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Superior Defender Gundam Force is a anime TV series, a parody of various Gundam series. Back to Animation Anime (アニメ) is a style of cartoon animation originating in Japan. ... See TV (disambiguation) for other uses and Television (band) for the rock band European networks National In much of Europe television broadcasting has historically been state dominated, rather than commercially organised, although commercial stations have grown in number recently. ... In contemporary usage, parody is a form of satire that imitates another work of art in order to ridicule it. ... Gundam is one of the longest running meta-series of anime featuring giant robots. ...



This series started its broadcast on Cartoon Network in US for 26 episodes, and later on TV Tokyo for 52 episodes, making it the longest Gundam series to date. Currently there has been no official word on the fate of the show within the US other than odd mentions, though fans continue to campaign for the release of the final 26 episodes on DVD. Unlike previous SD Gundam series, SD stands for Superior Defender. It is a crossover series based on the three SD settings that were used in earlier SD Gundam anime and manga: SD Commando, a science-fiction-styled militaristic setting; SD Sengokuden, a setting with samurai-themed robots; SD Gundam Gaiden, a medieval European fantasy-themed setting. It also contains many references and homages to the standard Gundam shows, especially those of the Universal Century, Future Century, and After Colony timelines. Super Deformed Gundam or SD Gundam originated from a contributed illustration of a junior high school student from Nagoya by the name of Koji Yokoi to the Model News magazine that Bandai was issuing in the 1980s. ... Chromosomal crossover in genetics is an exchange of material between two chromosomes. ... Back to Animation Anime (アニメ) is a style of cartoon animation originating in Japan. ... A page from the Marmalade Boy manga, volume 1 (Japanese version) Manga (漫画) is the Japanese word for comics and print cartoons; outside of Japan, it usually refers specifically to Japanese comics. ... Gundam is one of the longest running meta-series of anime featuring giant robots. ... Universal Century (or UC for short) is one of the timelines of the Gundam anime metaseries. ... After Mobile Suit Victory Gundam finished airing in Japan in early 1994, Bandai celebrated Gundams 15th anniversary by trying something new: free the franchise from the continuity of the Universal Century (and sell more model kits). ... New Mobile Report Gundam W (also known as Mobile Suit Gundam Wing) is a televised Anime series, which ran for 49 episodes beginning in 1995. ...

Later in the series, a Zako Zako Hour segment was added to explain various aspects of the show to the audience, usually with hilarious results.

Although Gundam Seed had previously used the cel-shading animation technique, this is the first Gundam TV series to use it in the entire show. Title of the series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (or Gundam Seed) is an anime television series from Japan. ... Categories: Computer and video game stubs | Computer graphics ...

Their first opening theme, Sunrise, was performed by Puffy AmiYumi. Puffy ) or Puffy AmiYumi ) as they are known in the United States (due to legal naming conflicts with Sean Combs, A.K.A. Sean Puffy Combs or Puff Daddy), is a Japanese J-Pop duo. ...

One more thing to note is that among many Gundam fans, this series has low popularity.

The TV series has 2 spinoff comic series known as SD Gundam Force and SD Gundam Force Gaiden. However, SD Gundam Force Musharetsuden is not based on the TV series and is instead an updating of the original SD Musha Gundam story, told via two generations (the original Musha Gundams and their sons).


The story is set in the futuristic city of Neotopia, a happy peaceful place where humans and robots co-exist, until the Dark Axis, an evil force from another dimension, arrives.

Aware of the Dark Axis in advance, Neotopia established the secret Super Dimensional Guard to combat the invaders whilst keeping the conflict a secret from the public. A young boy named Shute becomes accidently involved in the first battle between the Dark Axis and the SDG's Gundam Force robot hero, Captain Gundam. Shute's friendship with Captain is critical to activating Captain's Soul Drive, he's mysterious power source that is the key to victory. As the fighting continues, Gundams from other dimensions such as Zero and Bakunetsumaru arrive to help out. As the Gundam Force beat back the mono-eyed invaders the battle spreads beyond Neotopia into the dimensions of Lacroa and Ark, leading into a final confrontation with the supreme leader of the Dark Axis- General Zeong.

Cast & Crew

English Cast

Yuri Lowenthal is a voice actor. ... Dave Wittenberg (also known as Dave Lelyveld and Dave Whittenburg) is a prolific video game and anime voice actor (with nearly a hundred titles to his credit). ... Philece Sampler is a voice actor, whose credits include various characters in anime. ...

