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  • The term ORMUS is coined by David Hudson in 1994 as a descriptive word, referring to the monatomic and diatomic elements that he rediscovered and researched for over 10 years. David Radius Hudson also filed several successful patents as a result of his research concerning these rare earth elements, which have been added to the periodic table of elements, ORMEs and ORMUS. It is reported that he spent in excess of USD$8,000,000 perfoming this research, but this figure is unconfirmed at present. These elements are also known as superatoms or super atoms. Others now refer to the same elements as White Powder Gold, M-state and MFKTZ- being the ancient egyptian name, according to the opinions of some scholars.

In physics and chemistry, monatomic is a combination of the words mono and atomic, and means single atom. ... A computer rendering of the Nitrogen Molecule, which is a diatomic molecule. ... Generally, an element is a basic part that is the foundation of something. ... de;Metalle der Seltenen Erden Categories: Stub | Chemical element groups ... Superatoms are clusters of atoms which seem to exhibit some of the properties of elemental atoms. ... In physics and chemistry, monatomic is a combination of the words mono and atomic, and means single atom. ...

Many References for this article can be found here, A site created by Dr. David Ward, ex-officio Professor and nuclear physicist.


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  Results from FactBites:
Ormus- A Wild and Magical Land (1959 words)
Ormus is a large nation of forested hills, dense woodlands, and open coastal plains and marshes.
Ormus is ruled by a male Aslan king that is advised by a nine member council of females.
The backbone of the Ormus military is formed by an elite group of warriors known as the Ti'Gar.
Ormus (193 words)
Ormus was a kingdom in the 17th century around the Persian Gulf, in particular the Strait of Hormuz.
The capital was the fortified port-city of Ormus which was one of the largest in the Middle East at the time and controlled sea-way trading routes to India.
The city-state of Ormus is dated back to the 13th century when it controlled the slave market from Africa and Arabia to Khorasan[?] in Persia.
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