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Encyclopedia > Razorclaw

Razorclaw is the name of several characters in the in the Transformers series. Various Transformers toys. ...


Generation One (1986)

The original Generation One Razorclaw toy in robot and lion mode.
The original Generation One Razorclaw toy in robot and lion mode.

Razorclaw was the name of the leader of the Decepticon sub-group called the Predacons. He turned into a transmetal lion and formed the body of the gestalt warrior Predaking. The Predacons are one of the many factions in the fictional Transformers Universes. ... Binomial name Panthera leo (Linnaeus, 1758) The Lion (Panthera leo) is a mammal of the family Felidae. ...

He function is Predacon Commander and his motto is "All good things succumb to those who wait." All business. Hates waste in any form... won't burn an extra drop of fuel unless he's certain the results will be worth the effort. Long stretches of inactivity often mistaken for laziness. Explodes into furious, ferocious action when it's time to strike. As a lion, can leap distances as long as a football field. Claws can rip through foot-thick steel. Has twin concussion blasters and sonic sword. Combines with fellow Predacons to form Predaking.

Dreamwave Comics

Razorclaw was one of five powerful Decepticon warlords known as the Predacons. The Predacons disappeared and were eventually found by Megatron on the planet Beast, with their memories and identities lost. Megatron captured them and reformatted them to be able to combine into the gestalt warrior Predaking, planning to use him to return to leadership of the Decepticons (Transformers: Summer Special #1). Megatron is the name of several fictional characters from the numerous Transformers Universes, all of which are the leader of their respective universes incarnation of the evil Decepticons or Predacons. ...

Defeated by the Autobots on Cybertron, Shockwave. was forced to set up a new secret headquarters in the wastelands of Cybertron, with Astrotrain, Blitzwing, Dirge, Ramjet and Thrust following him. Shockwave completed work on his new warrior, Sixshot. Megatron returned to Cybertron with three clone warriors and the Predacons and was able to defeat Shockwave. Shockwave was kept alive, but restrained. All Shockwave's warriors except Blitzwing, who was destroyed, joined up with Megatron in his plan to invade the Earth (Transformers: Generation One III #9). Cybertron Cybertron is the home world of the Autobots and Decepticons in the assorted stories in the fictional Transformers Universe. ... For the vector animation platform, see Macromedia Shockwave. ... Astrotrain is a fictional character in the Transformers Universes. ... Blitzwing is the name of a Decepticon tank/MiG-25 transformer from the fictional Transformers universe. ... A dirge is a somber song expressing mourning or grief, such as would be appropriate for performance at a funeral. ... A ramjet, sometimes referred to as a stovepipe jet, is a type of jet engine. ... Thrust is a reaction force described quantitatively by Newtons Second and Third Law. ... G1 Sixshot packaging artwork Sixshot is the name of to two fictional characters from the various Transformers universes. ...

Beast Wars

There were two different characters name Razorclaw in the Beast Wars line.

Predacon Razorclaw (1997)

The first Razorclaw was a basic sized Predacon who turned into a fiddler crab. Razorclaw appeared in the Primeval Dawn comic book storyline as a Maximal Protoform who was presumably turned into a Predacon soldier by Tarantulas, but then he appeared in the IDW Beast Wars series, where it was revealed Magmatron had turned him into a Predacon. The Predacons are one of the many factions in the fictional Transformers Universes. ... Actually play fiddles, hence the name. ... Genera Subfamily Acanthopelminae Acanthopelma Subfamily Aviculariinae Avicularia Subfamily Eumenophorinae Citharischius Phoneyusa Subfamily Harpactirinae Pterinochilus Subfamily Ischnocolinae Subfamily Ornithoctoninae Cyriopagopus Haplopelma Subfamily Poecilotheriinae Poecilotheria Subfamily Selenocosmiinae Chilobrachys Psalmopoeus Subfamily Selenogyrinae Subfamily Stromatopelminae Heteroscodra Subfamily Theraphosinae Acanthoscurria Aphonopelma Brachypelma Chromatopelma Eupalaestrus Grammostola Lasiodora Megaphobema Nhandu Theraphosa Subfamily Thrigmopoeinae Tarantulas are spiders belonging...

