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The Codex is a 20 episode online machinima series, set in the Halo video game universe following the story of a Covenant invasion of a Human world in order to recover a Forerunner artifact, and the story of the Humans resisting that invasion. Since its release on February 9th, 2005, The Codex has been hailed as one of the best Halo machinima series in existence, ranking alongside such Halo machinima powerhouses as Red vs Blue and Fire Team Charlie. Machinima (a portmanteau word for machine cinema and/or machine animation) is both a collection of associated production techniques and a film genre (film created by such production techniques). ... Halos protagonist, the Master Chief. ... Machinima (a portmanteau word for machine cinema and/or machine animation) is both a collection of associated production techniques and a film genre (film created by such production techniques). ... Machinima (a portmanteau word for machine cinema and/or machine animation) is both a collection of associated production techniques and a film genre (film created by such production techniques). ... Wikiquote has a collection of quotations by or about: Red vs Blue This article is about the video webcomic. ... Fire Team Charlie, a Machinima Production Company, hosted at www. ...

On August 13 the 20th episode of the Codex was released which brought the conclusion to the series. The team that assembled the series made the limit 20 because of they wanted to conclude the series before they got into college. However even though this seems like a permanent conclusion the team was also careful to make the ending a cliffhanger so that if they wanted to continue the series the option would be left open to them. A college (Latin collegium) can be the name of any group of colleagues; originally it meant a group of people living together under a common set of rules (con-, together + leg-, law). As a consequence members of colleges were originally styled fellows and still are in some places. ... A cliffhanger or cliffhanger ending is a plot device in which a movie or novel contains an abrupt ending, often leaving the main characters in a precarious or difficult situation (for instance, hanging from the edge of a cliff). ...


General Info

Unlike most Halo machinima series, such as Red vs Blue and Fire Team Charlie, The Codex is an action/drama, not a comedy. Also, The Codex is set in the Halo universe, with many of the same situations being faced and referred to as in the games and books, rather than being in a completely new world. Episodes are released every Friday, and the Characters and Story pages are updated with the new information from each week's episode, as well. Wikiquote has a collection of quotations by or about: Red vs Blue This article is about the video webcomic. ... Fire Team Charlie, a Machinima Production Company, hosted at www. ... The halo universe is a fictional setting for the video games Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, a possible future game Halo 3, and the books listed on Halo (video game series) // Location The Milky Way Civilisations The Covenant Humans The Forerunners The Flood (Halo) Technology The Halos Halo (Forerunner_tech) The...

Episode Summaries

All summaries are taken from The Codex official website.

Episode 1 - The Gathering Storm: The Praetor, a high-ranking Covenant general, is brought before the Council to be interrogated after he rushed in to investigate a signal he believed was coming from the ancient Forerunner structure known as The Codex. His failure to alert the proper religious authorities made him the subject of great suspicion, but he is able to prove himself innocent of malicious intent. Due to his ledgendary skill, he is given command of the invasion of the planet Ariaos II and the capture of The Codex. Meanwhile, the Spartans detect the Covenant invasion force en route, and begin to make preparations for the defense of the planet.

Episode 2 - First Strike: The Praetor, from the flagship of the Covenant fleet orbiting the planet, orders the invasion to begin. The plan calls for a Special Operations team to secure the cave in which the Codex is located, and then for a full invasion of the planet once the Codex is declared safe. Meanwhile, on the surface, Green Team is guarding the cave housing the alien structure when they are ambushed by the SpecOps Elites. After a quick but bloody struggle, Green 2 is ordered to flee from the cave to get re-enforcements. He protests, wishing to stay with his team, but is forced to follow orders. He makes his way out of the cave, fights through a nearby city, captures a Covenant Banshee, and heads back to Delta Base.

Episode 3 - Aftermath: The Praetor moves his command headquarters into the Olympia cave sytem. Soon after settling in, he is alerted to the presence of a very high-ranking Covenant religious official: the Cleric. A member of the religious elite, the Cleric proves himself to be a magnanimous and complimentary person, until his authority is questioned. When the Praetor introduces the Cleric to the Special Operations Commander, Anda Sofadee, the Cleric directly insults her competence based on that fact that she is a female. This eruption of anger on the part of the Cleric almost leads to a brawl between the Cleric and the SpecOps Commander, but the Praetor seperates them. When the SpecOps Commander is dismissed, though, the Cleric turns his wrath against the Praetor and tells him in no uncertain terms that the Cleric will be watching his every move. After a cold but wrathful quarrel, the two seperate and the Cleric orders the Seraphim, his personal guard, to keep an eye on the Praetor. The stage is set for a power struggle within the Covenant hierarchy.

