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The Nexus was a journal edited by Kerry Bolton in Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand. It focused largely on the politically heretical with special attention given to the intersection of Nazism and Mysticism. After its 18th issue (November 1999) it became titled Western Destiny.

Each issue contained 28-32 pages, usually with articles, interviews, reviews (of books, magazines, and music) and biographical sketches relevant to fascist, eurocentric, Aryanist, Traditionalist, Third Positionist, and assorted similar poilitcal inclinations, with special attention given to their occult connections (to Satanism, Odinism, Esotericism, Ariosophy, and Thelemic Magik in particular). It also covers news and opinion critical of the activities of "the plutocratic/Zionist combine" (seen as pushing a Globalist "New World Order" hostile to the Folkish Nationalism advocated by the journal), with attention given to their occult connections (to Judaism, Kabbalism, Freemasonry and Wicca in particular).


Changes of title

The first issue was published in August of 1995, incorporating The Heretic and The Flaming Sword. After its 18th issue (November 1999) it became titled Western Destiny.

Stated Purpose

Billing itself as a "Journal of the Kulturkampf, Realpolitik, (and) Esoterrorism", its stated purposes were:

  1. to explore the "Darkside" or "Shadow" of History, Politics and Kulchur
  2. to question the holy dogmas and slay the sacred cows of the status quo
  3. to expose the forces intent on leading humanity toward global conformity
  4. to serve as a focal point for new forces - artistic, political, spiritual - emerging to challenge the Old Order
  5. to consider ways in which the Traditional can be synthesized with the Futuristic in pursuit of a Kulchural Revolution for the seeding of a New Imperium."


Issue 1

No. 1 featured a cover article titled "The Warrior Bard... D'Annunzio"; "Hit Squads From Hel" discusses talismans; an interview with "Robert N. Taylor: ArtistPoetDissident" (part II) discusses his time with the Minutemen; "...And Loki Laughs On", a response to a letter about his sexuality; "Svarta Orden", a "Black Order" in Sweden; reviews of David Myatt writings; "Man's Galactic Destiny"; a quote from D.H. Lawrence; "Vicarious Living".

Issue 2

No. 2 interviews Kadmon, the editor of Aorta and founder of Allerseelen, discusses the Bhagavadgita, Victor Schauberger, Mithraism, the Iron Guard, the Konservative Revolution, Julius Evola, the Black Sun, Meister Eckhart, the Kabbala, and the Third Reich; "Sinistrum Polska" looks at Satanic/NS Movements in Poland; "A Salute to... James Hartung Madole as the "Father of Post-War Occult-Fascism"; "gTum-mo: A Dharmic Heresy", an essay on Tibetian Tantra.

Issue 3

No. 3 features an interview with George Eric Hawthorne (aka George Burdi of Resistance Records); tells "The Legend of Surtr's Flaming Sword... The Sword of Victory"; "The Cosmological Magick of National-Socialism": and reviews Israel Shahak's Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years (http://www.geocities.com/alabasters_archive/jewish_history.html) (ISBN 0745308198).

Issue 4

No. 4 tells "A Tale of Two Books", comparing and contrasting David Irving's Goebbles: Mastermind of the Third Reich (ISBN 1872197132) with Daniel Goldhagen's Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust (ISBN 0679772685); "Germany & Tibet" (http://www.alteuropa.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=7), on the connections between Sven Hedin, Karl Haushofer, Hitler, the SS and the Dalai Lama Thutpen Gyatso [1] (http://www.trimondi.de/SDLE/Part-2-12.htm); "A Salute to James H. Madole's Cosmic Warriors...America's Ksyatrias" including Dan Burros; "White Muslims...The Greenshirts" about John Hassan; "In Memory of Raf van Hulse", the Flemish SS volunteer; "A New & Numinous Art" (http://folkculture.tripod.com/art.html) and "The Creative Dialectic, Aeonic Strategy and National-Socialism" by David Myatt (under the name Ultima Thule 88)

Issue 5

No. 5 (August 1996e.h.) "Marinetti & Futurism"; "Nationalism: Nature's Decree"; "Social Darwinism Reconsidered: Altruism As A Survival Mechanism" discussing Anton LaVey, Raymond Cattell, Beyondism, and Sociobiology; "Céline the Impossible: Anti-Humanist Prophet of Aryan Communism" by Michael A. Hoffman II; reviews of books by David Myatt; "The Astral Fascist...William Dudley Pelley"

Issue 6

No. 6 (November 1996e.h.) "An Interview with Christian Bouchet", a founder of Nouvelle Resistance discussing the European Liberation Front, Khaled Kaqim, Edward Limonov; "Schutzstaffel & the Runes"; reviews of David Myatt texts, and Aleister Crowley & the Conservative Revolution: Social & Political Thoughts of The Great Beast; "The Shadow & The Light" quotes from William Blake and Gregor A. Gregorius and discusses Zoroastrians, Dionysios, the Alchemists' Hermaphrodite, Carl Jung and Nietzsche; "In the Spirit of Mayakovsky, Marinetti & Pound... SAROTE INDUSTRIES", an interview with one the principals of "this 'collective of artists and agitators'" in Fairview, Kentucky discussing Vladimir Tatlin, Book & Sword, the Jefferson Davis memorial.

