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Encyclopedia > Tracks (Transformers)

Tracks (Le Sillage in Canada, Puma in Italy) is the name to a single character in the Transformers Universes. The name is now too generic to license in recent times; so the toys creator, Hasbro had to add a 'modifier' - a prefix to the name in order to use it on their product, in this case the name became "Autobot Tracks". Every G1 character ever released (or depicted) in America A Transformer is an fictional robot that is able to transform, rearranging itself into a common and innocuous form, such as a car, aircraft, or animal. ... Hasbro (NYSE: HAS) is an American toy and game company. ...


Generation One (1985)

Transformers character
Allegiance Autobot (Cybertron)
Sub-Group Autobot Cars
Action Masters
Function Warrior
Motto "Looking good is what life is all about."
Alternate mode Chevrolet Corvette
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Transformers: Alternators
Voice actors Michael McConnohie (English)
Sho Hayami, Masashi Ebara (Japanese)

Character Profile Various Transformers toys. ... Image File history File links Download high-resolution version (461x606, 39 KB) box artwork to a toy released in 1985 by Hasbro. ... The Autobots are the protagonists in the Transformers Universe, a collection of various toys, graphic novels, paperback books, cartoons and movies first introduced in 1984. ... 17th Century Brazilian Tapuia A warrior is a person habitually engaged in warfare. ... The Chevrolet Corvette is a sports car that has been manufactured by Chevrolet since 1953. ... Michael D. McConnohie (Born July 23, 1951 in Mansfield, Ohio, USA) is a voice actor who is the President of the Nevada-based Voxworks voice-acting corporation. ... Sho Hayami (速水 奨 Hayami Shō), né Yasushi Ōhama (大濱 靖 Ōhama Yasushi, born August 2, 1958) is a veteran seiyū who was born in Hyogo. ... Masashi Ebara (江原 正士 Ebara Masashi) is a seiyu who was born on May 4, 1953 in Kanagawa. ...

Called "lousy Earth-lover" by some fellow Autobots because he prefers his sleek Earth car form to his original robot form. He thinks they're jealous of his good looks, but they feel the struggle against the Decepticons should be his top concern. When going 280 mph in car form, he uses wings under rear fenders for sub-sonic flight. In car or robot form, he uses launcher to fire heat-seeking incendiary missiles 60 miles. Has blinding black beam gun.

The toy of Tracks was repainted red into the Autobot Road Rage. The Road Rage Transformers action figure was an exclusive E-Hobby red repaint of G1 Tracks available only in Japan in 2002 by Takara. ...

Marvel Comics

Marvel U.S. #14: 'Rock and Roll Out'

The Autobots were suffering heavy casualties and several of their number were in the Ark's repair bay waiting to be repaired. In need of new troops, Optimus Prime requested that Wheeljack transfer the sparks (which Prime refers to as 'engrams') of five Autobots stored in crystals to lifeless Autobot bodies that had created earlier. It is not explained in the comic as to why the Autobots were able to create five new bodies when they weren't able to repair their existing warriors but presumably they had exhausted their supplies in creating these new bodies. Grapple, Hoist, Smokescreen, Skids and Tracks were these five Autobots. Optimus Prime explains that before they left the planet Cybertron four million years ago, these five Autobots agreed to have their sparks transferred to the crystals for storage in case the Autobots needed extra troops during the mission of clearing a path for Cybertron through an asteroid belt. This page is for the original 1984 Transformers character, Optimus Prime. ... Wheeljack is the name of several characters in the various Transformers Universes. ... Look up Spark in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ... Grapple (Grap in Japan) is the name of a single character in the Transformers universes. ... Hoist serves as a repairman for the Autobots in the fictional Transformers Universes. ... Smokescreen is the name of several characters in the Transformers toyline and Universes. ... // Transformers G1 (1985) Transformers Alternators (2005) Transformers Robots in Disguise (2001) Toy Review The first of the modified spelling of the name, Skid-Z is a repaint of a toy named Indy Heat from the Takara series Car Robots and he is the Hasbro version of that character. ...