Japanese Cast

Paku Romi (born January 22, 1972), a third-generation Korean born and raised in Tokyo, is a voice artist (seiyÅ«) and actor. ... Nakagawa Akiko(中川 亜紀子) is a seiyu who was born on December 1, 1973 in Sapporo. ... Aya Hisakawa (久川 綾 Hisakawa Aya, born November 12, 1968) is a popular seiyū and J-pop singer; born in Kaizuka, Osaka Prefecture. ... Susumu Chiba (千葉 進歩 Chiba Susumu, born September 13, 1970) is a seiyu. ... Saiga Mitsuki (æ–Žè³€ みつき) is a seiyu who was born on June 12, 1973 in Saitama. ... Yumiko Kobayashi (小林 由美子 Kobayashi Yumiko, born June 18, 1979) is a seiyÅ« who was born in Chiba. ... Kazuya Nakai(中井 和哉 Nakai Kazuya, born November 25, 1967) is a seiyÅ« who was born in Kobe. ... Yanada Kiyoyuki (梁田 清之) is a seiyu who was born on May 10, 1965 in Tokyo. ... Juurouta Kosugi (小杉 十郎太 Kosugi JÅ«rōta, born December 19, 1957) is a veteran seiyÅ« who was born in Yokohama, Japan. ... Shuichi Ikeda (池田 秀一 Ikeda Shūichi) is a veteran seiyuu who was born on December 2, 1949 in Tokyo. ... Itou Kentarou (伊藤 健太郎) is a seiyu who was born January 3, 1974 in Tokyo. ... Akio Otsuka (大塚 明夫 ÅŒtsuka Akio, born November 24, 1959) is a veteran seiyÅ«. He is also the son of veteran seiyÅ« Chikao Otsuka. ...



The Neotopia characters are modelled after SD Commando and the Earth Federation Mobile Suits of the Universal Century. Mobile Suits are humanoid weapon systems in the Gundam anime series. ... Universal Century (or UC for short) is one of the timelines of the Gundam anime metaseries. ...

