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Encyclopedia > The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

This page is about the current host of The Late Late Show. For full details of the show and its previous hosts, see The Late Late Show (CBS TV series). This article does not cite any references or sources. ...

Craig Ferguson, current host of the Late Late Show on CBS.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is a late night variety show on CBS, which airs weeknights after Late Show with David Letterman. Ferguson's first show as permanent host aired January 3, 2005. Ferguson, who introduces himself as "TV's Craig Ferguson", spent the show's first few months tailoring the show to his own style. He opens the show with a (relatively) long monologue (10 to 15 minutes) consisting of a single topic that weaves its way through each joke (similar to a stand-up comedy routine), rather than the typical list of unrelated one-liners or that day's various headlines. Occasionally, there will be story arcs for several days, such as "Flu Watch: 2005", his so-called favorite holiday "Shark Week" (on the Discovery Channel) and his successful ambition to be cast as "Fisherman #1" (formerly Fisherman #2) in the made-for-TV movie Vampire Bats (which aired Sunday, October 30, 2005). His reformed "blackout drinking", his two divorces and subsequently, his sexual orientation are often used as fodder for his humor. More recently, he has undergone an extensive campaign to gain honorary citizenship of the entire United States (of which he is not actually a citizen yet) one town at a time. Craig Ferguson, host of the Late Late Show on CBS This is a copyrighted promotional photo with a known source. ... Craig Ferguson, host of the Late Late Show on CBS This is a copyrighted promotional photo with a known source. ... Craig Ferguson (born 17 May 1962) is a Scottish comedian, actor, writer and talk show host. ... CBS Broadcasting, Inc. ... CBS Broadcasting, Inc. ... The Late Show with David Letterman is a multiple Emmy Award-winning hour-long weeknight comedy talk show broadcast by CBS from the Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway in New York City. ... Craig Ferguson (born 17 May 1962) is a Scottish comedian, actor, writer and talk show host. ... January 3 is the 3rd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. ... Year 2005 (MMV) was a common year starting on Saturday (link displays full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar. ... This article or section does not cite any references or sources. ... A one-liner is a joke that is delivered in a single line. ...


Regular segments

Current (as of 2007) regular segments include

  • Answering e-mails sent by viewers (for comedy, Craig usually provides an obviously fake e-mail address, such as Craig@the Internet/Jeeves/Google/Hotmail.com, which changes constantly)
  • Writing letters with a quill to various people (examples: to his boss (David Letterman) asking for a raise, to President Bush asking for a copy of a telephone conversation, and to Donald Trump about his argument with Martha Stewart)
  • Interviews, impersonations, and skits (often played by Ferguson in costume) done in front of a green screen (used to project computerized images)
  • Soap opera-style showdowns with actor Dan McVicar
  • Accessing his voice-mails through a several-dozen digit extension. These usually contain either embarrassing messages or complaints, both of which he dismisses to the audience as being from "one of those... telemarke'ers."
  • Field reports from correspondent Tim Meadows in which it is revealed that Meadows did not complete or seriously botched his assignment
  • A lesson from "expert" Dave Foley on numerous subjects that he is obviously not an expert on
  • Craig "getting his freak on" (dancing) during commercial breaks.
  • Mock Larry King skits featuring Ferguson with a wig and glasses interviewing others in a parody of a Larry King Live interview.
  • The "U2 Film Review", featuring Ferguson made up like Bono and an impersonator of the Edge. While Ferguson attempts to act as a peace-conscious Bono, the Edge is portrayed as a relatively dim-witted rock star.
  • Mock interviews and/or press conferences with George W. Bush impressionist James Adomian
  • Mock interviews with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (aka. "Fake Arnold") and Robert De Niro impressionist Josh Robert Thompson.
  • A segment has featured clips of United States Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in a news conference with a second pair of hands added, performing various activities to occupy himself while being questioned, such as sorting a deck of cards and folding paper.
  • Fake in-show programs:
    • Access Extratainment Tonight, a parody of Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and Extra with Ferguson playing host "Barney Slash".
    • The Rather Late Programme with Prince Charles, with Ferguson (wearing a comb over wig, oversized ears and jagged prosthetic teeth) playing Prince Charles, "the King of Late Night Television."
    • Sean Connery's This Day In History / A Sean Connery Holiday Memory, where Sean Connery (played by Ferguson) recounts an event that happened to him on this day (or holiday season) however many years ago.
    • "Michael Caine in Space" — a segment where Caine (impersonated by Ferguson or a guest) makes one-liners from outer-space.
    • Mick Jagger, Time Traveling Jerk
    • Larry King of the Jungle

