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The Standard,29 September 2004
Mr. Ho Tsu Kwok, Charles
Mr. Ho Tsu Kwok, Charles

The Standard (Chinese: 英文虎報) is an English business newspaper based in Hong Kong. It targets at investors interested in the China market by covering a great deal of news about the business and financial sector in China. Unlike other English language newspapers in Hong Kong, the Standard is printed in tabloid-format rather than in broadsheets. Image File history File links The_Standard_(The_Standard,29_September_2004). ... Jump to: navigation, search Image File history File links SingtaoLogo. ... Jump to: navigation, search Image File history File links Charleshotk. ... English in common usage may refer to: English, a West Germanic language spoken mainly in the United States, the UK as well as its former colonies, and used as an international lingua franca in many parts of the world a citizen of England, the country the English people, an ethnic... English in common usage may refer to: English, a West Germanic language spoken mainly in the United States, the UK as well as its former colonies, and used as an international lingua franca in many parts of the world a citizen of England, the country the English people, an ethnic...

The Standard is published by Sing Tao Holdings Ltd., which is also the publisher of Sing Tao Daily (星島日報) and Headline Daily (頭條日報). This enterprise is owned by Global China Group Holdings, a firm owning a great diversity of businesses including media publications, human capital management and Broadband service. The Global China Group Holdings acquired 51% of Sing Tao Holdings Ltd. in January 2001. Sing Tao Holdings Ltd. ... This article needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of quality. ... Jump to: navigation, search An on-wall advertisement for Headline Daily in a subway. ... Global China Group Holdings Limited (泛華集團) is a Hong Kong listed company. ... Human capital is a way of defining and categorizing peoples skills and abilities as used in employment and otherwise contribute to the economy. ... Jump to: navigation, search Broadband in general refers to data transmission where multiple pieces of data are sent simultaneously to increase the effective rate of transmission. ...

The Chairman of Sing Tao News Corporation Limited is Ho Tsu Kwok, Charles (何柱國). Mr. Ho has been working in the business sector since his graduation. He has established a wide network in the international finance sector. As the society progresses to become more knowledge and technology-based, Mr. Ho joins the Sing Tao Holdings Ltd., aiming to modernize and globalize the news corporation. This article needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of quality. ...



Headquarter of The Standard in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
Headquarter of The Standard in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

3/F Sing Tao Building
1 Wang Kwong Road
Kowloon Bay
Hong Kong
Jump to: navigation, search ImageMetadata File history File links Headquarter. ...

Tel: (852) 2798 2798
Fax: (852) 2795 3009

Information about Sing Tao: The Sing Tao Newspaper Group Limited prints both Chinese and English publications, including the Chinese-language newspaper Sing Tao Daily, English-language business newspaper The Standard and the leading property magazine Property Browser. They are all internationally operated. Although the Sing Tao Newspaper Group Limited is based in Hong Kong, it has offices in major cities across the globe including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, Toronto, Vancouver etc.Today, the Group employs more than 2000 staff employees . This creates a global news network and a round-the-clock platform for efficient news gathering and dissemination.

Besides,Sing Tao News Corporation Limited is a listed company and it devoted in mainly three different areas and they are the Ownership and Services, Human Capital Management, as well as Broadband Content and Distribution


The first issue of the Hong Kong Standard, 1 March 1949.
The first issue of the Hong Kong Standard, 1 March 1949.

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Hong Kong Standard

The Standard was originally named as the 'Hong Kong Standard'. The newspaper was founded by Tiger-Balm Tycoon Aw Boon Haw on 1 March 1949. At that time, the newspaper was printed in broadsheets. During the 1990s, when Sally, Aw Sian (adopted daughter of Aw Boon Haw) chaired Sing Tao Holdings Ltd., The Standard was the only English newspaper in Hong Kong that was allowed to be circulated in China.

imail, 31 October 2001
imail, 31 October 2001

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Hong Kong iMail

In 27 May, 2000, facing challenges from its biggest competitor the South China Morning Post, the Hong Kong Standard was renamed as Hong Kong iMail (香港郵報) and was reduced to tabloid-size in order to attract more young Chinese readers. In 30 May 2002, following the explosion of the Internet Bubble, iMail was once again renamed as The Standard. The South China Morning Post (南華早報) (also referred to as the SCMP) and its Sunday edition, the Sunday Morning Post, is the leading English language newspaper in Hong Kong published by the SCMP Group Ltd. ...

