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Ray may refer to: Ray Caldwell who is sitting next to clayton Robbins. Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name. ... It has been suggested that French Wiktionary be merged into this article or section. ...



Ray is the superorder Batoidea of cartilaginous fishes, containing more than 500 described species in thirteen families. Orders Rajiformes - common rays and skates Pristiformes - sawfishes Torpediniformes - electric rays See text for families. ... Orders Rajiformes - common rays and skates Pristiformes - sawfishes Torpediniformes - electric rays See text for families. ... Orders see text The Chondrichthyes or cartilaginous fishes are jawed fish with paired fins, paired nostrils, scales, two-chambered hearts, and skeletons made of cartilage. ...

Binomial name Myliobatis australis Macleay, 1881 For other species known as bull rays, see bull ray (disambiguation). ... Binomial name Myliobatis californica (Gill, 1865)[1] The bat ray (Myliobatis californica) is a euryhaline eagle ray found in muddy or sandy sloughs, estuaries and bays, kelp beds and rocky-bottomed shoreline in the eastern Pacific Ocean, between the Oregon coast and the Gulf of California. ... Binomial name Typhlonarke aysoni Hamilton, 1902 The blind electric ray, blind legged torpedo, or numbfish, (Typhlonarke aysoni), is a numbfish of the genus Typhlonarke, found around New Zealand from Cook Strait southwards on the continental shelf, at depths of between 100 and 900 metres. ... Binomial name Taeniura meyeni (Müller & Henle, 1841) Synonyms Taeniura melanospila The blotched fantail ray (Taeniura meyeni) is a member of Dasyatidae, the stingray family. ... Binomial name Dasyatis brevicaudata (Hutton, 1875) The short-tail stingray, Dasyatis brevicaudata, also known as a bull ray or smooth stingray, is a stingray of the family Dasyatidae, found on the continental shelf in the Indian Ocean, and around temperate and subtropical coasts of Australia and New Zealand, at depths... Genera Aetoplatea Gymnura See text for species. ... Binomial name Rhinoptera bonasus (Mitchill, 1815) The cownose ray (Rhinoptera bonasus) is the most common type of ray found in the Chesapeake Bay. ... Genera Myliobatis Rhinoptera Pteromylaeus Aetobatus Aetomylaeus Manta Mobula Eagle rays (the Myliobatidae family of fish) are a family of mostly large rays living in the open ocean rather than at the bottom of the sea. ... Families Narcinidae Torpedinidae hi Electric rays (order Torpediniformes) are fish that have a rounded body and a pair of organs capable of producing an electric discharge, which is used to stun or kill prey. ... Binomial name Manta birostris Dondorff, 1798 Hello wikipedia. ... Binomial name Myliobatis tenuicaudatus Hector, 1877 The New Zealand eagle ray, Myliobatis tenuicaudatus, is an eagle ray of the family Myliobatidae, found in bays, estuaries, and near rocky reefs around New Zealand to depths of 160 m. ... Binomial name Torpedo californica Ayres, 1855 The Pacific electric ray (Torpedo californica) is a species of electric ray native to the eastern Pacific Ocean. ... Genera Trygonoptera Urobatis Urolophus Urotrygon See text for species. ...

Molecular physics

  • Cathode ray, streams of electrons observed in vacuum tubes
  • Delta ray, recoil particle that causes secondary ionization
  • Gamma ray, energetic form of electromagnetic radiation produced by radioactive decay or other nuclear or subatomic processes
  • N ray, phenomenon described by French scientist René-Prosper Blondlot but subsequently found to be illusory
  • Ray (mathematics), half-line in geometry or physics
  • Ray (optics), idealized narrow beam of light
  • X-ray, form of electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength in the range of 10 to 0.01 nanometres

A schematic diagram of a Crookes tube apparatus. ... Warning: Todd has gone crazy in his Test Cell 1, thus an Alert has been posted to find the Radioactive , Spartan Lover, Buddy Walking Freak of Nature. ... This article is about electromagnetic radiation. ... The so-called N rays (or N-rays) were a phenomenon described by French scientist Ren -Prosper Blondlot but subsequently shown to be illusory. ... Three lines — the red and blue lines have same slope, while the red and green ones have same y-intercept. ... In optics, a ray is an idealized narrow beam of light. ... In the NATO phonetic alphabet, X-ray represents the letter X. An X-ray picture (radiograph) taken by Röntgen An X-ray is a form of electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength approximately in the range of 5 pm to 10 nanometers (corresponding to frequencies in the range 30 PHz...