Episode 4 - Regrouping: Back at Delta Base, the Chief and Red Team prepare to join the fight against the Covenant. Green 2 makes his way back to the base in the captured Banshee, but not before almost being shot out of the sky by Blue Team. As everyone arrives at the base, Jack comes out to meet Candy, and they have a less than warm exchange. Before they can really lay into each other, though, they are called into the Briefing Room to talk to Lykurgus and the Chief. The four of them discuss their options, and decide to attempt encoding a message into the energy bursts sent out by the Codex in an effort to contact Earth. Blue Team is given the mission, while Red Team is ordered to hang back and help plan future strategy against the Covenant.

Episode 5 - Shadows in the Dark: The Praetor learns of Green 2's position, and thus the location of Delta Base, by tracking the captured Banshee. He orders an expedition be sent under Erda Renadee, the Battlefield Commander, to destroy the Spartan base. Meanwhile, Blue Team arrives at the dish at the top of the Codex, with a mission to encode a signal into the bursts sent out by the structure. Although they sense that something is wrong, they cannot find any Elites in the entire complex. The Elites are cloaked, setting up a checkmate move with which they can eliminate all of the Spartans at once, and thus minimize the casualties. Finally, though, Blues 1 and 2 manage to find two uncloaked Elites and reveal the potential ambush. An alarm is raised, and the Spartans prepare for battle.

Episode 6 - Ambush: As Blue 2 alerts the other Spartans to the presence of the Elites, the trap is sprung. Hordes of Covenant rush the Humans, who quickly fall back into a corner. As Blue Team prepares to make its last stand, they radio Delta Base for reinforcements, only to learn that Delta Base is itself under attack by a massive Covenant army. After a long bombardment, the Spartans at Delta Base retaliate with a volley of rockets and prepare to defend the base.

Episode 7 - The Siege of Delta Base: As waves of Elites assault the base, the Spartans inside are forced to fall back and relinquish the dock. Jack, who had been guarding the dock, looks out into the Covenant army and sees a Red Officer commanding the nearby forces. He quickly decides to eliminate that commanding officer, and starts a death-defying rampage across the field to get to him. After killing him, though, Jack is cornered by Covenant artillery and infantry. But just before they can fire, Blue Team miraculously appears in the Warthogs and slices through the Covenant lines, throwing the Elites into disarray.

Episode 8 - Opening Moves: The Praetor delivers a welcome address to the Foreman and his Engineers, who have come to excavate the rest of the Codex and attempt to activate it. After his speech, the Praetor notices several of the Cleric's Seraphim guarding a door. He dispatches the Special Operations Commander to investigate, but she is blocked when the Captain of the Seraphim arrives on the scene. When she returns with a lance of her Special Operations Elites, she finds the room empty and abandoned. However, unbeknownst to her, the Cleric had already ordered that the contents of that room be brought before him for interrogation. It is a prisoner: a Spartan known as Green 4.

Episode 9 - Remembrance: Green 2 goes on a walk alone out in the field near Delta Base, remembering the day his whole team was killed. When asked about what he is thinking by Jack, he admits that he is having regrets about leaving his team. In the meantime, Lykurgus intercepts a Covenant signal hinting at a Human prisoner being held in the Olympia caves, and the decision is made to rescue him.

Episode 10 - Rescue: After sneaking into the cave through an abandoned mineshaft, the Spartans get into position and launch the attack. They recover Green 4 and get out, but Green 2 sacrifices his life to buy them time so they can escape.

Episode 11 - Balance of Power: The Praetor and the Cleric are fighting again, this time about whose fault it was that the prisoner escaped. The Foreman announces that he has found a potential entrance through a mineshaft, but the Cleric does not allow the blasting that would be required to open the tunnel. The Cleric then makes a chilling remark: if the Praetor does not act quickly, the Cleric will arrest him and take over the operations around the Codex.

Episode 12 - Emergency Response: Responding to the Spartans' call for help, a small flotilla of UNSC ships appears in orbit. They are quickly destroyed by the Covenant fleet, but not before many ODSTs make it to the surface alive. The Spartans hook up with them, and begin to head for the defensive fortification at Mt Jefferson.

