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Encyclopedia > Streets of Rage series

The Streets of Rage series (known in Japan as the Bare Knuckle series) is a well-known beat 'em up series developed by Sega. The series centers around the efforts of several heroes, including series mainstays Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding, to rid a crime troubled city from the rule of crime boss Mr. X and his crime syndicate. Screenshot of Kung Fu Master (1984, Irem). ... Sega Corporation ) is an international video game software and hardware developing company, and a former home computer and console manufacturer. ...



The three games in the series were released between 1991 and 1994, the first of which was later included as part of the Sega 6-Pak. The first entry in the series, Streets of Rage introduces the main characters: three young police officers (Axel, Blaze and Adam) and Mr. X, the mastermind himself. Gameplay is different from later games in the series, as were the graphics - which are significantly smaller in scale than the graphics of the later games. 1991 (MCMXCI) was a common year starting on Tuesday of the Gregorian calendar. ... 1994 (MCMXCIV) was a common year starting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar, and was designated as the International Year of the Family and the International Year of the Sport and the Olympic Ideal. // Events January Bill Clinton January 1 : North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) goes into effect. ... Streets of Rage (known in Japan as Bare Knuckle) was a popular beat em up series developed by Sega. ...

The next entry in the series, Streets of Rage 2 had new music by Yuzo Koshiro (inspired by early '90s club music), more defined graphics and new moves. It also introduced two new characters, Sammy "Skate" Hunter and Max Hatchett (or Max Thunder, depending on your region). Various gameplay tweaks and enhancements were added. Streets of Rage (known in Japan as Bare Knuckle) was a popular beat em up series developed by Sega. ... Outrun (1986) is an arcade game with an integral soundtrack. ... Yuzo Koshiro Yuzo Koshiro (古代祐三 Koshiro Yūzō, born December 12, 1967, in Tokyo, Japan) is one of the well-known faces of Japanese video game music. ... Computer graphics (CG) is the field of visual computing, where one utilizes computers both to generate visual images synthetically and to integrate or alter visual and spatial information sampled from the real world. ...

The final entry to the Streets of Rage series, Streets of Rage 3 was also perhaps the most controversial. Despite some enhancements, it has been seen as very similar to Streets of Rage 2. This entry to the series added a more complex storyline, told using cut scenes. The North American version's plot was largely censored and its difficulty level was increased. Streets of Rage (known in Japan as Bare Knuckle) was a popular beat em up series made by Sega, composed of three games, spawning from 1991 to 1994. ... A cut scene or cutscene (sometimes also referred to as a cinematic) is a sequence in a video game over which the player has no control. ...

Although it was one of the most popular franchises on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, no new Streets of Rage games have appeared on subsequent consoles. After porting Die Hard Arcade, a 3D beat 'em up from the arcades to the Saturn, Sega had reportedly tried to bring 'the Streets of Rage series to the Sega Saturn and expressed interest in using the 3-D title Fighting Force to do so. Nothing came of this however and the game was released without Streets of Rage branding. Original Sega Mega Drive (PAL version) Sega Mega Drive (Japanese: メガドライブ Mega Doraibu) is a 16-bit video game console released by Sega in 1988. ... The Mega Drive/Genesis was a 16-bit video game console released by Sega in Japan (1988), Europe (1990) and most of the rest of the world as the Mega Drive. ... A video game console is a dedicated electronic machine designed to play video games. ... Die Hard Arcade is a 1 or 2 player game in which the male and/or female characters fight through action-packed levels to save the presidents daughter from a band of terrorists. ... The rewrite of this article is being devised at Talk:3D computer graphics/Temp. ... A video arcade (known as an amusement arcade in the United Kingdom) is a place where people play arcade video games. ... The Sega Saturn (Japanese: セガサターン, Sega Saturn) is a 32-bit video game console, first released on November 22, 1994 in Japan, May 1995 in North America and July 8, 1995 in Europe. ... Fighting Force is a 1997 3D beat em up developed by Core Design and published by Eidos in the same lines of classics such as Streets of Rage and Double Dragon. ...

Early in the Sega Dreamcast production cycle, demos tentatively titled Streets of Rage 4 were made by Sega of Japan to bring the Streets of Rage series to the platform. The demo showed a character similar to Axel fighting off a group of enemy characters. Various changes in gameplay had apparently been planned, including the introduction of new team attacks and a new first person perspective. However, allegedly due to new management at Sega of America being unaware of the series and its past success, Sega did not follow up on it and the game never advanced past the demo stage. Video clips of a demo were eventually leaked out though. [1]. The Sega Dreamcast (Japanese: ドリームキャスト; code-named Blackbelt, Dural, and Katana during development) was Segas seventh & final video game console and the successor to the companys Sega Saturn. ... Doom, one of the games that defined the first-person shooter genre. ...

