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Encyclopedia > List of radio stations in Iowa

The following is a list of full-power, FCC-licensed radio stations in the U.S. state of Iowa which can be sorted by their call signs, frequencies, cities of license, owners, and programming formats. FCC redirects here. ... A radio station is a site configured for broadcasting sound. ... For other uses of terms redirecting here, see US (disambiguation), USA (disambiguation), and United States (disambiguation) Motto In God We Trust(since 1956) (From Many, One; Latin, traditional) Anthem The Star-Spangled Banner Capital Washington, D.C. Largest city New York City National language English (de facto)1 Demonym American... Official language(s) English Capital Des Moines Largest city Des Moines Largest metro area Des Moines metropolitan area Area  Ranked 26th  - Total 56,272 sq mi (145,743 km²)  - Width 310 miles (500 km)  - Length 199 miles (320 km)  - % water 0. ... Call sign can refer to different types of call signs: Airline call sign Aviator call sign Cosmonaut call sign Radio and television call signs Tactical call sign, also known as a tactical designator See also: International Callsign Allocations, Maritime Mobile Service Identity This is a disambiguation page — a navigational... For other uses, see Frequency (disambiguation). ... In the United States (and potentially elswhere), each radio station or TV station is assigned a city of license by the Federal Communications Commission that they must serve. While this has become far less meaningful over the decades, stations are still required to post their public file somewhere within the... A radio format or programming format describes the overall content broadcast on a radio station. ...

Call sign Frequency City of License [1][2] Owner Format [3]
KADR 1400 AM Elkader
KAIP 0088.9 FM Wapello
KALA 0088.5 FM Davenport
KASI 1430 AM Ames
KATF 0092.9 FM Dubuque
KAYL 0990 AM Storm Lake
KAYL-FM 0101.7 FM Storm Lake
KAYP 0089.9 FM Burlington
KAZR 0103.3 FM Pella
KBBG 0088.1 FM Waterloo
KBDC 0088.5 FM Mason City
KBEA-FM 0099.7 FM Muscatine
KBGG 1700 AM Des Moines
KBIZ 1240 AM Ottumwa
KBKB 1360 AM Fort Madison
KBKB-FM 0101.7 FM Fort Madison
KBOB-FM 0104.9 FM De Witt
KBOE 0740 AM Oskaloosa
KBOE-FM 0104.9 FM Oskaloosa
KBUR 1490 AM Burlington
KBVU-FM 0097.5 FM Alta
KCCK-FM 0088.3 FM Cedar Rapids
KCCQ 0105.1 FM Ames
KCHA 1580 AM Charles City
KCHA-FM 0095.9 FM Charles City
KCHE 1440 AM Cherokee
KCHE-FM 0092.1 FM Cherokee
KCII 1380 AM Washington
KCII-FM 0106.1 FM Washington
KCIM 1380 AM Carroll
KCJJ 1630 AM Iowa City
KCLN 1390 AM Clinton
KCMR 0097.9 FM Mason City
KCNZ 1650 AM Cedar Falls
KCOB 1280 AM Newton
KCOB-FM 0095.9 FM Newton
KCOG 1400 AM Centerville
KCPS 1150 AM Burlington
KCQQ 0106.5 FM Davenport
KCRR 0097.7 FM Grundy Center
KCSI 0095.3 FM Red Oak
