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Encyclopedia > Test Drive Overdrive
Screenshot of Test Drive I, Atari ST version.
Screenshot of Test Drive I, Atari ST version.

Test Drive is the name of one of the longest running and most popular racing game franchises ever. Originally published by Accolade, which was bought by Infogrames, the first title saw the light of day in 1987 and has since been followed by a stream of sequels. The Test Drive games are now published by Atari, the name which Infogrames renamed itself in 2003. Image File history File links screenshot Atari ST Test_Drive, made myself. ... Image File history File links screenshot Atari ST Test_Drive, made myself. ... The Atari 520ST Atari 1040STF with SC1224 color monitor The Atari ST is a home/personal computer that was commercially popular from 1985 to the early 1990s. ... A racing game is any [game or games] that involve(s) competing in races through a surrogate playing piece or vehicle, either getting it from one point to another or completing a number of circuits in the shortest time. ... Accolade was a video game developer and publisher of the 1980s and 1990s. ... Infogrames Entertainment SA (IESA) is an international holding company headquartered in Lyon, France. ... 1987 (MCMLXXXVII) was a common year starting on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... 2003 (MMIII) was a common year starting on Wednesday of the Gregorian calendar. ...



In Test Drive, the player typically gets into some hot wheels and must race to the finish line while avoiding traffic and the police.

The games

Test Drive (1987)

Test Drive was a car game released in 1987 by Accolade. It is the original that created the sub-genre of racing hot cars while outrunning the police, a concept successfully copied by newer franchises such as Need for Speed. In fact, Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit features an ode to Test Drive: one of the tracks, titled Rocky Pass, consists of roads along the side of a mountain. Test Drive was released in 1987 for DOS, the Atari ST and Commodore 64. The game was the first real racing game for DOS. In 1988 it was released for the Apple II and Amiga. 1987 1987 in games 1986 in video gaming 1988 in video gaming Notable events of 1987 in video gaming. ... Need for Speed (NFS) is a series of racing computer and video games by Electronic Arts, released on platforms including personal computers, GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation, N-Gage, and various others consoles. ... The Atari 520ST Atari 1040STF with SC1224 color monitor The Atari ST is a home/personal computer that was commercially popular from 1985 to the early 1990s. ... The Commodore 64 is the best selling single personal computer model of all time. ... Microsofts disk operating system, MS-DOS, was Microsofts implementation of DOS, which was the first popular operating system for the IBM PC, and until recently, was widely used on the PC compatible platform. ... 1988 (MCMLXXXVIII) was a leap year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar. ... The 1977 Apple II, complete with integrated keyboard, color graphics, sound, a plastic case and eight expansion slots. ... The original Amiga 1000 (1985) with Commodore 1080 monitor The Amiga is a family of home/personal computers originally developed by Amiga Corporation as an advanced home entertainment and productivity machine. ...

In this first version of the game, the player is given the choice of a variety of different sports cars such as Ferrari Testarossa, Lotus Turbo Esprit, Porsche 911 Turbo, Lamborghini Countach and C4 Chevrolet Corvette. The player then must race up a narrow mountain highway, avoiding the oncoming traffic, police and the guardrail-free cliff. If the player successfully makes it to the top within the time limit, they are given the (virtual) car for free to keep. The game's graphic was considered as impressive for the standards of the day. Atari ST and Amiga versions of the first Test Drive have the most advanced graphics. To meet Wikipedias quality standards, this article or section may require cleanup. ... The Ferrari Testarossa is a 12-cylinder mid-engined sports car made by Ferrari, which went into production in 1984 as the successor to the Ferrari 512 BB. The Pininfarina-designed car was radically wide at 77. ... Lotus Esprit Turbo 1981-1986 1993 Lotus Esprit S4 The back of a 1993 Lotus Esprit S4 1987 Lotus Turbo Esprit HC The Lotus Esprit was a sports car built by Lotus from 1976 to 2004. ... The Porsche 911 (pronounced as nine eleven) is a sports car made by Porsche AG of Stuttgart, Germany. ... Lamborghini Countach from the top. ... The Chevrolet Corvette is a sports car first manufactured by Chevrolet in 1953. ...