The Hong Kong Standard case

Sally, Aw Sian(Asiaweek,12 February 1999
Sally, Aw Sian(Asiaweek,12 February 1999

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in Hong Kong discovered that from 1994 onwards for over three years, the circulation figures of the Hong Kong Sunday Standard and the Hong Kong Standard were exaggerated routinely and substantially. The exaggeration of the circulation figures was a means to attract advertisers and to raise the revenue of the newspapers.
Jump to: navigation, search Image File history File links Awsian. ... The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) was formed on 15 February 1974 to clean up endemic corruption in Hong Kong government and in particular, the Royal Hong Kong Police Force. ...

In August 1996, the ICAC found out that 14,000 copies of the paper was discarded in Wanchai pier and had therefore started its investigation. As a result, the ICAC arrested Aw Sian and three staff members of the Hong Kong Standard. This case was examined and deliberated from 23rd Nov 1998 to 20th Jan 1999. Finally the three staff members were approved guilty and sentenced to jail for 4 to 6 months.

Nevertheless, the Secretary of Justice, Ms Elsie Leung decided not to prosecute Aw Sian. This decision was made on the basis of inadequate evidence and public interest. It had generated a huge controversy among the public. The non-prosecution of Aw Sian raised the question of legal discrimination and injustice environment in arbitration. Elsie Leung Oi Sie GBM JP (Chinese: 梁愛詩, born 1939) is the Secretary for Justice of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. ... Public interest is a term used to denote political movements and organizations that are in the public interest—supporting general public and civic causes, in opposition of private and corporate ones (particularistic goals). ...

About the Editor-in-Chief

Mr. Mark L. Clifford
Mr. Mark L. Clifford

The Editor-in-Chief of The Standard is Mark L. Clifford. Joining The Standard on 9 January 2004, he is also the publisher of the newspaper. Before joining, he has worked as the Hong Kong-based Asia Regional Editor for BusinessWeek, being responsible for the magazine's bureaus from Bombay to Tokyo. Clifford first came to Asia in 1987 as the correspondent for the Far Eastern Economic Review basing in Seoul, Korea. He moved to Hong Kong in 1992 and became the magazine's industry correspondent, covering news about East Asia and India. He was then promoted as the Business Editor before joining BusinessWeek in 1995. Jump to: navigation, search Image File history File links MarkL.Clifford. ...

Clifford has been awarded a number of prizes for his reporting, including the prestigious Overseas Press Club Award for best foreign business reporting for coverage of the Asian financial crisis. He is the author of several books, including China and the WTO: Changing China, Changing World Trade(Co-author with WTO Director General Supachai Panitchpakdi). He is a governor of the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents Club and a member of the executive committee of the Society of Publishers in Asia.

When Clifford first became the Editor-in-Chief, he intended to hit readers with news and analysis that is "blunt" and "right between the eyes". To achieve that, he turned his attention to the paper's strong team of journalists of 42. He also believed the launch of the Weekend Standard, "the paper is starting to make a little more noise".


The Standard is published everyday from Monday to Friday. Currently, it's slogan is TELLS IT LIKE IT IS. The newspaper is divided into different sections.

Top Stories

Top Stories appear on the cover page of the newspaper. Stories that are chosen as top stories can be local news, China news or international happenings. Usually the first page only provides an abstract of the story whilst the full coverage is given in the inner pages of the newspaper. The outlook page at the back of the cover page contains local and world weather information, comics and puzzles.

Business News

The Business News pages covers business news mostly in Hong Kong, China and Asia. The reports focuses on events happening in business sectors and enterprises which are of investors' concern, for example recent projects, recent spending or expansion of enterprises. Sometimes financial reviews by business analysts and are also included.

Politics and Policy

The Politics and Policy pages reports recent policies adopted by the Mainland Authorities. Policies in the economic, political and social fields are covered. Additional pages will be spared for special political events. For instance, the 'Policy Address 2005' section is added to further report this political event.


The Metro section covers Hong Kong news stories.


The World section covers major International news event outside Hong Kong and China.


The Entertainment pages inform readers about the going-ons of international celebrities like pop stars, sports stars and artists. Updated trends in fashion and movie industry as well as reviews of entertainment materials like books, CDs, DVDs are available in this section. This section is followed by a television guide with the programme schedule airing on different TV channels in Hong Kong that day.


The Sports section looks into international sports events and competitions. Tables of standings and scores for different teams in various sports are provided. This section normally covers baseball, basketball, cycling, hockey, soccer and golf.


The Focus section is where freelance writers can post their articles. Topics of these writings are quite diversed, ranging from music to politics, and from local to itnernational. These articles are usually wriiten by authors with great authority and knowledge on the subject, or people who have conducted a great deal of research on it. Book reviews may sometimes be included. Readers can also find Letters to the Editor in this section.


