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Nowshera (Pashto: نوښار) (Urdu: نوشہرہ) - known locally as "Now-khaar" or "Now-Shaar" is the chief city of Nowshera District in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. Pashto (پښتو; also known as Afghan, Pushto, Pashto, Pashtoe, Pashtu, and Pukhto) is the language spoken by the ethnic Afghan otherwise known as the Pashtun people who inhabit Afghanistan and the Western provinces of Pakistan. ... The phrase Zaban-e Urdu-e Mualla written in Urdu Urdu () is an Indo-European language of the Indo-Aryan family that developed under Persian, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, and Sanskrit influence in South Asia during the Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Empire (1200-1800). ... Nowshera (Urdu: نوشہرہ) is a district in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan that contains the town of Nowshera. ... For the 1959 British film see Northwest Frontier The North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) (Urdu: shemaal maghribi sarhadi soobe شمال مغربی سرحدی صوبہ) is the smallest in size of the four provinces of Pakistan and is home to the Pashtuns (Pakhtoons). ...

Nowshera city is famous mainly for its colonial era Cantonment which is home to the Pakistan Army "School of Artillery", School of ASC, ASC centre, Armour centre and School of Armour of Pakistan Army. The area comprises many famous Pakhtun tribes including the Badrashi Khattaks, Kakakhel Miangan and Babers. GT Road is the main road connecting villages and towns across the District. It is also at the junction of Peshawar and Swat Road. A cantonment is a temporary or semi-permanent military quarters, typically in South India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. ... The Pashtuns (also Pushtun, Pakhtun, or ethnic Afghan; in referring to the period of the British Raj or earlier, sometimes Pathan) are an ethnic/religious group of people, living primarily in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India who follow Pashtunwali, their indigenous religion. ... Khattak or Khatak (Urdu: خٹک ) is a Pashtun tribe. ... The Grand Trunk Road (abbreviated to GT Road in common usage) is the Indian Subcontinents first, largest and oldest major road, linking Calcutta on the Bay of Bengal coast with Kabul in Afghanistan via the Khyber Pass. ...   (Urdu: پشاور; Pashto: پښور) literally means City on the Frontier in Persian and is known as Pekhawar in Pashto. ...

It is the only district of Pakistan with three Cantonments namely Nowshera Cantonment, Risalpur Cantonment and Cherat Cantonment. Nowshera district is spread over a large area with the Kabul River bisecting the district. Nowshera District also borders Punjab province. Risalpur city is located nearly 45km from Peshawar, NWFP, Pakistan. ... Cherat is a town in Peshawar District in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. ... Nowshera (Urdu: نوشہرہ) is a district in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan that contains the town of Nowshera. ... Kabul River or Kabal River (Persian: دریای کابل) is a river that rises in the Sanglakh Range of Afghanistan, separated from the watershed of the Helmand by the Unai Pass. ... This article is about the Pakistani province. ...

The president of the MMA, Qazi Hussain Ahmad is member of National Assembly from seat of Nowshera. This article or section does not adequately cite its references or sources. ... Qazi Hussain Ahmad Qazi Hussain Ahmad (Pashto / Urdu: قاضی حسین احمد) is the president of the Pakistani Muslim religious party, the Jamaat-e-Islami. ...

Nowshera is also the home to the Tomb of famous Sikh Commander Phula Singh, now an object of pilgrimage to Hindus, Muslims & Sikhs alike.


Must see

Kund Park is a park in the area, River Kabul and Abasin river flow its sidewise presenting a lovely view. Abasin is dark blue and people like diving and making fun around, it is after this park the two rivers combine but their water can still be distinguished!

Jinnah Park is also very famous, river kabul flows through it, it has a small zoo which nests some peacocks, its suiable for an evening walk.


