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Encyclopedia > The Typing of the Dead
The Typing of the Dead
Developer(s) Smilebit
Publisher(s) Sega
Release date(s) March 30, 2000
Genre(s) Action, Education
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: Mature (M)
ELSPA: 15+
Platform(s) Sega Dreamcast, Microsoft Windows
Media CD-ROM (Windows)
GD-ROM (Dreamcast)
System requirements Windows Version
Windows 95/98/ME, Pentium II 233MHz CPU, 64MB RAM, 660MB hard disk, 8MB Direct 3D compatible video card, 8x CD-ROM Drive, DirectX-compatible sound card
Input Keyboard

The Typing of the Dead is an arcade game (later ported to the Sega Dreamcast and Microsoft Windows), released in 2000 based on The House of the Dead 2. While the latter is a fairly standard light gun shooter, Typing replaces the gun (or mouse for home systems) with the keyboard. Image File history File links TTOTD_Packshot. ... A video game developer is a software developer (a business or an individual) that creates video games. ... Smilebit is a Japanese computer and video game developer founded in 2000. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... Sega Corporation ) is a multinational Japanese video game software and hardware development company, and a former home computer and console manufacturer. ... is the 89th day of the year (90th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. ... Year 2000 (MM) was a leap year starting on Saturday (link will display full 2000 Gregorian calendar). ... Video games are categorized into genres based on their gameplay. ... To meet Wikipedias quality standards, this article or section may require cleanup. ... In computer games and video games, single-player refers to the variant of a particular game where input from only one player is expected throughout the course of the gaming session. ... Online gaming redirects here. ... The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is a self-regulatory organization that applies and enforces ratings, advertising guidelines, and online privacy principles for computer and video games and other entertainment software in the United States and Canada (officially adopted by individual provinces 2004-2005). ... The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (or ELSPA) is an organisation set up in 1989 by British software publishers. ... The Dreamcast , code-named Dural, Dricas and Katana during development) is Segas fifth and final video game console and the successor to the Sega Saturn. ... Windows redirects here. ... The CD-ROM (an abbreviation for Compact Disc Read-Only Memory (ROM)) is a non-volatile optical data storage medium using the same physical format as audio compact discs, readable by a computer with a CD-ROM drive. ... GD-ROM is the proprietary optical disc format used by the Sega Dreamcast. ... Die of an Intel 80486DX2 microprocessor (actual size: 12×6. ... Look up RAM, Ram, ram in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ... Typical hard drives of the mid-1990s. ... Microsoft DirectX is a collection of application programming interfaces for handling tasks related to multimedia, especially game programming and video, on Microsoft platforms. ... A sound card (also known as an audio card) is a computer expansion card that can input and output sound under control of computer programs. ... It has been suggested that Keystroke be merged into this article or section. ... Centipede by Atari is a typical example of a 1980s era arcade game. ... The Dreamcast , code-named Dural, Dricas and Katana during development) is Segas fifth and final video game console and the successor to the Sega Saturn. ... Windows redirects here. ... Year 2000 (MM) was a leap year starting on Saturday (link will display full 2000 Gregorian calendar). ... The House of the Dead 2 is a light gun arcade game with a horror theme and the first sequel to the House of the Dead series of video games, developed by Sega for video arcades in 1998 and later ported to the Sega Dreamcast, PC, and Microsoft Xbox as... A light gun is a pointing device for computers and a control device for arcade and video games. ... Operating a mechanical 1: Pulling the mouse turns the ball. ... It has been suggested that Keystroke be merged into this article or section. ...

The levels of the two games are close to identical, but instead of simply gunning down hordes of onrushing zombies the player has to type the word or short phrase in front of each enemy to kill it. These phrases become gradually longer as the game progresses - the first enemies of the initial stage have phrases like "AM" or "3D", while enemies in the final stage have phrases like "Deoxyribonucleic acid". A typing tutorial for beginners and several mini-game drills designed to improve typing skills are also included. The home version supports US and UK QWERTY keyboard layouts. Gunning can refer to: people Elizabeth Gunning Maria Gunning Robert Gunning Peter Gunning Gunning Bedford, Sr. ... Hordes is the name of the newest miniature wargame to be produced by Privateer Press. ... A group of actors portraying zombies in a film A zombie or zombi is an animated human body devoid of a soul. ... The QWERTY keyboard layout used by Windows in the US A standard Hebrew keyboard showing both Hebrew and QWERTY layouts QWERTY (pronounced ) is the most common modern-day keyboard layout on English-language computer and typewriter keyboards. ...

