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Tigatron is a Transformer character from Beast Wars. He is a Maximal and takes the beast form of a white Bengal tiger. Image File history File links Tstigatron. ... Image File history File links Tstigatron. ... Various Transformers toys Transformers is the name of a line of toys produced by Hasbro from 1984 onwards, and also of a number of spin-offs based on the toys including a Marvel Comics series, an animated television series that began airing on 1984 (Transformers series) and a feature-length... To meet Wikipedias quality standards, this article or section may require cleanup. ... Maximals are a faction in the Transformers toyline by Hasbro and the accompanying animated television series Beast Wars. ... Trinomial name Panthera tigris tigris (Linnaeus, 1758) The Bengal tiger or Royal Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) is a subspecies of tiger found primarily in Sundarban in Bangladesh. ...


Basic character

Tigatron was the first Maximal to join Optimus Primal's group after being created from a fallen stasis pod during the Beast Wars. His birth was a difficult one however. In the crash, much of his Transformer memories were erased. To fill in those mental blanks, Tigatron adapted to the instincts of his alternate form: a white tiger. Because of this, he felt much more comfortable in the wide open spaces of the Earth. He felt that Earth is his birth world and that in many ways, he is more of a tiger than Maximal. He did not reside in the Maximal base Axalon, but rather in the wilderness of Earth, checking in to the Maximals via laser relay stations. The three forms of Optimus Primal from Beast Wars in the IDW Comics Beast Wars: the Gathering limited series. ... The suckling of a newborn at its mothers nipple is an example of an instinctive behavior. ... Earth (often referred to as The Earth) is the third planet in the solar system in terms of distance from the Sun, and the fifth in order of size. ... Beast Wars The Axalon (foreground) and Darkside (background) before crashing on prehistoric Earth. ...

Tigatron, in a fan-made, show-accurate, tech spec by Mathew R. Ignash.
Tigatron, in a fan-made, show-accurate, tech spec by Mathew R. Ignash.

"Attention Maximals. This is a code 1 emergency message from Tigatron: Airazor has been damaged. She and I are trapped on a mysterious flying island. This island is a self-contained ecosystem guarded by powerful weapons of alien design. Blackarachnia and Scorponok have already managed to invade. If the Predacons gain control of the island and its weapons the Predacons will be able to destroy the Maximal base and win the Beast Wars." - Tigatron Image File history File links Tigatrontechspec. ... Image File history File links Tigatrontechspec. ...

Of all the Maximals, Tigatron was the one most 'in harmony' with his beast form and shares a love for the beauty of nature with Airazor. During his long travels through primeval earth, he managed to merge his animal instincts with his Maximal brain, uniting his beast and robotic forms. He is slow to anger, lives in harmony with the world around him, is a pacifist, and is wise and well-spoken. Tigatron's unwavering adherence to his moral convictions (including a belief that fighting should always be the final resort) often put him at odds with the Maximals. His early relationship with Optimus Primal was uneasy, but Tigatron ultimately became one of his most loyal followers. As a result he was viewed as aloof, despite possessing some of the most powerful weaponry of all the Transformers. Tigatron was less willing to participate in pre-emptive military actions, but always willing to run to the Maximal's rescue whenever they were on the brink of disaster or ultimate Predacon victory. He and Airazor were abducted by the mysterious alien race known as the Vok, who fused them into Tigerhawk (TigerFalcon). (In the noncanon BotCon fictions, he was later revived by the Vok to assist Primal Prime.) In Transformers history, the Vok were mysterious and powerful aliens who had evolved beyond the corporeal world. ... Tigerhawk is a fictional character from the Transformers Beast Wars TV series and storyline. ... Primal Prime is a fictional character from the Transformers toy and story lines. ...

Tigatron formed a special relationship with a fellow white tiger (a native of Earth) named Snowstalker. Unfortunately, she was killed during a battle with the Predacons. This almost made Tigatron quit, but he eventually used the experience to strengthen his resolve to protect the wilderness from the Predacons. This connection to the earth and respect of nature is quite different from any of the other Transformers, who are very much integrated into technology and only see their beast modes as a necessity. This trait saved his hide when he fell onto the "flying island", a whole ecosystem in a cloud protected by alien technology which would target and attempt to destroy anything violent or which threatened its delicate balance. The Predacons are one of the many factions in the fictional Transformers Universes. ... In ecology, an ecosystem is a combination of all the living and non-living elements of an area. ... Cumulus of fair weather Different cloud types A cloud is a visible mass of condensed droplets or ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere above the surface of the Earth or another planetary body. ...