Episode 13 - Cornered: Erda Renadee follows the Spartans to the crash site of the Human starship, killing the last few ODSTs left there. The Spartans arrive at Mt Jefferson and start to get set up, but before they know it, Erda's army appears outside the gates and begins the seige of Mt Jefferson.

Episode 14 - The Calm Before The Storm: The Covenant are repelling all the Human attempts to destroy their tanks with anti-rocket guns. The situation is a stand-off, until the Covenant send out their Ambassador to try to negotiate the Humans' surrender. Sergeant Henderson does not take kindly to this and shoots the Ambassador in the face, thereby bringing the full retaliatory strike down upon the Humans. The battle is joined...

Episode 15 - Cry 'Havoc': The Humans are holding the fortress against the relentless attacks by the Covenant, but Erda's forces tunnel under the wall and send several cloaked Elites into the fortress to open the gate. Jack realizes the plan, but is too late to stop the Elites from slaughtering the wounded Humans and opening the gate. Elites pour into Mt Jefferson, and Erda Renadee personally joins the fight, killing Sergeant Henderson with his own blade. He then sees Jack and immediately recognizes him as the reason for Erda's failure at Delta Base. Driven into a blood-rage, Erda attacks Jack and is killed. As Elites continue to fight through the open gate, the Chief is forced to order an evacuation of the fortress. The Humans flee through the tunnels in the back of the base, and some drive the Warthogs straight out through the Covenant army. They leave a little surprise behind them, though: a bomb which destroys Erda's army.

Episode 16 - Betrayal: The Cleric chastises the Praetor about his loss at Mt Jefferson, then meets the Foreman, who is on his way to meet with the Praetor. The Foreman says that they have found an entrance to the Codex, and they only need to summon the Praeceptor to enter. The Cleric asks the Foreman to not tell the Praetor, but the Foreman refuses to conspire against his commanding officer. The Cleric then tells his Seraphim to kill the Foreman. However, Anda Sofadee hears of this plot and the Praetor orders her to have her Special Operations Elites shadow the Foreman and protect him. The Foreman begins to notice this, though, and thinks that the Praetor is trying to kill him. He goes to the Cleric for help, and is executed in secret.

Episode 17 - The Praeceptor: The Seraphim arrive at the Temple of the Holy Praeceptor. They are shadowed by ODSTs, who follow them inside the temple. Inside, they are slaughtered by the Seraphim, who then begin the activation of the altar and the summoning of the Praeceptor. Another group of ODSTs enter just in time to witness the Captain of the Seraphim become the Praeceptor himself. He then levitates up into the air and destroys the ODSTs with a huge blast of energy. The remaining Humans outside the Temple are no match as the Seraphim begin their journey back to the Codex.

Episode 18 - Rallying the Troops: The Chief examines the dead bodies of the ODSTs, and the Praetor realizes that the Humans are headed for the Codex. Lykurgus learns the function of the Codex: to activate the Halos and destroy all sentient life in the galaxy. Realizing the incredble danger that the Codex represents, the Humans decide to destroy it. At the same time, the Praetor and his troops prepare to defend it to the last man. The stage is set for the final battle for the future of the Codex.

Episode 19 - Power Plays: The Praetor goes to personally command the defense of the city surrounding the Codex, and establishes the battle lines. Jack shows a little bit of tenderness toward Candy, but then rushes off into battle as the fighting begins. A hard fight begins through the city toward the Codex, but the Praetor is forced to return to the cave when he is told that the Cleric is about to enter the Codex without him. After an attempt to arrest the Cleric, the Praeceptor destroys the Praetor's warriors and arrests the Praetor. The Cleric enters the Codex at last, with the Praetor as his prisoner.

Episode 20 - The End of All Things: The Cleric enters the Great Chamber and is introduced to the Guardian. Meanwhile, Anda Sofadee hears of the Praetor's arrest and takes control of the Covenant Army, with the intention of rescuing the Praetor and killing the Cleric. The Humans continue to fight into the caves, and sneak into the Codex through the ventilation shaft discovered by the Foreman. Three sides of a battle hurdle toward each other as The Codex reaches its stunning finale!

Cast of Characters

All character descriptions are taken from The Codex official website.