Issue 7

No. 7 (February 1997e.h.) "An Interview with... Eric Thompson", editor of DEVILCOSM, discussing Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, Satanism, The Order, the Church of Satan, Evolution, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Wagner, Carl Orff, Arvo Part, and the Cosmos; a selection on the Kali Yuga from the Vishnu Purana; a quote on the Soul by Carl Jung; a quote from Oswald Spengler's The Decline of the West; "Fascism As A Civic Religion"; "Nature's Reich: Animal Liberation Under the Swastika" discusses Herman Goering's anti-vivisection law; "The Black Sun"; "Zion's Imperial Ambitions" discusses the Abrahamic Covenant and the expandtionist plans of Benjamin Netanyahu, Ben Gurion, General Moshe Dayan, Rabbi Meir Kahane and Herzl.

Issue 8

No. 8, now sub-headed "Metaphysics & The Third Way", is the Evita Peron commemoration issue, discussing Juan Peron; "Patriotic Right... Finland's Pagan Nationalists" discusses Vihtori Kosola; reviews the film Evita; "Art: Folkish or Egocentric?" discusses Salvador Dali; "Pope Condemns Free Market Capitalism" discusses Catholic opposition to usury, Leo XIII, Pius XI, Hillaire Belloc, G. K. Chesterton, Adrian Arcand, Leon Degrelle, Father Charles Coughlin's National Union for Social Justice, and Gen. O'Duffy; "The Metaphysics of War" discusses holy war, chivalry, and the Waffen SS; "Heretical Notes" on the research of Hitler's Jewish Soldiers: The Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and Men of Jewish Descent in the German Military (paperback ISBN 0-7006-1358-7, cloth ISBN 0-7006-1178-9) author Bryan Mark Rigg.

Issue 9

No. 9 "Priestess of Hitlerism: (http://www.geocities.com/integral_tradition/devi.html) Savitri Devi" discusses Sri Asit Krisna Mukherji, Pilgrimage, and The Lightning & the Sun; "When Pagans Ruled Again" is an allegory in story form about the Third Reich; reviews the Men Among Mice CD compilation; "The Esoteric Approach to History" discusses Evola, Spengler, the Golden Age, Atlantis, and the Kali Yuga; "On the Question of Being" discusses Heidegger; "Temple 88" dicusses Aeonics, and Adolf Hitler as "Homo-Galactica".

Issue 10

No. 10 "Julius Evola--Above the Ruins"; a "Declaration on Art"; "Globalist Cabal Behind 'New Right'" Friedrich von Hayek, Simon Upton; "The Anti-Democratic Tradition in Occultism", Magick, Evola's Revolt Against the Modern World, elitism, Madame Blavatsky, Dion Fortune, Ariosophism, Franz Von Liebenfels, the Order of the New Templars, Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Vril, Vril Society, Eliphas Levi, Aleister Crowley, Gurdgieff, P D Ouspensky, Carl Jung; Justice Francis Biddle at the Nuremberg Trials, Temple 88; "Jung & The Völkisch Movement" (2 (http://jch.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/35/4/523)), Carl Gustav Jung, Analytical Psychology, Hitler, Jacob Hauer, Nordic Faith Movement, Martin Heidegger; "W B Yeats: Visions of the Second Coming"; "The Faustian Soul: An Archetype of the Infinite Quest", Doctor Faustus, R. S. Knox, Homo Galactica.

Issue 11

No. 11 has a cover story on Ezra Pound; "In the Spirit of Hellas" is an interview with Peter of, the Hellenic National Socialist movement, Golden Dawn; reviews The Beast Reawakens; has a Memorium for Gen. Otto Remer; "Third Way & Third World: Against the New World Order" presents an argument (as advocated by Yockey, Remer, Madole, and Thiriart) for the support for Anti-Americanism on the part of Third World Nationalists (like Nasser, Nehru, Ayub Khan, Gen. Abboud, Tito, Sekou Toure, Nkrumah), in order to undermine Zionism and plutocracy; "Hollywood's Kabbalistic Infatuation".

Issue 12

Issue #12 (May 1998) "Art Versus Anti-Art: Culture Distortion Rampant"; "Netaji: The Story of Subhas Chandra Bose" contrasts the Wesern awareness of Gandhi in the Indian independence movement with the ignorance of Bose, and discusses the collaboration with the Axis Powers to establish the Indian National Army; "Secret teachings of Kabbalism" includes a Reuter article about the curse Rabbi Yitzhak Kadourie, spiritual leader of the ultra-orthodox Shas Party, placed on Iraq; reviews of Julius Evola's The Mystery of the Grail, Creed of Iron, and Iron Youth's Durch Das Volk, Mit Dem Volk, Fur Das Volk album; "The Ultimate Culture Distorter: Spielberg's latest & what he isn't telling" discusses Amistad as a cover-up of Jewish involvement in the slave trade, specifically siting Aaron Lopez and Felix de Sousa; "Nation Europa... From Atlantic to the Urals... to China...?" discusses 3000 to 4000 year old Europoid mummies in China, and similar remains in North America and New Zealand; "What is Odinism?" from the Church of Odin.