  • Army Public School Zamzama
  • The City School Nowshera
  • Govt High School No. 1
  • Govt high School No. 2
  • Federal Govt School
  • Govt High School for Girls
  • Govt Post Graduate college for boys
  • Govt College for Girls
  • Govt High School Dagbehsud District Nowshera.
  • Hira Public School Nowshera
  • Muslim Degree college Nowshera,
  • Jinnah Memorial College Nowshera
  • Pakistan Army "School Of Artillery"
  • School of ASC
  • ASC Center
  • Khattak public school Khattak building Nowshera
  • Armour centre and School of Armour of Pakistan Army
  • Ufa Girls Computer & Vocational Institute Nowshera
  • Iqra Cadet School and college


PABBI (also called ‘Pabu in Pushtu’): PABBI is one of the largest towns of district Nowshera. It is situated on Grand Trunk road between Peshawar and Nowshera (16 km west of Nowshera and 18 km east of Peshawar). PABBI is the biggest trade center for about more than 80 small villages. PABBI has following major schools and Colleges:

  • Government Degree College PABBI,
  • Government Girls Degree College PABBI,
  • Government High School PABBI,
  • Government Girls High School PABBI,
  • PABBI Model School, Khudrazi.
  • Aamir Mahmood Memorial College Nowshera

Ziarat Ka ka Sahib

Ziarat Ka Ka Sahib a place of Kaka khels (Miangan) and three percent other castes. The village of Ziarat Kaka Sahib serves as the cultural, ancestral, social and spiritual center for the tribe, though concentrated towns/villages of population exist in the Mardan, Sawabi, and Ashnaghar regions. Some of the well known towns and villages where there are known large number of Kakakhels are Mardan, Nowshera, Charsada, Dobyan, Sra Deray (Baghaycha Deray), Bachai, Naray Kala, Shah Baz Gharay, and Kheshki. Generally, Kakakhel are scattered throughout the Pushtunkhwa (North West Frontier Province), the Tribal Administrated regions as well as some parts of North Eastern Afghanistan.

KAKAKHELS:- The tribes, the generations of "KAKASAHIB" are called "KAKAKHEL". Both of these two words "Kakasahib" and "Kakakhel" are not very old, Kakasahib's real name was "Sheikh Sayed Kastheer Gul”, and was famous with the names of: "Sheikh ji sahib”, "Sheikh Rehamkar”, and "ziarhey-kaka" (due to his pale complexion as he was very weak for his practice of vigorous worships), people used to call him "kaka”, as the elder of village ...which became "kaka-sahib" and this name got more popularity then the former names, hence his kin’s and all other generations later on also got this name "kakakhel" (from kaka).

The name "kakakhel" was not very popular till the 12th century, but slowly and steadily it got its popularity in 13th century. The reason behind this fact is that till 12th century, the number of "kakakhels" was in a less amount, so less that it cannot be included as a definition of a tribe. When their population grew more and the sources of media also developed then slowly and steadily they were considered as a "tribe"...A tribe of pustoon nation with "Arab blood".

This tribe became so popular and active that it got a special place in politics and Government policies. The British Empire when began rule over Sub-Continent, they used the name of this tribe in their official documents and policies.

The Holy spirituality in Kakakhels carried on till 5 generations and they were very pious, loved worship, and practiced Islam authentically. Most of the kakakhels were so qualified, intellectual and respectable that mostly Pustoon tribes preferred to discuss and solve their problems, crises and tribal clashes by Kakakhels. The general means of earning of Kakakhels is business, but they also like agriculture. Now they have accepted to work as Government officers also and they are serving in Civil and military service and all walks of life.

Kakakhels played a great role in Independence Movements for an independent country. A great number of Islamic Scholars with an expert knowledge about Shariah were Kakakhels. Still in this age there are many great Islamic Scholars among Kakakhels. Beside this there is a great number of Kakakhels as an Engineers, Doctors, Agricultural-specialists, Professors, Advocates, Barristers, and in many other fields like Art, literature, and military forces of Pakistan Kakakhels present their talents.

Kakakhels have served their mother language "Pastho" more than any other tribe in pustoon culture. They were also interested in Persian language about 70-80 years before but they had more passion for Pashtoo. In every age there is a writer or poet in "Pashtoo" literature from Kakakhels. In the beginning of 20th century all the writers of Kaka sahib formed a union called: "Milliah Rehamkaria”. This union benefited people with a big Library, which contained about 4000/ books, and all daily newspapers and weekly magazines. A pashtoo "dictionary" with 45,000/ words and proverbs, their translations and summary was also compiled and published by a famous Kakakhel writer," Mian Bahadur Shah Zafar".

