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Encyclopedia > List of Star Wars weapons

The fictional Star Wars universe features an intricate array of weapons that have uses and powers ranging from interpersonal combat to destroying entire space stations or even planets and solar systems in single sweeps. Some of them resemble stereotypical science fiction weapons, while others, perhaps most notably the lightsaber, are uniquely associated with the franchise. While the original trilogy's weapons were, in essence, classic space opera armaments, the Expanded Universe has some semblance of a consistent, detailed weapons technology. Opening logo to the Star Wars films Star Wars is a science fantasy saga and fictional galaxy created by writer / producer / director George Lucas during the 1970s. ... A fictional universe is a cohesive imaginary world that serves as the setting or backdrop for one or (more commonly) multiple works of fiction. ... The bayonet is used as both knife and spear. ... Many science fiction stories feature a variety of fanciful and not-so-fanciful weapons. ... This article does not cite its references or sources. ... Classic pulp space opera cover, with the usual cliche elements. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ...


Ship-mounted weapons

Main article: List of Star Wars ship-mounted weapons

The following is a list of ship- and vehicle-mounted weapons in the fictional Star Wars universe. ...

Personal ranged weapons

The ray gun, the standard weapon of classic science fiction, is also the most common weapon in the Star Wars universe. There are many variations of blasters: pistols, carbines, cannons, assault rifles and even machine guns. For example, Princess Leia Organa wielded a sporting blaster when her ship was boarded by Darth Vader's forces, while Han Solo prefers a heavy blaster pistol (a BlasTech DL-44). One of the most common and well-known blasters is the E-11 blaster rifle, the standard weapon of Imperial stormtroopers. Several of the Star Wars films' fictional weapons are modified from real-life blank firing prop guns: Han Solo's pistol is a customized Mauser C96, while the stormtroopers carry Sterling submachine guns or the World War II-era German MG34 general purpose machine gun, most easily seen in the detention center break-in in Episode IV. To meet Wikipedias quality standards, this article or section may require cleanup. ... The word blaster can mean more than one thing. ... Princess Leia redirects here. ... Darth Vader is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. ... This article or section may need to be cleaned up and rewritten because it describes a work of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. ... Imperial stormtroopers are trained shock troops in the fictional Star Wars universe under command of the Galactic Empire. ... Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Mauser C/96 The C96, or Broomhandle Mauser, or Boxed Cannon in China, was the first semi-automatic pistol to see widespread use. ... The Sterling submachine gun is a British submachine gun which was in service with the British Army from 1953 until 1988 when it was phased out with the introduction of the L85A1 SA80 assault rifle. ... MG34 The Maschinengewehr 34, or MG34, was a German machine gun that was first produced and accepted for service in 1934, and first issued to units in 1935. ...

The average output of a blaster is about the same output the modern firearms posses or sometimes lower (Notice- as seen in ROTJ) .[citation needed] The blasters supposedly operate on a Tibanna gas cartridge and a power pack, with the weapon magnetically "bottling" the Tibanna gas and then exciting it as it is fired. This is similar to the actual operation of real-world gas lasers. A type of gas mined from the planet Bespin and used in the production of starship blasters. ... The gas laser is a kind of laser in which some sort of gas (such as helium or neon) is discharged to produce the laser light. ...

Heavy weapons

The following is a list of heavy weapons from the fictional Star Wars universe, including demolition weapons and personal heavy launchers. ...

Melee weapons

Sith Swords - "An alchemically-altered blade attached to an ordinary sword hilt, the Sith Sword was a match for a lightsaber when wielded by a trained Sith warrior. The alterations allow the blade to deflect blaster bolts and lightsabers, just as lightsabers themselves do. The blade also focuses the Force-energy of the user, giving the edge an unnatural sharpness. As the wielder grows more proficient in the power of the dark side, the blade becomes more deadly. In addition, Sith Swords are effective against lightsabers because of the way their alchemically altered metal refracts a lightsaber’s energy. Sith Swords do not require power cells, as lightsabers do." -From the Star Wars Dark Side Sourcebook. The following is a list of melee weapons from the Star Wars universe. ...

Vibroblade - Melee weapons which utilize a generator to produce high-speed sonic vibrations through the blade. Their sonic vibrations can turn a regular object into a deadly weapon, a feature not utilized in similar weapons.

Lightcane - a long staff-like body that was made of a material that appeared less like a metal than a type of coral or wood fiber. A red blade protruded from one end, while the opposite end had a ringed, ovoid protrusion.

Force Pike - Generally used by Senate Guard and Imperial Royal Guard. The two meter long pike is used to keep any person away from important figures. But most of all it is a status weapon that in practice is hardly used.

