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Encyclopedia > Lusankya
The Super Star Destroyer Executor, identical twin to the Lusankya

Lusankya was a Super Star Destroyer, the sister ship of Darth Vader's Executor, from the fictional Star Wars universe. It was built by the Kuat Drive Yards. It served as Ysanne Isard's private prison, then as the primary Imperial support vessel during Isard's time on Thyferra. The ship was subsequently captured by the New Republic, and served in the New Republic Starfleet for a number of years until its destruction. It was named by author Michael Stackpole after the Lubyanka, the notorious KGB headquarters and prison, as he wanted a name that evoked the inescapability and dread of Lubyanka. [1] Screenshot of the Executor from the 2004 DVD release of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back This is a screenshot of a copyrighted movie or television program. ... Screenshot of the Executor from the 2004 DVD release of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back This is a screenshot of a copyrighted movie or television program. ... The Super Star Destroyer (often abbreviated S.S.D.) is used to refer to any ship in the Star Wars fictional universe used by the Galactic Empires Starfleet with a wedge-shaped design that is larger than the 1,600 m long Imperial*-class Star Destroyer. ... This article does not cite its references or sources. ... Ysanne Isard is a fictional Imperial character from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. ... The Galactic Empire is the main antagonist in the Star Wars universe. ... The following are fictional planets set in the Star Wars universe. ... The New Republic (officially The New Galactic Republic) is a fictional government in Star Wars. ... Michael Stackpole (born 1957) is, among other things, a science-fiction author best known for his Star Wars and Battletech books. ... The Lubyanka is the popular name for the headquarters of the KGB and affiliated prison on Lubyanka Square in Moscow. ... Note: This article is about the KGB of the USSR. KGB is also the official title of the Belarusian intelligence services. ...



Construction and Placement on Coruscant

The Lusankya was built at the same time as the Executor and was also named Executor during the construction process. After its completion, it was taken to Coruscant, where it was placed in a repulsorlift cradle, and buried beneath the surface of the planet. The cityscape was rebuilt over the ship. The Emperor hid the ship so well that very few people on Coruscant even knew of its existence; he managed this by either having all witnesses killed (which, given the population of Coruscant, might well have required killing billions of people), or using the dark side of the Force to command witnesses to forget what they saw. The Emperor apparently intended it to serve as a final redoubt and hidden, nigh-unstoppable escape method from Coruscant. The Executor was a large Super Star Destroyer in the fictional Star Wars universe. ... Coruscant (pronounced //) is the name of a fictional planet in the Star Wars universe. ... Palpatine is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. ... This article is about witnesses in law courts. ... The Force is a binding, ubiquitous power that is the object of the Jedi and Sith monastic orders in the Star Wars universe. ...

Ysanne Isard's Private Prison

Following the ship's burial, a portion of Lusankya served as a private prison for Imperial intelligence chief Ysanne Isard. Isard was able to travel back and forth to Lusankya by a network of private tunnel shuttles that were connected to the ship. One of these shuttles went to the Galactic Museum, another to a 43rd floor foyer in the Imperial Palace, and another went to an old subcommittee room in the former Imperial Senate building. She used torture, drugs, and psychological conditioning to turn people - usually captured Rebels - into sleeper agents. Ysanne Isard is a fictional Imperial character from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. ... Torture is defined by the United Nations Convention Against Torture as any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he... A psychoactive drug or psychotropic substance is a chemical substance that acts primarily upon the central nervous system where it alters brain function, resulting in temporary changes in perception, mood, consciousness and behavior. ... This article or section does not adequately cite its references or sources. ...

These sleeper agents would then be returned to their families, friends, and colleagues. Ysanne Isard would use them to spy on the Rebellion, perform sabotage, and assassinate the Empire's enemies. Corran Horn first learned of the prison when the Corellian Diktat's greatest rival was murdered by his aide. The aide had been taken to Lusankya and turned into a sleeper. The aide was returned in order to perform this assassination. After he had committed the murder, the aide repeated the word Lusankya over and over. Corran Horn (b. ...

Rebel Alliance General Jan Dodonna was sent to Lusankya following his capture by Isard after the battle of Yavin. Tycho Celchu was also sent there following his capture over Coruscant. Isard tried to condition Celchu into one of her agents, but the efforts were unsuccessful. Instead, the conditioning rendered him catatonic. He eventually got well enough to be transferred to Akrit'tar. Celchu eventually escaped from that facility and returned to the Rebellion. In the fictional Star Wars universe, the Rebel Alliance, or more formally, the Alliance to Restore the Republic, is an interstellar terrorist force formed in direct military opposition to the Galactic Empire. ... Tycho Celchu (pronounced /sel/choo/) is part of the fictional Star Wars Universe. ...