Issue 13

Issue #13 (August 1998) "Return of the Ksatriya: India Challenges the New World Order"; "Alice Bailey & the Metaphysics of Race"; reviews Hitler's Priestess, Lords of Chaos, Crossing the Abyss, and The Scorpion; "Allgermanic Heathen Front" by Varg Q. L. F. Vikernes; "National Revolutionary Faction: An Interview with Troy Southgate"; "Social reformer or 'racist, bigot'?", a reproduction of an news article on the controversy surrounding Margaret Sanger and her support of eugenics; "The Quest for Wisdom" is an extract from Quest for Wisdom, the pricipal text of the NZ Church of Odin.

Issue 14

Issue #14 (November 1998) "Malaysia Defies Usurers" discusses Mahathir Mohamad, Anwar Ibrahim, Alan Greenspan, and George Soros; "Fascism as Dialectics" from a pamphlet issused by the Otago-Southland Division of the NZ Fascist Union; "The Call of the Thirty Aethyrs" analyses the final of the "Calls" channeled by Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelly; "Third Reich Fought Cancer: Nazi Health Programmes Ahead of Time" reproduces a Washington Post article on the research of Prof. Robert Proctor; review of Crimes & Mercies; "Acupuncture Invented by Europeans?"; "Greek Nationalist movement suppressed"; "Where Does the Aryan Stand in Ancient Legends?"; "Judaization of the European: How the White Christian Right is helping to Judaize the West" discusses Christian Identity; "Witches of the New Forest–A Brief Comment" by Richard Moult of Reichsfolk on Gerald Gardner and 'Wiccan' opposition to National Socialism.

Issue 15

Issue #15 (February 1999) "Stalin: A Perspective From The Summit of Realpolitick (http://www.geocities.com/nationalkommunism/Stalin.htm)" presents Stalin as "the Napoleon of the Russian Revolution", and Stalinism as a Slavic National Socialist bulwark against "the plutocratic/Zionist combine", and discusses the Bolshevik/ Menshevik divide, the Trotsky-Zionviev-Kamenev "troika", the Great Purge, "Socialism in one country", and the Doctors' plot; "Tintin, Herge, & the Fight Against American Hegemony"; "Psychodynamics: The Science of Religion & Mystical Experience" by P. Georgacarakos; "The Gates" by Sola; "New Dawn for Hellenic revolutionaries" on the Golden Dawn movement and the 5th Pan European Congress; "Nicola Bombacci: From Moscow to Salo" by Christian Bouchet; "Jean Thiriart: European National Revolutionary"; "Thor's hammer: Mjollnir"; "The Connexion"; "The Faustian Soul".

Issue 16

Issue #16 (May 1999) now subtitled "A Journal of Modern Heresies"; "The New Lightning and the Sun: Continuing the Archetypes of Savitri Devi" discusses Alexander the Great, Frederick the Great, and Yukio Mishima; "Serbia Defies New World Dis-Order" expresses support for Yugoslavia against the US/NATO war over Kosovo; "Psychodynamics: A Spiritual Paradigm for the 21st Century" by P. Georgacarakos; "Star-gates"; "On the Maintenance of Bio-Diversity"; review of Herrenvolk's Erwache release and Blood Axis' Blot: Sacrifice in Sweden live album; "The Social & Political Thought of Herbert Spencer" by Lesiu Niemoczynski with editor's response discussing F.P. Yockey, Social Darwinism, and Free Trade.

Issue 17

Issue #17 (August 1999) "D. H. Lawrence & the Dark Gods" discusses Heroic Vitalism, Quetzalcoatl, Blood Mysticism; reviews of Rudolf Steiner & The Mystique of Blood & Soil: The Volkish Views of the Founder of Anthroposophy (also reviewed here (http://www.rosenoire.org/reviews/bolton-rudolph.php)), Folk & Land: Selected essays by Walther Darre, European Socialism by Oswald Mosley, and the Allerseelen's Stirb und Werde CD; "Europe Endless: The Life and Legacy of Kraftwerk"; "Psychodynamics: Entering a New Era of Revelation" from the White Order of Thule.

Issue 18

Issue #18 (May 1999), now subtitled "For a Return to Ethos & Imperium Europa"; "Contra Darwin" by Guillermo Coletti discusses Darwinism from an Evolian point of view, quoting from Revolt Against the Modern World and Joseph Sobran's "Darwinism is Just the Tip of the Iceberg"; "Yockey on Darwinism" excerpts from Imperium; "Lessons from Kosovo"; "East Timor: Another Kosovo, Same agenda, same propaganda, same plutocratic meddling"; "Zen Fascism: Yasutani Roshi"; "Workers rejecting part democracy, The Alternative: National Syndicalism" by Frank Healy advocating Corporatism.

Further Issues

Issues #19 and forward were retitled Western Destiny.

External links

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  • Ezra Pound (http://library.flawlesslogic.com/pound.htm) by Kerry Bolton
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  • Stalin: A Perspective From The Summit of Realpolitick ( by Kerry Bolton

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