Kakakhels are settled mostly in their own village, "ziarat Kakasahib”, but also spread throughout the country and in foreign lands. They live mostly in Nowshera; Peshawar, Mardan and Charsadda District and Islamabad etc .It is a great Blessing of God that wherever they live, they get a great respect and honor from people. Infact this is a reward from Allah to Hazrat Sheikh Rehamkar, Kakasahib that even after hundreds of years of his death still people among all their weaknesses and faults are respecting his generations. This is a common observation that among all Saadath (syed’s), from Pakistan and Afghanistan, Kakakhels are rewarded more respect and honor with the Grace of God.

Shaidu, a place of Khattaks, Syeds, Shinwaris and Farsis and Afghan, With mountains and fields and river and Bazar. A tourist spot that have been forgotten. Peshungri/Pushtoon Ghari (Situated on the bank of river Kabul)/Khat Kali Nowshera Khurd/Amangarh (is the Industrial area 6km from Nowshera towards Peshawer on GT road, Adamje Paper & Board Mills, Ismail Kot Textile Mills, Feroze Sons lab, Associated Industries, PVC are the major factories, Badrashi the great caste and the great people live in this area. Sayyid (Arabic: سيد ) Sayyid is an honorific title often given to claimed descendants of the Prophet Muhammad through his grandsons, Husayn and Hasan, the sons of his daughter Fatima Zahra and his son-in-law Ali ibn Abi Talib (who was Muhammads younger cousin and had been raised in his... The Shinwari are an ethnic tribe in Afghanistan. ... This article is about the Persian people, an ethnic group found mainly in Iran. ...

Nowshera District is mostly populated by Khattak tribe of Pashtuns. In this district sub-tribe of main Khattak tribe, i.e, Akorra Khattak is resided in other sub-clans of this sub tribe. And Shaidu, a place of Khattaks, Syeds, Shinwaris and Farsis and Afghan, With mountains and fields and river and Bazar. A tourist spot that have been forgotten.

Khattak's tribe villages are situated in an area known as Illaqa as per their sub-clan of their sub-tribe of Main Khattak Tribe.

Cherat: It includes villages of Jallozai, Dak Ismail Khel,Spin Khak, Saleh Khana, Kotli Kalan, Jarroba, Dag behsud, Koltlai, Bakhtay and many more. Dag behsud is very beautiful village in the district Nowshera. It lies on the Cherat road. The people of that village are very hardworking. Most of them are farmers but a few of them are also on high educational posts. The village dag behsud has very fertile land. Sugarcane, wheat, potatoes and other kind of vegetables are grown in the fields.

Besides Khattaks, Nowshera is also home to migrated tribe of Hassan khel Afridi. Most of their population is in Misri Banda village some 10 km from Nowshera, opposite to Akora Khattak.

Famous personalities


  • Hazrat Bahadur Baba (R. A.) (Father of Kaka Sahib)... (Manki Sharif).
  • Hazrat Syed Ka ka Sahib (R.A.) (Ziarat KaKa Sahib).
  • Hazrat Syed Haleem Gul BaBa(R.A)S/O Hazarat Ka Ka Sahib(R.A)
  • Akor Khan (Father of Khushal Khan Khattak)
  • Khushal Khan Khattak (Famous Pashto poet).
  • Khan Bahadur Abdul Hameed Khan ... (Khan of Badrashi and famous contractor)
  • Taj Mohammad Khan ... (The only son of Khan Bahadur Abdul Hameed Khan)
  • Gulam Farooq Khan Khattak(Shaidu)Served as Governor State bank Of Pakistan Chairman,First Wapda Chairman,Governer East Pakistan, Finance Minister and chairman Railway Board India
  • Pir Of Manki Sharif

Military personalities

Two Army Officers who were awarded the Sitara-e-Jurrat were both were from village Peshungri/Pushtoon Ghari.

There are many well known military people from Nowshera e.g.