Covenant Characters

The Praetor - One of the highest ranking generals in the Covenant Army, the Praetor was in charge of the group that first detected the Codex's signal. However, his main mistake came when he rushed in to investigate, rather than alerting the proper religious authorities, a fact which has made him suspect in the eyes of the Prophets. Although he received a reprimand, his skill as a commander made him the most obvious choice to lead the invasion and occupation, and it seemed that his simple transgression would soon be forgotten. However, though the Prophets may forgive, they never forget ... Played by Patrick Malone

The Cleric - An ambitious and ruthless Covenant religious leader, the Cleric is the Prophets' spy among the invasion force. He is very dubious of the Praetor's true aims, and is constantly working to undermine the Praetor's authority and seize control for himself. The Cleric also commands the Seraphim, the most hardened warriors in the Covenant military. The Cleric also despises the SpecOps Commander, both because she is a female and because her SpecOps Elites constitute the greatest counter-balance to the Cleric’s Seraphim. Played by Alexander Winn

Commander Anda Sofadee - A tough-as-nails commander and incredible soldier, the SpecOps Commander's only crime was being born female. Although this would have been enough to keep most Elites out of a command position, or even out of the armed forces at all, the SpecOps Commander's skill is such that she had to be given some command, lest she cause unrest within the ranks of the Elites. However, she has been put in command of what is essentially a suicide squad, and each time she completes a mission successfully is one more bafflement for those who believe her to be inherently incompetent. Her only true ally, aside from her fanatically loyal subordinates, is the Praetor, who sees no difference between great warriors based on anything but merit, and certainly not on gender. Played by Meghan Foster

Commander Erda Renadee - While the SpecOps Commander is usually only sent on high profile missions, the Battlefield Commander is dispatched on the more standard military expeditions. His skill at commanding troops in the field makes him an invaluable resource to the Praetor, but his uncompromising and often headstrong manner makes him unsuited to the political maneuvers that the higher-echelon Elites have come to take for granted. But on the battlefield, politics does not matter, only victory does. Victory is the Battlefield Commander's specialty. Played by Ryan Luther

Foreman Orma Zemalee - The leader of the civilian population and the engineering crew, the Foreman is in charge of the actual excavation and handling of the Codex itself. Although he is by his nature a-political, he is often drawn into the middle of the Praetor and Cleric's power plays. However, at his core he is a simple scientist who values little more than peace and discovery. Played By Ryan Luther

Captain of the Seraphim - The Captain of the Seraphim is considered by many to be the greatest warrior in the Covenant. He leads the Seraphim, the most feared order of religious warriors the Covenant has ever know. They are the ones who lead the crusade to recover the Forerunner ruins and their sole reason for existing is to wage the Great Crusade. Played By Alexander Winn

The Seraphim - The Seraphim are the toughest and most brutal soldiers in the Covenant arsenal, and their Captain is an unmistakable presence in any situation. The runes on their armor denote the Seraphim as a religious order of warriors, and they answer only to the Prophets and their religious aids. Unceasingly loyal and relentlessly persistant, the Seraphim are the most powerful military force on the planet, one which the Praetor must find a way to counter-balance if he is to keep his position. Played by Patrick Malone and Alexander Winn

The Elite Ambassador - The Elite Ambassador is a largely vestigial post from the days before the Covenant was united. In the Old Times his job was not too dissimilar from Ambassadors on our own planet. However, when the Covenant was formed the position became more of a proselytizer, negotiating the entry of new races into the Covenant. It should be noted, however, that the Ambassadors are often used to negotiate false surrenders, after which the now-unarmed enemies are slaughtered. Played By Alexander Winn

The Prophet of Truth - The Prophet of Truth is the head of the Triumvirate, and therefore of the Council and the Covenant at large. He is a subtle, amoral Prophet whose belief in the Great Journey is completely unshakable. He views his job as being to insure the Great Journey, and any method that can aid that objective should be used without hesitation, not matter the cost. Although he allowed the Praetor to command the Expeditionary Force dispatched to activate the Codex, he does not trust the Praetor for a moment. Therefore, he sent his personal aid, the Cleric, to keep an eye on the Praetor during this critical time. Played by Alexander Winn