Test Drive II: The Duel

Main article: Test Drive 2: The Duel

In the sequel to Test Drive, the player doesn't just run away from the police and try to reach the finish line as fast as possible - they must also beat an opponent to the finish line. While the first Test Drive had only one type of scenery - brown rocky cliff - the second Test Drive contains many different types of scenery.

The cars featured were the Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959. The Musclecars add-on added the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray, 1968 Shelby GT500 Cobra, 1967 Pontiac GTO, 1969 COPO 9560 ZL-1 Camaro and a 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona. The Supercars add-on added the 1988 Lotus Turbo Esprit, Ferrari Testarossa, Porsche 911 RUF, 1988 Lamborghini Countach 5000S and a 1989 Corvette ZR1. The Ferrari F40 is a supercar that was produced by Ferrari from 1987 to 1992 as the successor to the 288 GTO, with which it shared some parts. ... Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Porsche 959 The Porsche 959 is a sports car manufactured by Porsche AG from 1986 to 1989, first as a Group B rally car and later as a road going vehicle designed to satisfy FIA homologation regulations requring that a minimum number of street... The Chevrolet Corvette is a sports car first manufactured by Chevrolet in 1953. ... 427 AC Shelby America CSX 4109 Cobra Signature Series #3 of 4 Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Shelby Cobra Shelby Cobra redirects here. ... It has been suggested that Pontiac GTO (2004) be merged into this article or section. ... There have been a number of vehicles bearing the Charger nameplate, but the name has generally denoted a performance model in the Dodge range. ...

Due to its popularity, there were a host of add-on disks released for Test Drive II:

  • Test Drive II: The Duel Add-on Scenery Disk: California Challenge
  • Test Drive II: The Duel Add-on Scenery Disk: European Challenge
  • Test Drive II: The Duel Add-on Car Disk: The Supercars
  • Test Drive II: The Duel Add-on Car Disk: The Musclecars
  • Test Drive II: The Duel: The Collection

Test Drive III: The Passion

The third game in the series, released in late 1990, was completely new, featuring 256-color VGA graphics and a true 3D environment, albeit with simple objects and no textures. TD3 presented five sections of a California course, and each section offered multiple routes to the finish line. In addition, the player could drive off-road anywhere on the course map, as long as they didn't crash. Scenery additions included rain and snow, hills, farms, traffic lights, billboards, ponds and rivers, livestock, and culs-de-sac. Three cars were featured: the Chevrolet CERV III, Lamborghini Diablo, and Pininfarina Mythos. Only the Diablo was ever available in the real world; the other two were show cars. This article is about the year. ... VGA redirects here. ... A 3D rendering with raytracing and ambient occlusion using Blender and Yafray 3D computer graphics are works of graphic art that were created with the aid of digital computers and specialized 3D software. ... Official language(s) English Capital Sacramento Largest city Los Angeles Area  Ranked 3rd  - Total 158,302 sq mi (410,000 km²)  - Width 250 miles (400 km)  - Length 770 miles (1,240 km)  - % water 4. ... A stoplight in Mexico City. ... The examples and perspective in this article or section may not represent a worldwide view. ... Sheep are commonly bred as livestock. ... For the musical group, see Cul de Sac (group). ... Chevrolet Corvette CERV is a series of experimental Chevrolet Corvette cars, using mid mounted engine. ... The Lamborghini Diablo (which means Devil in Spanish) was a high-performance supercar built by Lamborghini of Italy between 1990 and 2001. ... The Ferrari Mythos was mid-engine, rear wheel drive concept car produced by Ferrari in 1989. ... A show car, sometimes called a dream car, is a custom-made automobile created specifically for public display, rather than sale. ...

