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Encyclopedia > The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time enemies

This is a list of enemies that appear in the 1998 Nintendo 64 video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

  • Deku Scrub. One of the most common enemies. The Deku Scrub hides itself in the ground until the player approaches. Then, it spits a Deku Nut that can blocked and shot back to him with a shield. The Mad Scrub, a red version of the Deku Scrub, runs after being hit, and then must be killed. There is also a type of Deku Scrub called a Business Scrub. After being shot with its own seed, it will raise out of the ground and offer to sell you something(usually overpriced). If you decline, they will leave, burrowing deep into the ground and not leaving a trace of their existence there.
  • Keese. The Keese is a bat. It does small amounts of damage and can be killed with a single hit. There are two variants, the Fire Keese and the Ice Keese, which respectively burns and freezes the character. A normal Keese can also fly into a torch to turn itself into a Fire Keese.
  • Deku Baba. A type of carnivorous plant that snaps at passersby. Easily defeated and can grow to enormous sizes.
  • Stalfos. Reanimated skeletons that were once Hylians lost in the forest. Wield a sword and shield with varying levels of skill. Stalfos have a shield and will only let their guard down for brief periods to attack. It is only at that point that they can be damaged.
  • Octoroc. An octopus-like creature that lives in water, and attacks Link by spitting rocks at him. Octoroc is defeated in a fashion similar to Deku Scrub; that is, by simply using your shield to reflect the rocks back at it. Unlike Deku Scrubs, that is all it takes to defeat it.
  • Like Like. A big piece of some sort of slime or goo, this repulsive creature will stretch out and take a chew on Link if he gets too close. When this happens, Link will lose some part of his inventory, and it can only be repossessed upon defeating Like Like. This is done by either swordfighting or projectiles. It can take a fair amount of damage, but given its slow speed, it's not a particularly hard foe if you just keep your distance. On a side note, Like Like appears as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee for GameCube, and the accompanying text states that the name "Like Like" comes from the ancient Hylian proverb: "Shield Eaters and World Leaders have many likes alike".
  • Tectite. A spider-like creature that will jump towards Link. There are two variants: the Red Tectites, which live on Death Mountain, and the Blue Tectites, with the ability to walk on water, which can be found at Zora Lake and in the Water Temple. They can be defeated with most weapons.
  • Poe. This ghost comes in different colors and sizes. It has the ability to disappear, so that only the lantern it is carrying is visible. It can only be attacked when it is in its visible state. Poe attacks by charging towards Link, trying to burn him with the lantern. When it is defeated, it shrinks down to a small flaming spirit, which can be caught in a bottle and sold to a mysterious man in Hyrule Castle Town. He pays extra for rare species of Poes. A group of Poe-sisters with some special abilities are sub-bosses in the Forest Temple, but there is also a friendly Poe that helps Link through the Haunted Wasteland.
  • Leever. An odd, cone-shaped being that lives in the desert. It can move rapidly under the sand, and then surface unexpectedly to attack from behind. It attacks in group, and is one of the more annoying enemies in the game, although it is not encountered in many places.
  • Skulltula. Looking like a spider with a skull mask placed on top of it, this enemy hangs in the ceiling of dungeons, waiting patiently for someone to pass by underneath. When this happens, it rushes down and attacks. Its front armor is impenetrable, but on the other hand, its belly is soft, so Link has to wait until it turns around to attack it. There is also another variant, the Gold Skulltula, which are smaller and crawl around at walls. There are 100 Gold Skulltulas in the game, and in order to free a family in Kakariko Village from the Skulltulas' evil curse, which has turned them into spiders, Link has to find and destroy all of the Gold Skulltulas.
  • Living Floor. In certain dungeon rooms, the floor pieces will fly up in the air and try to hit Link. They each do minor damage, but there are usually a lot of them. The best tactic is to move into a corner and crouch behind your shield until the rain of bricks is over.
  • Flying Jar. Living jar that flies towards Link, in a fashion similar to Living Floor. Link can hide behind his shield to protect himself.
  • Bari. This electrical jellyfish lives inside Lord Jabu Jabu's Belly. If Link tries to hit it with his sword, he'll get an electric shock, so he has to use the boomerang to attack it. When defeated, it splits into three smaller pieces, Biri. The method for defeating them is the same.
  • Shabom. Bubbles that appear inside Lord Jabu Jabu's Belly. If Link touches them, they will burst and deal some minor damage. They can be destroyed by slicing them with a sword.
  • Beamos. A tower made of stone with a big eye on top that rotates, searching for victims to attack with its deadly red beam. Since it's made of stone, Link needs to use bombs to destroy it.
  • Iron Knuckle. One of the toughest 'standard' enemies in the game, the Iron Knuckle can both take and deal a lot of damage. One hit from its giant axe will cost four of Link's hearts. When attacked, it will gradually loose its armor, but instead, its speed will increase.
  • Re-Dead. A zombie, a walking corpse. If Link looks them in their eyes, he will freeze for a couple of seconds. The Re-Dead will then move closer and jump up on Link to suck his life power out of him. Re-Deads can be temporarily stunned if Link plays the Sun's Song. They are defeated by hitting them with a sword.
  • Spikes. These moving blocks with spikes all around them are found in dungeons, where they form obstacles and traps. They cannot be defated.
  • Rolling boulders. Perhaps more of an environmental hazard than an actual enemy, these rocks roll down Death Mountain. They can also be found in the Fire Temple. It is not possible to destroy them.
  • Wolfos. One of the first enemies that Link encounters that requires alternating the sword and the shield. Wolfos can only be damaged when it drops its guard, which is just before it strikes. Timing of one's attacks is a necessity. That said, it doesn't pose that much of a threat to a seasoned warrior. The White Wolfos variant can be found in cold areas.