Optimus Prime appointed Bumblebee responsible for guiding all but Grapple of the new Autobots on a tour around their new home but that they were not to engage with the enemy. With their Autobot insignias covered and a dummy driver, the five Autobots pulled into a Blackrock garage. Skids had his radio on and was listening to music but did not know what it was. He asked the garage attendant what he was listening to and was told about a concert, but because he had spent very little time on Earth, he was unaccustomed to how humans speak to each other and sounded very alien-like. The garage attendants were just confused by this. Grapple can refer to: Grapple, an apple that tastes like grapes. ...


Bumblebee was informed by Optimus Prime that the Decepticons planned to steal sonic energy and Skids suggested that they may intend to strike the concert he was told about earlier. Optimus Prime agreed and asked them to investigate. The Autobots proceeded to the concert but were unaware of the parking toll and entered without paying. This caused the carpark attendants to get angry and give chase, the Autobots parked up and deactivated their dummy drivers. Finding nobody in the vehicles, the carpark attendants gave up their search. Image File history File linksMetadata Autobot-dummies. ...

As the concert started, Skids says that he likes the music but minutes later notices that something is wrong. he Autobots determine that the Decepticons must have started to steal the sonic energy which was the cause of the drop in quality of the music and proceeded to investigate further. Skids protests that this was against their leader's instructions but Bumblebee doesn't want to disappoint the humans. Finding a cable leading from the stage to underground which must be how the Decepticons were stealing the energy and snaps it apart causing the quality of the music to return.

The three Seekers burst out of the ground to find out what happened and battle commences between the Autobots and Decepticons. Once the Decepticons had been defeated, some of the humans accused the Autobots for being responsible for the sound problems. The Autobots transformed to vehicle mode and left the concert. The Seekers were a dissenting group in the time of the Commonwealth of England. ...

Marvel U.S. #15: 'I, Robot Master'

Within the Autobots base, the Ark; Skids, Tracks, and Bumblebee returning from a fruitless search for enemy activity were requested by Hoist for an inspection. Although Tracks complained, Skids voiced his support of the inspection to him and a grateful Hoist, but before it could start, they were interrupted by a television report from Robot Master and his claims of controlling all giant robots. Punk band from Dunfermline, in Scotland founded in 1977 by Stuart Adamson (1958-2001, ON guitar, vocals), [[Richard Jobson (1960- vocals), Tom Kellichan (drums) and Willie Simpson (bass). ... Tracks is a monthly Australian surf magazine, promoting itself as the surfers bible. It was established in October 1970 by Alby Falzon, starting as a kind of counter-culture tabloid, printed on cheap paper and produced on Queenslands Gold Coast. ... Bumblebee is the name of a fictional character from the various Transformers universes. ... The Robot Master is a character in Marvels Transformers comics. ...

The next morning, the Autobots had located the position of where Megatron stood, immobilised due to lack of energy, and proceeded to investigate, but upon reaching the co-ordinates a few hours later, a coal mine in eastern Wyoming; the Autobots were attacked by the U.S. Army and I.I.I. who were also there but Optimus Prime ordered his troops not to retaliate. Defeated by the humans, the Autobots in their damaged condition were forced to retreat, unable to combat the Decepticons. Megatron is the primary villain of the Transformers franchise throughout the various Generation 1 series. ... The Intelligence and Information Institute was a secret government organization featured in the Marvel Transformers comics. ...

Animated Series

Tracks first appeared semi-mysteriously in the second season of the original animated series during episode 15 - Dinobot Island Part 2. This seems to be part of a slew of new characters added at this time, including Perceptor - a transforming Microscope as well as a Hoverboat (Someone help me out with his name.) This seemed to be the trend at this point in time as only a few episodes before the Dunebuggy Beachcomber was introduced.

Action Masters (1991)

As part of Europe's continuing exclusive Transformer toys, Tracks returned as an Action Master, along with his new partner - the battle droid Basher. Basher transformed into a backpack for Tracks to wear which came equipped with a protective helmet armed with missile-launchers.