However, because Celchu didn't remember his time on Lusankya very well, he was treated with suspicion because of what Isard had done to others. Isard used this to turn Corran Horn against Celchu. Horn was preparing to launch his own investigation into Celchu's past when he was captured by Isard, and believed killed when the craft he was flying went down. Although Imperial mole Erisi Dlarit was responsible for Horn's capture, the Alliance blamed Celchu, and put him on trial for Horn's murder. Erisi Dlarit was an X-wing fighter pilot and member of Rogue Squadron in the fictional Star Wars Expanded Universe. ...

Ysard attempted to use psychological conditioning - namely by allowing Horn to participate in flight simulations to turn Horn into an Imperial agent. However, Horn saw through the conditioning, and Isard realized that her efforts to turn Horn had failed.

Horn was placed with the other prisoners on Lusankya. He met Jan Dodonna at the prison, as well as other prisoners. Horn learned that many people washed out of Isard's indoctrination process, and were rendered catatonic in the process. The other prisoners referred to them as sleepers. Horn also learned of an inconsistency, that rocks in the main cavern where the prisoners worked would fall up if thrown high enough. This was because the artificial gravity was rotated so that prisoners were in effect standing upside down. Anyone who tried to escape would actually go deeper into the prison, and be easier to capture. This is a list of minor characters in the fictional Star Wars universe who are part of the Rebel Alliance. ...

Eventually, Horn was able to escape from the prison complex. He found a library complex on the Lusankya and discovered that not only did he wash out of the indoctrination process, but Celchu had as well. Corran was able to find out who the real traitor was during this time. He also found a blaster in the library's copy of The Complete History of Corvis Minor, and a private tunnel shuttle (similar to a subway) that allowed him to leave Lusankya. The shuttle took him to the closed off section of the Galactic Museum. Horn then learned that he had never left Coruscant. He was able to get to the court where Celchu was being held, and convinced the court that Celchu was not a clandestine agent, nor was he the traitor. Erisi Dlarit was revealed as the traitor. // Main article: Caamas Caamas is a toxic planet in the Cirius System that was formerly a highly populated habitable world, until the Empire bombarded it shortly after the Clone Wars, killing nearly all the inhabitants of the planet. ...

Unfortunately, where Isard had failed with Horn and Celchu, she had succeeded with Diric Wessiri, the husband of Horn's former partner Iella. She was using him to spy on a number of people, including Celchu. Her conditioning of Diric was so successful that no one realized that he was a Lusankya agent until it was too late. Isard, believing that former Imperial General Derricote had escaped from the prison, sent Diric to kill Derricote, who she thought to be the surprise witness that the Republic was bringing in. However, it turned out to be former Imperial intelligence agent Kirtan Loor who was the surprise witness. Diric was able to kill Loor. Iella, not realizing it was her husband, shot the assassin in self defense. She then realized it was her husband. He was finally able to reveal that Isard had broken him and turned him into a sleeper agent. Diric was thankful that he was dying, he would no longer be Isard's tool. Diric soon died of his injuries. No one saw him as anything but another victim of Isard. In addition to the grief over losing her husband, Iella also felt an enormous amount of guilt over her actions, which she would continue to wrestle with for years. This article is about minor villains in the fictional Star Wars universe. ...

Breaking Free of Coruscant

After Horn escaped, Isard knew that the New Republic would soon find Lusankya and capture her if she remained. Isard had the crew break the ship free of the planet. It started with massive ground quakes on the surface of Coruscant. The New Republic learned that a Super Star Destroyer named Lusankya was leaving the planet.

The New Republic finally figured out where the repulsorlifts obtained during a massive Imperial operation had gone. They had gone into a repulsorlift cradle that would float the ship clear off the planet.

While leaving Coruscant, the Lusankya caused massive damage to the surface of Coruscant. Breaking free of the planet, the ship devastated over 100 square miles (259 kmĀ²) of the planet surface. Millions of people were killed in the lift-off. More people died when Lusankya gunners used a skyhook as target practice. Not only did the people on the skyhook die, but people below were injured or killed when parts of the skyhook crashed on the planet surface. TIE fighters from the ship that were shot down caused further damages and injuries. For other uses, see Skyhook (disambiguation). ...

The Lusankya blasted its way through the two planetary shield levels. It then exchanged fire with an orbiting Golan defense platform and lost its shields, jettisoning the lift cradle towards the platform to shield herself long enough to get clear. Seconds later, the ship departed the Coruscant system. It was later learned the ship went to Thyferra.