  • Shute - A young boy who lives in Neotopia, Shute accidentally becomes involved in the secret war against the Dark Axis when their initial invasion attempt occurs right before his eyes. Shute is saved by Captain Gundam and, despite some initial objections from the SDG for the boy's safety, the two become fast friends and partners. It's this friendship which enables Shute to activate the Soul Drive, the mysterious core of Captain Gundam.
  • Captain Gundam - The first unit produced by the Super Dimensional Guard's top secret Gundam Force programme, Captain Gundam is the main defender of Neotopia. Initially secretive and rigid, Captain loosens up and becomes more humane via his interactions with Shute. The core of Captain Gundam is his Soul Drive, a mysterious power source which responds to emotions of others. When cheered on by Shute, Captain can use the Soul Drive to unleash his lethal Captain Punch fist attack. Whilst Captain's standard form keeps weapons to a minimum (vulcans, missile launchers, beam saber and an optional light beam rifle and light shield), he is designed to be adaptable for various missions. Some of his other forms include:
    • Mobile Citizen Captain - When Captain wishes to journey into the world beyond the SDG headquarters Blanc Base, he adopts this simple disguise. Captain's armour and weapons are replaced with more friendlier components, his V-fin flips upside down to serve as eyebrows and his mouth guards open to reveal a human-like mouth.
    • Heavy Weapon Captain Gundam - A prototype upgrade designed after the SDG became aware of Commander Sazabi, the Heavy Weapon System adds extra fire power in the form of shoulder and backmounted missile pods, a hand held machine gun and a much larger shield. As well as serving as a weapon system for the most dangerouds of missions, the extra components enable Captain to transform into the tank-like GunVehicle mode for extra speed.
  • Hyper Captain Gundam - After his first battle with the Dark Axis Professor Gerbera, Captain is once again highly damaged and returned to Neotopia for repair. Rather than just repairing him, the SDG elect to give him a whole new body and GP01 Hyper Captain Gundam is born. With the Gundam Force's mission now known to the public of Neotopia, Hyper Captain Gundam's body has no need for the Mobile Citizen disguise capability. It also uses a more bold design scheme. Captain retained this form until the end of the series. As with his previous body, Hyper Captain has various forms.
    • Hyper Captain Gundam Option F - The most common form of Hyper Captain. This form incorporates the dual combining beam sabers he used on his adventures across the Minov Sea and in Lacroa as well as optional backmounted flight pack. He can also unleash an attack from his V-Fin as well as continuing to use the Captain Punch.
    • Hyper Captain Gundam Option Z - When the final battle against the Dark Axis begins, Hyper Captain resorts to using his GP03 Option Z weapons pack. A backmounted unit with various thrusters, gatlings and beam cannons, it is the most powerful known form of Hyper Captain.
  • Gunbike - A large Gundam-style motorcycle intended for Captain, Gunbike houses the AI of Captain's former seasoned instructor. As dedicated to the protection of Neotopia as his student, Gunbike expects nothing but the best from his allies. He can be combined with an optional sidecar (commonly used by Shute) and boasts 2 six missile pods. When Captain activates the Soul Drive whilst riding Gunbike, a dynamo system enables Gunbike to feed off this energy as well for extra speed.
  • Guneagle - The third Neotopian Gundam to appear, GunEagle is young and cocky. Admiring Captain as a hero, GunEagle is delighted when he can finally fight alongside his idol. GunEagle is specifically created to deal with aerial threats that the other Gundam Force members aren't capable of reaching. Whilst his heart may be in the right place, he often shows off and pays the price soon after.
  • Gundiver - Specialising in underwater combat, the team of 7 identical Gundiver brothers work togethor to deal with threats connected to the sea near Neotopia. Unlike GunEagle, their personalities are similar to Captain's. When all 7 units are present, they can pull off a devestating team attack.