While the environment in TD3 was far more realistic than the previous Test Drive games, the driving experience was notorious for being unrealistic and often uncontrollable. The speed of the game was dependent on the speed of the PC, with the intended speed exhibited on an 386 processor. Running on anything faster, the game clock would speed up - as fast as ten seconds game speed to one second real speed on a more modern PC. TD3 offered "radio stations" for the driver's listening pleasure, a concept revived in modern games like Grand Theft Auto III, but the music in TD3 was composed of MIDI instruments rather than digitally recorded soundtracks. Intel 80386 DX, 33MHz, foreground The Intel 80386 is a microprocessor which was used as the central processing unit (CPU) of many personal computers from 1986 until 1994 and later. ... Grand Theft Auto III (GTA III) is an action computer and video game developed by DMA Design, published by Rockstar Games in October 2001 (see 2001 in video gaming) for the PlayStation 2 video game console, May 2002 for Windows-based personal computers (PCs), and in November 2003 for the... Musical Instrument Digital Interface, or MIDI, is a system designed to transmit information between electronic musical instruments. ...

TD3 was only released on the PC; there were no other platform conversions. There was one add-on released, titled Road & Car. It added two cars: the Acura NSX and Dodge Stealth, and a New England course: Cape Cod to Niagara. One of the first PCs from IBM - the IBM PC model 5150. ... The Honda NSX (Acura NSX in North America and Hong Kong) is a sports car produced by the Japanese automaker Honda. ... Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 racing Japanese Mitsubishi GTO patrol car The Mitsubishi GTO was Mitsubishis flagship sports car from 1991-1999. ... Cape Cod and Cape Cod Bay from space. ... Niagara can refer to many different things: Niagara Falls Niagara Falls State Park Niagara River Fort Niagara Niagara Escarpment Niagara University Niagara County, New York Niagara Regional Municipality, Ontario Niagara grape Niagara Processor Niagara (ship) Niagara (film) This also includes several cities: Niagara, North Dakota Niagara, Wisconsin Niagara (town), Wisconsin...

Test Drive 4

The re-launch of the franchise came seven years later with Test Drive 4. TD4 was the first Windows game in the series. Unlike TD3, TD4 returned to linear, closed tracks where the player was no longer free to drive off the road. Test Drive 4 received the "Best in Show" award at E3, 1997.

Test Drive 5

Box art for Test Drive 5
Box art for Test Drive 5

Hot on the heels of the success of Test Drive 4 came Test Drive 5. It was very similar to its predecessor but much more polished. It had a wider selection of cars, and although it sold over one million units, it received low ratings. It also featured a soundtrack including groups such as KMFDM, Fear Factory, and Pitchshifter. The full soundtrack is as follows Junkie XL=Def Beat, Gravity Kills=Falling, KMFDM=Megalomaniac, KMFDM=Leid Un Eland, KMFDM=Anarchy, Pitchshifter=Microwaved, Pitchshifter=W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G, Pitchshifter=Genius Image File history File links Td5cover. ... Image File history File links Td5cover. ... KMFDM is an industrial rock band and the brainchild of founding member Sascha Konietzko. ... Fear Factory is an American death/industrial metal band that has toured with Black Sabbath, Pantera, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Dream Theater and Rammstein; performed at three Ozzfests and the inaugural Gigantour; and had singles in the Mainstream Rock Top 40 and albums in the Billboard top 40, 100 and... Pitchshifter are a British metal/industrial band from Nottingham. ...

The PC version of Test Drive 5 is multiplayer capable on a TCPIP network.

Test Drive 6

A speedy release to capitalize on the Test Drive name. Includes a few songs from popular bands. Many licensed cars are also featured in this game. Such of these are Dodge, Ford and many others. Tracks are featured from all over the world and are unlockable through tournaments. Of all the games in the series, this one received bad reviews from critics due to lack-luster graphics, overly-reused soundtrack that loop during gameplay, sluggish and choppy frame rate, unresponsive controls and unrealistic gameplay, despite the fact that the game leans more towards being arcade than simulation.