The Opinion page appears on the last page of the newspaper. One to two commentaries are given by editors, columnists or other scholars. The writers of these commentaries are of different backgrounds. They are well-respected for their knowledge on the subject. The issues commented can be local or international, usually being current controversies.


The Market section covers news about the financial market. News about a variety of financial assets like currency, metals, oil and warrants are reported. Monetary policies of certain organizations are presented. Stock tables and indexes diagrams are printed in this section. Information about mutual funds, shares, bonds, warrants are listed. This section serves as a guide for investors to know more about market trends. The Notice section follows the Market section. In this part, listed companies would post their reports or notices to shareholders. These documents inform shareholders of the company's performance and its current situation. Share sale and purchase agreement details, minutes of annual general meeting with shareholders are often found in this section.

The Student Standard,29 September 2004
The Student Standard,29 September 2004

Image File history File links Student_Standard_1. ...

The Student Standard

The Standard publishes an edition for students which is called The Student Standard. Academic events among secondary schools are reported. Stories about ocal or international news events written in a more readable style are also covered. The Vvocabularies in The Student Standard used are comprehensible by average secondary school students. Moreoever, it contains academic materials to facilitate learning. There are cartoons, word games and occasionally some competitions to stimulate students' interest in learning English. Cartoons started in the 1930s and 40s. ... English in common usage may refer to: English, a West Germanic language spoken mainly in the United States, the UK as well as its former colonies, and used as an international lingua franca in many parts of the world a citizen of England, the country the English people, an ethnic...

Monday Money, The Standard, 10 Oct 2005
Monday Money, The Standard, 10 Oct 2005

Jump to: navigation, search ImageMetadata File history File links Monday_money. ...

Monday Money

Monday Money is an addtional section in The Standard every Monday. It includes in-depth stories and analysis about business and finance in Hong Kong and in China. Uprising economic trends and monetary issues in different regions are also explored in the section. It is a supplement to the 'Market' and 'Business News' sections. It serves as a reference for investors targeting at the China market.

Property,20 May 2005

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Property Standard

The Property Standard is included as an insert in the main paper every Friday. Latest news about the Hong Kong property market is provided. Recent plans and projects of property developers are covered. Both hottest residential property and office property are highlighted. It also reports new local residential projects, as well as trends in propety markets in China and overseas. It contains tables giving information of the latest luxury transactions. The 'Property Highlights' pages feature one to two appartments. There is usually a table stating the aprtment's price, area, view, layout and age together with photos and diagrams. This insert contains a lot of advertisements from real estate agencies advertising apartments to let and for sale.

Weekend Standard,18 September 2004
Weekend Standard,18 September 2004

Image File history File links Weekend_standard. ...

Weekend Standard

Weekend Standard is published during weekends. Only one issue will be published for both Saturdays and Sundays during the weekend. The Market, Entertainment, Focus and Opinion sections will not be included in Weekend Standard.

Weekend Magazine

Weekend Magazine, 15-16 Oct 2005
Weekend Magazine, 15-16 Oct 2005

The Weekend Magazine is a magazine inserted into Weekend Standard. It contains the Spectrum, Lifestyle and Review sections. Jump to: navigation, search ImageMetadata File history File links Weekend_magazine. ...

Spectrum The premier Spectrum section looks into issues and personalities behind the news. It conducts interviews with celebrities or public figures to discover more about their life and personalities. It also contains in-depth coverage of various current issues. Investigative reporting may sometimes appear in this section.

Lifestyle The Lifestyle part reports different styles of living around the world. These living styles may be related to eating, clubbing or even information technology. Restaurants and shops may be introduced in this section. A mini travel guide sometimes makes one of the news stories. Besides information about luxuries, different cultures and traditions in countries and tribes around the world are often reported.

Review The Review section focuses on the latest trends in film, theatre, music and literature. There are books, CDs and DVDs reviews as well.

Sevendays in Hong Kong

The Sevendays in Hong Kong is a weekly entertainment guide for its readers. It contains a comprehensive television programme schedule on different TV channels in Hong Kong on the following seven days. It also provides information about upcoming music events and movies.

The Online Standard

The Standard can be read online from its website on www.thestandard.com.hk. All articles can be read free of charge. Besides, information about advertising in The Standard is also available.

In the 'Archive' section, articles from The Standard in the past can also be searched by the search engine and downloaded free of charge. Registration is not required. Users are required to type in keywords and specify the time range of the articles they want.