    • Gunchoppers - When the final battle against the Dark Axis begins, there is little use for the Gundivers in what is mainly an aerial conflict. The SDG quickly reconvert them to a team of aerial Gunchoppers, replacing their aquatic elements with aerial ones.
  • Gunpanzer - After sending out the newly built Hyper Captain to help with the Gundam Force's mission in Ark, the SDG are quick to send further reinforcements. One of these is Gunpanzer, an immense Gundam who can transform into an armoured transport for the rest of the team. Gunpanzer's AI is fact that of Gunbike, eager as always to be fighting on the front lines. Gunpanzer's pressence gives some much needed might to Britainmaru's forces and the two "old men" quickly become good friends.
  • Chief Haro - The leader of the SDG, Chief Haro is most notable for wearing a Haro (Gundam's famous mascot robot) helmet to mask his identity. Whilst Haro's true identity is never said in the show, many clues strong imply he is in fact Shute's father Mark, an idea many fans accept as canon. Whilst Chief Haro often leads from the SDG's hidden Blanc Base, he is not afraid to get out on the battlefield himself and use his daredevil fighting style. As with all officers of the SDG, Chief Haro is dedicated to ridding all dimensions of the invading Dark Axis menace.
  • Juli - An SDG operator. Juli often serves by Chief Haro's side and is dedicated but caring professional. She personally oversees most of the Gundam's launches, keeping track of them from the moment they leave the catapult to when they safely return.
  • Kao Lyn - 'Father' to all the Neotopian Gundams, Kao Lyn is a brilliant but slight eccentric scientist prone to speaking in gibberish whilst performing martial arts moves. Kao Lyn is rightfully proud of his 'children', knowing they are a near unbeatable first line of defense for Neotopia.
  • Bell Wood - A teenage prodigy, Bell Wood is in charge of providing the SDG with their own dimensional transport device to combat their enemy. In the final stages of it's development the device is accidentally damaged by Bakunetsumaru and the two spend much time arguing about this fact (Baku eager to get home, Bell stating he should have been more careful in the first place). Whilst prone to being egotistical and self serving, Bell Wood can be moved to serve the greater good. He ultimately never gets his device working, instead relying on the captured Zakarello Gate to fill the need.
  • Mayor Margaret Gathermoon - The talented and glamarous mayor of Neotopia, Mayor Margaret cares greatly for her citizens. Aware of the secret war, she often uses her position and quick wits to help keep the conflict secret and avoid general panic. Mayor Margaret can often be seen with paper and pencil in hand happily sketching away an idealic view or memorable scene, both easily found in Neotopia. Her love of art is imortalised in a giant living statue of herself. The statue was briefly taken over by Zapper Zaku and the rampaging giantess nearly defeated the Gundam Force.
  • Leonardo - A moustached GM serving as Mayor's assistant.
  • Prio - Leonardo's human companion.
  • Gundamusai - After the final major battle against the Dark Axis invasion squad, the SDG seizes elements of their technology. One such item is the Magna Musai battleship, which is reconverted into the Gundam-themed Gundamusai. The ship is controlled by the AI programme RAIMI and serves as a flagship for the Gundam Force's mission to free Lacroa and Ark.
  • Elmechu - Tiny mouse robots that scuttle in the dark corners of the Gundamusai
  • Gunperry - SDG transport ship. Whilst mass produced models are black, Chief Haro owns a custom white painted version.
  • Keiko - Shute's mother and a teacher in Neotopia. Whilst she is aware of her son's Gundam friends, Keiko doesn't know about their secret mission. Like most of the people in Neotopia, she finally discovered the truth when the Dark Axis launched a major attack on Neotopia.
  • Nana - Shute's baby sister. Via the time travel capabilities of Zeong's massive Soul Drive, we see that she'll grow up to look like a cross between Sayla and Mayor Margaret.
  • Mark - Shute's father. A musician, he spends so much time in the studio writing and recording music that he usually misses the exciting action in Neotopia...Or does he?
  • Sayla - A beautiful girl that reminds Zero of the princess of Lacroa. Sayla is a bit of a ditz, often oblivious to the action going on around her and possesing an obsession for the cakes she loves to bake.


