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Encyclopedia > Red Dwarf (book)

Red Dwarf, sometimes known as Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, is a book written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, and is based on the first two series of the sci-fi comedy television show Red Dwarf. Its main feature is that it gives the reader a much deeper insight into the characters of Lister and Rimmer than the television series, and also gives a lot of background information about the human race at the time of Red Dwarf. Rob Grants novel, Colony. ... Doug Naylor is a British comedy writer who was born in Manchester, England. ... Red Dwarf is a British science fiction comedy, created and originally written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. ... David Lister is a fictional character from the British television series Red Dwarf who is portrayed by actor/comedian Craig Charles. ... Character descriptions and casting details for the Red Dwarf BBC sitcom and series of novels by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. ...


Plot Synopsis

Signing Up

The book begins in 2180. Most of the solid planets and moons in the solar system have been colonised. Commercialism is still rife, and most of Earth's natural resources have been depleted. The Jupiter Mining Corporation is one of many companies which mines resources from moons and planets such as Ganymede, Triton and the Asteroid Belt. Commercialism in art Critics may accuse an artist of excess commercialism (colloquially, selling out) if they believe that he has compromised the quality of his work for monetary gain. ... Earth, also known as the Earth, Terra, and (mostly in the 19th century) Tellus, is the third-closest planet to the Sun. ... In Greek mythology, Ganymede (Greek: Γανυμήδης, Ganumêdês) was a divine hero whose homeland was the Troad. ... Triton may refer to: Triton, a Greek god; his name and image have come to be associated with a class of mythological beings called Tritons. ... Image of the main asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. ...

Orbiting Saturn is the Spanish-owned moon of Mimas, a major supply port in the Solar System. This is where we first see Lister, working as a taximan in a 'hopper', a vehicle that leaps over obstructions and eases traffic congestion. It's later revealed he stole it. Genitive Saturnian Atmospheric characteristics Atmospheric pressure 140 kPa Hydrogen >93% Helium >5% Methane 0. ... Mimas, son of Gaia in Greek mythology, was one of the Giants slain by Heracles. ...

Lister ended up on Mimas after celebrating his 24th Birthday by Binge Drinking in London on a Monopoly board pub crawl. When he sobers up, he's somehow ended up on Mimas, with no money to get a shuttle ticket home. His attempts to generate the money needed by stealing hoppers haven't been succesful because of his need to drink, and the high price of Alcohol on Mimas. Also, Mimas isn't very safe, and he's been mugged at least once. The clock tower of the Palace of Westminster, which contains Big Ben London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and of England. ... In economics, a monopoly (from the Greek monos, one + polein, to sell) is defined as a persistent market situation where there is only one provider of a kind of product or service. ...

A man in a false mustache who works in the Space Corps hires his hopper to go to the Red Light District of Mimas, supposedly to experience genuine Mimian Cuisine. Upon arriving, the man immediately enters a brothel. After waiting to pick him up for 40 minutes, Lister goes to get him. It's at this point Lister gets mugged by a Bliss Freak (A drug addict), who needs the money to feed his girlfriend who is a Game Head. Arnold Judas Rimmer BSc, SSc (Bronze Swimming Certificate, Silver Swimming Certificate), who sometimes goes by Arnold Jonathan Rimmer is played by Chris Barrie in the television series Red Dwarf. ... A red-light district is a neighborhood where prostitution is a common part of everyday life. ... Prostitution is the sale of sexual services (typically manual stimulation, oral sex, sexual intercourse, or anal sex) for cash or other kind of return, generally indiscriminately with many persons. ... Better Than Life is the name of a virtual reality video game from the second series of the BBC sitcom Red Dwarf, in the episode of that name. ...

The brothels of Mimas aren't what the reader might expect, as instead of women, highly life-like prosti-droids of women, men and sheep are used. Lister is led to where the man is complaining that one of the droids 'nearly pulled the damn thing off'. Upon spotting Lister, he denies what it looks like until Lister drops him off at the shuttleport, where he proceeds to blackmail the man for 100 Dollarpounds. During this exchange, Lister sees in the man's wallet that his real name is Arnold Rimmer. Alternative meanings: Droids (cartoon) A droid is a robot, specifically the intelligent robots in the fictional Star Wars universe. ... Blackmail is the crime of threatening to reveal substantially true information about a person to the public, a family member, or associates unless a monetary demand is met. ... Arnold Judas Rimmer BSc, SSc (Bronze Swimming Certificate, Silver Swimming Certificate), who sometimes goes by Arnold Jonathan Rimmer is played by Chris Barrie in the television series Red Dwarf. ...