Besides, there is a website for Student Standard. Students and teachers can easily access this website by clicking here. The website can be broken down into serveral parts. Students can send emails to the Standard via the "Mailbox" section, discussing current news issues and giving their opinions. "Viewpoints" is where student are free to say what they want and ask questions on problems they feel confused about. "Giveaway and competition" and "Sports" can also be found in the site.

When you go to the Standard Post official website and just clicked on the top of the website "NOTICE",you will find that you can get the updated and useful information from different corporations.There are latest announcement from both the listed company and the government.Actually t provides a huge database for the readers to seraching for the latest and previous announcements and information.Also,many well-known companies will put their announcements there such as Hutchison Harbour Ring Ltd and the Transport Department for the government departments.This really helps people to keep in pace with the community.

Community programmes

Leader of the Year

"Leader of the Year" (LOTY) is an annual event established in 1994 by Sing Tao Newspaper Group. Its aim is to recognize outstanding individuals who have dedicated to the development and prosperity of Hong Kong. The awarded individuals will be role models for Hong Kong youngsters, and to encourage the general public to contribute for the betterment of Hong Kong.

Interested applicants should be aged 18 or above, and is nominated for one of the four categories, namely Banking/Finance, Community/Public Affairs, Education/Research or Sports/Culture/Performing arts. They will be screened by a panel of Judges, which is formed by previous award recipients and other recognizable members of the society. Jump to: navigation, search Image File history File links Leader_of_year. ...

Mr. Jack So Chak Kwong - Deputy Chairman and Group Managing Director of PCCW, Ir Sir Gordon Y S Wu - Chairman of Hopewell Holdings Ltd. are some of the many respectable recipients of this award.

More details of the award available at Leader of the Year Homepage

The 20th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition
The 20th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition

Jump to: navigation, search Image File history File links Singtaodebate. ...

Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition

Every year, the Sing Tao Daily and The Standard jointly organize the Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition. It was first held in 1986. The aim of the competition is to improve students' analytical, organizational and debating skills. It is also hoped that students' interest in and concern about social affairs would be raised. More details of the competition are available here

13th Asia Leadership Forum

13th Asia Leadership Forum
13th Asia Leadership Forum

The Standard partnered with BusinessWeek on April 26-27, 2004 to host the 13th Asia Leadership Forum ('ALF'). The two-day event attracted business leaders and policy makers from around the world. They discussed about and debated on economic, political and social issues . The Asia Leadership Forum has been an annual event since 1990. It is held in a different Asian city each year. The forum in 2004 was held in Hong Kong. Then Prime Minister of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, Mr. John Major C.H., was invited as the forum's keynote speaker, attracting hundreds of senior executives from sizeable corporations. Jump to: navigation, search Image File history File links 13th_Asia_Leadership_Forum. ... BusinessWeek is a business magazine published by McGraw-Hill. ...

The theme of the 2004 forum was "Beyond the Hype: Sustaining Growth and Creating Corporate Competitiveness". Decision-makers discussed about geopolitical and global economic issues that could possibly affect business growth.

Mr. Mark L. Clifford, Publisher and Editor-in-chief of The Standard, helped to moderate a round up session at the forum.

More details of the event are available here

Major awards

  • Hong Kong News Award 2004
    • Best Headline(English section)-winner, by Cannix Yau's titled "Hu and Wen will say how and why"
    • Best Young Reporter- 1st runner up, Colum Murphy of the Metro News Sectiontitled,Colum's winning reports included "Little Patriots, Lawmaker's degresss from 'diploma mills', Life in cheap seats/Home, Street, Home"
  • The 9th Human Rights Press Awards (2004)
    • Newspaper - Feature (English-Language Category)- Top Prize, titled "Body of Work on Rights of the Disabled"
    • Cartoons (English-Language Category)- Top Prize
  • SOPA (Society of Publishers in Asia) 2005 Awards for Editorial Excellence-
The Standard won 9 awards at SOPA
The Standard won 9 awards at SOPA
  • CATEGORY A – Regional newspapers, large magazines and wire services published in English
    • Excellence in Editorial Cartooning - Honorable Mention
    • Local Journalist Award - Winner(Rose Tang)
  • CATEGORY B – Local newspapers or small magazines published in English
    • Excellence in Newspapers - Winner
    • Excellence in Feature Writing - Honorable Mention
    • Excellence in Reporting - Winner
    • Excellence in Opinion Writing - Winner
    • Excellence in Business Reporting - Winner
    • Excellence in Business Reporting - Honorable Mention
    • Excellence in Special Issue - Honorable Mention

Jump to: navigation, search Image File history File links Sopa. ...


