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Encyclopedia > Rayagada
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Orissa • India
Map indicating the location of Rayagada
Coordinates: 19.17° N 83.42° E
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

• 207 m (679 ft)
District(s) Rayagada
Population 57,732 (2001)

Coordinates: 19.17° N 83.42° E Rayagada is a city and a municipality in Rayagada District in the Indian state of Orissa. Orissa   (Oriya: ଓଡ଼ିଶା), is a state situated on the east coast of India. ... Image File history File links This is a lossless scalable vector image. ... Image File history File links Locator_Dot. ... Map of Earth showing lines of latitude (horizontally) and longitude (vertically), Eckert VI projection; large version (pdf, 1. ... A time zone is a region of the Earth that has adopted the same standard time, usually referred to as the local time. ... Location of Mirzapur and the 82. ... The geography of India is extremely diverse, with landscape ranging from snow-capped mountain ranges to deserts, plains, rainforests, hills and plateaus. ... Basic Definition In geography, the elevation of a geographic location is its height above mean sea level (or some other fixed point). ... The divisions of a district. ... Rayagada is a mineral-rich district in the southern part of the state of Orissa, in India. ... 2001 is a common year starting on Monday of the Gregorian calendar, and also: The International Year of the Volunteer The United Nations Year of Dialogue Among Civilizations Events January January 1 - A black monolith measuring approximately nine feet tall appears in Seattles Magnuson Park, placed by an anonymous... Map of Earth showing lines of latitude (horizontally) and longitude (vertically), Eckert VI projection; large version (pdf, 1. ... A municipality is an administrative entity composed of a clearly defined territory and its population and commonly referring to a city, town, or village, or a small grouping of them. ... Rayagada is a mineral-rich district in the southern part of the state of Orissa, in India. ... India is subdivided into twenty-eight states and seven union territories; the states and territories are themselves further subdivided. ... Orissa   (Oriya: ଓଡ଼ିଶା), is a state situated on the east coast of India. ...



Rayagada is located at 19.17° N 83.42° E[1]. It has an average elevation of 207 metres (679 feet). The or meter (see spelling differences) is a measure of length. ... A foot (plural: feet or foot;[1] symbol or abbreviation: ft or, sometimes, ′ – a prime) is a unit of length, in a number of different systems, including English units, Imperial units, and United States customary units. ...

Rayagada is a district of meadows, forests, water falls and terraced valleys, peopled by many primitive tribal groups. The scenic beauty and heritage on the land is an unexplored paradise. The systematic relationship between men and nature is a feast to the eyes of an outsider. It has its own appeal for the lap of nature.

The pattern of people living in the district show unit in diversity of races, languages and culture. The Schedule Tribes living in the district posses dissimilar economics ranging from food gathering to settled cultivation. Their languages/dialects, societies and culture show inter-societal/ cultural variations because of the persistence of ethnic mosaic formed by communities belonging to scheduled Tribes, Scheduled castes and other castes groups.

Rayagada is nearly 440km away from Bhubaneswar by road. Tt is connected by rail with Bhubaneswar,Raipur, Visakapatanam, Koraput,Kolkata, Chenaii, Delhi.


As of 2001 India censusGRIndia, Rayagada had a population of 57,732. Males constitute 51% of the population and females 49%. Rayagada has an average literacy rate of 64%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 72%, and female literacy is 56%. In Rayagada, 12% of the population is under 6 years of age. 2001 is a common year starting on Monday of the Gregorian calendar, and also: The International Year of the Volunteer The United Nations Year of Dialogue Among Civilizations Events January January 1 - A black monolith measuring approximately nine feet tall appears in Seattles Magnuson Park, placed by an anonymous... 1870 US Census for New York City A census is the process of obtaining information about every member of a population (not necessarily a human population). ...


There are various communities living in Rayagada notably being Oriyas, Telugus, Sindhis, Gujratis and Marwaris who have settled since long and have become a distinct identity of the place. Tribals too comprise a significant population of the place. All the festivals relating to these communities are celebrated with pomp and fervour. The Oriyas are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group of Oriya speaking people who mainly reside in the state of Orissa, India. ... ... Sindhi refers to an Indo-Aryan language speaking socio-ethnic group of people originating in Sindh which is part of present day Pakistan. ... Birthplace of Marwari Clans Marwaris are a group of Indo-Aryan people from the Marwar region of Rajasthan in India and with the partition of India in 1947 the northen border separated a section of the nation in the provinces of Sindh and southern Punjab, Pakistan. ...


