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Post punk generally refers to the particularly fertile and creative period following the initial punk rock 'explosion'. During the first wave of punk, roughly spanning 1976-1983, bands such as The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Ramones and The Damned began to challenge the current styles and conventions of rock music by stripping the musical structure down to a few basic chords and progressions with an emphasis on speed and attitude. But as punk itself came to have a signature sound a few bands began to experiment with more challenging musical structures, lyrical themes, and a self consciously art-based image, while retaining punk's initial iconoclastic stance. Punk rock is an anti-establishment music movement beginning around 1976 (although precursors can be found several years earlier), exemplified and popularised by The Ramones, the Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Damned. ... 1976 is a leap year starting on Thursday (link will take you to calendar). ... 1983 is a common year starting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar. ... The Sex Pistols in 1977. ... The Clash in 1978. ... The Ramones were a hugely influential punk rock band formed in Forest Hills, Queens, New York in March 1974. ... The Damned are a rock music band originally from the suburbs of London, England, formed in 1976. ...

Typically more introverted, complex, arty and experimental than classic punk rock or the more pop oriented New Wave music, post punk laid the groundwork for "alternative rock" by broadening the idea of what punk and underground music could do, incorporating elements of Krautrock, Jamaican dub music, American funk and studio experimentation into the punk rock genre. It found a firm place in the 1980s college rock scene, and left behind several major sub-genres. However, post punk's biggest influence remains in the vast variety of sounds and styles it pioneered, many of which proved very influential in the later alternative rock scene. Experimental music is any music that challenges the commonly accepted notions of what music is. ... New Wave is a term that has been used to describe many developments in music, but is most commonly associated with a movement in American, Australian and British popular music, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, growing out of the New York City punk rock scene, itself centered around... The terms alternative rock and alternative music1 were coined in the early 1980s to describe punk rock-inspired music genres which didnt fit into the mainstream genres of the time. ... The term underground music has been applied to several artistic movements, notably to the early psychedelic movement of the mid 60s centred in Los Angeles. ... Krautrock (most likely derived from the slang term Kraut for Germans) is often used as a term as though synonymous with German rock in general, although it may be more specifically applied to a group of early-1970s bands like Tangerine Dream and Faust, many of whom worked closely with... Dub music - Wikipedia /**/ @import /skins-1. ... Funk is a distinct style of music originated by African-Americans, e. ... // Events and trends The 1980s marked an abrupt shift towards more conservative lifestyles after the momentous cultural revolutions which took place in the 1960s and 1970s and the definition of the AIDS virus in 1981. ... In the USA, college rock was a term used to describe 1980s alternative rock bands which combined the experimentation of post punk and new wave with a more melodic pop style. ...

Championed by late night BBC disc jockey John Peel and record label/shop Rough Trade (amongst others- including Postcard Records, Factory Records, Falling A Records, Fast Product, Mute Records, among others), "post punk" could arguably be said to encompass many diverse groups and musicians. In the list that follows, it should be noted that some of these groups were contemporary with or predated the early punk period from which post punk sprang. Also, many of the listed groups have been considered members of other genres in addition to post punk, such as punk and new wave. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was formed in 1927 by means of a royal charter. ... For other meanings of DJ, see DJ (disambiguation). ... John Robert Parker Ravenscroft, OBE (30 August 1939 – 25 October 2004), known professionally as John Peel, was a British disc jockey and radio presenter. ... Rough Trade Records was a British record company. ... Independent record label founded by Alan Horne in Glasgow, 1979. ... Factory Records was a Manchester-based record label, managed by Tony Wilson, which featured several prominent musical acts, such as Joy Division, New Order, The Durutti Column, The Happy Mondays, and (briefly) James and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. ... Falling A Records was a very important Essex, England based Independent record label formed in the late 1970`s, and heavily involved with the D.I.Y cassette movement of the early 1980s. ... Fast Product were an independent record label, established in Edinburgh by Bob Last in December 1977. ... Mute Records is a record label formed in 1980 by Daniel Miller primarily to release his own single, Warm Leatherette, under the moniker The Normal. ...