Unlike other Gundams, Musha Gundams possess a 'GunSoul', which leaves their bodies upon death, only to reincarnate later. The Ark characters are modelled after SD Sengokuden and the Mobile Fighters and Mobile Suits of G Gundam. Mobile fighter is term used to refer to a specific type of fictional humanoid fighting vehicle in the Gundam anime series Mobile Fighter G Gundam. ... After Mobile Suit Victory Gundam finished airing in Japan in early 1994, Bandai celebrated Gundams 15th anniversary by trying something new: free the franchise from the continuity of the Universal Century (and sell more model kits). ...

  • Bakunetsumaru (爆熱丸) - The Blazing Samurai of Ark, Bakunetsumaru is dedicated to protecting his homeland from both the forces of Kibaomaru and the Dark Axis. After being accidentally flung to Neotopia and seeing that the war is spilling even further into other dimensions, he swears to fight to protect his new home but remains vocal about his desperation to return to Ark. Bakunetsumaru's name is often a source of comedy as those not native Ark often forget how to say it. As a result, he is usually referred to as 'Baku' by his new friends. Baku fights with twin swords, at least one of which was given to him by the master who trained him. Using these he can perform his destructive signature attack, the Bakunetsu Tenkyoken.
    • Bakushinmaru (爆心丸) - Bakushinmaru is Bakunetsumaru wearing the Baku Shin Armor which gives extra techniques and abillities which are powered by the wearer's own life force. The armour is destined to be worn by one noble heart musha per generation; the wearer does not choose it, it chooses the wearer.
  • Entengo (炎天号) - Bakunetsumaru's steed. The only connection Baku has to his homeland whilst in his Neotopian exile, Entengo is always by his master's side. He stays in Neotopia whilst the Gundam Force head out to save Lacroa but is quickly sent on when the Gundams reach Ark, where he stayes by his master's side once again until the end of the war.
  • Dai-Shogun of Perfect Virtue (完全善大将軍) - The legendary Musha Gundam who possesses reality bending powers which he theatrically uses with a wave of his fan. Initially showing up to give Bakunetsumaru cryptic hints about the future that awaits him, it's ultimately revealed that he is in fact the adult form of Genkimaru.
    • Ship of the Golden Crest - Daishogun's personal vessel. It is capable of detecting invisible enemies.
  • Genkimaru (元気丸) - the estranged son of Kibaomaru, he joined the SDG to save Ark and get revenge on his unknowing father for abandoing his mother. Despite his bratish behaviour, destiny seems to have something special in mind for Genki as he posses the ability to cut holes in the fabric of space time to allow himself and others to cross dimensions. He is also the leader of the Genki Power Squad which protects Ark against all evil in the end of the series. It is eventally revealed that Genkimaru will become the DaiShogun of Perfect Virtue.
  • Ashuramaru (阿修羅丸) - Formerly Kujakumaru and a one time friend of Bakunetsumaru, he joined Kibaomaru to gain enough power to seek revenge against Bakunetsumaru for sparing his life out of respect when he lost a duel to the Blazing Samurai. Ashuramaru was later defeated in a death-duel against Bakunetsumaru, upon which he asked for his friend's forgivness before transforming back into a GunSoul which was taken by the Dai-Shogun of Perfect Virtue.
  • Cobramaru (虚武羅丸) - A spy and assassin of Kibaomaru specializing in taking over castles, Cobramaru & his kin had sworn loyality to Kibaomaru. Cobramaru is designated Cobramaru Purple by his sibling teammates (Cobramaru Red, Cobramaru Yellow, Cobramaru Green and Cobramaru Blue). Cobramaru lost his Cobra hood in a battle against the Gundam Force on the Gundamusai. After being removed from Kibaomaru's service for a rash of failures, he attempted to regain his former position by stealing his family's legendary Cobramaru Black armour (which grants the wearer the power to perfectly mimic their enemies looks and most of their abilities) but was once again defeated by his enemies and the Cobramaru Black armour was destroyed. Cobramaru attempted suicide before his former master to make amends for this latest failure but was stopped by Genkimaru, who made him part of his forces.
    • The remainder of the Cobramarus were completly defeated by Bakushinmaru after they tried to assassinate Britainmaru.
  • Kibaomaru (騎馬王丸) - The evil Warlord of Ark who joined Dark Axis. Current ruler of a powerful musha clan, Kibaomaru seeks to rule Ark. He allied himself with the Dark Axis to give himself the edge in the civil war, but finds that his new allies demands sit less and less well with him. After Gerbera kidnaps Shute and the Princess, Kibaomaru requests they be put under his custody. Through his interactions with these 'strange creatures', Kibaomaru begins to show a better side.
  • The Kibao Horde - A team of 4 powerful evil Musha Gundams who serve as bodyguards to Kibaomaru and protect his fortress in his absence. Despite a fierce battle, they are beaten by the Gundam Force when they attack the fortress to rescue the kidnapped Shute and Princess Lily. The two teams face off again in the final conflict of the Ark civil war with a similar result, at which point the Kibao Horde accept the Gundam Force as superiour warriors.
  • Zakobusshi - As part of the alliance between Kibaomaru and the Dark Axis, his new allies provide him with forces to increase his military might. For this purpose, Professor Gerbera designs the Zakobusshi which are a mix of the Zako design with Ark culture. The Zakobusshi share about the same amount of love for their cousins as the Pawn Leos and so they quickly use their superiour numbers to seize control of the Zako Zako Hour once it's hosts arrive in Ark.
  • Nobusshi - A sub-species of Gundam native to Ark, Nobusshi make up most of the forces fighting in the civil war.
  • Britainmaru (武里天丸) - Once a great warrior and ruler of Ark, Britainmaru now possesses the strength of mind but not the strength of body to successfully fight. His Mobile Fortress seized by Kibaomaru, Britainmaru leads his forces from a camp. Initially suspicious of Bakunetsumaru, he comes to accept the younger musha as his successor. He also forms a friendship with Gunpanzer, since they are both of similar age and mind.
  • Mobile Musha Daishinshou (機動武者大神将) - A gigantic Gundam held deep within the Mobile Fortress. Not essentially alive, it has a Mobile Trace cockpit which enables it to mimic the move of it's pilot. Kibaomaru seeks Genkimaru so that he may enter it and use it to lay siege to his enemy, but in a struggle Genki becomes the pilot instead.