The Prophet of Mercy - The Prophet of Mercy is the oldest member of the Triumvirate, and one of the senior Prophets on the Council. His name has come to be a dark joke among many on the Council: he is often the most vengeful and damning of the Prophets in the Triumvirate, a voice from the harsh past come to haunt the present. Luckily, however, he has been something of a mentor to the Praetor, and pushes for the Praetor to be placed in command of the Expeditionary Force sent to activate the Codex. Played by Ryan Luther

The Prophet of Regret - The Prophet of Regret is the newest member of the Triumvirate, appointed after his predecessor died from extreme old-age. As such, he is often the most zealous and brash of the three Prophets that make up the Triumvirate, lacking Mercy's age and Truth's subtlety. Unlike Mercy, Regret is has no predisposition to like the Praetor, and he takes the Praetor's failure to alert the Council of the Codex's existence promptly as a personal affront. It will be up to Truth to decide whether to punish the Praetor or place him in charge of the Expeditionary Force... 'Played by Ryan Luther

Aides - These Elites work as the right-hands of the various commanders in the Covenant military. Skilled in organization and command, they are the ones who make sure the orders get done. As such, they are a vital part of the Covenant military machine. Played by Alexander Winn, Ryan Luther and Ryan Terry

The Guardian - Not much is known about this enigmatic and powerful being, other than it was left behind to run the Codex in the absence of its masters, the Forerunners. The full extent of its powers are not yet known, nor are its true objectives and purpose... Played by Patrick Malone

The Guardian Whispers - These strange voices seem to be connected with the Guardian in some way, but their true nature is unknown... Played By Lauren Jenks & Alexander Winn

Human Characters

The Chief - The leader of the Spartans, the Chief is a tough and capable commander. Balancing well the differing strengths of the teams under his command, the Chief is also a force to be reckoned with when the situation calls for him to personally fight on the battlefield. And though his Spartans are usually in high morale under even the worst of circumstances, the Chief is not lacking in the ability to motive his troops in their darkest hours... Played by Patrick Malone

Lykurgus - An eccentric little piece of code, Lykurgus is the digital brain of the Spartan force. He provides them with detailed intel on all of their operations, along with spearheading the counter-intelligence effort against the Covenant. His ever-calm and conversational nature can sometimes seem somewhat out of place, especially when his human companions are fighting for their lives. Played by Alexander Winn

Red 1 - Jack Foster - Though cocky, Jack knows exactly what his limitations are, and how far he can push himself. A man whose tongue is as quick as his trigger finger, Jack is never one to be last in line. His constant advances toward Candice McKenzie, whom he lovingly refers to as "Candy", are never reciprocated, but he never seems to be discouraged. Underneath his comical, man's-man exterior, though, lies a capable commander and a formidable fighter. Played by John Gilchrist

Red 2 - Ben Jefferson - Ben loves anything that goes boom. A god with grenades and a rocket launcher, Ben is always excited about the possibility of destroying the entire enemy army in a single strike. He dreams one day of single-handedly destroying a Covenant Battle Carrier in orbit. It would be his biggest work to date.

Red 3 - Chris Hobart - As Red Team's sniper, Chris is used to being alone for long periods of time. This has led him to be somewhat of a quiet person, but his quiet nature belies his true ferocity. Though a man of few words, Chris can always be called upon to get the job done when a single shot can make more difference than an army in battle. Played by Ross Vick

Red 4 - Rick Daniels - A true berserker at heart, Rick has been known to fling himself into battle with nothing more than his trusty shotgun with little or no regard for his own life. Indeed, RickÕs lack of respect for his own life seems to be matched only by his own ability to save it...

Red 5 - Ashley Jenkins - Ashley is the runt of Red Team. He is a nit-picky little nerd who is often more interested in taking accurate measurements than fighting wars, and although Red Team gives him a hard time, they actually view him as a little brother and will fight fiercely to defend him in a bind. Played by Art Levy

Blue 1 - Candice McKenzie - McKenzie is one of the most brilliant tactical commanders in the UNSC. Because of this, she has been placed in charge of Blue Team, which is often used in special operations and stealth missions, and has turned it into a very formidable fighting force. Her professionalism and no-nonsense attitude, however, is often not enough to ward off the mock-advances of the men around her. Played by Lauren Davis

Blue 2 - Will Garrettson - Will can handle any vehicle with ease, and this makes him perfect for recon work and fast, in-and-out jobs. He gets a real thrill out of speed, and loves tinkering with Covenant vehicles, just to see what makes them tick. Although he is a vital part of the team, his terrible sense of humor and badly-timed jokes often bring about awkward moments. Played by Ryan Luther

Blue 3 - Matt Caine - Matt is the best sniper in the UNSC. His ability to find and hit moving targets at great distances have become legend, a legend which is only fueled by his impersonal, quiet nature.