In 2003 and 2004, the term post punk began to appear in the music press again, with some critics reviving the label to describe a new set of bands that shared some of the aesthetics of the original post punk era. 21st century bands described as "post punk" have included Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Metric, The Killers, The Weakerthans and The Stills. Other critics simply labelled the bands modern rock, alongside pop punk acts such as Green Day, Good Charlotte, Sum 41 and The Ataris, or as indie rock. Unlike the original post punk artists, who were often deliberately difficult and obtuse, bands of the post-punk revival were more accessible and radio friendly, leading some to claim that they were not stylisic torchbearers of the post punk style but were instead simply a variant within the dominant commercial style of rock music. 2003 is a common year starting on Wednesday of the Gregorian calendar. ... 2004 is a leap year starting on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar. ... Franz Ferdinand; from left: Alex Kapranos, Paul Thomson, Nicholas McCarthy, and Robert Hardy Franz Ferdinand is a Scottish rock and roll band, named after Franz Ferdinand, archduke of Austria, whose assassination triggered World War I. The bands debut self-titled album released in 2004 debuted on the UK album... Interpol from left to right: Sam Fogarino, Paul Banks, Carlos Dengler and Daniel Kessler This article is about the band. ... Yeah Yeah Yeahs are a New York-based rock & roll band headed by lead singer Karen O. Other members are Brian Chase (drums) and Nick Zinner (guitars). ... Metric are a Canadian indie rock band. ... The Killers are an alternative rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada, who formed in 2002. ... The Weakerthans are a Canadian indie rock band, whose blend of punk-inflected folk rock with literate, witty, introspective lyrics have made them one of the most popular new bands on the Canadian music scene. ... The Stills @ Starlight Club, Waterloo, ON March 2004 The Stills are a Canadian indie rock band. ... Modern rock is a phrase commonly used by radio stations to describe rock music styles that are commonly found on mainstream radio stations. ... Pop punk is used for two separate subgenres of punk rock music: the kind typically found on Lookout! Records, which stray very little from the three-chord formula that The Ramones pioneered, as well as a newer subgenre of melodic, more emotional punk, which includes by bands like NOFX and... Green Day is a pop punk band consisting of Billie Joe Armstrong (lead vocals, guitar), Mike Dirnt (bass, backing vocals, born Michael Ryan Pritchard), and Tré Cool (drummer, born Frank Edwin Wright III). ... Good Charlotte Good Charlotte is a pop-rock band formed in 1996. ... Sum 41, early 2000s Sum 41 is a Canadian pop punk band, from Ajax, Ontario, formed from members of rival bands 41 days into the summer of 1996. ... The Ataris . ... Indie rock is a subgenre of rock music often used to refer to bands that are on small independent record labels or that arent on labels at all. ... Rock and roll (also spelled Rock n Roll, especially in its first decade), also called rock, is a form of popular music, usually featuring vocals (often with vocal harmony), electric guitars and a strong back beat; other instruments, such as the saxophone, are common in some styles. ...

One notable addition to the post-punk genre of music is Television, whose album Marquee Moon, although released in 1977 (when the punk genre was just being formed), is considered definitive post-punk in style. Marquee Moon was Televisions 1977 (see 1977 in music) debut album. ...

See also: Industrial music, Cassette culture, Indie rock Industrial music is a loose term for a number of different styles of electronic and experimental music. ... Cassette culture was an offshoot of the mail art movement of the 1970s and 1980s. ... Indie rock is a subgenre of rock music often used to refer to bands that are on small independent record labels or that arent on labels at all. ...