Team relations

Tigatron and Airazor both share a love of the Earth, as each considers it their "birth world". They both prefer to remain outside the Maximal base and roam the planet free in beast mode. Airazor would often save his life. Airazor soon developed deep feelings for him in which Tigatron felt the same way as they were seen holding hands and were about to kiss. Fellow Maximal, Cheetor, admires Tigatron's wisdom and bravery - the fact that Tigatron is another feline helps - and Tigatron is aware of this, often calling Cheetor "Little Cat". Tigatron does not really understand fellow Maximal Rattrap who is constantly throwing out verbal jibes and calls Tigatron "Stripes", but the two get along fine. Image File history File links Maximals-bw1. ... Airazor is the name of two characters in the various Transformers series. ... Cheetor is a fictional character from the Transformers toyline. ... Subfamilies Felinae Pantherinae Acinonychinae Machairodontinae (extinct) All cats are members of the family Felidae. ... Rattrap (Rattle in Japan) is the name of a fictional character from the Transformers toyline that appeared in the Beast Wars and Beast Machines series. ...

Although Tigatron is peace loving and his primary roles are remote reconnaissance and environmental research, he can be a very effective warrior when he needs to.

Tigatron and Airazor disappeared mysteriously when the mysterious alien construct "Metalhunter" appeared on Earth. It was later learned that the alien race known as the Vok merged both Airazor and Tigatron into the powerful Tigerhawk. This combination didn't last, as the Transmetals 2 Fuzor was destroyed. In Transformers history, the Vok were mysterious and powerful aliens who had evolved beyond the corporeal world. ... Tigerhawk is a fictional character from the Transformers Beast Wars TV series and storyline. ...

In the Beast Wars: Primeval Dawn comic series, Tigerhawk is separated into Tigatron and Airazor, each receiving a new Transmetal body. Tigatron also appeared in the later Wreckers comic series, but Airazor's fate is unknown.

Transformers: Universe

Transmetal Tigatron
Transmetal Tigatron

Although Tigatron and Airazor seemingly died in the end of the Beast Wars series, they returned in the Transformers: Universe line in two ways. Image File history File links Tigatron-tm. ... Image File history File links Tigatron-tm. ...

The first way Tigatron and Airazor returned was as a transmetals returned to Earth by the Vok. Tigatron and Airazor returned to Earth after the Maximals left and teamed up with Primal Prime and Ramulus in taking on Tarantulas and his new Predacons in the Primeval Dawn comic book series. This Tigatron eventually came to Cybertron where he helped reform the Wreckers. Transmetals is a subline of Beast Wars featuring toys with mechanical animal modes and organic robot modes. ... Primal Prime is a fictional character from the Transformers toy and story lines. ... Cybertron from the original cartoon series Cybertron is the home world of the Autobots and Decepticons in the assorted stories in the fictional Transformers Universe. ...

The transmetal Tigatron toy was a Botcon white exclusive repaint of Beast Wars Ravage, while the transmetal Airazor was from the second year of the regular toy line, but was never utilized in the show. Ravage is a character in the Bloodlust Software Universe. ...

The second way Tigatron and Airazor would return in the Universe line was as one of the binary sparks of the Decepticon Razorclaw. Razorclaw was an alternate universe version of Tigerhawk who killed Megatron and became a minion of Unicron. Razorclaw is the name of several characters in the in the Transformers series. ...


Much like the TV series, except that Tigatron disspeared without a trace when Optimus Primal was killed. He was found by Tarantulas, who brainwashed him into a slave. Airazor sacrificed herself to break Tigatron out of it, with her spark entering his body and merging onto his spark. This caused Tigertron's body to evolve into Tigerhawk. In this Manga, he has a katana and puts a cloak, it may be inspired from his tone in japanese animated series .(He talks like a samurai.)


  • Tigatron is left-handed

External links

  • Champions RPG character sheet for Tigatron.

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Tigatron is a Maximal from the Beast Wars portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.
Tigatron was once known as Unit 2, part of the Maximal Command Security Force which protected the fragile peace that existed on Cybertron in the centuries following the Pax Cybertronia.
Tigatron and Airazor's sparks were sent back to Earth by the Vok sometime after Tigerhawk's destruction.
Michael Crawford's Review of the Week (2603 words)
Tigatron comes with two gun barrels that fit onto the sides of his legs in tiger mode, and fit onto the muzzles of his flip-up guns in robot mode (more on those later, he teased).
Tigatron is packaged in a fl window box, printed all over with a purplish spacescape, that opens with a flap on the right side of the box face.
Tigatron is one nice Transformer, and being a repaint of a mold that was VERY limitedly available in the States to begin with, it's just one more chance to get ahold of a really good toy.
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