In the third century B.C, during the reign of Ashoka the Great, it was under Kalinga empire.The hilly track between Bansadhara and Nagabali was famous for spices1. Rastriks were defeated by Kharvela, the only Aryan Emperor of Orissa,during the Chawpagada battle 2 . During Ganga Vansi and Surya Vansi Kings, it was under Dadarnab Dev of Gudari Kataka 3 This region went to Bahamanis when MukundDev was defeated at Gohera Tikiri in 1519. It was under Nandapur Kingdom for brief period of 47 years. BiswambarDev who was defeated and killed by Hasin Khan was perhaps the third king installed at Rayagada. Still, the Sati Kunda Goddess Majhi Ghairani and the mudfort around it speaks much about its evidence.
In subsequent years it was under Bobilli, a Tahasil of Vijayanagaram. During the English regime, Rayagada came under Jeypore administration and later was part of Koraput District. As part of the extension plan of districts in the Orissa state, On 2nd October 1992 Rayagda District was carved out of the erstwhile Koraput district. The River Nagavali is one of the main rivers of Southern Orissa and North Eastern Andhra Pradesh States. ... Hathigumpha on Udayagiri Hills, Bhubaneswar Hathigumpha inscription of King Khāravela at Udayagiri Hills Khandagiri caves Kharavela (IAST: Khāravela, Devanagari: खारवेल) (?209 - after 170 BCE), was the king of Kalinga, in Orissa state of India. ... Vizianagaram is one of the three northern coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh, carved out of the backward portions of Srikakulam and Vishakapatnam districts in 1979. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ...

The Tribals of Rayagada

The district has a predominant tribal population of 57.52%. Keeping this in view all the 11 blocks of the district have been covered under tribal sub-plan with 3 micro projects in operation for the pre-literate indigenous tribal communities.

The physiography of Rayagada gives a prefect platform for the tribals in sustaining their ethno-cultural identity in the district. Forest area covers an extent of 4785.36 Sq. K.M. out of which 777.27 Sq. Km is Reserved forest.

The district has been the homeland of various tribal communities with their sub-tribes, who are found in different level of development depending upon their assimilation with the so-called mainstream or modern communities. . In the ethno-cultural map of Orissa, Among the many tribal communities, two tribes stand out quite prominently for their educational backwardness and continuing ethnic and cultural identity are The kondhas and the Souras the Kondhas are one of the primitive tribes, inhabiting almost all the blocks of the Rayagada district in Orissa India. ... The Sora (alternative names and spellings include Saora, Soura, Savara and Sabara) are a tribe from Southern Orissa, India. ...


Rayagada as a place flourished due to the existence of Jeypore Sugar Factory and the Metal and Ferro Alloys company. The Jeypore Sugar Company(JEYSUCO) also has a distillary attached. Various grades of sugar are made here. However this company had to close down during the late nineties. The Metal and Ferro Alloys continues its production.

THE JEYPORE SUGARS LTD was established by the British which attracted loads of people from nearby states to rayagada.The industrial atmosphere,great location and availability of resources around made Rayagada a prominent town in orissa. Being a place with busy environment it attracted bussinessmen like BH.Rama Shastry. His heir BH.RAMAKRISHNA(sai) is continuing his business.

Tourist Attractions

Rayagada, the district of many charms, is a thrill to the searching eyes. It has the facilities to serve as a base for visiting the near by place of interest.

  • Maa Majhighariani temple - Maa Majhighariani is famous in Southern Division of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. Most of the devotees are coming from Madhyapradesh Chatishgarh, Andhrapradesh including undivided Koraput District. Only the face of the Maa MajhiGhariani is worshiped. During Sunday, Wednesday and Friday a large number of Devotees are coming to this place for worshiping the Goddess. The temple is famous for Chaitra-Parba i.e. March-April of every year.
  • Hatipathar - Only 3 km from the district headquarter. It is a place of great scenic beauty with two water falls on the course of river Nagavali. The scenic beauty is impressive and the boulders here appear like huge elephants. It is just 3 km away from Rayagada town. Ironically we cannot visit that that place after heavy rains in 2006 which changed the course of the river Nagabali.
  • Laxminarayan temple - Famous Laxminarayan Temple situated at IMFA Factory, Therubali. The deities Laxminarayan, Hanuman, Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra and Lord Siva also worshiped by thousands devotees.
  • Paikapada - The place Paikapada is famous for so many Siva Lingams. The deities like Lord Jagannath, Maa Dhakineswar Kalika, Samudra etc. are worshiped here. The car festival of Lord Jagannath is also celebrated and during Sivaratri a large number of pilgrims come to observe the function. The Place is situated near Theruballi. It is believed that there are 99,99,999 shivlingams (only one less to 1 crore) in & around Paikapada shrine.
  • Chatikona - It is located about 48 km from Rayagada surrounded by a series of valleys and wooden hills of varying colours and the place is a center of pilgrimage for the temple of Mahadev. It offers picnickers gorgeous view of the waterfall. The Siva temple is the focus of hectic activities on Siva Ratri. The Dongaria Kondha of Chatikona represent the primitive section of the tribe.
  • Minajhola - It is only 134 km from Rayagada. It is a beauty spot of nature, has a siva temple at the confluence of three rivers. It is situated in the heart of dense forest, rich in wild life. Sivaratri is a popular festival of this place. Though there is no good all weather road yet the place is worth visiting. Regular bus service is available from Rayagada and Gunupur up to Gudari. The rest 25 km. Road is Jeepable.
  • Devagiri - The Devagiri hill rises to a height of 120.2 meters. Unlike other hills it is not narrower upwards. The top of the hill is a flat platform of rectangular plain, which can be approached only from the northern side. There are 476 steps which are the unique feature of the Devagiri. At the top of the hill, there are perennial poles of water called Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Bhargavi and Indradyumna. There is a cave looking like two Jaws, The Siva Lingam is enshrined at the meeting point of the Jaws. Sivaratri is its biggest festival, which draws a large crowd every year. It is 50 km from Rayagada. Regular bus services are available from Rayagada to Kalyansingpur and the sacred hill is close to Kalyansingpur.
  • Padampur - Housing the shrine of Manikeswari Siva. It is identified to be the seat of Dharmakirti, the Budhist-Logician-philosopher. It is 90 km from Rayagada.
  • Maa Markama Temple - Maa Markama temple is located at Bissam Cuttack, 40 km from Rayagada. The temple got a new look and surrounded by lush green forest. Many people visit from near and far especially on Tuesdays. The town college has also been named after Goddess Markama.