The tip of the pole is a vibro-edged head that can knock a full-grown Wookiee unconscious and when set to maximun can rip through seel bulkheads and easily dismember most organic beings. The control settings and power generator are located at the Pike's grip. While most prominently displayed by the Emperor's Royal Guard, force pickes are employed by a wide variety of planetary militias and police forces. They are excellent for crowd control. Force pikes are often employed during boarding actions because they allow attackers to slice through bulkheads and airlocks and can be operated in small hallway's.

Vibro-axes - Vary widely in quality and power output, although all of them have the some basic function: A power cell supplies energy to an ultrasonic vibration generator, which propels the cutting blade through thousands of microscopic vibrations per second. The result is a hand weapon that is significantly more dangerous than its unpowered counterparts.

Despite the availability of better weapons, Jabba's nine Gamorreon guards stubbornly insisted on carrying crude vibro-axes built by Snogrutt, a master weapon maker from their home clan at Groogrun. Led by a bruttsh fellow by the name of Ortugg, the Gamorreans patrolled the palace's dungeons, searching for spies who were plottingagainst Jabba's best interests and keeping a close eye on any "suspicious" visitors, The Gamorreans' favourite duty was guarding prisoners, since Jabba made it quite clear that they could use their axes on any internee foolish enough to try to escape.

The vibro-ax's wooden shaft holds a hollow ax head that contains both the ultrasonic generator and the power cell. A tremendous amount of vibration is transferred down the wooden handle, and Gamorreans are among the few creatures with enough strength to handle these difficult devices. The Gamorreans often chose to use their weapons in unpowered mode to demonstrate their great strength. Although most of Jabba's guests believed the simple creatures tended to forget to power up their weapons, caught up in the excitement of battle.

Jabba's other guards, including a number of Weequay and Nikto warriors were considerably more practical, favouring modern weapons such as the SoroSuub DB-1 Cutter vibro-ax. This weapon has a hollow durasteel shaft with internal dampeners that absorb vibrations form the ax blade. The high-powered ax head can slice through armour plating as if it were rotting cloth, while the quick-release switch allows the user to replace a damaged ax blade in seconds. Six power cells permit up to eight hours of continuous use, while the intensity switch gives the wielder the ability to determine precisely how much damage the blade will cause. These weapons are sturdy enough to take rough handling, with superior weight distribution to no them easy to handle in combat.

Wrist Saber - Although easier to use without harming yourself, the Wrist Saber is a smaller less damaging version of the Light Saber. Designed and used by Dark Jedi who liked the fact that this saber was always ready for action, and was easily concealable, the design was soon adopted by Jedi undercover agents for exactly the same reasons. Like most Jedi weapons the Wrist Saber has become extremely rare after the Jedi purges, but the fact it is not an easily recognisable Jedi weapon has led to its adoption by at least one Jedi Knight attempting to avoid Imperial attention.

Lightreaper - The Light Reaper is a development of the Light Saber, and was used by a number of jedi who liked the fact that it could be used as a normal staff as well as a lightsaber, and therefore used for non-lethal combat. However the image of the weapon was also popular with Dark Jedi who liked the death implications of the Scythe to strike terror into their victims hearts. Although a Scythe is slightly harder to handle than a light saber, this is offset by the reduced chance of striking yourself with the blade, and a much increased reach with the blade.

Lightclaws - Similar in design to the Jedi Wrist Saber, Light Claws takes this idea a step further by adding extra blades which help the weapon to do more damage. However the short blades may do as much damage as a full lightsaber, but they are no where as good in combat, making it one difficulty level higher to parry attacks with them due to their short length. This has not stopped the weapon achieving popularity with Dark Jedi and Sith Assassins, who love its small size, the fact it can be hidden easily and most of all the surprise on an opponents face when the blades pop into existence from the darkness of the Assassins sleeve.

Lightsai - Designed to be better at parrying LightSabers, the Light Sai does less damage and is harder to attack with than a normal LightSaber. Often used by Jedi Teachers to parry the random attacks of unskilled students, the Light Sai also became popular as an off hand weapon when fighting other Light Saber using opponents such as Dark Jedi. However as the weapon is more complex to construct with the energy being reflected into the three blades, Light Sai's have now become a lost art, and the only ones still used were constructed many millennia ago

Lightwhip- A lightsaber, but in the form of a whip. Silri, a nightsister, was the only to use one.

blastsword-A sword used on Adumar as a dueling sword. When activated, the weapon has a damaging region on the tip of the blade


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The interstellar epic Star Wars uses science and technology in its settings and storylines, though they are not considered hard science fiction. ... Many science fiction stories feature a variety of fanciful and not-so-fanciful weapons. ...

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