The Battle for Thyferra

After leaving Coruscant, the Lusankya traveled to Thyferra. Upon arriving its arrival, she was joined by the Imperial II-class Star Destroyers Avarice and Virulence and the Victory II-class Star Destroyer Corrupter. Imperial forces helped stage a successful revolution on Thyferra, following which Isard was named the new leader of the planet. Because the New Republic was unwilling to take any action against Isard, Corran Horn, Wedge Antilles, and the other members of Rogue Squadron decided to resign to fight her. A group of Imperial Star Destroyers. ... A group of Imperial Star Destroyers. ... Corran Horn (b. ... Wedge Antilles (b. ... The Rogue Squadron crest Rogue Squadron is a fictional starfighter squadron in George Lucass science fiction saga Star Wars. ...

Over the next few months, the Rogue group slowly worked to build up its strength, while whittling down the Imperial forces to the point where the two sides could engage each other on a fair basis. The Corrupter was destroyed at Alderaan when an automated Alderaanian war cruiser, the Valiant, joined the Rogues. Commander Antilles was also able to talk Sair Yonka - the Captain of the Avarice - to take his ship and leave Isard's service, leaving her with only the Lusankya and the Virulence. In the fictional Star Wars universe, Alderaan is the home of Princess Leia, Bail Organa and also, in 4000 BBY, Ulic Qel Droma who fought in the Great Sith War. ...

Once Isard's forces discovered the Rogues' base at Yag'Dhul, the two ships were sent to destroy it. When they arrived, however, the Rogues were gone, and the station appeared to be very heavily armed. Virulence was caught in the station's tractor beam, and Lusankya was unable to retrieve her fighters before retreating.

The captain of the Lusankya, Joak Drysso, expected a battle on the ship's return to Thyferra, but found only normal traffic after the ship slowed to sublight speed. However,shortly after the Lusankya's arrival, a Star Destroyer arrived in the system: the Avarice, now renamed the Freedom, had carried the Rogues to Thyferra. The Lusankya was then hit by a large salvo of torpedoes and missiles, which was later determined to have been launched by freighters in the system. (Antilles had convinced a number of freighters to join the effort; equipped with heavy torpedoes, the cargo vessels were not given targeting sensors and instead slaved to Rogue Squadron's targeting computers.)

The Freedom and Valiant also concentrated their firepower on the Lusankya. The Freedom was severely damaged, but the Valiant escaped relatively unscathed. The Virulence then appeared in the Thyferra system, but it was no longer under Imperial control: a group of A-Wings, led by Pash Cracken, had come upon the Virulence during its standoff with the Yag'Dhul station and had captured the ship. The Virulence now turned its weapons on the Lusankya.

Commander Antilles then decided to ask the Lusankya to surrender, seeing as how the starship would not last much longer. Drysso refused to surrender and seemed driven to insanity by the events of the past several days. He was preparing to ram Thyferra with the Lusankya itself, against the wishes of the crew, when he was killed by his aide, Acting Captain Waoren, who then surrendered the ship to Antilles. Isard appears to have died when Captain Celchu destroyed a shuttle believd to have been carrying her.

After the Bacta War

Lusankya was severely damaged after the battle for Thyferra. The area where the prison was had in fact been breached. Fortunately, Isard had shipped the prisoners to other facilities after Horn had escaped, because in her mind he had ruined the prison by his escape.

As the ship had been surrendered to him, Wedge Antilles was the acting commander of the Lusankya. In that capacity, he married Corran Horn and Mirax Terrik, with Tycho and Iella Wessiri as witnesses. Antillles, Horn, and the rest of the squadron rejoined the New Republic armed forces, when an "error" had occurred where the resignations were not formally logged to the squadron member's files. The council passed a resolution approving what the Rogues had done, making the entire operation fait accompli for the Republic.

Lusankya then left the Thyferra system. It was taken to a secret location, where repairs and upgrades were made to the ship. Rumors were spread that the ship was destroyed - that either the damage was such the ship couldn't be repaired, or that the Lusankya was broken up for parts. While Grand Admiral Thrawn was carrying out his campaign against the New Republic, the ship was still undergoing repairs. The ship's sharp lines were restored, and two large Rebel crests were painted on the ship. The original prison complex was removed from the ship, and a medical quarantine complex was installed in its place. The secrecy over the repairs was such that even some members of the council were unaware of the Lusankya's continued existence until the military revealed it. Grand Admiral Thrawn (full name: Mitthrawnuruodo) is a fictional character from the Star Wars galaxy. ...