  • Heat-Ray, the primary offensive weapon used by the Martians in the H. G. Wells's classic science fiction novel The War of the Worlds
  • Metal Gear RAY, bipedal tank featured in the game Metal Gear Solid 2
  • Ray Bradoc, character from the game Breath of Fire 2
  • Ray Kinsella, main character in the film Field of Dreams
  • Ray Kon, character in the anime and game Beyblade
  • The Ray, DC Comics character
  • Ray - Raymond Stantz - character from the movie Ghostbusters

This article or section does not adequately cite its references or sources. ... The Metal Gear family of mecha, up to REX. Metal Gear is the name for a series of fictional mecha in the eponymous series of video games. ... Background Ray is an NPC in the game Breath of Fire II. He appears several times in the game to help you on your quest and is a high ranking member in St. ... Baseball field from the movie. ... Ray Kon, known as Rei Kon (金李 Japanese: Kon Rei, or レイ) is a main character of the anime and game Beyblade. ... Occupation: Freelance computer programmer/software designer Known Relatives: Happy Terrill (a. ... Dr. Raymond Ray Stantz, PhD is a fictional ghostbuster appearing in the films Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II (played by Dan Aykroyd) and in the animated television series The Real Ghostbusters (voiced by Frank Welker). ... Ghostbusters is a 1984 sci-fi comedy film about three eccentric New York City parapsychologists. ...


Ark and Ray are two albums which were simultaneously released on July 1, 1999, by Japanese rock band LArc~en~Ciel. ... Ray is a Rhytm and blues trio. ... Ray is first single from Millencolins Kingwood album. ... Aimee Mann (born September 8, 1960) is an American rock guitarist, bassist, singer, and songwriter. ... Im with Stupid is the second studio album by the American singer-songwriter Aimee Mann, released in 1995. ...


Ray, is one of the oldest cities of Iran. ... A town that no longer exists. ... Ray is a city located in Williams County, North Dakota. ...

People with the surname Ray

The person who killed Martin Luther King Jr. ... John Ray. ... Rachael Domenica Ray (born August 25, 1968 in Glens Falls, New York[1][2]) is an Emmy-winning television personality and author, who currently hosts the syndicated series Rachael Ray. ...   (Bengali: সত্যজিত্ রায় Shottojit Rae) (May 2, 1921–April 23, 1992) was an Indian filmmaker who is widely regarded as one of the greatest auteurs of 20th century cinema. ... A well-known photo of Sukumar Ray Sukumar Ray (Bangla:সুকুমার রায়) (1887-1923) was a Bengali nonsense poet, story writer and playwright. ... Siddhartha Shankar Ray (born 1920) is an Indian politician associated with the Indian National Congress political party. ...

People with the given name Ray

  • Ray Bos, professional wrestler
  • Ray Bradbury, science fiction writer
  • Ray Charles, musician
  • Ray Davies, singer
  • Ray Driver, Drives the #88 Nascar
  • Ray Kroc, of the McDonald's Corporation
  • Ray Liotta, American actor, born Dec. 18th 1955 in Newark, New Jersey (Co-Stared in the movie Goodfellas)
  • Ray Mears, a British TV personality and survival specialist
  • Ray Romano, American comedian/sitcom star
  • Ray Toro, American/Hispanic rock guitarist
  • Ray Walston, stage, television and feature film character actor who played the title character on the situation comedy My Favorite Martian
  • Ray Wilkins, a British ex-football player
  • Ray Wise, American actor
  • Ray J, aka William Ray Norwood, singer
  • Ray Abi-fares, World famous youth worker, Who’s youthful and dynamic personality is totally relevant to the young people (so don’t listen to Peter)
  • Ray Whitney, professional hockey player
  • Ray Emery, the goaltender for the professional ice hockey team, the Ottawa Senators

