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Encyclopedia > Matrix of subnational entities
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The following is a matrix of the primary subnational entities. It shows which types of entities, e.g. province, exist in which countries and at what level. Subnational entity is a generic term for an administrative region within a country — on an arbitrary level below that of the sovereign state — typically with a local government encompassing multiple municipalities, counties, or provinces with a certain degree of autonomy in a varying number of matters. ... This article is about political regions. ...

To keep the matrix as compact as possible and to illustrate distribution, countries are represented by ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code, followed by the number of units present. ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes are the best known part of ISO 3166-1 and subsequent use as most of the country codes for Internet domain names (see also External Links below). ...

Not included in the matrix are federal districts, capital districts, interstate compacts, or other special-purpose districts that exist in AR, BR, DO, MX, NG, US. Federal districts are subdivisions of a federal system of government. ... An interstate compact is an agreement between two or more U.S. states. ... Generally a special-purpose district, also known as a special district, is a governmental entity differing from general-purpose districts like municipalities, counties, etc. ...

A country may have more than one entity at the same level; for example, some countries have states and territories at the first level. On the other hand, some countries may have the same entity occupy in some cases more than one level.

Designator 1st-level 2nd-level 3rd-level 4th-level 5th level
AT:9, AU:6, BR:27, DE:16, IN:28, MM:7, MX:31, MY:13, NG:36, PW:16, SD:26, VE:23, US:50
CL:13, ET:9, IT:20, OM:5, PE:25 BA:7
AU: ,CA:3, IN:6
AO:18, AR:23, BF:45, CA:10, CN:22, CR:7, DO:31, DZ:48, EC:22, GA:9, IR:30, KE:7, KG:7, MN:, NL: 12, PA:9, TW:2, ZA:9 BO: , OM:, PE:180, ID:33, IT:107
CF:14, JP:48, TD:14 GR:51
EG:26, IQ:18, KW:6, LB:6, OM:3, SY:14, TN:24, YM:19
BO:9, CI:58, CO:23, GT:22, HN:18, PY:18, SV:14 AR:376, BF:, FR:100
EE:15, HR:22, HU: 19, LV:26 , RO:41 SE:21 US:2995
CH:26, CR:81, EC: , LU:12, BA:10 FR:4000
AD:7, AG:6, BB:11, DM:10, GD:6, JE:12, KN:14, MS: , VC:6 US:64 EC:
BZ:6, LU:3 AF:, CH:159, DE:439, IN:598 KE: , LB:25, MY: , PA:, PY: PE:1700
sets: 10
LY:25, MN:1 CH:190 ,EE: , HN:, NL:467, RO:265, SE:, SI:193, MX:2445
US:27, MX:16
AR: NL:11,000

In some federations, a province (subnational entity) is called a state. ... Since Austria is a federal republic according to the constitutional framework of Austrian politics, Austrias nine provinces are customarily referred to as States of Austria or Bundesländer, singular Bundesland. ... Australia, having a federal system of government, is divided into states and territories. ... There are 26 States of Brazil, or Estados in Portuguese, which are the federal states of Brazil, plus the Federal District which holds the capital city, Brasília. ... Germany is a federal republic made up of 16 states formally known in German as Bundesländer (Federal States; singular Bundesland), or more commonly, Länder (singular Land). ... India is subdivided into 28 states, 6 union territories and a national capital territory. ... Burma is divided into 7 states and 7 divisions: Categories: Myanmar | Subdivisions of Myanmar | States of Myanmar | Administrative divisions of Myanmar ... The United Mexican States or Mexico (Estados Unidos Mexicanos or México) is a federal republic made up of 31 states (estados) and one Federal District, (Distrito Federal), which contains the capital, Mexico City. ... Malaysian States and Federal Territories Malaysia is divided into 13 states (Negeri), and 3 federal territories (Wilayah Persekutuan). ... Nigeria is currently divided into 36 states and 1 territory. ... Palau is divided into sixteen administrative regions, called