The encounter with the Astro inspires Lister to sign up with the JMC, with the intention of boarding an Earth-bound ship and going AWOL upon arriving. He is assigned to Red Dwarf, one of the older mining ships with a top speed of 200,000 mph and a crew of 11,169. This is where he first meets Olaf Peterson, a Danish Astro. Lister is horrorfied to discover that Red Dwarf is going to Triton first, then to Earth, a journey which takes four and a half years at Red Dwarf's natural cruising speed. AWOL (pronounced a-wall) is an acronym for the United States and other armed forces expression Absent WithOut Leave or Absence Without Official Leave. The United States Marine Corps and the United States Navy use the term Unauthorized Absence (UA) instead. ... Miles per hour is a unit of speed, expressing the number of international miles covered per hour. ...

Upon boarding Red Dwarf, Lister sees Holly for the first time, and tests his knowledge with information about Jim-Bexley Speed, a Zero-Gravity Football player. Lister is escorted to his sleeping quarters which, as fate would have it, he shares with Rimmer. Instead of an Officer, which was how he was dressed on Mimas, it transpires he is a First Technician, and in charge of Z-Shift, a maintainance shift that only handles menial tasks considered a waste of time for the service droids. Holly is played by Norman Lovett in series 1, 2, 7 and 8. ...

The next day, at a disco to celebrate the revival, as a hologram, of a man who had committed suicide to escape his gambling debts, the reader learns that Peterson has bought a large mansion on Triton for just 2000, and is working his way across the solar system. The reason it's so cheap is because there isn't a breathable atmosphere yet, so he'd have to float around in a space suit. This article is about the photographic technique. ... The Death of Socrates by Jacques-Louis David, 1787 Suicide (from Latin sui caedere, to kill oneself) is the act of willfully ending ones own life; it is sometimes a noun for one who has committed or attempted the act. ...

While most of the 8,000 people get up to dance, Lister sits in a table and watches them. Nobody knows that in seven months, they will all be dead.

Life in Space

Five months later, Lister has settled into the dull, monotonous routine of life aboard Red Dwarf. While he waits for Peterson to arrive so they can go for a drink, the reader is given insight into Rimmer's background.

Born on Io, he is the youngest of four sons. His brothers have all had tremendous success in the Space Corps, partially at the behest of their mother, and that success fills Rimmer with jealous rage. His mother's low opinion of him has shaped his single desire: to become an officer. Despite his complete ineptness and lack of interest in the skills and subjects required to become an officer, he strives to pass the Astronavigation Exam - the prerequisite to become a Navigation Officer - which he has failed 12 times. Io or io may stand for: In Greek mythology, Io (IPA or ) was the daughter of Inachus, a river god. ...

He usually fails because he actually hates studying, so devotes most of the three months before the exam constructing a timetable for studying, which normally leaves him with a week before the exam to cram three months of studying. At least once the resulting anxiety forced him to deny his own existance, so at the exam he wrote 'I AM A FISH' 500 times.

As Rimmer continues to build his timetable, backed by his resolution that things will be different, Peterson arrives, and he and Lister goes for a drink. When they arrive, Lister catches sight of Kristine Kochanski for the first time. He falls madly in love with her instantly, and after a few attempts, he gets her to go on a date with him. Kristine Z. Kochanski is the navigation officer of the title ship of the television show Red Dwarf. ...

For five weeks they go out, and Lister is madly in love with her. However, it's revealed that she was going out with a flight co-ordinator until he left her for somebody else, and was on the rebound when Lister met her. He'd come back to her, and she'd fallen in love with him again. For the next three weeks, three days planet leave on Miranda aside, Lister misses her deeply. A rebound, in some sports, is the retrieval of the ball after a missed shot, especially in basketball and netball. ... Miranda may refer to: Places: Australia Miranda, New South Wales, a suburb of Sydney Brazil Miranda, Mato Grosso do Sul Colombia Miranda, Cauca Portugal Miranda do Douro, a town Terra de Miranda, a cultural area Spain Miranda de Ebro, a town Venezuela Miranda State Moons Miranda, a moon of Uranus...

While Lister goes off to try and get Peterson to have a drink, Rimmer finishes his revision for the night. He has resolved to actually studying, and his newest timetable only took two hours to make. He decides to spend the rest of the night in a Stasis Booth. Stasis Booths work by freezing time, so anything caught within the stasis field temporarily ceases to exist. The object stays in the same state and age until released, and it doesn't notice the passage of time. Rimmer uses it to slow his aging process, and has so far been able to save up a year using it.