The Dreamcast version allows for a two-player mode with two keyboards. Players cooperate throughout the game levels, and then are graded at the end of each chapter as an added level of competition. The PC version allows for network multiplayer. The Dreamcast , code-named White Belt, Black Belt, Dural, Dricas, Vortex, Katana, Shark and Guppy during development) is Segas final video game console and the successor to the Sega Saturn. ... A personal computer (PC) is a computer whose price, size, and capabilities make it useful for individuals. ... For the scientific and engineering discipline studying computer networks, see Computer networking. ...

Despite the dark subject matter of the original, The Typing of the Dead is firmly tongue-in-cheek. The (progressively more difficult) things the player has to type are quite often weird and humorous, mêlée weapons have been replaced by things such as rubber hammers, the guns have been replaced by keyboards powered by Dreamcasts on the characters' backs. Some power-ups give new life, others turn the character into a zombie for a level or make everyone's heads swell. Given sufficient typing ability, the game is widely considered good, intensive, nonsensical fun and is something of a cult classic amongst Dreamcast owners. The PC and Dreamcast versions include a tutorial mode, designed to teach players how to type quickly and without looking at the keyboard. Typing is the process of inputting text into a device, such as a typewriter, computer, or a calculator, by pressing keys on a keyboard. ... Sarcasm from Greek σαρκασμός (sarkasmos), mockery, sarcasm is sneering, jesting, or mocking a person, situation or thing. ... Mêlée generally refers to disorganized hand-to-hand combat involving a group of fighters. ... A claw hammer For other uses, see Hammer (disambiguation). ... This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedias deletion policy. ... A personal computer (PC) is a computer whose price, size, and capabilities make it useful for individuals. ...

A remake was released on December 22, 2004 for the PlayStation 2 in Japan, titled The Typing of the Dead: Zombie Panic. December 22 is the 356th day of the year (357th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. ... Year 2004 (MMIV) was a leap year starting on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar. ... “PS2” redirects here. ...


  • Judgment (Type 28)

Judgment consists of two creatures - Kuarl (a 3-meter tall, headless zombie wearing plate armor and carrying a large, bloodstained axe) and Zeal (a tiny, red-skinned, imp-like creature that can fly at incredible speed). While the former of the two is virtually impervious to bullets, it is unintelligent, and requires Zeal's telepathic control to remain active. While they are defeated in their first meeting with the AMS agents, Goldman gives them a second chance and has them stall the arrival of the agents at his headquarters. Image File history File links 5. ... Image File history File links 5. ... An imp is a mythological being similar to a fairy, frequently described in folklore and superstition. ... Telepathy, from the Greek τῆλε, tele, remote; and πάθεια, patheia, to be effected by, describes the hypothetical transfer of information on thoughts or feelings between individuals by means other than the five classical senses. ...

In the Typing of the Dead, players must type long phrases to subdue Kuarl, and short phrases at a faster rate to defeat Zeal.

  • The Hierophant (Type B 05)

An aquatic humanoid with scaly hide and scraggly patches of black hair on its head. This creature carries a large trident and has the ability to breathe underwater, as well as control certain forms of mutated sea life (such as mutant piranhas). The Hierophant possesses a gill-like vital organ in its chest, shielded by a ribcage that periodically opens and closes with each of its movements. This beast headed the assault on Venice's waterways and Central Plaza, and later resurfaced on the bridge in front of the Goldman building. For other uses, see Piranha (disambiguation). ...

Note: In Stage Two, Hierophant can be either fought on Sunset Bridge or on the Wharf, depending on if the player defeated certain zombies in the level in a timely fashion.

In The Typing of the Dead, the player can only type while Hierophant's rib cage is open - otherwise, typing has no effect.

  • The Tower (Type 8000)

Three giant, segmented, worm-like creatures with sharp teeth lining their gaping maws. The Tower is composed of a "Master Head" and two "Slave Heads," the former of which sports a crest of bone in its head, and the latter of which lacked this feature. It is unknown whether they share a hive mind or are independent in terms of intelligence, though the "Master Head" is seemingly able to thrive away from its counterparts. The Tower stalks the Venice sewer system during the undead siege, attacking innocent people that happen upon its lair. An incomplete duplicate of this creature is found in Goldman's laboratory. A group mind or group ego in science fiction is a single consciousness occupying many bodies. ...

