There is no way you two are freshmen!...
    (breaks conversation to wave at someone) Hey Amanda...see you in science
    ...it must be a mistake...and I'm going to get too the bottom of it!
  • Tim: Miss Guide is our S.K.I.P. Counselor!
  • Kim:...And S.K.I.P. is?
  • Miss Guide: SUPERIOR. KNOWLEDGE. & INTELLIGENCE. PLACEMENT....a pilot program your brothers tested at high school levels so they're being rolled as Freshmen...I will be observing the transition!
  • Miss Guide: So this is really happening?
  • Miss Guide: (with an exaggerated smile) Exciting isn't it?
  • Miss Guide: (through an exaggerated happy face) Oh I can't begin to describe my feelings!
  • Kim: I'm sorry you must be this (holds her hand high above their heads) tall to ride
  • Kim: (repeated line) Height limit
  • Tim/Jim:...and then when we went to yosemite...
  • Kim: (gasps) No not the poison oak story
  • Camille: "It's so hard to be me".
  • Camille: (as she is being arrested) "Do you know who I am?"
    Ron: "Lady, the real question is, do you know who you are?"
  • Ron: (attempting to stop Camille, disguised as him) "I got me".
    (Ron fumbles into a clothing rack)
    Ron: "You know, I'm surprisingly nimble for an heiress".
  • Barkin: "Listen up cafeterians. In compliance with district guidelines, we have been ordered to divulge to you the contents of mystery meat".
    (film reel begins playing)
    Film announcer: "Mystery Meat. From the slaughterhouse to your house..."
    (scene cuts to all the students running out of the school screaming)
    Ron: "I knew there was snouts!"
  • Kim: "Oh, Ron. I'm not a model".
    Ron: "Why not? You're beautiful".
    (Kim is left speechless, then looks at him and smiles)
  • Ron: "She's not in wardrobe. Hey look, I'm already here".
  • Mc Honey: "Say what?"
  • Camille: "But I can't be seen buying socks! Eww! Socks are gross".
  • Britina: "Camille?"
    Camille: "Brit, I came as soon as I heard".
    Britina: "But I called you three days ago".
    Camille: "Silly, my callbacks were epic this week. It's so hard to be me".
  • Britina: These are BFF's from way back, Kim Possible and ... (turns to Ron) this guy, who's usually with her.
    Camille: Kim Possible! I wore your look once (Kimmitation Nation) --- for about five minutes.
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