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Encyclopedia > Queen Nehellenia
Queen Nehellenia
Queen Nehellenia

Queen Nehellenia (女王ネヘレニア Jo'ō Neherenia) is a fictional villain in Sailor Moon, named after the Teutonic goddess Nehalennia. Image File history File linksMetadata Nehelenia. ... Sailor Moon ) is the title of the famous series originally authored as a manga by Naoko Takeuchi that resulted in multiple other types of media, including anime, musical theatre, video games and live action tokusatsu. ... The term Germanic peoples may refer to: the Germanic tribes that in the first millennium were seen as a barbarian threat by the Roman Empire and its successors; the Germanic Christianity that in the second millennium came to dominate much of Northern Europe, politically organized in the Holy Roman Empire... Nehalennia was a goddess venerated in Roman times, in and around the Netherlands. ...



She is the dark mirror image of Queen Serenity; the self-styled Queen of the dark center of the moon who first made herself known during the Silver Millennium. Queen Nehellenia arrived at the celebration of Princess Serenity's birth. Swirling with dark energy, she confronted the Queen, who used her crecent moon wand to seal Nehellenia inside a dark mirror world forever. As retaliation, Nehellenia cast a curse that the Moon Kingdom would fall and the princess would never inherit her throne. Her dark magic ultimately brought about the end of the Silver Millennium, but she lived on.

However, over one thousand years later, a solar eclipse allowed her to spread her curse to the earth by way of infectious nightmares aided by her minions, the Dead Moon Circus. Nehellenia still believed that she was the rightful owner and heir of the illusory Silver Crystal; and set out to steal it. After capturing Helios, her mirror was shattered and she fled to Elysion. There she confronted the sailor senshi one last time, but the combination of the golden crystal of the earth together with the silver illusion crystal, bound by Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Masks love for one another, was too strong. Nehellenia shrivelled into a wizened old woman, and, after being sealed inside her mirror once more, vanished completely.


She is the dark mirror of the moon who had the dream to stay young and beautiful forever. She was not able to attain her dream, much like the witch in fairy tale Snow White, when she looked into an enchanted mirror she saw herself aged and ugly. In order to retain her beauty, she consumed the dreams of the people of her kingdom. Those subjects became Lemures, the main monsters of the day in the series, and formed the Dead Moon Circus. Snow White (or Snow-White, and in German, Schneewittchen) is the title character of a well known fairy tale known from many places in Europe, the most known version being the one collected by the Brothers Grimm. ... Larvae are the plural of larva, juvenile form of animals with indirect development. ...

By the end of SuperS, Queen Nehellenia was sealed away. In Sailor Stars, she was released from the seal by Sailor Galaxia, who encouraged her to take her revenge by unleashing a nightmare upon the "people of the White Moon". After dragging Mamoru into her nightmare dimension, she captures all the Sailor Soldiers, and after being confronted by a powerless Usagi, her tragic past is revealed. However, Nehellenia is ultimately redeemed by their forgiveness, and reborn as a small child around Chibiusa's physical age. Sailor Stars was the culmination of the Sailor Moon Japanese anime, ending in the defeat of Chaos and the restoration of the souls stolen by Sailor Galaxia. ... Sailor Galaxias true form as seen in Sailor Stars Sailor Galaxia is a fictional character in the Sailor Moon metaverse. ... Chibiusa Chibiusa (ちびうさ) (as said in Act 11); legally Usagi Tsukino and formally Usagi Small Lady Serenity Tsukino is a fictional character from the manga/anime Sailor Moon. ...


Queen Nehellenia's appearance takes that of the goddess Hecate who ruled over witchcraft and black magic and was known for her rather vampy fashion. Her name was derived from the mineral nepheline or possibly an ancient fertility goddess, Nehellenia. Much of the SuperS season derives their plot devices from various fairy tales; Nehellenia's personality and motives mirror that of the Evil Queen in Snow White who was vainly obsessed with staying young and beautiful. The manga details her backstory like that of Sleeping Beauty as the dark moon queen was much like the uninvited evil fairy who bestows the curse upon the newborn princess. The Stars season subplot involving Nehellenia was almost exactly taken from the fable The Snow Queen in which a mirror shard falls into the eye of a young boy and is taken to the North Pole by the Snow Queen and his lover must track through the snow to save him as Usagi had to chase after Mamoru into the mirror world. Hecate, Hekate (Hekátē), or Hekat was originally a goddess of the wilderness and childbirth originating from Thrace, or among the Carians of Anatolia [1]. Popular cults venerating her as a mother goddess integrated her persona into Greek culture as Εκατη. In Ptolemaic Alexandria she ultimately achieved her connotations as a... Nephelite, also called nepheline, is a feldspathoid -- a silica-undersaturated aluminosilicate, Na,K) AlSiO4, that occurs in intrusive and volcanic rocks undersaturated with silica, and in their pegmatites. ... Nehellenia is a Frisian-Roman goddess worshipped in the second century and third century C.E. in the territory of what is now the province of Zeeland in The Netherlands. ... Snow White (or Snow-White, and in German, Schneewittchen) is the title character of a well known fairy tale known from many places in Europe, the most known version being the one collected by the Brothers Grimm. ... Sir Edward Burne-Jones painted The Sleeping Beauty. ... The Snow Queen is a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen and first published in 1845. ...


For the article about the company named Seiyu, see Seiyu Group. ... Yoshiko Sakakibara (榊原 良子 Sakakibara Yoshiko, born May 31, 1956), sometimes mistranslated as Ryoko Sakakibara (Sakakibara Ryōko), is a veteran seiyu who was born in Chiba. ... Wakana Yamazaki (山崎 和佳奈 Yamazaki Wakana, born on March 21, 1965 in Yokohama) is a seiyu who works for Aoni Production. ...

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