Post punk bands

23 Skidoo is an American slang popularized in the early Twentieth Century (first appearing before World War I and becoming popular in the Roaring Twenties). ... A Certain Ratio is a rock band from Manchester. ... The Au Pairs were a post punk group in the style of Gang of Four. ... Automatic Pilot was a San Francisco, California band. ... Bauhaus was a British rock band (formed in Northampton in 1978) popular in the 1980s. ... This article is about notable bands within the goth scene. ... This article is about the band Big Flame. ... Big Black was one of the most influential noise rock bands of the 1980s. ... Mick Harvey, Nick Cave, Phill Calvert, Tracy Pew, Rowland S Howard The Birthday Party was an Australian rock music group, active in the late 1970s and early 1980s. ... From left: Matt Tong, Kele Okereke, Russell Lissack, Gordon Moakes Bloc Party are a British art-punk/indie rock band. ... There is also the musical Blood Brothers. ... The Boredoms are a Japanese avant-garde band formed in 1986, whose wildly varied output is notoriously difficult to pidgeonhole. ... Cabaret Voltaire is a post-punk industrial and electronica band from Sheffield, England consisting of Richard H. Kirk, Stephen Mallinder and Chris Watson (who was also a founding member of the Hafler Trio). ... Industrial music is a loose term for a number of different styles of electronic and experimental music. ... Electronic music is a loose term for music created using electronic equipment. ... The Chameleons in 1984: Mark Burgess, Reg Smithies, John Lever, Dave Fielding The Chameleons (called The Chameleons UK on American releases) were a post-punk band that formed in Middleton, Greater Manchester, England in 1981. ... For information about the anarchist writer see Chris Crass Crass was an influential English anarchist punk rock band. ... Cover to The Cures 1989 album Disintegration The Cure is a British rock band widely seen as one of the leading pioneers of the British alternative rock and post-punk scenes of the 1980s. ... This article is about notable bands within the goth scene. ... Cultural Amnesia are an English post punk group first active between 1979 and 1983. ... Depeche Mode was originally founded in 1980 as a synth pop band in the town of Basildon, England. ... Promotional photo distributed during Are We Not Men? era. ... The Durutti Column is the ongoing band project of guitarist Vini Reilly (born in Didsbury, Greater Manchester, August 1953), usually accompanied by drummer Bruce Mitchell (and, on the groups debut album, producer Martin Hannett). ... Echo & the Bunnymen is a British rock group formed in Liverpool in 1978. ... Einstürzende Neubauten is an ever-changing band originally from West Berlin that was formed in 1980 as part of a modern folk music movement. ... Essential Logic were a UK post-punk band formed by saxophonist Lora Logic (born Susan Whitby) after leaving X-Ray Spex. ... Factrix was a pioneering Industrial music group from San Francisco, formed in 1978 by members Bond Bergland, Cole Palme, and Joseph T. Jacobs. ... Fad Gadget was the pseudonym used by musician, synthesizer pioneer, and performance artist Frank Tovey (September 8, 1956 - April 3, 2002), an influential electronic music/New Wave artist, in his early and very late career. ... This article is about the English punk band. ... The Feelies was an alternative rock group from Hoboken, New Jersey. ... The Fire Engines are a post punk band from Edinburgh, Scotland. ... fIREHOSE is an indie/punk band consisting of Mike Watt (bass, vocals), Ed Crawford (guitar, vocals), and George Hurley (drums). ... The Flaming Lips are an American rock band with psychedelic influences, formed in 1983 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma by Mark Coyne, Wayne Coyne and Michael Ivins. ... The Flying Lizards is a experimental music group that made several record albums: avant garde and free improvising musicains including Deborah Evans, Deborah Strickland, David Toop, Steve Beresford and David Cunningham have been members at some time. ... Alternate meanings: Fugazi (disambiguation) Fugazi (left to right): Ian MacKaye, Brendan Canty, Joe Lally, and Guy Picciotto Fugazi is a rock music group from Washington, D.C., formed in 1987. ... Gang of Four was a British punk rock group from Leeds, England. ... Born as Slav Aryan, Gene Loves Jezebel was the creation of Michael Aston and soon was joined by his twin brother Jay and Ian Hudson in London in 1980. ... The Happy Mondays were a rock and roll band formed in Manchester, England in 1985. ... Originally a post punk synthesiser based group