The Lacroa characters are modelled after SD Gundam Gaiden and the Mobile Suits of Gundam Wing. New Mobile Report Gundam W (also known as Mobile Suit Gundam Wing) is a televised Anime series, which ran for 49 episodes beginning in 1995. ...

  • Zero the Winged Knight - A Knight Gundam sworn to protect Lacroa and it's royal family, Zero was spirited away to Neotopia two years ago in the hopes he would find a way to combat the Dark Axis occupation. He ultimately hooked up with Neotopia's own Gundam defenders when the Dark Axis launched a campaign there. Flamboyant and noble, Zero sees himself as something of a gentleman and has an ego to match. He's also a sucker for women, especially damsels in distress. Like all Lacroan natives, Zero has access to a degree of magical powers which he casts with his powerful Buster Sword. Out of combat, he often produces magical flowers to annoy his team mate Bakunetsumaru. Zero is an important figure in Lacroan mythology, which regards him as the 'Chosen One' who will save Lacroa.
    • Zero Custom, the Knight of Silver Wings - After nursing Fenn to full health, Zero discovers that his friends true form is that of the powerful Feather Dragon, one of Lacroa's most powerful spirits. By merging with the matured Fenn, Zero becomes the much more powerful Zero Custom, the Knight of Silver Wings. In this form Zero wears angel-like armour and has access to a Twin Buster Sword which can split in two. He also gains a number of powerful new attacks, strongest of which is the mighty Infinity Winds.
    • Fenn - Entrusted to Zero after a brief return to Lacroa, Fenn hatches from an egg and appears to be little more than a white/blue flying fluffball with a childish temprament. He was named after GunEagle noted the only word he could say was 'Fenn'. After a brief period of being cared for by Zero, Fenn responds to his friends feelings by growing to gigantic size. Soon after he faces Tallgeese and his Griffin and reveals his true form- the Feather Dragon, a powerful Lacroan spirit only second to the Superiour Dragon. Whilst Fenn sacrafices himself in his first battle to save Zero, he returns to his friend whilst the Gundamusai travels the Minov Sea and again to help him fight against General Zeong.
  • Deed, Knight of the Shining Blade - Another Knight Gundam and Zero's best friend. When Zero showed doubt over the plan to send him away, Deed reassured his friend that the other Knights would continue to fight on and Zero's mission was just as important. Deed's true motives were in fact much darker- he had masterminded the Dark Axis invasion as a means to win the heart of the princess with whom he had fallen in love. Soon after Zero had left, Deed betrayed his 'allies' and sided with the Dark Axis under his alias of Deathscythe.
    • Deathscythe, Knight of Darkness - In order to hide his identity and gain more power, Deed captured the Steel Dragon and named their merged form Deathscythe. It was under this alias that he tricked Tallgeese into forming an alliance with the Dark Axis to cause Lacroa's downfall. Usually when in this form, Deed uses the cloaking magic and appears as a floating green blob. However, as his plans near the end he de-cloaks and reveals his fearsome form to his enemies.
    • Steel Dragon - Sibling to Fenn, the Steel Dragon is equal in power. As Fenn's features hint at his destined link with Zero, the Steel Dragon fits with Deed's 'grim reaper' look. When merged with Deed, the Steel Dragon's tail becomes a large scythe for his master. The Dragon appears to disagree with Deed's evil acts. In the middle of a battle high in the sky against Zero, he unmerges from his master and leaves Deed to fall to his death. He later cooperates with Fenn to produce a dimensional gate to send the Gundamusai on its way to Ark.
  • Rock, Knight Of The Hot Sands - Leader of the Knight Gundams. A brave warrior, he urged his team mates to fight on against the invaders. He fights with a curved blade. After his death, he is melted down and his Gundanium is used in building General Zeong's body.
  • Battle, The Crimson Knight - Another Knight Gundam who specalises in projectile combat, mainly his 4-round crossbow. After his death, he is melted down and his Gundanium is used in building General Zeong's body.
  • Nataku, The Bronze Knight - The last Knight Gundam, who appears to have an elaborate glaive weapon permanently attached to his right arm. After his death, he is melted down and his Gundanium is used in building General Zeong's body.
  • Tallgeese, Knight of Tempest - Leader of the Dark Axis branch of Lacroa, Tallgeese was originally turned down to become a Knight Gundam. Through the deception of Deathscythe, Tallgeese joined the Dark Axis to take over. He could bond with the Griffin to become Griffin Tallgeese. After Tallgeese was defeated by the SDG a second time, trapped in limbo, Deathscythe managed to sent him the sword of Epyon to give him safe passage back to Lacroa. However, Tallgeese was soon possessed by the spirit of Epyon & once freed from the sword was rendered powerless. He redeemed himself in the end, helping fight Deathsycthe at the cost of his life.
  • Griffin - A sacred beast of Lacroa, controlled by Tallgeese. When the Epyon-possesed Tallgeese was attacked by a combination of Zero Custom's Infinity Winds and the Gundamusai's cannons, the Griffin was seemingly destroyed.
  • Pawn Leo - Tallgeese's soldiers, created in his image by Deathscythe as a gift. Similar in stature to the Zakos, the Pawn Leos are even dumber. Deathscythe created them from charmed dice and they revert to this form once beaten. Unit commanders have a special head crest and Deathscythe maintains his own special Pawn Leos who have his colour scheme and stealth magic, much more powerful than the variety given to standard Pawn Leos.
  • Epyon - The powerful Epyon sword grants the wielder the powers of any it slays. However, the sword carries a terrible curse- prolonged use of the sword opens the wielder up to possession from the evil spirit within, the demon Knight Gundam Epyon. A being of pure darkness mana, Epyon lives only to kill and cause chaos. For increased power he can transform into a two headed dragon.
  • Mercurius, Knight of Thunder - An evil knight Gundam Tallgeese revived. He & his brother Vayeate were killed by Tallgeese, so their life force could power the sword of Epyon.
  • Vayeate, Knight of Storm - An evil knight Gundam Tallgeese revived. He & his brother Mercurius were killed by Tallgeese, so their life force could power the sword of Epyon.
  • Relehimana Miya De Lacroa - The princess of Lacroa, Rele was the one who tasked Zero with finding a way to save Lacroa. After many battles Zero was finally able to fulfill his duty and the princess was returned to normal. Initially a brat, Rele soon proves herself to be a capable and useful ally. She develops a crush on Shute and is eager to spend time with him.
    • Fake Relehimana Miya De Lacroa - Deathscythe created her from a Princess rose in order to steal the white Bagu Bagu. But she betrayed Deathscythe and became friends with Shute, reverted back into her original form as punishment.
  • Noah, Door, Core - Brother triplets who were tasked with guarding the Spirit Egg until Lacroa's saviour arrived. Zero was the saviour, but the triplets were highly suspicious of him at first until he bested Tallgeese in combat. Their mission fulfilled, the triplets turned to stone to await the day Zero achieved the final step of his journey. When the Dark Axis conflict ended, the Gundam Force met the triplets again.

Dark Axis

Modeled after the Zeon Mobile Suits from the Universal Century timeline.