  • Wallmaster. This creepy hand hides up in the ceiling waiting to fall down and grab Link. Before that happens, the only sign of its presence is a growing shadow at Link's feet. To avoid it, one has to keep moving around. If it grabs Link, it will take him back to the beginning of the dungeon. Fortunately, Navi will warn you when you enter a room with Wallmasters.
  • Floormaster. Looks like Wallmaster, but uses its fingers to run around the floor instead. It can go into an invulnerable state, in which it changes color to green. When defeated, it will divide into three smaller copies of itself. These will jump and try to grab Link by the throat, and have to be defeated within a couple of seconds, or they will reunite to a big Floormaster again. This enemy can sometimes be invisible.
  • Fake Doors. Looks almost exactly like a normal door, but will fall down and smash Link to the ground if he tries to open it. It can be distinguished from a normal door by looking at it from the side. A Fake Door lies outside the wall, while a real one lies inside.
  • Torch Slug. This little puddle of inflammable substances crawls around the floor while a burning flame emits from its top. A few hits from Link's sword will extinguish the flame, and a few more will defeat it.
  • Guay. A raven-like bird, that flies around and attacks Link. They especially like to attack when Link can't defend himself, such as when climbing ladders. Though they can be defeated with the sword, it's hard to get close enough. The boomerang, bow and arrows, slingshot or hookshot are preferred weapons when it comes to dealing with this menace.
  • Dodongo. This green dragon's only weak spot is its tail. When you attack it, Dodongo will rapidly turn around to breathe fire at Link. The player must be careful not to get smashed by its tail when Dodongo turns. It can also be defeated by throwing a bomb or bomb flower into its mouth. When defeated, it explodes, so Link must keep his distance.
  • Dodongo Larva. A not yet fully grown Dodongo, this toddler runs around on the floor. Its body has not yet developed its natural armor plating, so Link doesn't have to hit the tail to damage it. Be warned, though: it explodes when defeated, just like its bigger counterparts.
  • Peahat. A peahat is a hunk of sentient vegetable matter that uses its roots like helicopter blades to hover around when distracted. The blades are also commonly used to slice up enemies and/or prey. Its only weak spot is the base of its roots, located directly at the bottom of the beast in the center. At night, it can make larvae.
  • Peahat Larvae. The spawn of a Peahat, they will chase intruders to the end of the earth unless they are blocked by a shield. This sudden impact causes them to wither and die.
  • Lizalfos. These beasts are a mixture of reptile and Hylian (or some other humanoid species). They generally inhabit hot and dry areas, and attack with a big sword. Lizalfos are very athletic and have the ability to jump long distances and do backflips.
  • Shadow Link. A form of Link created by Ganondorf to inhabit the Water Temple. It was made of pure evil energy and Link had a hard time trying to defeat the enigma. It sounded a bit like Link, albeit highly distorted and demonic sounding. Shadow Link was most likely formed by the same magic Ganondorf used to create Phantom Ganon (see below).
  • Skull Kid. Skull kids are the reanimated corpses of children who died in the Lost Woods. They were very friendly to children, but would savagely attack anyone that was an adult. They typically use blow guns to attack enemies. They can also fade away into nothingness if approached at close range.
  • Moblin. Moblins were large bear/pig like soldiers that guarded the Sacred Forest Meadow when Link was an adult. They tower over any other common race, but are not very intelligent. Moblins generally attack by bull-rushing a target with their spear jutting forward. Some are also equipped with heavy clubs and can slam the ground with them, sending a stream of tremors in the direction the club has been slammed into the earth.
  • Big Octo. Found deep inside the guts of Jabu Jabu's Belly lies a unique form of Octoroc called a Big Octo. Unlike a typical Octoroc, this monster does not need water to move around. It will generally try to run into an enemy to damage it. Its only weak spot is the flashing green orb on its backside.
  • Deadhand. Possibly the most grotesque monster in the history of Zelda games. Deadhand is a yellow white corpse with an extremely deformed head, neck, and face. Along with the corpse, it also has several hands that shoot out of the ground and hold enemies/prey in place. As long as the prey is caught in a hand, Deadhand will attempt to suck their life blood. Intensive struggling usually gives a strong person a chance of surviving Deadhand's assaults. Deadhand corpses were found in the Bottom of the Well in Kakariko Village and in the Shadow Temple (also located in Kakariko Village).
  • Gibdo. A mummy that behaves very much like a Redead. In fact, a Gibdo may just be a Redead that was mummified. It uses its sight to freeze a victim in its tracks. It then jumps on the victim and sucks their life blood.
  • Stalchild. The Stalchild is the infant or adolescent form of a Stalfos. When night arises, they burst out of the earth and attack unwary travelers. They are only meant to intimidate or frighten, and they are actually pretty weak. One can avoid Stalchildren by walking on paths(so as to not disturb the ground) and/or wearing the Bunny Hood, which eliminates the prescence of a person on the soil.They have no armor and attack with their skeletal claws.
  • Spike Ball. Spike balls are perhaps the oddest creatures in the game. They crawl around surfaces and resemble a rock. When a victim or adversary come near the ball though, it will turn metallic and spikes will protude from every square inch of the creature. They can be stunned by a variety of weapons, which causes them to retreat into their rock form. They can then be killed with a weapon such as a sword.
  • Stinger. The Stinger is a variety of manta ray that dwells in watery habitats. They generally just swim around in water until prey comes near. When the Stinger senses the prey, it will shoot forth from the water and propel itself through the air by unknown means. They can only be killed with ranged weapons in the air, because melee weapons can't come close to hitting the beast.



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