from Sheffield, the Human League (previously known as the Future) released their first single, Being Boiled c/w Circus Of Death on Bob Lasts Fast Product record label in 1978. ... Hüsker Dü was an influential rock music group from Minneapolis/St. ... The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. ... Interpol from left to right: Sam Fogarino, Paul Banks, Carlos Dengler and Daniel Kessler This article is about the band. ... Josef K was a Scottish post punk band active in the early 1980s who released singles on legendary record label Postcard Records. ... Joy Division in 1980, photographed by Anton Corbijn. ... Lead singer Jaz Coleman dominates the cover of Killing Jokes 1986 release Brighter Than A Thousand Suns. ... The Lemon Kittens are a post punk band formed in Surrey, England in the late 1970s by Karl Blake and Gary Thatcher. ... Magazine was a UK post punk band formed in 1977 by Howard Devoto after he left the Buzzcocks, its original lineup included John McGeoch, Barry Adamson, Bob Dickinson, and Martin Jackson. ... Buzzcocks were one of the key first generation punk rock bands in the mid to late 1970s. ... The Mekons are a rollicking, anarchic and inventive punk rock/post punk band. ... The Minutemen were a punk rock band from San Pedro, California comprising singer/guitarist D. Boon, bassist Mike Watt and drummer George Hurley. ... Mission of Burma Vs LP cover Mission of Burma is a post-punk band from Boston, Massachusetts comprised of guitarist Roger Miller, bassist Clint Conley and drummer Peter Prescott, with Bob Weston as tape manipulator and sound engineer. ... Monte Cazazza is an American artist and composer best known for his seminal role in helping shape the early landscape of industrial music through recordings with the Sheffield, England-based Industrial Records in the mid-1970s. ... New Order, 2005 Promotional shot New Order are an English electronic dance/rock crossover group, which formed in 1980 from Joy Division following the suicide of lead singer Ian Curtis. ... The Normal is the name English film editor Daniel Miller used, in 1978 for his 45rpm single T.V.O.D./Warm Leatherette (which was inspired by J.G. Ballards novel Crash). ... This article is about the fruit juice; For alternate uses, see Orange juice (disambiguation). ... Otway at Glastonbury Festival, 2002 John Otway, (born October 8, 1952) is a self-confessed unsuccessful singer songwriter, who built a large cult audience through unrelenting touring, a surreal sense of humour and a winning underdog personality. ... Pere Ubu are an experimental rock music group formed in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1975. ... THE BAND Mic Jogwer - Vocals, Guitars Brigid Anderson - Vocals, Keys, Tambourine, Guitars (only live) Louis Pavlou - Drums (live), Guitars & Keys (studio) Reini Walter - Bass Marcus Giltjes - Samples & Sounds, Art Direction, Films THE BACKGROUND Pink Turns Blue is a Band from Berlin, Germany. ... Poison Girls preforming at the squatted Zig Zag Club in London, December 1982 The Poison Girls were a British anarcho-punk band. ... The Pop Group were a post punk band from Bristol, United Kingdom whose uncompromising, dissonant sound spanned punk, free jazz and dub reggae. ... The Psychedelic Furs are an influential British post-punk band founded in the 1970s. ... Public Image Ltd (PiL) is a band formed in 1978 by John Lydon, formerly and later Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols. ... John Lydon John Joseph Lydon (born January 31, 1956), also known as Johnny Rotten (a nickname derived from the state of his teeth) was the iconoclastic lead singer of the Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd (PiL) and an Irish individualist anarchist. ... The Sex Pistols in 1977. ... The Raincoats were a (usually) all-women band, playing punk and post punk, formed in Ladbroke Grove, London, England in 1977 by Ana da Silva (vocals, guitar) and Gina Birch (vocals, bass) (see 1977 in music). ... The Red Crayola was a psychedelic, avant-garde rock band from Austin, Texas, in the late 1960s made up of art students, and led by singer-guitarist and visual artist Mayo Thompson. ... The Replacements (often called The Mats by fans) were a seminal alternative rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. ... Scritti Politti is the name of Welsh singer-songwriter Green Gartsides (born Paul Strohmeyer, 22 June 1956, Cardiff, Wales [1]) musical project. ... Shellac is a minimalist post-punk noise rock band featuring Steve Albini (guitar/vocals), Robert S. Weston IV (bass/vocals) and Todd Trainer (drums). ... Siouxsie and the Banshees