  • Zapper Zaku - The first squad leader of the Dark Axis invasion force. He prefers to shoot first then ask questions later. After Sazabi's defeat, he was captured, surrendered and drafted to the SDG as janitorial service.
  • Grappler Gouf - After Zapper Zaku's two defeats, Grappler Gouf was sent into battle. He is easily the most intelligent and level headed on the invasion force trio. After Sazabi's defeat, he and Destroyer Dom secretly got in the Gundamusai and forced by Zapper Zaku to join his janitorial services
  • Destroyer Dom - The third warrior sent by Commander Sazabi. Dark Axis weapons expert. What he lacks in brains, he makes up for in pure destructive firepower. After Sazabi's defeat, he and Grappler Gouf secretly got in the Gundamusai and forced by Zapper Zaku to join his janitorial services.
  • Commander Sazabi - Leader of the Dark Axis invasion force, Commander Sazabi is the direct superiour of Zapper, Grappler and Destroyer. Although he usually leaves fighting to those under his command, he is near undefeatable himself due to his Soul Drive. Sazabi personally took command of the final direct attempt to invade Neotopia, a decision which led to his destruction by Captain Gundam.
  • Zako Soldiers - Infantry soldiers of Dark Axis. With half the size of regular robots, Zako Soldiers make up most of the troops in Dark Axis. Despite stength in numbers, they are not too bright. 3 of them host Zako Zako Hour, to usually give insight on some events.
  • BaguBagu - The tiny insect-like creatures capable of turning organic life-forms into stone. A giant version exists in Lacroa.
  • Zako Red - Sazabi's right hand man. Possibly nothing more than a remote controlled robot that the Commander used to orchestrate his master plan, as he instantly deactivated without explanation when Sazabi emerged from his transport.
  • Four Doga Commandos - When a serious assault is needed, the Dark Axis use powerful Doga Bombers in place of Zako Soldiers. These specialist troops are led by four dedicated commanders (Gray Doga, Yellow Doga, Blue Doga and Purple Doga). Whilst three of them were destroyed by the Gundam Force, Grey Doga was personally wiped out by Commander Sazabi for having failed him.
  • Big-Zam - the tank/bombarder used by Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf, Destroyer Dom. The Dark Axis have also used these in Ark, where nearly 40 of them litter an empty battlefield.
  • Professor Gerbera - The Dark Axis' chief science officer, Second-in-Command, and Sazabi's immediate superior. Despite resembling any other Dark Axis robot, this is just a disguise for Gebera's true form- Madnug, a Neotopian Gundam and 'brother' unit of Captain flung from the future by a terrible accident.
  • General Zeong - The true leader of the Dark Axis. His gigantic body damaged/incomplete for unknown reasons, Zeong dispatches his minions to plunder other dimensions so he may be rebuilt. He is more powerful than any other single character in Neotopia, Lacroa or Ark.
  • Magna-Musai - Dark Axis flagship.
    • Komusai - A small ship attached to the bottom of the Magna-Musai.
    • Komusai 2 - Yellow version of Komusai. It is capable of launching funnels that can redirect beam projectiles. Komusai 2 was defeated by Guneagle. The Gundivers tried to salvage is technolegy, but when became too violent they destroyed it.
  • Zakarello Gate - A gate that opens holes to travel between dimensions. The larger gate is called Paparello whilst the small gate which is often used as a remote to summon him is his son, Chibirello.
  • Control Horn - When a control horn is attached to a machine, the machine becomes an aggressive and violent slave of the Dark Axis.

Episode Guide

  1. His Name is Captain
  2. Soul Drive, Activate!
  3. Zero, the Flying Knight
  4. Attack the Enemy Musai!
  5. Gundam Force, Team Up!
  6. The Blazing Samurai Comes to Neotopia
  7. Go! Gunbike!
  8. A Princess, A Cake, and the Winged Knight
  9. Bakunetsumaru's Struggle
  10. Gundam Force Triple Attack!
  11. The Mystery of Lacroa Part 1: Arrival
  12. The Mystery of Lacroa Part 2: Trapped
  13. The Mystery of Lacroa Part 3: Return
  14. Undercover Mission! Learn the Gundam Force's Secrets!
  15. Mach Wings: GunEagle!
  16. Masters of the Deep Sea: GunDivers!
  17. Ashuramaru: The Old Rival Returns
  18. Fly, Captain! The SDG Base Hangs by a Thread!
  19. Showdown! Bakunetsumaru vs. Ashuramaru
  20. Fenn's Disaster
  21. Awakening! Feather Dragon
  22. Attack of the Big-Zam
  23. Fire Up! Captain System
  24. Trouble! Stolen Soul Drive
  25. Neotopia's Moment of Truth
  26. The Final Battle! Commander vs. Captain
  27. Into the Dark Axis
  28. The Way of the Warrior
  29. We're the Heroes?
  30. Evil Sword Epyon

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Mobile Suit Gundam alternate timelines
Future Century:

Mobile Fighter G Gundam - Mobile Units Spoiler warning: Future Century (FC) is an alternative Gundam timeline seen in G Gundam. ... This article is about an anime series set in the Future Century timeline of the Gundam metaseries. ... This is a list of fictional weapons from the Future Century timeline of the anime Gundam metaseries. ...