KCTN 0100.1 FM Garnavillo
KCUI 0089.1 FM Pella
KCVM 0096.1 FM Hudson
KCWN 0099.9 FM New Sharon
KCZE 0095.1 FM New Hampton
KCZQ 0102.3 FM Cresco
KDAO 1190 AM Marshalltown
KDAO-FM 0099.5 FM Eldora
KDAT 0104.5 FM Cedar Rapids
KDCR 0088.5 FM Sioux Center
KDEC 1240 AM Decorah
KDEC-FM 0100.5 FM Decorah
KDFR 0091.3 FM Des Moines
KDIC 0088.5 FM Grinnell
KDLS 1310 AM Perry
KDLS-FM 0105.5 FM Perry
KDMG 0103.1 FM Burlington
KDMR 0088.9 FM Mitchellville
KDMU 0106.9 FM Bloomfield
KDNZ 1250 AM Cedar Falls
KDPS 0088.1 FM Des Moines
KDRB 0100.3 FM Des Moines
KDSN 1530 AM Denison
KDSN-FM 0107.1 FM Denison
KDST 0099.3 FM Dyersville
KDTH 1370 AM Dubuque
KDUB 0089.7 FM Dubuque
KEGR 0089.5 FM Fort Dodge
KELR-FM 0105.3 FM Chariton
KFFF 1260 AM Boone
KFFF-FM 0099.3 FM Boone
KFJB 1230 AM Marshalltown
KFMW 0107.9 FM Waterloo
KGGO 0094.9 FM Des Moines
KGLI 0095.5 FM Sioux City
KGLO 1300 AM Mason City
KGRA 0098.9 FM Jefferson
KGRN 1410 AM Grinnell
KGRR 0097.3 FM Epworth
KGRS 0107.3 FM Burlington
KGYM 1600 AM Cedar Rapids
KHAK 0098.1 FM Cedar Rapids Country
KHAM 0099.5 FM Britt
KHBT 0097.7 FM Humboldt
KHDK 0097.3 FM New London
KHKE 0089.5 FM Cedar Falls
KHKI 0097.3 FM Des Moines
KHOE 0090.5 FM Fairfield
KHPP 1140 AM Waukon
KIAD 0088.5 FM Dubuque
KIAI 0093.9 FM Mason City
KIAQ 0096.9 FM Clarion
KICB 0088.1 FM Fort Dodge
KICD 1240 AM Spencer
KICD-FM 0107.7 FM Spencer
KIFG 1510 AM Iowa Falls
KIFG-FM 0095.3 FM Iowa Falls
KIGC 0088.7 FM Oskaloosa
KIHK 0106.9 FM Rock Valley
KIHS 0088.5 FM Adel
KIIC 0096.7 FM Albia
KIIK-FM 0095.9 FM Fairfield
KIKD 0106.7 FM Lake City
KILJ 1130 AM Mount Pleasant
KILJ-FM 0105.5 FM Mount Pleasant
KILR 1070 AM Estherville
KILR-FM 0095.9 FM Estherville
KILV 0107.5 FM Castana
KIOA 0093.3 FM Des Moines
KIOW 0107.3 FM Forest City
KIWA 1550 AM Sheldon
KIWA-FM 0105.3 FM Sheldon
KIWR 0089.7 FM Council Bluffs
KIYX 0106.1 FM Sageville
KJAN 1220 AM Atlantic
KJCY 0095.5 FM St. Ansgar
KJIA 0088.9 FM Spirit Lake
KJJY 0092.5 FM Ankeny
KJMC 0089.3 FM Des Moines
KJOC 1170 AM Davenport
KJYL 0100.7 FM Eagle Grove
KKBZ 0099.3 FM Clarinda
KKDM 0107.5 FM Des Moines
KKEZ 0094.5 FM Fort Dodge
KKHQ-FM 0092.3 FM Oelwein
KKIA 0092.9 FM Ida Grove
KKLG 0088.3 FM Newton
KKMA 0099.5 FM Le Mars
KKMI 0093.5 FM Burlington
KKRF 0107.9 FM Stuart
KKRL 0093.7 FM Carroll
KKRQ 0100.7 FM Iowa City
KKSI 0101.5 FM Eddyville
KKYY 0101.3 FM Whiting
KLCD 0089.5 FM Decorah
KLEE 1480 AM Ottumwa
KLEM 1410 AM Le Mars
KLGA 1600 AM Algona
KLGA-FM 0092.7 FM Algona
KLKK 0103.7 FM Clear Lake Classic Rock
KLLT 0104.9 FM Spencer
KLMJ 0104.9 FM Hampton
KLNG 1560 AM Council Bluffs
KLNI 0088.7 FM Decorah
KLOX 0090.9 FM Creston
KLSS-FM 0106.1 FM Mason City
KLTI-FM 0104.1 FM Ames
KLYV 0105.3 FM Dubuque
KMA 0960 AM Shenandoah
KMAQ 1320 AM Maquoketa
KMAQ-FM 0095.1 FM Maquoketa
KMCD 1570 AM Fairfield
KMCH 0094.7 FM Manchester
KMCN 0094.7 FM Clinton