On the last day of his life, Rimmer pairs himself up with Lister to perform their Z-Shift duties. Shortly after 10:00, a rival First Technician named Petrovich arrives, and summons Lister to see the Captain. Before leaving, he asks Rimmer why he isn't at the Astronavigation Exam. Believing the Exam is still a month away, Rimmer runs back to his Sleeping Quarters, and discovers he included September twice on his timetable. With a month's worth of revision still to go, Rimmer opts to cheat, and copies as much of his textbooks onto his body as physically possible. September is the ninth month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and one of four Gregorian months with 30 days. ...

Petrovich escorts Lister to the Captain's office. After finishing a phone call, she asks him about a Cat. Lister plays dumb until she shows a photo that Lister took of himself and the cat. After refusing to hand over the cat, she sentances him to stasis for the remainder of the trip for breaking quarantine regulations.

Meanwhile, Rimmer arrives at the exam room, an hour late. Because of his absolute fear of being caught cheating, he is convinced that the Examiner knows that he's cheating. He waits for half an hour, sweating profusely, for the examiner to do something about it, before deciding he doesn't actually know. Upon actually examining the exam, he realises there are four of the five questions he can answer perfectly, meaning he would pass. However, when he looks at the answers he copied down, his earlier sweat has dissolved the writing, leaving a inky blob on his arm. He slams his hand on the answer paper, leaving a palm print, signs it and faints.

Lister is escorted to a stasis booth by Petrovich. Petrovich gives him one last chance to surrender the cat, which Lister refuses. It transpires that Lister wants to enter stasis. With his relationship with Kochanski over, there is nothing left for him, so his original objective of returning to Earth becomes a priority. He discovered that Stasis Booths were used for punishment of a variety of rules, including breaking quarantine regulations. On his last day of planet leave on Miranda, he bought a high-pedigree cat named 'Frankenstein', and had her inoculated against every disease. He hid her in the ventilation system, which was too large to ever search properly. Lister reckoned three years wages was worth it to find himself instantly back at Earth.

Lister couldn't have picked a better time to go to stasis, because one of the nuclear reactors aboard the ship begins to malfunction, and a combination of technical faults and at least one instance of human error means nobody notices it. Rimmer is given sick leave, and decides to spend it in a stasis booth. However, he decides to stop and comb his hair. This delay proves critical, as seconds before Rimmer would have entered a booth, the reactor reaches critical mass and unleashes it's radioactive payload, rushing through the ship and killing everybody it encountered. Rimmer's last thought before it reaches him is of a bowl of Gaspacho Soup. He, and the rest of the crew, dies in seconds. San Francisco Critical Mass, 29th April, 2005. ...

This does not leave Red Dwarf lifeless, however, because Holly was able to seal the supply bay before any radiation reached there. In this place, Frankenstein and her new-born kittens are eating.

Three Million Years Later

Upon release from stasis, Lister realises how quiet everything is, and wonders where everybody is. Holly informs him that they're dead, explains what happened, and mentions how he has had to pilot Red Dwarf out of the Solar System, in case any radiation contaminated a planet. Holly couldn't release Lister until the radiation had reached a safe background level. However, because the Cadmium II which had leaked has such a long half life, Lister has been in stasis for 3,000,000 years. General Name, Symbol, Number cadmium, Cd, 48 Chemical series transition metals Group, Period, Block 12, 5, d Appearance silvery gray metallic Atomic mass 112. ... Half-Life is a science fiction first-person shooter computer game developed by Valve Software and published by Sierra Entertainment in 1998, based on a heavily-modified Quake game engine. ...

This, in conjunction with the possibility that he is the last human alive, drives Lister insane. He doesn't dress, drinks whiskey constantly and doesn't eat. After five days of this, Lister collapses, and wakes up in the medical unit to find Rimmer, now a hologram. Whisky (or whiskey) is an alcoholic beverage distilled from grain, often including malt, which has then been aged in wooden barrels. ...

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Red Dwarf is a British science fiction sitcom that ran for eight series, from 1988 to 1999.
Despite the pastiche of science fiction used as a backdrop, Red Dwarf is primarily a character-driven comedy, with many off-the-wall science fiction elements used as complementary plot devices.
Red Dwarf famously employed a vocabulary of fictional expletives in order to avoid using potentially-offensive expletives in the show, and to give nuance to futuristic colloquial language.
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