After Colony:

New Mobile Report Gundam Wing - Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz - Gundam Wing Dual Story: G-UNIT
List of Characters - Nations and Factions - Mobile Units - Technology - Operation Meteor The After Colony timeline refers to the Gundam fictional universe where the Gundam W series take place, animes Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz, along with their manga cohorts. ... Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, known in Japan as New Mobile Report Gundam W1 (also known as 新機動戦記ガンダムW shin kidō senki gandamu wing in Japanese), is a televised Anime series, which ran for forty-nine episodes beginning in 1995. ... Har har har - GNAA ... This article is a list of fictional characters who appear in the After Colony timeline of the Gundam anime metaseries, primarily Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz. ... This article covers the various fictional Nations and Factions of the After Colony era of the anime series Gundam. ... This is a list of fictional weapons from the After Colony timeline of the anime Gundam metaseries. ... This article deals with technology from the After Colony timeline of the anime Gundam metaseries. ... Operation Meteor (referred to by OZ as Operation M) is the primary plot device in the Gundam After Colony alternate universe. ...

After War:

After War Gundam X - Mobile Units - List of Characters - Technology The After War is the timeline that the anime Gundam X and its sequel take place in. ... Following the phenomenal success of Gundam Wing (and the end of its run), After War Gundam X (released in Japan as 機動新世紀ガンダムX, or Mobile New Century Gundam X) premiered in early 1996. ... // Freeden DT-6800A Daughtress GT-9600 Gundam Leopard GT-9600-D Gundam Leopard Destroy GW-9800 Gundam Airmaster GW-9800-B Gundam Airmaster Burst GX-9900 Gundam X GX-9900-DV Gundam X Divider GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X RMS-006G Jenice Kai Ennil El Custom RMSN-008 Bertigo... This article covers the characters from the After War timeline of the anime Gundam metaseries. ... This article deals with the technology used in the After War timeline of the anime Gundam metaseries. ...

CC (Seireki):

∀ Gundam ∀ Gundam (called Turn A Gundam) was a 50 episode series that aired between 1999 and 2000 on Japans FNN networks, created for the Gundam Big Bang 20th Anniversary celebration. ... ∀ Gundam (called Turn A Gundam) was a 50 episode series that aired between 1999 and 2000 on Japans FNN networks, created for the Gundam Big Bang 20th Anniversary celebration. ...

Super Deformed Gundam:

Superior Defender Gundam Force - SD Gundam G Generation - G Generation Original Units Super Deformed Gundam or SD Gundam originated from a contributed illustration of a junior high school student from Nagoya by the name of Koji Yokoi to the Model News magazine that Bandai was issuing in the 1980s. ... SD Gundam G Generation series are series of SD Gundam games with gameplay similar to Super Robot Wars series. ... This is a list of original mobile weapons that originated from the SD Gundam G Generation series. ...


Gundam Evolve - Manga and Novels Gundam Evolve is a series of short films set in the different timelines of the Gundam series. ... This article contains a list of manga and novels that are set in the various timelines of the Gundam anime metaseries. ...

Universal Century and Cosmic Era timelines
Universal Century - Cosmic Era

  Results from FactBites:
Gundam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (1594 words)
Gundam is the collective term for the Universal Century (UC) series like Mobile Suit Gundam and series in alternative timelines, such as Gundam Wing, made by Sunrise Inc. Gundam is one of the longest running meta-series of anime featuring giant robots in Japan.
Gundam is a turning point in the history of anime and manga, as it is credited for inspiring the Real Robot genre.
Gundam is the name or nickname of several mobile suits or mobile fighters, although some works such as G-Saviour and Mobile Suit Gundam: MS IGLOO do not have units named Gundams.
Mobile Suit SD Gundam | Super Deformed | SD Gundam Force (138 words)
The first SD release consisted of SD Gundam Mk I-V, which were all released between 1988 and 1990.
Though the last SD release was in 1993, Bandai is reviving it with the 2003 children's TV series SD Gundam Force.
The previous SD releases are not currently available in the U.S. and are not likely to be released.
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