KMCS 0093.1 FM Muscatine
KMDY 0090.9 FM Keokuk
KMGO 0098.7 FM Centerville
KMJM 1360 AM Cedar Rapids
KMNS 0620 AM Sioux City
KMRY 1450 AM Cedar Rapids
KMSC 0088.3 FM Sioux City
KMXG 0096.1 FM Clinton
KNEI-FM 0103.5 FM Waukon
KNIA 1320 AM Knoxville
KNOD 0105.3 FM Harlan
KNWI 0107.1 FM Osceola
KNWM 0096.1 FM Madrid
KNWS 1090 AM Waterloo
KNWS-FM 0101.9 FM Waterloo
KOAK 1080 AM Red Oak
KOEL 0950 AM Oelwein
KOEL-FM 0098.5 FM Cedar Falls
KOJI 0090.7 FM Okoboji
KOKX 1310 AM Keokuk
KOKX-FM 0095.3 FM Keokuk
KOKZ 0105.7 FM Waterloo
KOTM-FM 0097.7 FM Ottumwa
KOWI 0097.9 FM Lamoni
KPSZ 0940 AM Des Moines
KPTL 0106.3 FM Ankeny
KQCR-FM 0098.9 FM Parkersburg
KQCS 0093.5 FM Bettendorf
KQKQ-FM 0098.5 FM Council Bluffs
KQMG 1220 AM Independence
KQMG-FM 0095.3 FM Independence
KQWC 1570 AM Webster City
KQWC-FM 0095.7 FM Webster City
KRIB 1490 AM Mason City
KRKN 0104.3 FM Eldon
KRLS 0092.1 FM Knoxville
KRNA 0094.1 FM Iowa City Rock
KRNI 1010 AM Mason City
KRNL-FM 0089.7 FM Mount Vernon
KRNQ 0096.3 FM Keokuk
KRNT 1350 AM Des Moines
KROS 1340 AM Clinton
KRQN 0107.1 FM Vinton
KRTI 0106.7 FM Grinnell
KRUI-FM 0089.7 FM Iowa City
KSCJ 1360 AM Sioux City
KSEZ 0097.9 FM Sioux City
KSIB 1520 AM Creston
KSIB-FM 0101.3 FM Creston
KSKB 0099.1 FM Brooklyn
KSMA-FM 0098.7 FM Osage
KSOM 0096.5 FM Audubon
KSOU 1090 AM Sioux Center
KSOU-FM 0093.9 FM Sioux Center
KSTM 0088.9 FM Indianola
KSTZ 0102.5 FM Des Moines
KSUI 0091.7 FM Iowa City
KSWI 0095.7 FM Atlantic
KTFC 0103.3 FM Sioux City
KTFG 0102.9 FM Sioux Rapids
KTLB 0105.9 FM Twin Lakes
KTPR 0091.1 FM Fort Dodge
KTWA 0092.7 FM Ottumwa
KUEL 0092.1 FM Fort Dodge
KUNI 0090.9 FM Cedar Falls
KUNY 0091.5 FM Mason City NPR
KUOO 0103.9 FM Spirit Lake
KUQQ 0102.1 FM Milford
KURE 0088.5 FM Ames
KUYY 0100.1 FM Emmetsburg
KVFD 1400 AM Fort Dodge
KVIK 0104.7 FM Decorah
KWAR 0089.1 FM Waverly
KWAY 1470 AM Waverly
KWAY-FM 0099.3 FM Waverly
KWBG 1590 AM Boone
KWDM 0088.7 FM West Des Moines
KWIT 0090.3 FM Sioux City
KWKY 1150 AM Des Moines
KWLC 1240 AM Decorah
KWLO 1330 AM Waterloo
KWMT 0540 AM Fort Dodge
KWOF 0850 AM Waterloo
KWOF-FM 0089.1 FM Hiawatha
KWOI 0090.7 FM Carroll
KWPC 0860 AM Muscatine
KWQW 0098.3 FM Boone
KWSL 1470 AM Sioux City
KWVI 0088.9 FM Waverly
KXEL 1540 AM Waterloo
KXGE 0102.3 FM Dubuque
KXIA 0101.1 FM Marshalltown
KXIC 0800 AM Iowa City
KXKT 0103.7 FM Glenwood
KXLQ 1490 AM Indianola
KXNO 1460 AM Des Moines
KYFR 0920 AM Shenandoah
KYTC 0102.7 FM Northwood
KZAT-FM 0095.5 FM Belle Plaine
KZIA 0102.9 FM Cedar Rapids Pop
KZOW 0091.9 FM Forest City
KZSR 0102.3 FM Onawa
KZZQ 0099.5 FM Winterset
WDBQ 1490 AM Dubuque
WHO 1040 AM Des Moines
WJOD 0103.3 FM Asbury
WLLR-FM 0103.7 FM Davenport
WMT 0600 AM Cedar Rapids
WMT-FM 0096.5 FM Cedar Rapids
WOC 1420 AM Davenport
WOI 0640 AM Ames
WOI-FM 0090.1 FM Ames
WSUI 0910 AM Iowa City



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