Note: The "Master Head" of Tower can either be fought in sand or in water, depending on how the player went through the level.

In The Typing of the Dead, each head has a possible answer to a question (such as "Which word has no 'e's?") The player will take damage if they take too long to answer the question or type in an incorrect answer. After the two slave heads are defeated, the master head is then fought by typing a phrase very quickly shortly before it attacks.

  • Strength (Type 205)

Strength is a tall, muscular zombie that is appointed by Goldman to kidnap Amy and Harry. It has axes lodged in its right shoulder and carries an enormous chainsaw with the word "Blame" etched on its surface. Strength is left as a "gift" to the AMS agents from Goldman in the colosseum, and chased James and Gary in a labyrinth.

Note: Strength can be either fought in a Blackish-Blue colosseum or a tan colosseum, depending on how the player went through the previous level.

In The Typing of the Dead, the player must type a four sentence paragraph to stun Strength. One example: "I'm thinking of quitting my job. I've got terrible chest pains. My hearing is nearly gone, too. Testing bullet-proof vests isn't fun."

  • The Magician (Type 0)

In 2000, Curien's masterpiece, the Magician, is revived by Goldman. This improved model sports heavier armor, increased speed, and devastating variations on its older pyrokinetic attacks. It is a loyal servant of the Emperor, and challenges James and Gary in the courtyard in front of the Goldman Building atop "Pandora's Box." Comic book fiction traditionally features characters with superhuman, supernatural, or paranormal abilities, often referred to as superpowers (also spelled super-powers). Below is a list of many of those that have been known to be used. ...

In The Typing of the Dead, the Magician can only be harmed by letter-perfect accuracy. Any mistakes the player makes will cause Magician to both take no damage and hurt the player. Later, the player must type multiple phrases to deflect a maelstrom of fireballs.

  • The Emperor (Type α)

The result of a top secret experiment by Goldman, the Emperor is designed to "rule, destroy, and hate mankind". As it is in a prototype stage, this creature is not nearly as strong as Goldman would have hoped, but is still powerful enough to fulfil its purpose. It can levitate, and its body is composed of a genetic compound known as the "Emperor Serum," which allows it to reshape its body at will. In turn, it is able to transform its arm into a lance, take the basic forms of other boss monsters, and become a being of pure energy. It has been suggested that this article or section be merged with prototyping. ...

In The Typing of the Dead, the player must quickly type phrases corresponding to which earlier boss creature The Emperor becomes - the later the boss, the longer the phrase. Then the player must answer three questions - though only one answer is 'correct', the player will beat the boss as long as they completely answer them before The Emperor attacks. One example: "Golf is..." "A game of grace and skill." "Really a Demolition Derby in golf carts!" "About seventeen holes too long." The number of 'correct' answers will determine which ending the player gets.


  • James, Gary, Harry, and Amy all wear keyboards with back-mounted Dreamcasts (PS2's in "Zombie Panic") instead of holding guns.
  • Tower has three snakes instead of five.
  • There are new funny endings to the game:
  1. Goldman falls off the Goldman Building and hits the ground with a big explosion. This event is followed with a scene of James staring down, completely silent and bewildered.
  2. Goldman falls, only to be pulled back up by a bungie cord , and then belches.
  3. Goldman flies into the sky, and out of sight, like Superman , James then looks up in silence.
  • During the Credits sequence, the player can type out the developers' names as they scroll down. Doing so will cause zombies to break out of containers and start to dance, a la Thriller.
  • The Typing of the Dead II, was recently announced to be a December 2007 PC release in Japan, currently , utilizing the House of the Dead III engine.
  • The kid runninng out the door in the 1st level isn't being chased by a zombie, in the arcade game he is being chased by a zombie

The Dreamcast , code-named White Belt, Black Belt, Dural, Dricas, Vortex, Katana, Shark and Guppy during development) is Segas final video game console and the successor to the Sega Saturn. ... “PS2” redirects here. ... Superman is a fictional character and comic book superhero , originally created by American writer Jerry Siegel and Canadian artist Joe Shuster and published by DC Comics. ...

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The Typing of the Dead's "story," such as it is, concerns a mad scientist's attempt to create an army of zombies, led by a superzombie "emperor," to rule the world.
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