states: Aimeliik Airai Angaur Hatobohei Kayangel Koror Melekeok Ngaraard Ngarchelong Ngardmau Ngatpang Ngchesar Ngeremlengui Ngiwal Peleliu Sonsoral Categories: Lists of subnational entities | Palau ... Anglo-Egyptian Sudan had eight mudiriyas, or provinces, which were ambiguous when created but became well defined by the beginning of the Second World War. ... Venezuela is divided into 23 states (estados), 1 Capital District (Distrito Capital) and 1 Federal Dependency (Dependencia Federal). ... A U.S. state is any one of the 50 states which have membership of the federation known as the United States of America (USA or U.S.). The separate state governments and the U.S. federal government share sovereignty. ... A region can be either: an administrative subdivision of a country a sometimes vaguely-defined geographical area of a country or continent It is important to realize that regions are found in the minds of humans and so regions can be of any size and that each region is unique... Chile is divided into thirteen regions (in Spanish, regiones; singular región), each of which is headed by an intendant (intendente), appointed by the president. ... Ethiopia is divided into 9 ethnically-based administrative regions (kililoch; singular - kilil): Afar Amhara Benishangul-Gumaz Gambela Hariai Oromia Somali Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region Tigray Additionally, there are two chartered cities (astedader akababiwach, singular - astedader akabibi): Addis Ababa Dire Dawa These administrative regions replaced the older system of... The Regions of Italy were granted a degree of regional autonomy in the 1948 constitution, which states that the constitutions role is: to recognize, protect and promote local autonomy, to ensure that services at the State level are as decentralized as possible, and to adapt the principles and laws... Oman is divided into eight regions (mintaqah). ... Perus territory, according to the Regionalization Law which was passed on November 18th, 2002, is divided into 25 regions (regiones; singular: región). ... The Republika Srpska is composed of 63 municipalities. ... A territory is a defined area (including land and waters), usually considered to be a possession of an animal, person, organization, or institution. ... India is subdivided into 28 states, 6 union territories and a National Capital Territory. ... This article is about political regions. ... Angola is divided into 18 provinces: Bengo Benguela Bié Cabinda Cuando Cubango Cuanza Norte Cuanza Sul Cunene Huambo Huila Luanda Lunda Norte Lunda Sul Malanje Moxico Namibe Uige Zaire Categories: Lists of subnational entities | Angola | Provinces of Angola ... Argentina consists of 23 provinces (provincias, singular - provincia), and 1 federal district (Capital Federal *). Capital Federal * Buenos Aires Catamarca Chaco Chubut Córdoba Corrientes Entre Ríos Formosa Jujuy La Pampa La Rioja Mendoza Misiones Neuquén Río Negro Salta San Juan San Luis Santa Cruz Santa Fe Santiago... Burkina Faso is divided into 45 administrative provinces, that are divided in Départements. ... Canada consists of ten provinces and three territories. ... For other province-level divisions, see Political divisions of China. ... Costa Rica consists of seven provinces: Alajuela (central; north of capital San José) Cartago Guanacaste (north-west) Heredia Limón (Caribbean coast) Puntarenas (south-west) San José (Area around capital) Categories: Central America geography stubs | Provinces of Costa Rica ... The Dominican Republic is divided into 31 provinces (provincias, singular - provincia) (capitals in parentheses, if different from province name). ... Map of the provinces of Algeria in alphabetical order. ... Ecuador is divided into 22 provinces (Spanish: provincias, singular - provincia): Province (Capital) Azuay (Cuenca) Bolívar (Guaranda) Cañar (Azogues) Carchi (Tulcán) Chimborazo (Riobamba) Cotopaxi (Latacunga) El Oro (Machala) Esmeraldas (Esmeraldas) Galápagos (Puerto Baquerizo Moreno) Guayas (Guayaquil) Imbabura (Ibarra) Loja (Loja) Los Ríos (Babahoyo) Manabí (Portoviejo) Morona... Gabon is divided into nine provinces (capitals in parentheses)- Estuaire (Libreville) Haut-Ogooué (Franceville) Moyen-Ogooué (Lambaréné) Ngounie (Mouila) Nyanga (Tchibanga) Ogooué-Ivindo (Makokou) Ogooué-Lolo (Koulamoutou) Ogooué-Maritime (Port-Gentil) Woleu-Ntem (Oyem) Categories: Lists of subnational entities | Gabon ... Iran consists of 30 provinces: Provinces are governed from a local center, mostly the largest local city. ... Categories: Africa geography stubs | Lists of subnational entities | Kenya ... Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz: Кыргызстан, variously transliterated), officially the Kyrgyz Republic, and sometimes known as Kirghizia, is a country in Central Asia. ... Mongolia is divided into 21 aymags (provinces). ... The modern day Netherlands are divided into twelve provinces (provincies in Dutch), listed below with their capital city: Map of the Netherlands, with provinces and capital cities See also the ranked list of Dutch provinces // Structure A Dutch province represents the administrative layer in between the national government and the... Panama is divided into 9 provinces (provincias) and 5 indigenous territories (comarcas), marked by a * (capitals in parentheses): Categories: Lists of subnational entities | Political divisions of Panama ... The Republic of China (ROC) currently administers two historical provinces of China (one completely and one for a small part) and centrally administers two municipalities: Taiwan Province; consists of the Taiwanese main island, except the two municipalities, plus Penghu county (Pescadores Islands) Sixteen counties Five provincial cities Fukien (Fuchien) Province... South Africa is divided into nine provinces. ... The regions of Oman are subdivided into provinces (wilaya). ... There exist 180 provinces in Peru. ... The number of provinces of Indonesia has tended to increase as new provinces have been split from existing territories. ... In Italy, the province (in Italian: provincia) is an administrative division of an intermediate level, between municipality (comune) and region (Regione). ... The term prefecture (from the Latin Praefectura) indicates the office, seat, territorial circonscription of a Prefect; consequentally, like that word, is its applied in English in relation to actual Prefects, whose title is just that (or the forms it takes in other, especially Romance, languages), in the broadest sense in... The Central African Republic is divided into 14 provinces (capitals in parentheses): Bamingui-Bangoran (Ndélé) Basse-Kotto (Mobaye) Haute-Kotto (Bria) Haut-Mbomou (Obo) Kémo (Sibut) Lobaye (Mbaïki) Mambéré-Kadéï (Berbérati) Mbomou (Bangassou) Nana-Mambéré (Bouar) Ombella-MPoko (Bimbo) Ouaka (Bambari) Ouham (Bossangoa... Map of the prefectures of Japan in ISO 3166-2:JP order. ... Chad is divided into 14 prefectures: Batha Biltine Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Chari-Baguirmi Guéra Kanem Lac Logone Occidental Logone Oriental Mayo-Kebbi Moyen-Chari Ouaddaï Salamat Tandjilé Categories: Chad | Lists of subnational entities | Prefectures of Chad ... Greece consists of 13 administrative regions known as Peripheries of Greece, which are further subdivided into 51 prefectures (nomoi, singular - nomos): External link Map Categories: Lists of subnational entities | Prefectures of Greece ... A governorate is a subnational entity. ... Egypt is divided into 26 governorates (muhafazat, singular - muhafazah): Ad Daqahliyah Al Bahr al Ahmar Al Buhayrah Al Fayyum Al Gharbiyah Al Iskandariyah Al Ismailiyah Al Jizah Al Minufiyah Al Minya Al Qahirah Al Qalyubiyah Al Wadi al Jadid Ash Sharqiyah As Suways Aswan Asyut Bani Suwayf Bur Sa... Iraq is divided into 18 provinces or governorates, called muhafazat in Arabic (singular - muhafazah): See also List of places in Iraq External link http://www. ... The five governorates (muhafazat) of Kuwait are Al Ahmadi Al Farwaniyah Al Asimah Al Jahra Hawalli Categories: Lists of subnational entities | Kuwait | Governorates of Kuwait | Governorates ... Lebanon