The market selling price of The Standard is HK$6. Discount is usually offered upon student subscriptions or regular subscriptions. The University Subscription Program 2005/06 offers university students a special price of HK$390 for 312 issues in 12 months (i.e. HK$1.25 per day)or 156 issues in 12 months.The rate per day is only $1.5 for those who subscribe the newspaper on Monday,Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday. The total fee is $234 a year.

Subscription services are also available for the general public. Subscribed newspapers will be delivered to the location indicated by the subscriber during weekdays and weekends. Various subscription schemes are available. Subscribing "The Standard" for a year costs $1285 (i.e. $4.10 per day), a reduction up to 31%. For further details, click the here.


Per column: $242 for Classified, $288 for Rop, $472 for Combined.

The following shows the number of advertising space available:

Type Classified Rop Combined
Centre-spread (33cm x 17col) 107712 0 0
Full page (33cm x 8col) 36960 42240 71290
Half page horizontal (17cm x 8col) 19040 21760 36720
Half page vertical (33cm x 4col) 18480 21120 35640
Quarter page (17cm x 4col) 9520 10880 18360

ROP Size (HxW) Full Color Spot Color Black & White Full Page 33cm x 26cm $35,000 $24,000 $19,000 Half page 16cm x 26sm $17,600 $12,000 $9,600 Junior page 25cm x 15cm $16,500 $11,000 $9,000 Vertical strip 33cm x 10cm $14,520 $9,900 $7,920 Quarter page 15cm x 15cm $9,900 $6,750 $5,400 Bottom banner 6cm x 26cm $6,600 $4,500 $3,600

Front Page Bottom banner 6cm x 26cm $12,000 Nil Nil Special size (i)13cm x 10cm $12,000 Nil Nil Special size (ii)10cm x 15cm $12,000 Nil Nil

THE DEADLINE FOR BOOKINGS Classifed or Rop Section: 1 working day prior publication date.

Combined notices: 2 working days prior publication date.

All written confirmation of orders must be received and confirmed by Advertising Department no later than 6:00pm from Monday to Friday and 1:00pm on Saturday.

All the ready-to-print materials must be delivered to:

1. Kowloon Bay Head Office before 10:00pm on Monday to Friday and before 5:00pm on Saturday

2. Central Sing Tao Centre before 5:45pm on Monday to Friday and before 12:45pm on Saturday

Editorial team

  • 'Managing Editor'- Mark L. Clifford
 Tel : 2798 2800 email address:editor@thestandard.com.hk 
  • 'Managing Editor'- John Berthelsen
 Tel : 2798 2930 email address:john.berthelsen@singtaonewscorp.com 
  • 'Executive Editors'- A. Lin Neumann
 Tel : 2798 2305 email address:lin.neumann@singtaonewscorp.com -Stuart Jackson Tel : 2798 7110 email address:stuart.jackson@singtaonewscorp.com 
  • 'Metro News Editor'- Deen NawazDeen Nawaz
 Tel : 2798 2856 email address:deen.nawaz@singtaonewscorp.com 
  • 'Online Editor'- Todd W John
 Tel: 2798 2281 Email address:todd.john@singtaonewscorp.com 
  • 'Sports Editor'- Roger Ryan
 Tel : 2798 2738 Email address;roger.ryan@singtaonewscorp.com 

(Source: The Standard website)



  • Editor- mailto:editor@thestandard.com.hk
  • Letters to the editor- mailto:letters@thestandard.com.hk
  • News desk- mailto:news@thestandard.com.hk
  • Sports desk- mailto:sport@thestandard.com.hk
  • Enquiries & complaints- mailto:feedback@thestandard.com.hk


  • Advertising- mailto:advertise@thestandard.com.hk
  • Internet advertising- mailto:advertise@thestandard.com.hk
  • Notices- mailto:notices@thestandard.com.hk
  • Classified- mailto:classified@thestandard.com.hk
  • Jobmarket- mailto:jobmarket@jobmarket.com.hk
  • Circulation- mailto:circulation@thestandard.com.hk
  • Subscription- mailto:circulation@thestandard.com.hk
  • Marketing- mailto:marketing@thestandard.com.hk


  • Information Services- mailto:copyright@singtao.com


  • Online edition- mailto:todd.john@singtaonewscorp.com
  • Webmaster- mailto:webmaster@thestandard.com.hk

(Source: The Standard website)

External links

  • Global China Group Holdings
  • The Standard website
  • Leader of the Year 2005
  • Student Standard website (registration required)
  • [1]


  • Newspaper Society of Hong Kong, The(2004), 50 Years of Hong Kong Newspaper(香港報業50載印記). Hong Kong: Ming Pao Newspapers Limited.
  • Sing Tao News Corporation Annual Report 2004

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