Other impersonations frequently done by Ferguson on the show include Dr. Phil, Simon Cowell, and Kim Jong Il. A quill pen is made from a flight feather (preferably a primary) of a large bird, most often a goose. ... David Michael Letterman (born April 12, 1947, in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA) is an award-winning American comedian, late night talk show host, television producer, philanthropist, and IRL IndyCar Series car owner. ... The bluescreen setup. ... For Philippine soap opera, see Teleserye. ... Dan(iel) McVicar is an actor who plays the recurring role of Clarke Garrison in The Bold and the Beautiful. ... Telemarketing Office Telemarketing is a method of direct marketing in which a salesperson uses the telephone to solicit prospective customers to buy products or services. ... Tim Meadows (born February 5, 1961 in Highland Park, Michigan) is an American actor. ... Dave Foley (born January 4, 1963, in Etobicoke, Ontario) is a Canadian actor, best known for his work in The Kids in the Hall, NewsRadio, and Celebrity Poker Showdown. ... Larry King (born Lawrence Harvey Zeiger on November 19, 1933) is an award-winning American writer, journalist and broadcaster. ... Larry King Live is a nightly CNN interview program hosted by broadcaster and writer Larry King. ... U2 are a rock band from Dublin, Ireland. ... Paul David Hewson (born 10 May 1960), known as Bono (IPA: ), is the lead singer and principal lyricist of the Irish rock band U2. ... For other persons named David Evans, see David Evans (disambiguation). ... George Walker Bush (born July 6, 1946) is the 43rd and current President of the United States, inaugurated on January 20, 2001. ... This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedias deletion policy. ... Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger (German pronunciation (IPA): ) (born July 30, 1947) is an Austrian-American bodybuilder, actor, and politician, currently serving as the 38th Governor of the U.S. state of California. ... Josh Thompson, better known as Fake Arnold, is a comedian who impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger. ... Robert Mario De Niro Jr. ... Josh Robert Thompson (born March 11, 1975 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA) is an American actor, impressionist and comedian. ... Donald Henry Rumsfeld (born July 9, 1932) is a U.S. politician and businessman, who was the 13th Secretary of Defense under President Gerald Ford from 1975 to 1977, and the 21st Secretary of Defense under President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2006. ... Entertainment Tonight is a daily television entertainment news show that is syndicated by CBS Paramount Domestic Television throughout the United States, Canada, on the Nine Network in Australia and on UBC Inside in Thailand. ... Access Hollywood logo used 2001-2005 Access Hollywood is a weekday television entertainment news program covering events and celebrities in the entertainment industry. ... Extra is an entertainment television news program covering events and celebrities which debuted on September 5, 1994. ... The Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (Charles Philip Arthur George[2]; born 14 November 1948), is the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. ... The comb over was patented in 1977. ... Sir Thomas Sean Connery (born 25 August 1930) is an Academy Award-winning Scottish actor and producer who is perhaps best known as the first actor to portray James Bond in cinema, starring in seven Bond films. ... Sir Maurice Joseph Micklewhite CBE (born March 14, 1933), known professionally as Michael Caine, is a two-time Academy Award-winning English film actor. ... Phillip Calvin Phil McGraw, Ph. ... Simon Cowell (born 7 October 1959) is an English artist and repertoire (A&R) executive for Sony BMG in the United Kingdom, but is known as a judge on the television programs such as Pop Idol, The X Factor, American Idol and Britains Got Talent. ... Kim Jong-il (born February 16, 1942) has been the leader of North Korea since 1994. ...

Sound effects

When the show returns from the commercials, Ferguson welcomes back the audience, calling them "[personality trait][size][animal]s" (examples: "cheeky wee monkeys", "frisky little ponies") and then pressing a sound button on his effects box, such as a monkey or (most often) a whip sound. He has an entire battery of goofy sound effects, some of which are accompanied by lighting cues. This box, as Craig explained in answer to an email (see above) is one-of-a-kind, made specially for him "by elves." It is actually an Instant Replay audio sampler made by 360 Systems.