is divided into 6 governorates (mohafazat, singular - mohafazah). ... Oman is divided into five regions (mintaqah) and three governorates (muhafazat; singular - muhafazah). ... Syria has fourteen governorates, or muhafazat (singular: muhafazah). ... The following is a list of the 24 governorates of Tunisia: Ariana Béja Ben Arous Bizerte Gabès Gafsa Jendouba Kairouan Kasserine Kebili Kef Mahdia Manouba Medenine Monastir Nabeul Sfax Sidi Siliana Sousse Tataouine Tozeur Tunis Zaghouan Categories: Tunisia | Lists of subnational entities ... Yemen is divided into 19 governorates (muhafazat, singular - muhafazah): Abyan Adan Ad Dali Al Bayda Al Hudaydah Al Jawf Al Mahrah Al Mahwit Amran Dhamar Hadhramaut Hajjah Ibb Lahij Marib Sadah Sanaá Shabwah Taizz note: there may be one additional governorate of the capital city of Sana... The word department has a number of meanings: It can mean an administrative sector of the government. ... Bolivia is divided into nine departments (capitals in parentheses)- Departmento Beni (Trinidad) Departmento Chuquisaca (Sucre) Departmento Cochabamba (Cochabamba) Departmento La Paz (La Paz) Departmento Oruro (Oruro) Departmento Pando (Cobija) Departmento Potosí (Potosí) Departmento Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz) Departmento Tarija (Tarija) Each of the departments is subdivided into provincias. ... Côte dIvoire is divided into 58 departments (french: départements): See also Regions of Côte dIvoire Politics of Côte dIvoire Categories: Lists of subnational entities | Côte dIvoire | Departments of Côte dIvoire ... Colombia is a unitary republic conformed by 32 departments (Spanish: departamentos, sing. ... Guatemala is divided in 22 departments Department (Capital) Alta Verapaz (Cobán) Baja Verapaz (Salamá) Chimaltenango (Chimaltenango) Chiquimula (Chiquimula) El Petén (Flores) El Progreso (Guastatoya) El Quiché (Santa Cruz del Quiché) Escuintla (Escuintla) Guatemala (Guatemala) Huehuetenango (Huehuetenango) Izabal (Puerto Barrios) Jalapa (Jalapa) Jutiapa (Jutiapa) Quetzaltenango (Quetzaltenango) Retalhuleu (Retalhuleu) Sacatep... The Central American nation of Honduras is currently divided into 18 departments (departamentos). ... Paraguay consists of 18 departments (departamentos, singular - departamento) (capitals in parentheses): Alto Paraguay (Fuerte Olimpo) Alto Paraná (Ciudad del Este) Amambay (Pedro Juan Caballero) Asunción (Asunción) Boquerón (Filadelfìa) Caaguazú (Coronel Oviedo) Caazapá (Caazapá) Canindeyú (Salto del Guairá) Central (Areguá) Concepción (Concepción) Cordillera (Caacupé) Guair... A list of the departments of El Salvador in alphabetical order. ... Departments (Spanish: departamentos) form the second level of administrative division in the provinces of Argentina. ... Below the provinces, Burkina Faso is diveded into departments. ... The départements (or departments) are administrative units of France, roughly analogous to British counties and are now grouped into 22 metropolitan and four overseas régions. ... Originally, in continental Europe, a county was the land under the jurisdiction of a count. ... A County (est: Maakond) is an administrative subdivision of Estonia. ... The counties of Croatia are called županije in Croatian, županija is the singular form. ... Counties of Hungary Hungary is subdivided administratively into 42 regions. ... Latvia is divided into 26 counties (singular - rajons): Aizkraukles Rajons Aluksnes Rajons Balvu Rajons Bauskas Rajons Cesu Rajons Daugavpils Rajons Dobeles Rajons Gulbenes Rajons Jekabpils Rajons Jelgavas Rajons Kraslavas Rajons Kuldigas Rajons Liepajas Rajons Limbazu Rajons Ludzas Rajons Madonas Rajons Ogres Rajons Preilu Rajons Rezeknes Rajons Rigas Rajons Saldus Rajons... Administrative map of Romania As of 2003, Romania is divided into 41 counties and one municipality, as follows: A new administrative division was proposed, dividing the country into regions, but its implementation is uncertain since the county division is favoured by most Romanians. ... A county, or län, is an administrative and political