are a British gothic rock band. ... Spasmodic Caress were an English post punk / new wave band that played many gigs along the East coast and in Ipswich, Colchester and London between 1979 and 1984. ... Suicide is a 1970s and 80s punk/post punk duo, composed of Alan Vega (vocals) and Martin Rev (synthesizers and drum machines). ... Cabaret Voltaire is a post-punk industrial and electronica band from Sheffield, England consisting of Richard H. Kirk, Stephen Mallinder and Chris Watson (who was also a founding member of the Hafler Trio). ... Swans were one of the few bands to emerge from the New York, USA No Wave scene intact. ... The Swell Maps were a British punk band. ... The Slits were a mostly all-women band. ... The Strokes are an American rock and roll band who formed in New York City and gained initial fame for their live shows. ... This Heat were a British post-punk band notable for their world music influences, formed late 1975 in Brixton, London by multi-instrumentalists Charles Bullen (guitar, clarinet, viola, vocals, tapes), Charles Hayward (percussion, keyboards, vocals, tapes) and Gareth Williams (keyboard, guitar, bass, vocals, tapes). ... Throbbing Gristle in 1978 (From left to right: Genesis P-Orridge, Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Peter Christopherson) Throbbing Gristle (formed on September 3, 1976 in London) were a British experimental group that evolved from the performance art group COUM Transmissions. ... Le Tigre is a feminist electro pop/punk band formed in 1998 by Kathleen Hanna after the demise of her previous band, Bikini Kill. ... Tuxedomoon is an experimental avant-garde New Wave group formed in San Francisco, California in 1977 by Blaine L. Reininger and Steven Brown, two students of electronic music at San Francisco City College. ... A film score is the background music in a film, generally specially written for the film and often used to heighten emotions provoked by the imagery on the screen or by the dialogue. ... U2 (L to R): The Edge, Bono, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen U2 is an Irish rock band featuring Bono (Paul David Hewson) on vocals and guitar, The Edge (David Howell Evans) on guitar and pianos, vocals, and bass, Adam Clayton on bass and guitar, and Larry Mullen on drums. ... Winston Tong is a San Francisco-based performer, known both for his involvement (1977-86) with the Avant-garde / Synth Pop / Post punk group, Tuxedomoon, and for his solo work as a musician, performance artist, actor/playwright, and puppeteer. ... The Wake can refer to: A graphic novel in the Sandman series A British indie band An album by the progressive rock band IQ This is a disambiguation page — a navigational aid which lists other pages that might otherwise share the same title. ... Wire is a British punk/experimental rock band formed in 1976 by Graham Lewis (bass, vocals), Bruce Gilbert (guitar), Colin Newman (vocals, guitar) and Robert Gotobed (drums). ... Synth pop is a style of popular music in which the synthesizer is the dominant musical instrument. ... Techno is a form of electronic music that emerged in the mid-1980s and primarily refers to a particular style developed in and around Detroit and subsequently adopted by European producers. ... Young Marble Giants were a Cardiff post punk musical trio formed in 1978. ...

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Pinhead’s style is a mix of new wave, ska, and punk influenced pop with sarcastic and fun lyrics that make for an interesting listen.
This is a 1978 Canadian punk compilation recorded live over two days at the famous Toronto venue The Horseshoe.
Mark Perry became an essential figure in the early UK punk scene in 1976, when he quit his day job as a bank teller to start the first, and likely most influential, British punk zine, Sniffin’ Glue (named for the Ramone’s “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue,” Perry’s first introduction to punk rock).
Post punk - definition of Post punk in Encyclopedia (475 words)
Post punk generally refers to the particularly fertile and creative period following the initial UK punk rock 'explosion', roughly spanning 1978-1982.
In 2003 and 2004, the term post punk began to appear in the music press again, with some critics reviving the label to describe a new set of bands that shared some of the aesthetics of the original post punk era.
Unlike the original post punk artists, however, these bands were not generally underground artists, but were instead simply a variant within the dominant commercial style of rock music.
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