Ysanne Isard, who had slipped away from the Thyferra system at the end of the Bacta War, had spent several years in seclusion. She finally reappeared when she tried to take control of the Lusankya back from the New Republic. Isard finally was captured when Iella Wessiri cornered her in her old stateroom. When Isard attempted to escape, Wessiri was forced to shoot her in self-defense.

New Republic Service

The Lusankya entered regular New Republic service after Isard's death. One of its missions was to act as a medical research facility in the event that Imperials attempted further biological warfare. The ship was designed with new quarantine facilities. The ship even had a containment zone. No living thing was allowed into this zone. It was serviced strictly by droids so that, if necessary, the containment zone could be destroyed. When the surviving original prisoners of the Lusankya were freed, they, along with Rogue Squadron were held on the Lusankya quarantine facilities so that medical experts could confirm that neither the prisoners nor the Rogues were carrying any biological weapons within them. The Rogue Squadron crest Rogue Squadron is a fictional starfighter squadron in George Lucass science fiction saga Star Wars. ...

The New Republic was able to reduce the crew requirement for the ship. Lusankya was refitted with better armor than Super Star Destroyers still in Imperial service. Several other systems were also redesigned to take advantage of having more space available.

The Lusankya served in the New Republic fleet for nearly twenty years. She fought in the Borleias occupation. During a battle between the Republic forces, led by Wedge Antilles, and the Yuuzhan Vong, led by Warmaster Wyrpuuk Cha, Lusankya and Millennium Falcon were pulled out of hyperspace by the Yuuzhan Vong fleet, and wreaked havoc among the Yuuzhan Vong (Warmaster Cha was killed in the action). Later, in an operation known as "Emperor's Hammer", a powerful Yuuzhan Vong invasion force was lured near the Republic base, where the invasion force was destroyed in a surface-bombardment action by the Lusankya. Wedge Antilles (b. ... The Millennium Falcon is a fictional starship that first appeared in the original Star Wars film, A New Hope. ... The Yuuzhan Vong are a race of sentient beings from the fictional Star Wars Expanded Universe that rise as a threat to the New Republic in the New Jedi Order series of novels. ...

She was finally destroyed during a suicide mission against the Yuuzhan Vong over the contested world of Borleias. During the months long Battle for Borleias, she had been steadily stripped out of extensive weapons arrays and other critical parts to keep the numerous Star Destroyers and other warships of the New Republic fleet deployed at Borleais at full strength. Reduced to a poor shadow of her former glory, she however did have one final attack to take place in. Even as her weapons were removed, a massive structure was built deep inside the ship, running from her bow all the way to her stern. Made of high yield explosives, it would be the cornerstone in General Wedge Antilles final attack against the Vong forces besieging Borleais. The Yuuzhan Vong are a race of sentient beings from the fictional Star Wars Expanded Universe that rise as a threat to the New Republic in the New Jedi Order series of novels. ... // Spoiler warning: Aargau is one of the Deep Core Worlds, and is the headquarters of the Bank of Aargau, which is owned by the Confederacy of Independent Systems ally, the InterGalactic Banking Clan. ...

Escorted into position by elite squadrons such as Rogue Squadron and elite pilots such as Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade, Kyp Durron, Jag Fel and Jania Solo and with a crew of one person from her Auxiliary Bridge (her final CO, Commodore Eldo Davip who left his ship in a Y-Wing moments before her end), Lusankya rammed the commanding Worldship of Warmaster Czulkang Lah, injecting the explosive ram deep into the massive ship. This is a listing of Yuuzhan Vong characters in the New Jedi Order series of Expanded Universe novels from the fictional Star Wars universe. ...

When the explosives detonated, they destroyed the incredibly valuable Worldship, killing the Father of the Supreme Commander of the Vong Invasion and scoring an incredible victory for the beleaguered New Republic. Yuuzhan Vong technology is biotech employed by aliens from use the Star Wars universe. ...


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Lusankya - Definition, explanation (2188 words)
Lusankya was an Executor-class Star Dreadnought from the fictional Star Wars universe.
The Lusankya was built at the same time as the Executor and was also named Executor during the construction process.
When the surviving original prisoners of the Lusankya were freed, they, along with Rogue Squadron were held on the Lusankya quarantine facilities so that medical experts could confirm that neither the prisoners or the Rogues were carrying any biological weapons within them.
Lusankya (2105 words)
Lusankya was an Imperial Super Star Destroyer from the fictional Star Wars universe.
The Lusankya was built at the same time as the Executor, and was also named Executor during the construction process.
Lusankya was unable to retrieve her fighters before leaving.
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