subdivision of Sweden. ... United States of America, showing states, divided into counties. ... A canton is a territorial subdivision of a country, e. ... The twenty-six cantons of Switzerland are the states of the federal state of Switzerland. ... ... A canton is a tertiary subdivision of Ecuador, below provinces. ... This is a list of Cantons of Luxembourg, grouped by district. ... Cantons are provincial units used in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. ... The canton is an administrative division of France. ... A parish is a type of administrative subdivision. ... Andorra consists of seven communities known as parishes (parròquies, singular - parròquia): Andorra la Vella Canillo Encamp Escaldes-Engordany La Massana Ordino Sant Julià de Lòria (Note on map: The eastern half of the border between Canillo and Encamp is vague and may not be entirely accurate, as... Antigua and Barbuda is an island nation made up of Antigua, which, along with its surrounding islands, is divided into six parishes; and of Barbuda and Redonda, each of which have the status of dependency. ... Barbados which is located in the Caribbean, is divided into eleven parts or sections that are called Parishes. ... Dominica is divided into 10 parishes: Saint Andrew Parish, Dominica Saint David Parish, Dominica Saint George Parish, Dominica Saint John Parish, Dominica Saint Joseph Parish, Dominica Saint Luke Parish, Dominica Saint Mark Parish, Dominica Saint Patrick Parish, Dominica Saint Paul Parish, Dominica Saint Peter Parish, Dominica Categories: Lists of subnational... Grenada is divided into six parishes: Saint Andrew Saint David Saint George Saint John Saint Mark Saint Patrick Carriacou and Petit Martinique, two of the Grenadines, have the status of dependency. ... Jersey is divided into parishes Saint Helier Saint Saviour Saint Clement Grouville (historically Saint Martin de Grouville) Saint Martin (historically Saint Martin le Vieux) Trinity Saint John Saint Mary Saint Ouen Saint Peter Saint Brelade Saint Lawrence Categories: UK geography stubs | Parishes of Jersey | Parishes ... Saint Kitts and Nevis is divided into 14 parishes: Christ Church Nichola Town Saint Anne Sandy Point Saint George Basseterre Saint George Gingerland Saint James Windward Saint John Capisterre Saint John Figtree Saint Mary Cayon Saint Paul Capisterre Saint Paul Charlestown Saint Peter Basseterre Saint Thomas Lowland Saint Thomas Middle... Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is divided into 6 parishes. ... List of Louisiana parishes The state of Louisiana is divided into parishes in the same way that the other states of the United States are divided into counties. ... Districts are a form of local government in several countries. ... Belize is divided into 6 districts. ... Administratively Luxembourg is divided into three districts, which are subdivided into cantons: Diekirch (district) Diekirch Clervaux Redange Vianden Wiltz Grevenmacher (district) Grevenmacher Echternach Remich Luxembourg (district) Luxembourg Capellen Esch-sur-Alzette Mersch The cantons were created in the early 1840s. ... In contrast to centrally organised states, in the federally constituted Switzerland each Canton is completely free to decide its own internal organisation. ... There are 439 German districts, administrative units in Germany. ... The divisions of a district. ... The provinces of Kenya are subdivided into districts (wilaya). ... The 6 Governorates of Lebanon are divided into 25 Districts (Aqdya, singular - qadaa). ... Districts (span: distrito, distritos) form the third level of Peruvian territorial subdivisions. ... A municipality or general-purpose district (compare with: special-purpose district) is an administrative local area generally composed of a clearly defined territory and commonly referring to a city, town, or village government. ... The Arabic term for the Libyan administrative unit translated into English as municipality is baladiyah (plural baladiyat). ... Municipalities are the smallest government division in Switzerland. ... This