  • Lt.Col Khan Sahib Abdul Karim Khan, Served in British Army at GAWALIOR.(Shaidu)
  • Sqd. Leader Syed QAsim Shah(shaidu)
  • Lt Gen.(R)Gul Hassan (Late) of Pabbi, The last Commander In Chief of Pakistan Army
  • Major Gen.(R) R. G. L. G. Badasha (Ziarat KaKa Sahib).
  • Major Gen. Shahida Badsha(daughter of R. G. L. G.Badsha).
  • Major Gen.(R) Asad Muneer(Ziarat KaKa Sahib).
  • Major Gen.(R) Jan-e-Sardar Gul (Late).
  • Major Gen.(R) Naseer Ullah Baber(Ex Interior Minister Pakistan (Pir Pai).
  • Major Gen. (R) Taj-Ul-Haq (Mohib Banda).
  • Brig.(R) Khalid Muneer (Ziarat KaKa Sahib).
  • Brig (R) Kamal Aziz kaka khel (D.G.NADRA Pakistan).
  • Col (R)Mian Syed Fazal-e-Rahim Kakakhel (Director NHA).
  • Lt Col(R) Muhammad Akram Khan Khattak{Tamgha-e-Imtiaz}. served as Military Secretary to the Governor NWFP (Mian Muhamad Azhar).
  • Brig(R)Muhammad Mustaq Khattak.(Armour corp).
  • Lt.Col Ikhlaq Khattak.(EME).
  • Late) Major Jamal Din Khattak (Artillery) S/O Qamar Din, Darwazgai.
  • Lt. Col.Tahir Jamal Khattak (Artillerry)S/o Maj.Jamal Din
  • Major Gen. Niaz Khattak.(Shaidu)

Important Government Officials

  • Mian Shafqat kaka khel (Deputy Executive Director United Nations Environment Programme "UNEP").
  • Mian Moeenuddin Kakakhel (Member Engineering, Capital Development Authority).
  • Dr. Lutfullah Kakakhel (Vice Chancellor, Kohat University of Science & Technology).
  • Arshad Salam Khattak (Msc Transportation University of Leeds, UK) (Currently serving as DEPUTY CHIEF ENGINEER BRIDGES, PAKISTAN RAILWAYS) (Shaidu).
  • Mian Sangeen Jan kaka khel (V.P.Allied Bank NWFP).
  • Abdus Salam Khattak(Msc Forestry) (Known DFO of his time).
  • Muhammad Ishfaq Khattak(Sitara E Imtiaz) (Ex-student Harvard University, USA (MD PRACS, Pakistan Railways).
  • Dr.Muhammad Ishtiaq Khattak senior Radiologist Govt of NWFP.
  • Masood Abbas Khattak EX Director food(inspection)food. department N.W.F.P.
  • Shakeel ABBAS khattak ex Asistant Director P.D.A Govt of N.W.F.P.(Nephew of Jan Mohammad khan Khattak).
  • Mian Syed Mazhar Ali Shah (District Police Officer).
  • Mian Saif ur Rehman kaka khel (Distt Edu Officer Nowshera).

Religious scholars

  • Molana Mujahid Khan Al Hussaini (One of the two scholars who completed their religious education from India before Partition)
  • Moulana Abdul Haq Haqani (One of the biggest names in Pakistan history as Islamic scholar also founder of the Pakistan one of biggest Islamic University Darul Ulum Haqaniya AKORA KHATTAK He was also Elected as MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly of Pakistan)