Barring the inclusion of all three existing titles in the Japanese version of Sonic Gems Collection [2], it is very unlikely it will return with a new commercial title. Sonic Gems Collection is a GameCube and (in Japan and Europe) PlayStation 2 compilation containing: Sonic the Hedgehog CD(Sega CD, port of PC version) Allegedly due to space issues, the GameCube version contains only its regional soundtrack (Japanese for Japan, American for America and Europe, even though Europe originally...


Axel Stone

Playable character from 1 to 3, Axel is the front man of the series. He turns slowly from an all-around to a bruiser in the end of the series. His fighting Style is Martial Arts and his hobby is playing videogames. In the later games, his special attacks are a 360 degree flaming punch (Dragon Wing) and a punch/uppercut combo (Dragon Smash). His blitz attack is a flaming uppercut named Grand Upper (though it was changed to bare knuckle for the US release of Streets of Rage 3, and seriously toned down in that game due to its excessive power in Streets of Rage 2)

Adam Hunter

Playable character only in 1, kidnapped in 2, and appears in the cut scenes of 3 twice. He is the older brother of Eddie "Skate" Hunter (in the Japanese version, Sammy Hunter). Adam is an ex-cop and professional boxer.

Blaze Fielding

Like Axel, Blaze is a playable character in all the games. While she starts out the series as a stereotypical female character (fast but weak), she ends up becoming the series' "all-rounder" by the second game. Her speciality is Judo giving her a more powerful 'throw' move than the other characters. With even stats and amazing technique, Blaze is usually seen as the best character to use in Streets of Rage 3. Her special techniques in the later two games are a cartwheel kick (Embukyaku) and a fireball (Kikousho). Her standard blitz attack, Vertical Slash, is a forward somersault that strikes enemies with her fists.

Max Hatchett/Thunder

Only playable in 2, Max, a wrestler, is by far the slowest character in the series, but also the hardest hitting. Max is a friend of Axel, and makes a cameo appearance in the ending of the third game. In Streets of Rage 2, his special techniques were a spinning ax-handle blow (Thunder Bomb) and a dashing tackle (Thunder Tackle). His blitz attack was the Power Slide. His name differs between the US and European Games, being Thunder in the US version, and Hatchett in the European version.

Eddie/Sammy Hunter AKA 'Skate'

Playable character in 2 and 3, the kid brother of Adam. Known as "Sammy Hunter" in Bare Knuckle and "Eddie 'Skate' Hunter" in the western versions, "Skate" being his nickname, as he is always on rollerblades. Fast, but the weakest of all characters. Also, in Streets of Rage 2, he was the only character who could dash. In both games, one of Skate's special moves was the Double Spin Kick. In Streets of Rage 2, he uses the Corkscrew Kick and in Streets of Rage 3, he uses Migraine, a flurry of punches. Roller skating girl in Rome, Italy (soul grind) Roller skating is travelling on smooth terrain with roller skates. ...

Dr. Zan Gilbert

A former syndicate henchman, Zan tells Blaze about the robot conspiracy in Streets of Rage 3, and about the Rakushin bombs in Bare Knuckle 3. He is one of the four initially selectable characters. Zan is himself part robot, a cyborg. Unlike the other characters in Streets of Rage 3, Zan has no specialized blitz weapon attacks; every weapon results in the same projectile attack for him. His special techniques are the Electric Body and Electric Hand, using his cyborg half to shock the opponents. Seven of Nine, a Borg in Star Trek: Voyager The term cyborg, a portmanteau of cybernetic organism, is used to designate an organism which is a mixture of organic and mechanical (synthetic) parts. ...


Roo is a kangaroo mini-boss in Streets of Rage 3. If you defeat his cruel trainer, Bruce, before defeating Roo, he becomes playable when you use a continue. You can also press Up+B+Start at the title screen to select Roo at the character selection screen. A distinction of this character, besides being the only non-human playable character, is that he cannot use weapons. Species Macropus rufus Macropus giganteus Macropus fuliginosus A kangaroo is any of several large macropods (the marsupial family that also includes the wallabies, tree-kangaroos, wallaroos, pademelons and the Quokka: 65 species in all). ...


Ash (right) in Bare Knuckle 3.
Ash (right) in Bare Knuckle 3.