Test Drive: Le Mans

This game focuses on the 24 Heures du Mans, the famous 24-hour race in the French city of Le Mans, which is arguably one of the world's most beloved sporting events. For over 70 years, daredevil car jockeys have congregated in Le Mans to find out who the real iron man of racing is. The game was considered the best in the series so far, with colorful and detailed graphics, smooth frame rate, tight controls, good sound and audio, and enjoyable gameplay.

Test Drive: V-Rally

Originally, this title was first released for the PlayStation as Need for Speed: V-Rally 2. It was latter ported over to the Sega Dreamcast as Test Drive V-Rally and V-Rally 2 in Europe and for Microsoft Windows. This title is a rally racing computer game and sequel to Need for Speed: V-Rally. It was developed by Eden Studios and Atari Europe, and published by Atari Europe and Electronic Arts. For other versions of PlayStation, please see PlayStation (disambiguation) The PlayStation ) is a video game console of the 32/64-bit era, first produced by Sony Computer Entertainment in the mid-1990s. ... The Sega Dreamcast (Japanese: ドリームキャスト; code-named Dural and Katana during development) was Segas fourth and final video game console and the successor to the Sega Saturn. ... European redirects here. ... Microsoft Windows is a family of operating systems by Microsoft. ... Mike Gardner and Philip Love in 1967 Eden Studios is a commercial recording facility in West London. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... EA redirects here. ...

Although not directly affiliated to Electronic Arts, the game is regarded as part of the Need for Speed series due to the use of the "Need for Speed" prefix, and Electronic Arts' effort to publish the American PlayStation version of the game. The following installment of the series, V-Rally 3 (2002), dropped the "Need for Speed" branding from its name altogether and is no longer tied to EA.

Test Drive Overdrive (2002)

This release kicked off the Test Drive series' life on next-generation consoles. It differed from its predecessors in that it featured a storyline. The game dropped the old techno rock selection from the older Test Drives and went to more of a rap orientated sound track featuring songs from artists such as DMX and Bubba Sparx. The intense crashes was almost taken away and there was lots of slowdown even on the ledendary San francisco hills from Test Drive 4 and 5. For album titles with the same name, see 2002 (album). ...

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction

Main article: Test Drive: Eve of Destruction

The latest installment, Eve of Destruction is reminiscent of the old Destruction Derby games. The game is called Driven To Destruction in Europe. Players use a variety of visually recognizable vehicles (notably cars similar to a late-70's Chrysler LeBaron and Ford Maverick) in several methods of destruction derby-style racing. Included in the two-player mode is "Attack", where two players face off in a field or track in cars that have special ammunition: chickens with explosives tied around them. The chickens can be shot at the other vehicle; once shot it takes a few seconds to re-load. Destruction Derby is a 1995 video game published by Psygnosis and developed by Reflections, the latter of which would later develop the successful Driver series. ...

Test Drive Off-Road

A spin-off from the original franchise. Four installments have been released thus far:

  • Test Drive Off-Road
  • Test Drive Off-Road 2
  • Test Drive Off-Road 3
  • Test Drive Wide Open (played on three different locations: Moab Deserts, Yosemite and Hawaii)

Moab is a city in Grand County, Utah, United States. ... Yosemite National Park (pron. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ...

Demolition Racer

Other spin-off from the Test Drive franchise. Based on the Test Drive 5 engine, it is a destruction race with fantasy named-cars and wild in-game music. It is for PC and Sega Dreamcast also.