  • Qazi Husain Ahmad (President Jama'at-e Islami & MMA).
  • Sartaj Aziz ka ka khel(Finance Minister of Pakistan).
  • Nasrullah Khan Khattak(Ex-Chief Minister NWFP).
  • Major General (R) Naseer Ullah Khan Baber(Ex-Manistor).
  • Mian Jamal Shah Kaka Khel (Ex-Manistor).
  • Mian Yahya Shah kaka khel (Senior Vice President Pakistan Muslim League Quaid -e- Azam Group NWFP).
  • Mian Jamshed Uddin kaka khel (President PPP Sherpao Group Noshera Distt & Nazim:-Union Council Ziarat ka ka sahib).
  • Mr Liaquat Ali Shabab, District President Pakistan People Party(PPPP) Nowshera).
  • Mian Rashid ALI Shah kaka khel (General Secretory ANP Distt Nsr).
  • Mian Akmal Shah kaka khel(MPA, Pakistan People Party Parliamentarian).
  • Muhammad Azam Khan Khattak (Akora Khattak) (Muslim League) One of the two members of development committee of one unit scheme chosen from NWFP.(father of Jan Mohammad khattak)
  • Ajmal Khattak (Akora Khattak).
  • (Late)Barrister Amin Khattak (PML).
  • Jan Muhammad Khan Khattak (Akora Khattak)(remained a very strong figure of the area,he remained chairman town comittee akora khattak for three tenures before stepping into the Provincal Assembly of N.W.f.P.In 1986 he contested for the provincal assmebly and since then till 2002,he was an undefeatable candidate from his locality .During his political carier he remained on key posts in the govt,He was taken in the provincal cabinet of N.W.F.P in 1992 as Minister for Health dept.Earlier he remained member of (PAC)N.W.F.P govt for several times.He still holds a key position in AWAMI NATIONAL PARTY.(A.N.P)
  • Khalil Abbas Khan Khattak (MPA)(member of PROVINCAL ACCOUNTS COMMITTE)(ANP) (Akora Khattak) (Nephew of Jan Muhamad Khan Khattak)
  • Maulana Sami-ul-haq (Akora Khattak)
  • Mian Muzafar Shah (PPPP)
  • Masood Abbas Khattak.(ANP)(Senior Vice President ANP Nowshera distt,Elder Brother of khalil Abbas khattak and nephew of Jan Mohammad khan Khattak)
  • Aziz Ullah Jan Khattak (P.P.P.P) (Shaidu)

Famous Educators

  • Mufti Siahuddin Kakakhel.
  • Moulana Abdullah Kakakhel. (International Islamic University)
  • Mian Taqveem Ul Haq KakaKhel.
  • Mian Takreem Ul Haq KakaKhel.
  • Siraj-UL-Islam
  • Akhtar Hussain,(M.Sc. Mathematics)
  • Mohammad Ihtesham Khan - Federal Secretary Wafaqi Mohtasib (CSS top position holder).
  • Dr. Mian Iqtidar Ali Shah, (Ph.D Economics).
  • Dr. Sirbiland Khan (Ph.D).
  • Dr. Dost Muhammad (Ph.D, Mathematics).
  • Dr. Nazeer Ahmed ka ka khel (Ph.D).
  • Mian Murad Ali Shah kaka khel (Chairman Technical Education, NWFP, PAKISTAN).
  • Dr.Prof.Mian Abdul Ghaffar kaka khel(Unversity of Peshawar).
  • Dr. Asad Ali (Ph. D, Plant Pathology)
  • Anwer shah Ustaz marhoom
  • Dr. Muhammad Jamal Nasir (Ph.D, Geomorphology)
  • Dr. Muhammad Akmal Paracha (Ph.D)
  • Engineer Syed Qasim Shah(shaidu)
  • Engineer Syed Jaffar Shah(Shaidu)
  • Engineer Syed Aziz Shah(Shaidu)
  • Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Ali Khan Khattak (Ph.D) (Foreign Affairs) (Shaidu)
  • Dr. Aliya Kakakhel (USA)
  • Dr. Syed Abdul Siraj, Ph.D and Post Doctorate in Media Studies (USA). He is also chaiman of Mass Communication Dept. at AIOU, Islamabad.
  • Dr. Syed Shahjehan (PhD Germany) Chairman, Department of Journalism, University of Peshawar.
  • Dr. Waqar Ali Shah (PhD UK) Chairman, Department of History, Quaid E Azam University, Islamabad.

Famous journalists

  • Mushtaq paracha
  • Javaid Ahmed
  • Janzeb khattak
  • haji zahoor Ahmed cha cha
  • Mian Obaid Ali Shah
  • Nisar Ahmed
  • Khalid Nazir
  • Naeem Wali
  • Wajid Ali
  • Fida Mohammed Fido
  • Sajad khan chotoo
  • Javed Iqbal Geo news
  • Sohail Ahmed (Bright) Staff Reporter, The News
  • Mian Fakhar ka ka khel (Aaj TV).