A minion of Mr. X and the first mini-boss you face in Bare Knuckle 3. His character is a very stereotypical homosexual, having the female 'Death Scream', a very feminine run, even a stupid little 'Laugh' taunt (which can still be heard in Streets of Rage 3 in the sound test) and tons of female mannerisms. Because of this, he was removed from Streets of Rage 3. Normally, he would appear after the waves of punks come by boat on Round 1-2. Like Shiva, he is also a secret playable character, unlocked in a very similar manner. Like Roo and Shiva, Ash cannot handle any weapon. Streets of Rage 3 - Ash File links The following pages link to this file: Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender characters in video and computer games ... Streets of Rage 3 - Ash File links The following pages link to this file: Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender characters in video and computer games ...

Mr. X

The Syndicate head, Mr. X survived two encounters with the SoR team, but in 3 is nothing more than a brain, having had his body broken in the previous games. He is the final boss in all three games in some form. In the two first games he is armed with a Tommy gun. This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... The Thompson submachine gun, also known as the Tommy gun, was an American submachine gun (SMG) that became infamous during the Prohibition era. ...


The boss you fight before Mr. X in Streets of Rage 2 and twice in Streets of Rage 3. He is Mr. X's right-hand man and a very skilled fighter, his repertoire of moves matching the regular playable characters. He is also a secret playable character in Streets of Rage 3, who can be unlocked right after defeating him at the end of Round 1 by holding down the B button until the start of Round 2.

Fan games

Several unofficial tributes to the series have been developed. Beats of Rage uses King of Fighters characters in a tribute game to the series. Mods based on Beats of Rage have used Streets of Rage characters and graphics to create new Streets of Rage titles. A freeware, standalone PC game called Streets of Rage Remake[3] has features from all three Streets of Rage titles. Beats of Rage Beats of Rage is a homebrew freeware video game made by Senile Team and inspired by the classic SEGA Streets of Rage game. ... The King of Fighters ), or KOF for short, is a fighting game series by SNK that debuted in 1994. ... 2004 Banshee car modification for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - replacement of original Banshee by Suction Testicle Man Mod or modification is a term generally applied to computer games, especially first-person shooters and real-time strategy games. ...

Other media


Three comic strip series based upon the games appeared in Sonic the Comic in the early 1990s (along with several other adaptations of popular Sega franchises). The first two of these was written by Mark Millar, who has since become popular writing The Authority for Wildstorm and Ultimate X-Men and The Ultimates for Marvel, while the third (and a Poster Mag story) was written by Nigel Kitching. These three stories are a seperate continuity from the games. This article is about the comic strip, the sequential art form as published in newspapers and on the Internet. ... Sonic the Comic, known to its many readers as STC, was a UK childrens comic published by Fleetway Editions (the merged companies Fleetway and London Editions, which progressively became integrated with its parent company Egmont until it became known as Egmont Magazines) between 1993 and 2002. ... The eye is an adaptation. ... Mark Millar (born December 24, 1969) is a Scottish comic book writer born in Coatbridge. ... The Authority is a superhero comic book. ... WildStorm WildStorm Productions, or simply WildStorm, is an American publisher of comic books. ... Ultimate X-Men is a superhero comic book published by Marvel Comics. ... The Ultimates are a group of fictional characters, a government-sponsored team of superheroes in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, appearing primarily in their self-titled comic book limited series The Ultimates and The Ultimates 2, published by Marvel Comics, written by Mark Millar and drawn by Bryan Hitch. ... Marvel Comics is an American comic book line published by Marvel Entertainment, Inc. ...

The first story involved Axel, Blaze, and Max (replacing Adam) quitting the highly corrupt police force in order to do more good as vigilantes; the second introduced Skates, delinquent son of an honest cop (who was mates with Axel and the others), who was unwillingly drawn into joining Axel's group after his parents were killed by Mr X; the third story had the Syndicate unleash an army of street gangs on our heroes, with the event turned into a gambling event as people bet on how long the heroes would last. The third story was notable for revealing that, for his failure, the old Mr X had been replaced with a new one by the Syndicate at story's end.


The game's soundtrack was acclaimed, with several soundtrack albums being released. The soundtracks were composed by Yuzo Koshiro. Another musician, Motohiro Kawashima, helped on the second, providing a few tracks, and making even more for the third. Three soundtrack CDs were released in all, each of which now sell for high prices at auction and in Japanese markets. Yuzo Koshiro Yuzo Koshiro (古代祐三 Koshiro Yūzō, born December 12, 1967, in Tokyo, Japan) is one of the well-known faces of Japanese video game music. ... Soundtrack refers to the recorded sound accompanying a visual medium such as a motion picture, television show, or video game. ... CD may stand for: Compact Disc Canadian Forces Decoration Cash Dispenser (at least used in Japan) CD LPMud Driver Centrum-Demokraterne (Centre Democrats of Denmark) Certificate of Deposit České Dráhy (Czech Railways) Chad (NATO country code) Chalmers Datorförening (computer club of the Chalmers University of Technology) a 1960s...

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