His function is Underwater Attack. Capable of remaining motionless beneath a layer of sand, Razorclaw is one of the best quick attack specialists they've got! When enemies approach his hidden location, his powerful pincer claw shoots up through the surface to capture and impale victims with the claw's protruding cyber-spikes! Radar defeating shell armor allows him to stay cloaked from Maximal sensors. Blaster rifle in secondary in claw fires disrupter particles, temporarily paralyzing his unsuspecting prey.

The toy of Razorclaw was recolored and released with a video tape as a promotional item.

Razorclaw was recolored for the Beast Wars Neo line as the Maximal Rockbuster. In mathematics, especially in order theory, a maximal element of a subset S of some partially ordered set is an element of S that is not smaller than any other element in S. The term minimal element is defined dually. ...

Mutant Razor Claw (2000)

Mutants Razor Claw, Snowbird, Soundwave and Poisonbite.
Mutants Razor Claw, Snowbird, Soundwave and Poisonbite.

The second Razor Claw (with a space in the name) was a mutant (a Transformer with two beast-like alternate modes, but no robot mode) who turned from a raptor-dinosaur into a wolverine. He appeared in the Transformers: Universe - Wreckers storyline among the mutants who were sent to the Quintessons by the Oracle and then executed by them. Image File history File links Mutants-transformers. ... Image File history File links Mutants-transformers. ...

His function is simply Warrior. Razor Claw's loyalty and self-sacrifice is unmatched by any of the mutants. Goes into battle with crusader-like enthusiasm; relishes tearing apart Predacons in both dino mode and wolverine mode. Does not care for Maximals but realizes they are necessary for a total organic existence. Secretly jealous of their ability to convert to robot mode. Tremendous speed in wolverine mode borders on teleportation; negatative ion shield in dinomode makes him impervious to firepower.

Transformers: Universe (2003)

Transformers: Universe Razorclaw toy in robot mode.
Transformers: Universe Razorclaw toy in robot mode.

In the Transformers: Universe comic and toyline, Unicron selects a Tigerhawk from another dimension as one of his generals. This Tigerhawk, known as Razorclaw, destroyed his reality's Megatron. Though sharing common origins with Tigerhawk, Razorclaw was greatly different. His only known weakness is the binary Spark of Tigatron and Airazor, which attempts to reassert control at times. Unicron, in the movie Planet Mode, devouring a moon of Cybertron Unicron is a fictional character from the Transformers universe and toyline. ... Tigerhawk is a fictional character from the Transformers Beast Wars TV series and storyline. ...

In the comic story found in issue 8 of the Transformers Collectors Club magazine Cybertron/Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime told the story of the last battle he was in, set in the Transformers: Universe storyline. Alongside 10th Anniversary Optimus Primal they attacked the last of Unicron's forces when Unicron suddenly disappeared, and they barely escaped. Among the Autobot forces were Universe Fireflight, King Atlas, Universe Night Slash Cheetor, Universe Longhorn, Universe Prowl, Universe Repugnus, Rhinox, Universe Sideburn, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Tap-Out, Trailbreaker, Cybertron/Robots in Disguise Ultra Magnus and Universe Whirl. Among the Decepticons were Universe Blackaracknia, Nemesis Strika, Universe Obsidian, Universe Razorclaw, Reptilion and Universe Skywarp.

The Beast Wars Mutant Razorclaw also appeared in the the Transformers: Universe Wreckers comic series.

In the first Transformers: Universe comic a character who looked like he could be Beast Wars Razorclaw or Rockbuster appeared among the crowd on Cybertron, but since the crowd was all Maximals, it was probably Rockbuster.

Transformers: Cybertron (2005)

Cybertron Mini-Cons Razorclaw vs. Steamhammer.
Cybertron Mini-Cons Razorclaw vs. Steamhammer.

Razorclaw is the name of a Mini-Con alligned with the Decepticons in the Transformers: Cybertron toy line. He is a black repaint of Armada Thunderwing and packaged together with Cybertron Steamhammer. Thunderwing is a Decepticon Pretender in the Transformers toyline. ... Steamhammer, alias Stephen Smith, is a comic book fictional character in Marvel Comics universe. ...

Razorclaw has such a passion for destruction that he prefers strafing ground targets with his powerful machineguns rather than bombing them from high altitutude. Anarchy is his bread and butter; he lives to crush his enemies, drive them before them, and here the lamentations of the survivors. Nothing gives him as much pleasure as destroying a great city and razing its cultural institutions - libraries, museums, schools - for he knows that ignorance is the seed of chaos, and it is in chaos he feels most comfortable.



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