A partial list of some of Ferguson's favorite sound effects:

  • Whip crack
  • "Performance enhanced" whip crack, featuring the sound of the whip being whirled around a bit first
  • Woman moaning
  • Lightning strike (complete with lighting effects)
  • Woman screaming
  • Sheep
  • Wolf howling
  • A sound Craig has identified with pandas
  • Cheesy lounge music
  • Rapid dialing of a telephone to check his "messages"
  • Donkeys screeching
  • Monkey noises
  • Baboon noises

Sometimes Ferguson ends the show by pressing the moo sound button, stating "That's the Cow of Time. We're out of time. Goodnight everybody."

Bob Barker

Another running gag (materializing gradually over the course of several months in the summer of 2006, and otherwise a cross-promotion for another CBS show) was Craig going out of his way to pick on fellow CBS show host Bob Barker (who, he eventually concluded, was a vampire). At the end of each Bob-bashing segment he would chuckle to himself and say that "Bob Barker is going to kick my ass one of these days!" The inside joke is that The Late Late Show sometimes has trouble filling the studio audience, so audience from the day's earlier taping of The Price is Right (on the floor below) are invited to stay. The climax was reached on July 15, 2006, when Bob, flanked by the rest of The Price is Right's staff, including announcer Rich Fields and some of Barker's Beauties, staged a "surprise" visit. This was the last show before a long-planned replacement of the set. Although Bob did not kick Craig's ass, he did do some serious damage to his desk with a single blow. The desk was later totally destroyed by the models, and Craig returned, after the commercial break, with a card table covered by a checkered picnic cloth. The episode ended with Craig helping the episode's musical guests, Family Force 5, completely trash the set. This article or section does not cite any references or sources. ... Philip Burne-Jones, The Vampire, 1897 Vampires are mythological or folkloric beings that subsist on human and/or animal lifeforce. ... The Price Is Rights US 35th season logo. ... Official CBS photo April 4, 2004 Rich Fields (born November 30, 1960, in Bay Village, Ohio), is an Emmy award winning broadcaster best known for being the announcer of the American television game show The Price Is Right (as of April 4, 2004). ... Barkers Beauties is a term, coined by Mark Goodson, referring to the models on the American game show The Price Is Right. ... Friends and family gather for a picnic in a public park in Columbus, Ohio, c. ... Family Force 5 (often abbreviated as FF5, formerly known as The Phamily and The Brothers) is a Christian band hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. ...

A new set was built for the show over the course of a week of reruns, and debuted on the July 24, 2006 episode. It featured several new additions - such as a miniature CBS dirigible that floats along over the painted city - and a flickering light that, as promised by Craig, was fixed the following day. is the 205th day of the year (206th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. ... For the Manfred Mann album, see 2006 (album). ...

Other show elements

The opening theme for the show was dropped after Kilborn left. When Ferguson was hired as the full-time replacement, he co-wrote a new theme song, which he sings. Starting on July 7th, 2006, the show's opening was time-cropped and featured only the ending of the song. The lyrics of the song are: "It's hard to stay up/It's been a long, long day/And you got the sandman at the door/But hang on/Leave the TV on/And let's do it anyway/It's OK/You can always sleep through work tomorrow, OK?/Hey, hey, tomorrow's just a future yesterday ..."

For logistical reasons, the musical segment, shown towards the end of the program, is often taped first. The instruments are set up on stage allowing the band to rehearse. The studio audience is brought in, the musical segment is taped, and the then the stage is reset for the show opening (mostly empty, not even the chairs for the guests). When Craig "throws it" to the band later, they actually aren't there, a fact sometimes revealed during a wide shot at show close. When the interview segment runs long and the musical guest is "invited back," they merely roll the tape the next day. This process also allows the musical segment to end right on time, since they know in advance exactly how long it runs.

The opening monologue is called "Show and Tell." While outlined in advance, it is not completely scripted. Much of it is improvisational.

Following Show and Tell, there is often a comedy sketch with Craig in costume. While the transition appears quick when the program airs, in fact taping is paused for a few minutes to allow for set and wardrobe changes.

On January 30, 2006, Ferguson showed the more serious side of his personality by turning his opening monologue into a eulogy for his father who died the day before. Ferguson was nominated for his first Emmy for this episode. is the 30th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. ... For the Manfred Mann album, see 2006 (album). ... An Emmy Award. ...

YouTube and subsequent ratings increase

In 2006, clips of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson began appearing on the video website YouTube. Subsequently, Ferguson's ratings "grew 7 percent (or 100,000 viewers)." [1] [2] YouTube is a popular free video sharing website which lets users upload, view, and share video clips. ...

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