See also: Demolition Racer: No Exit

Test Drive Unlimited

Main article: Test Drive Unlimited

Confirmed for the Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable, the new Test Drive will have more than 125 licensed cars, including classic and modern cars, along with motorcycles. The action will take place on the fully-modeled Hawaiian island Oahu. Atari has confirmed that the gameplay will be based around an MMO (also called MOOR, Massively Open Online Racing) style; each server will have hundreds of players, free to create street races, buy cars from each other, or just roam at will around the island. Test Drive Unlimited is an arcade-style racing game that features over 125 licensed sports cars and motorcycles and a terrain modelled after the Hawaiian island of Oahu that features some 1000 miles of roads and highways. ... The Xbox 360 is the successor to Microsofts Xbox video game console, developed in co-operation with IBM, ATI, Samsung and SiS. Information on the console first came through viral marketing campaigns and it was officially unveiled on MTV on May 12, 2005, with detailed launch and game information... Microsoft Windows is a family of operating systems by Microsoft. ... PS2 redirects here. ... The PlayStation Portable (officially abbreviated as PSP) is a handheld game console released and manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment. ... Hawaiian could refer to the Hawaiian language the native Hawaiian people within Hawaii. ... Oʻahu (usually Oahu outside Hawaiian and Hawaiian English), the Gathering Place, is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands and most populous island in the State of Hawaii. ... The abbreviation MMO can stand for any of several things: Main Mechanical Outfitting Maintenance Management Officer Maintenance Manual Organization Level (TMINS) Man-made object Marine Mammal Observer Marketing Mix Optimization Massively multiplayer online (gaming) Materials and Manufacturing Ontario Maximum Operating Mach Number Means, Motive and Opportunity Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter Minimum...

A free demo, playable for 15 minutes, was available for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace beginning May 8, 2006, to coincide with E3. The demo features 3 drivable vehicles to choose from: a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, a Shelby GT-500, and a Lotus Exige. The player is free to roam around a small portion of Oahu, practice racing, or challenge other online players to a race. Demo disc released with a magazine. ... The Xbox Live Marketplace The Xbox Live Marketplace is a virtual market designed for Microsoft s Xbox 360 console that allows Xbox Live subscribers to download purchased or promotional content. ... May 8 is the 128th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar (129th in leap years). ... 2006 (MMVI) is a common year starting on Sunday of the Gregorian calendar. ... E³ logo The Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E³, is an annual trade show for the computer and video games industry presented by the Entertainment Software Association. ... Lamborghini Gallardo coupe The Lamborghini Gallardo is the Italiansupercar maker Lamborghinis entry-level car, sitting beneath the Murciélago. ... The Shelby Mustang was a tuner sports car from the 1960s. ... UK-spec Lotus Exige The Lotus Exige is a two-door, two-seat sports car made by Lotus Cars. ... Oʻahu (usually Oahu outside Hawaiian and Hawaiian English), the Gathering Place, is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands and most populous island in the State of Hawaii. ...

A second free demo was released on August 25, 2006. The demo offers a 60 minute time limit and offers four vehicles, a Ferrari F430, a Ford Mustang GT, an AC Cobra and a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R. As well as offering new offline challenges, the new demo offered two multiplayer modes, and access to the MOOR system for free ride. The area of the demo has not changed. The previous demo is no longer available. August 25 is the 237th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar (238th in leap years), with 128 days remaining. ... 2006 (MMVI) is a common year starting on Sunday of the Gregorian calendar. ... The Ferrari F430 is a sports car automobile designed to replace the Ferrari 360. ... A 2005 Mustang GT Convertible The Ford Mustang is a popular sports car. ... 427 AC Shelby America CSX 4109 Cobra Signature Series #3 of 4 Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Shelby Cobra Shelby Cobra redirects here. ... The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R is Kawasakis follow-up to the ZX-9R sportbike. ...

The full game was released on 5 September 2006 in North America and 8 September 2006 on the Xbox 360 in Europe. September 5 is the 248th day of the year (249th in leap years). ... 2006 (MMVI) is a common year starting on Sunday of the Gregorian calendar. ... September 8 is the 251st day of the year (252nd in leap years). ... 2006 2006 in games 2005 in video gaming 2007 in video gaming Notable events of 2006 in video gaming. ...

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