Personalities in science and technology

  • Nowshera is a famous industrial city. There is an industrial state in Aman Garh which is situated in Nowshera district. Nowshera has produced technologists and scientists who have earned a good name for the city and the province, some of them are listed below.
  • Dr. Nisar Ali Khan
  • Dr. Lutfullah Kakakhel
  • Dr. Khurshid Ahmad
  • Dr. Gulfam Nasar
  • Engr. Mohammad Ali Shah of Kaka Sahib, Vodafone Chair Mobile Communications Systems Germany [1]
  • Syed Abdul Salam, Knowledge Management Specialist, World Bank, Washington DC, USA
  • Syed Javed Iqbal Shah of Akora Khattak (Brother of) Mian Akmal Shah (IT Manager GCMS [2]London Research on Computer Network System UK)

Other people of whom Nowshera can be proud

  • Famous Filmstar ASIF KHAN. Film/TV actor since 1970 has been acting successfuly in the Pakistani film industry. Till now he worked in almost over 400 films (Pashto-Punjabi-Urdu) and numerous TV Dramas. Born in 1946 in village Badrashi, Nowshera. The lengendary Pakistani Film Actor, Mohammad Ali (LATE) introduced Asif Khan to the Film Industry in 1970. His first film was Darye-Khyber which was a super hit. He then acted in more hit films such as Urbaal, Ajab Khan Afriday, Nawi dey Yavey Shpe, Badamala. He produced his first pushto film "PUKHTUN PA WILAYAT KAY" in London in 1985 which unfortunately could not do well at the box office. Asif Khan won Best Actor award for Urdu film "SARGEANT". He did several Urdu films with top stars like, Waheed Murad, Mohammad Ali, Nadeem, Hamuyun Qureshi, Ghulam Mohiuddin. His famous Urdu films were Mushkil, Chief Saab, Joh Dar Giya Woh Mar Giya, Awargi. In 1991, he was offered a Bollywood film 'Henna' which he declined to work in. He also performed in numerous Pashto and Urdu TV Dramas. Among them, Godfather is very popular. The drama was shoot in Japan. In 1995, he introduced his son ARBAZ KHAN (real name Arif) to the film industry. Asif Khan is currently working in both Pashto films and Dramas.
  • Famous Lollywood FILM/TV STAR ARBAZ KHAN. Arbaz Khan was introduced in 1995 by his father Asif Khan. Famous Pakistani Director SYED NOOR had signed Arbaz Khan for film GHUNGHAT in 1995 which was released in 1996. Arbaz Khan got recognised in this film through his famous song "Dehka Joh Chehra Tera". He worked in Super Hit films like "DIL KISI KA DOST NAHIN", "DUPATTA JAL RAHA HAIN", "DAKU RANI" etc. In 2003 Arbaz was introduced to PASHTO FILMS though he was hesitant to work in Pashto films at first due to obscenity and downfall of Pashto Films in the 90's. Arbaz's 1st Pashto film was Meena Qurbani Ghuwari was released in 2003. The film broke all time record at the box office. He later worked in "ASHNAGHAREY" in 2005 again was a super Hit film. Recently, he worked in Blockbusters like "SABAR SHA ZARGIYA"-2006, "LAG DA ZRA NA TAPOS OKA"-2006. Along with acting, Arbaz Khan in 2007 also directed his own film "STA MOHABBAT ZAMA SAZA SHUWA". Currently he is shooting in Dubai for 2 films "PAKISTAN ZAMA JANAN" and "TIGER". In July 2007 he is going to Tajikistan to shoot "ZRA DEY RANA OREY DEY". Arbaz Khan introduced his cousin, Amir Khan in his own directed film "STA MOHABBAT ZAMA SAZA SHUWA." Amir Khan worked in his Debutant film as a villain. The film is currently running successfully at the box office.
  • Famous Filmstar TARIQ SHAH. Film Star actor since 1980 has been acting successfuly in the Pakistani film industry.He is super star of Urdu,Pashto & panjabi films.