Character Profile

A super-cool cruiser with a knack for more flashy maneuvering. He loves looking good. Always washing and waxing his armor for a dazzling shine. Often feels the battle hasn't really started until he gets out there. Does everything with a flair that seems to attract attention. A bit self-absorbed, but extremely powerful and well equipped in battle. Armed with a devasting black beam gun that fires concussion bursts of billowing, black gas that momentarily blind enemy forces. Armored vehicle Basher is equipped with infra-red scanners, remote controlled surveillance cameras, heat seeking missiles and laser beam trip wires for short-range covert operations. Basher combines with Tracks to form the interactive bodysuit with intelligent weapon system.

Transformers: Universe

Although no Tracks toy was made for the Transformers: Universe line, Generation 1 Tracks appeared in the 2004 Botcon voice actor play.

2004 Voice actor play plot - Rhinox has built a device to deflect Unicron's attempts to pull victims from other dimensions with his tractor beam. The Autobots deflect two attempts and the victims end up on a frozen planetoid instead of with Unicron. Maximals Rattrap and Silverbolt and the Predacon Waspinator are sent to help the victims, but Reptilion, Sunstorm, Ruination and Perceptor are sent to get them for Unicron. As a side effect of the device Rhinox built, a vortex opens which sucks in an Autobot shuttle from the past piloted by Bumblebee, Tracks, and Cosmos. Thrust attacks the Maximal ship, but they are saved by being transported to the Autobot shuttle. The Autobots and Maximals then go to the planet where they save the victims from the Decepticons. On the planet are two groups of Autobots. One is from the Robots in Disguise story, with Landfill (Walmart recolor), Side Burn (Universe recolor) and Prowl (Universe recolor). The other is from another parallel world with Spychanger Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Prowl and Ironhide. They all fight off the Decepticons. The Autobot shuttle is sent back to its own time. Rhinox is the name of several fictional characters from various Transformers Universes. ... Maximals are a group in the Transformers series Beast Wars. ... Rattrap (Rattle in Japan) is the name of a fictional character from the Transformers toyline that appeared in the Beast Wars and Beast Machines series. ... Silverbolt is the name of several fictional characters in the Transformers universes. ... The Predacons are one of the many factions in the fictional Transformers Universes. ... Waspinator is a fictional character from the Transformers series and toyline. ... Sunstorm is the name of several fictional characters from the Transformers series. ... The Commandos are a group of Decepticons military vehicles in the Transformers: Robots In Disguise and Transformers: Universe series. ... Perceptor is the name of two different characters in the Transformers Universes. ... Unicron is a fictional character from the Transformers universes and toyline. ... Vortex created by the passage of an aircraft wing, revealed by coloured smoke A vortex (pl. ... Bumblebee is the name of a fictional character from the various Transformers universes. ... Cosmos is the Autobots reconnaissance & communications specialist in space. ... Landfill is the name of several characters in the Transformers. ... Side Burn is the name of several characters in the Transformers Universes. ... Ironhide is the name of five different characters in the Transformers universes. ...

Transformers Alternators (2004)

Binaltech Toy Review Gallery

Alternators Toy Review Gallery

Transformers character
Binaltech artwork
BT Tracks
Allegiance Autobot
Alternate mode Chevrolet Corvette

Tracks' recent revival was as a Binaltech toy in Japan. This first appeared in yellow at a request from Chevrolet. However, when the toy was to be released in America in the Alternators line, the difference in materials used to create the toy caused the yellow plastic to show the toy parts in certain lights. The toy was released in Tracks' classic blue colors which later became the colors for a second release of the toy in Japan. Various Transformers toys. ... Image File history File links BT-Tracks. ... The Autobots are the protagonists in the Transformers Universe, a collection of various toys, graphic novels, paperback books, cartoons and movies first introduced in 1984. ... The Chevrolet Corvette is a sports car that has been manufactured by Chevrolet since 1953. ... Alternators (BINALTECH バイナルテック in Japan) is a toyline of the Transformers series produced by Hasbro in North America and TAKARA in Japan, the primary selling point of which is the use of 1:24 scale, accurate real-world vehicle modes officially licensed from car... Chevrolet (IPA: ʃɛv. ...



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