is a list of the rural municipalities (vallad, singular - vald) of Estonia. ... The second level of territorial subdivisions in Honduras are the municipalities. ... All provinces of the Netherlands are divided into municipalities (gemeenten), together 467 (2005); among these we can distinguish: those comprising one main city, town or village with the same name as the municipality, and possibly some additional villages; for example Utrecht, comprising the city Utrecht and the villages De Meern... The Municipalities or Kommuner represent the local level of self government in Sweden. ... Slovenia is divided into 193 municipalities (občine, singular - občina), of which 11 have urban status (marked with †). The Slovene language is an official language of all municipalities. ... A commune is an administrative subdivision of various European and African countries, including Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Senegal, and the Scandinavian countries. ... A borough is a local government administrative subdivision used in the Canadian province of Quebec, in some states of the United States, and formerly in New Zealand. ... State nickname: The Last Frontier, The Land of the Midnight Sun Other U.S. States Capital Juneau Largest city Anchorage Governor Frank Murkowski (R) Official languages English Area 1,067,653 mi² / 1,717,854 km² (1st)  - Land 1,481,347 km²  - Water 236,507 km² (13. ... The Mexican Federal District is divided into 16 boroughs (delegaciones) for local government and administrative purposes: Mexican post codes beginning with 01 are in Álvaro Obregón; those beginning with 04 are in Coyoacán, etc. ... A neighbourhood (in CmE) or neighborhood (in AmE) is a geographically localised community located within a larger city or suburb. ... The Barrios of Buenos Aires The city of Buenos Aires is divided in 47 barrios: Agronomía (including Parque Chas) Almagro Balvanera Barracas Belgrano Boedo Caballito Chacarita Coghlan Colegiales Constitución Flores Floresta La Boca La Paternal Liniers Mataderos Monte Castro Montserrat Nueva Pompeya Nuñez Palermo Parque Avellaneda Parque... All provinces of the Netherlands are divided into municipalities (gemeenten), together 467 (2005); among these we can distinguish: those comprising one main city, town or village with the same name as the municipality, and possibly some additional villages; for example Utrecht, comprising the city Utrecht and the villages De Meern... All provinces of the Netherlands are divided into municipalities (gemeenten), together 467 (2005); among these we can distinguish: those comprising one main city, town or village with the same name as the municipality, and possibly some additional villages; for example Utrecht, comprising the city Utrecht and the villages De Meern... Quarters is a popular drinking game which involves players bouncing a quarter off of a table in an attempt to have the quarter land, without another bounce, in a drinking glass (or cup) on that table. ... All provinces of the Netherlands are divided into municipalities (gemeenten), together 467 (2005); among these we can distinguish: those comprising one main city, town or village with the same name as the municipality, and possibly some additional villages; for example Utrecht, comprising the city Utrecht and the villages De Meern...

Subnational entity
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edit See also: List of subnational entities, Matrix of subnational entities

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A number of modern commentators have claimed that we are experiencing the decline of the Westphalian state as the principal actor of the international system, pointing to economic, cultural, political, and technological changes in the world, such as globalization and the emergence of regional and supernational groupings such as the European Union.
The term "state" is also used to describe subnational territorial divisions within a federal system, as in the case of the United States of America.
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