Khushal Khan Khattak: (1613–1689) (Pashto: خوشحال خان خټک) was a Pashtun warrior, poet and tribal chief of the Khattak tribe[1]. He wrote in Pashto during the reign of the Mughal (Mongol) emperors in the seventeenth century, and admonished Afghans to forsake their divisive tendencies and unite. He was a renowned fighter who became known as the "Afghan Warrior Poet".[2] He lived in the foothills of the Hindu Kush mountains in what is now the North-West Frontier Province of western Pakistan. Khushal Khan Khattak Khushal Khan Khattak (1613 - 1690) was a famous Afghan warrior, poet, and tribal chief of the Khattak tribe. ... The Pashtuns (also Pushtun, Pakhtun, or ethnic Afghan; in referring to the period of the British Raj or earlier, sometimes Pathan) are an ethnic/religious group of people, living primarily in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India who follow Pashtunwali, their indigenous religion. ... The poor poet A poet is a person who writes poetry. ... Pashto (پښتو; also known as Afghan, Pushto, Pashto, Pashtoe, Pashtu, and Pukhto) is the language spoken by the ethnic Afghan otherwise known as the Pashtun people who inhabit Afghanistan and the Western provinces of Pakistan. ... The Mughal Empire (alternative spelling Mogul, which is the origin of the word Mogul) of India was founded by Babur in 1526, when he defeated Ibrahim Lodi, the last of the Delhi Sultans at the First Battle of Panipat. ... The Hindu Kush or Hindukush (هندوکش in Persian) is a mountain range in Afghanistan as well as in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. ...

Khushal Khan was the son of Shahbaz Khan and was born in Akora (now in Nowshera district, Pakistan). His grandfather, Malik Akoray, was the first Khattak to enjoy widespread fame during the reign of the Mughal King Jalal-ud-din Akbar. Akoray moved from Teri (a village in Karak district) to Sarai Akora, the town which Akoray founded and built. Akoray cooperated with the Mughals to safeguard the trunk route and was generously rewarded for his assistance. The Akor Khels, a clan named after Akoray, still hold a prominent position in the Khattak tribe. The Khattak tribe of Khushhal Khan now (2007) lives in areas of Kohat, Nowshera, Peshawar, Mardan and in other parts of the North-West Frontier Province. This article needs additional references or sources for verification. ... For other uses, see Karak. ... Kohat (Urdu: کوہاٹ) is a medium sized town in central North West Frontier Province in Pakistan. ... Location of Mardan District (highlighted in yellow) within the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. ...

Janas Khan better known as Samandar Khan Samandar was born in village Badrashi, District Nowshera in January 1901 - He turned toward Poetry at the tender age of 6 years when he started reciting his own "Tapas". Initially, he was introduced to traditional Masjid School, later on he was admitted in government primary school at Nowshera Cantt. He received formal education up to class IV. He started to earn his livelihood as labourer during his teens, he worked as orderly Peon, Cook, Butler, Kochwan and Magician. During all this time he did not leave his first love of poetry and kept on writing quality prose and poetry. is the 17th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. ... Year 1990 (MCMXC) was a common year starting on Monday (link displays the 1990 Gregorian calendar). ...

In the year 1929 he became a member of "Tehreek-I-Islam-I-Afaghanan" later on he worked as 'Khudaiee Khidmatgar:, he also worked in 'Khaksar Movement' and finally joined Muslim League. He joined Pashto Service of Radio, Peshawar Station in 1943 as scriptwriter and authored innumerable talk shows, he also wrote more than 56 Radio Dramas. His published and unpublished Poetry work consists of about 1,13,000 verses, more than half of which was published in 10 volumes with the title "Da Tawheed Trang". He also authored several thousand pages of Prose. Special mention of his literary genius is due to his Pashto translation of "Asrar-i-Khudee" and "Ramooz-i-Bekhudee" by Allama lqbal. His contribution in the field on "Naat" is substantial. He got married in 1935 and had children. He died on 17 January 1990. Two students of Peshawar University got their degrees of M.Phil (1995) and Phd (1997) by publishing research paper on his work. is the 17th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. ... Year 1990 (MCMXC) was a common year starting on Monday (link displays the 1990 Gregorian calendar). ...