Fairs and Festivals

  • Chaitra Parba of Maa Maji Ghariani Goddess
  • Rath Yatra at Rayagada in the month of July
  • Ganesh Puja at Telephone Bhavane Lane.
  • Kali Puja at Block Colony, Rayagada in the month of November.
  • Laxmi Puja at New Colony, Rayagada in the month of October.
  • Dasehera at J.K.Pur & Brahmin street, Rayagada in the month of October.
  • Annual celebration of Gram Devata during March- April (9 days) at Rayagada
  • A Ganesh puja at the Kasturi Nagar & Near Rayagada College area.


Though a tribal dominated area, the focus on education has been there since long. GCD high school holds a prominent place being the oldest in the region. The other schools in the region are sacred heart school. Its an english medium school and affliated to ICSE, Delhi. Rayagada college imparts education at +2 and +3 levels for Science, Arts and Commerce stream. Womens colleg imparts education in +2Science/Arts and Commerce. But at +3 level it imparts education for Arts stream only. State governments' diploma engineering college present near by river NAGABALI imparts diploma cource in several branches of enginearing. Also the area has seen a rise in engineering colleges which apart from B.Tech in Engineering also have facilities for MCA, MBA and Bio-Technology courses.

One more recent developement a Dental College is upcoming to enrich the education potential in the district.

Literary Contributions

Rayagada is well known for its contribution to literature in almost all languages, oriya,english ,hindi and telugu to be precise. There are number of cultural megazins continuously published from Ryagada. Prominent writers of this district are sarbo sri Damborudhar Pattnic,Dr Dusmonta kumar Mohanty, Kumudo ch. Mishra, Sibo Prasad Gantayat, Satyanarayan Gantayat,Kishor Mohapatro, Dwitichandra Sahu, Ram chandra Pattnik,Golok Dolai,Prakesh Mohapatro,Parthosarath Barik,etc.The magazine " THE JYOTSHNA" is known as the cultural mouthpiece of Rayagada dist. The magazine Jyotshna is being published from the year 1972. At first Jyotshna was published from Sunabeda of undivided Koraput district. It's Founder is shri Basudev Patro & editor is smt Santilata Patro. Also there are magazines like "Panchaboti","Rayagada Samachar"," AKASH","Green Room",etc. which were enriched the cultural aspect of Rayagada dist. Founder of jyotshna publication sri Basudev Patro has written a number of sort stories, poems,novels, sonets, which brought cretiques attention. His poem collection "KONARK" has receved a great deal of accolade from the oriya readers comunity . Now "The Konark" is going to be published in it's English verson. One of the editor of the oriya magazine "the SARVADOYO" published from Cuttack's Bakhorabad Sri BHAGBAT PRASAD RATH hails from Rayagada Town. Sri B.P.Rath has written a number of novels, like "LUHORO MOSAL KEBE LIVENA","MONISO TOLE KANONO GOLE" and in each and every novel he has emphasiged on removal of social disparity. Sri B.P.Rath is falicitated by a number of organigation of India. In 80's the magazines published by sri B.P. Rath, like "Green Room" has revousationalised the literary environment Other notable names in the literary circles is Bh.Nageswara Rao. Sunabeda is a township in the state of Orissa, India, ensconced in the lush valleys of the Koraput region. ...


1. As evident by Andhra Historical Journal XXVII edition at page 46.
2. The rock inscription of Allahbad inscribed by Mahamantri Harisena provides evidence to this effect.
3. A rock inscription found at Pataleswar temple in Brahmi script provides an evidence to this effect.

  1. ^ Falling Rain Genomics, Inc - Rayagada

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Rayagada is a small town in Orissa state of eastern India.
The district Rayagada was carved out of the erstwhile Koraput district on 02.10.1992, as part of the extension plan of districts in the state.
Rayagada is a district of meadows, forests, water falls and terraced valleys, peopled by colourful tribals and many Primitive Tribal Groups.
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