Ray Douglas Bradbury (born August 22, 1920) is an American literary, fantasy, horror, science fiction, and mystery writer best known for The Martian Chronicles, a 1950 book which has been described both as a short story collection and a novel, and his 1953 dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451. ... Ray Charles was the stage name of Ray Charles Robinson (September 23, 1930 – June 10, 2004). ... This article or section does not adequately cite its references or sources. ... This article or section does not adequately cite its references or sources. ... Ray Liotta (born Raymond Julian Vicimarli on December 18, 1954) is an American actor. ... Cover of the Outdoor Survival Handbook by Ray Mears Ray Mears (born 1964) is a British author and TV presenter on the subject of bushcraft and survival techniques. ... Raymond Romano (born December 21, 1957 in Queens, New York) is an Emmy Award-winning, American actor and comedian best known for his starring role on the comedy series “Everybody Loves Raymond. ... Raymond Manuel Toro-Ortiz, most commonly known as Ray Toro (born on July 15, 1977 in Kearny, New Jersey) is the lead guitarist and one of two backup vocalists for My Chemical Romance. ... Ray Walston (December 2, 1914 – January 1, 2001) was a stage, television and feature film character actor who played the title character on the situation comedy My Favorite Martian and Judge Henry Bone on the drama series Picket Fences. ... Raymond Colin Wilkins MBE (born September 14, 1956 in Hillingdon, Middlesex) was an English football player, and now a highly respected coach and TV pundit and is the brother of Brighton & Hove Albion manager Dean Wilkins. ... Ray Wise as Vice President Hal Gardner on 24 Ray Wise (born 20 August 1947 in Akron, Ohio, USA) is an American actor, known for his roles in Twin Peaks (as Leland Palmer) and RoboCop (as Leon Nash). ... Ray J on the cover of Raydiation (2005) William Ray Norwood Jr. ... Ray Whitney is a politician in the United Kingdom. ... Raymond Emery (born September 28, 1982 in Cayuga, Ontario)[1] is an ice-hockey goaltender currently serving as the goaltender for the Ottawa Senators of the NHL. // Emery started his junior hockey career in 1998 in Junior C with the Dunnville Terriers of the OJHL. Despite recording only 3 wins... This article is about the goaltender in ice hockey. ... Ice hockey, known simply as hockey in areas where it is more common than field hockey, is a team sport played on ice. ... The Ottawa Senators are a professional ice hockey team, based in Ottawa, Ontario. ...


  • Ray (film), 2004 movie biography of Ray Charles
  • Ray (flash), "Choose your own adventure" series of flash games animated in the style of South Park
  • Ray (manga), manga about a female doctor with X-ray vision
  • Ray (surname)
  • USS Ray, U.S. Navy vessel
  • Ray, slang abbreviation for defence firm Raytheon
  • Ray, the main character in the upcoming Wii game Disaster: Day of Crisis
  • Ray, a short novel (1980) by Barry Hannah
  • a 'ray', a directed half-line.

Ray is a 2004 biographical film focusing on thirty years[2]of the life of legendary rhythm and blues musician Ray Charles. ... Ray is the soundtrack of the 2004 Academy Award- and Golden Globe-winning film Ray starring Jamie Foxx (who won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as Ray Charles in this film), Kerry Washington, Terrence Howard, Clifton Powell and Regina King. ... Ray is a popular Choose your own adventure type flash series released in October 2003, it is drawn and animated like the TV series South Park. ... Ray ) is a manga and anime series about a doctor called Ray who has X-ray vision. ... Ray is a common surname in India, and is also found in many English-speaking countries. ... Two ships of the United States Navy have borne the name USS Ray, named in honor of the ray, a fish characterized by a flat body, large pectoral fins, and a whiplike tail. ... Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) is a major United States military contractor based in Waltham, Massachusetts. ... The Wii (pronounced as the pronoun we, IPA: ) is the fifth home video game console released by Nintendo. ... Barry Hannah (born 1942) is an American novelist and short story writer. ... Three lines — the red and blue lines have same slope, while the red and green ones have same y-intercept. ...

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