Dr. Sherzaman Taizi: (Pabbi).

Dr. Taizi is a famous Poet, Novelist, Short Story writer, journalist and Playwright. Hailing from the famous Taizi tribe of Pabbi, he was born in 1931. He got his early education in Pabbi and his higher education from the University of Peshawar. Taizi's main area of literaty activities is novel. He has written five novels so far;among them Gul Khan, which appeared in 1966, has earned great repute. Gul Khan has long been part of the Pashto curriculum offered by Pukhto Department, Peshawar University. However, Taizi has successfully tested his muscles in other genres also such as poerty, short stories, journalism, research and translation. In recent years, he contributed a lot to Pukhto literature duirng his editorship of the famous newspaper, Daily the Frontier Post, Peshawar. Having done his PhD research on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (1978), Taizi is also an expert on Afghan government and politics. His doctoral thesis: "Afghanistan: The Saur Revolution 1978-1986)" appeared in 1992. Taizi has created a group of dedicated young poets and writers in and around Pabbi. Prominent among them are Khurshid Iqbal Khattak, Zahid-ur-Rahman Saifi, Shafiq Ahmad Khattak, Jamshed Iqbal Khattak and Liaqat Ashiq. Khurshid Iqbal Khattak has the written Dr. Taizi's biography, which has contains an analytical but critical account of Taizi's literary contributions.

  • Khan Bahadur Mohammad Zaman Khan Khattak:

Born in Mohallan Khan Khel, village Akora Khattak, grand father of known politicion Jan Muhamad Khan Khattak and RTD Col.Akram Khan Khattak ex militery secretary of Governor of NWFP, was a known Pashto poet the writer of 3 books namely Afkar E Khattak, Israr E Khattak and Gulzar E Khattak.

  • Syed Ahmad Shah Kaskar:(Shaidu)

Famous Pashto poet.

  • Bahadur Shah Zafar Kaka khel:

He has written the first Pashto to English oxford level dictionary also he is the author of a book on kaka sahib Sheikh Raham Kar.He is very famous poet in pashto. A pashtoo "dictionary" with 45,000/ words and proverbs, their translations and summary was also compiled and published by a famous Kakakhel writer," Mian Bahadur Shah Zafar".

  • Abdullah Ustaz Mana khel Nowshera kalan:
  • Said Rasool Rasa' Born in Mohallan Miangan, Village Badrashi, District Nowshera, One of the Famous Pushto Poet. He was the Chairman of the Pashto Department, University of Peshawar, and was a good pushtu writer.
  • Mian Ghulam Siddiq (Advocate).

Born in 1901, belongs to Village Badrashi, District Nowshera, and was the writer of a pushtu book namely "TAREKHI CHARBETTY". He was the king of "Charbetty".

  • Amir Ghulam Sadiq
  • Mian Taqveem Ul Haque Kaka khel: (Famous Pashto poet).

Born & belongs to Village Ziarat Ka Ka Sahib, District Nowshera He is a famous Poet, Novelist, Short Story writer. He is a famous Poet, Novelist, Short Story writer.

  • Mian Takreem Ul Haque Kaka khel: (Famous pashto Poet).

Born & belongs to Village Ziarat Ka Ka Sahib, District Nowshera He is a famous Poet, Novelist, Short Story writer.

  • Ghalib Gul Sarhadi (Famous Pashto poet).

Born & belongs to Village Ziarat Ka Ka Sahib, District Nowshera He is a famous Poet, Novelist, Short Story writer.


  • Cricket, hockey and football are widely played, the famous cricket ground is Garrison Ground, where people gather in evening to play cricket and football in small groups. Regular cricket matches are arranged particularly, on Sunday. District Nowshera has produced good players in Footbal and Cricket.

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Nowshera is a district in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan that contains the town of Nowshera.
In Nowshera District there are 47 Union Council and 5 provincial seats.
The local government headed by the District Nazim is supervising Nowshera district.
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