Blue 4 - Frank Davis - Frank is Blue Team's own personal Red Team. Never one to retreat from combat, Frank is often at the vanguard of the assault, and while he appreciates thinking things out, Frank has fully embraced the life-lesson, "Shit happens." His penchant for destruction makes him a perfect addition to the otherwise more intellectual Blue Team. Played by Alexander Winn

Blue 5 - Daniel Davidson - A person whose modesty has run amuck, Daniel is never sure enough with his own opinions and intelligence. His opinions of himself, however, are not at all justified, as he is one of the best communications and intelligence officers in the UNSC. Played by Cal Smellage

Green 1 - Harvey Guttman - A grizzled old leatherneck, Harvey was next in line to be put in command of the Spartans on Arioas II when the planet was attacked. He is the oldest person to survive the SPARTAN program since its beginnings, and is lovingly known among Green Team as "the old man." Played by Alexander Winn

Green 2 - James Thomas - James is incredibly loyal to his teammates and to Green Team itself. He has had occasional doubts about his bravery, which are brought back into sharp focus after he survives the massacre of Green Team. Played by Will Robinson

Green 3 - Jeff Hunt - Jeff doesn't like it when people talk about him.

Green 4 - Sam Malone - Sam is a demolitions expert, and a damn good one. However, he has gained a reputation for being bad luck, and everything that he gets involved in seems to go bad... Played by Patrick Malone

Green 5 - Jake Dedman - Though a pessimistic complainer, Jake has always been known to get the job done when the situation calls for action. However, when the going gets tough, Jake gets loud. Members of the other teams often say that Green Team is so-named because of the color you turn when you listen to Eric's bellyaching. Played by Ryan Luther

Admiral Jerry B. Jacobs - Admiral Jerry B. Jacobs is one of the finer admirals in the UNSC. He majored in Latin in college, but joined the navy when the Covenant attacked. He rose quickly through the ranks, and is a master at adapting famous strategies from the ancient world into 26th century equivalents. When he was placed in command of the UNSC Battlecruiser Aeneas it made headlines in almost every UNSC military magazine. Played by Ryan Luther

The Crew of the UNSC Aeneas - The crew of the UNSC Battlecruiser Aeneas is a skillful and capable crew. They are quite loyal to their commander, Admiral Jacobs, except perhaps when he quotes ancient Greek and Roman texts before battles. Played by Margaret Thompson and Alexander Winn

Sergeant Henderson, ODSTs - The leader of the ODSTs is as hard a man as you will ever meet. Toughened up by countless orbital insertions and Cuban cigars, this man is a force to be reckoned with. Played by Ryan Luther

The ODSTs - The hardened warriors were the toughest the UNSC had to offer before the SPARTAN II project. Their name stands for Orbital Drop Shock Troops, meaning that they use one-man pods to make orbital insertions, tactical drops from space onto any point on a planet's surface. Although they lack the genetic and cybernetic augmentation of the Spartans, the ODSTs can hold their own, and hold their ground, in just about any situation. Played by Alexander Winn, Ryan Luther, Patrick Malone and Meghan Foster

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Machinima (a portmanteau word for machine cinema and/or machine animation) is both a collection of associated production techniques and a film genre (film created by such production techniques). ... Halos protagonist, the Master Chief. ...

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The Codex Alimentarius Commission was created in 1963 by FAO and WHO to develop food standards, guidelines and related texts such as codes of practice under the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme.
The main purposes of this Programme are protecting health of the consumers and ensuring fair trade practices in the food trade, and promoting coordination of all food standards work undertaken by international governmental and non-governmental organizations.
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CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Codex Vaticanus (1294 words)
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The Vatican Codex, in spite of the views of Tischendorf, who held for the priority of the Codex Sinaiticus, discovered by him, is rightly considered to be the oldest extant copy of the Bible.
It may be said that the Vatican Codex, written in the first half of the fourth century, represents the text of one of those recensions of the Bible which were current in the third century, and that it belongs to the family of manuscripts made use of by Origen in the composition of his Hexapla.
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