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Encyclopedia > List of Nikita episodes

This is a list of episodes for the Warner Bros. and Fireworks Entertainment television series Nikita. The series premiered on January 1997, and has aired through all of its five seasons, ending on March 2001. Image File history File linksMetadata Size of this preview: 662 × 600 pixelsFull resolution (1500 × 1359 pixel, file size: 3. ... Warner Bros. ... Fireworks Entertainment was founded by Jay Firestone in 1996 to produce, distribute and finance television shows and feature films[1]. Fireworks was acquired by Canwest Global[2] in May 1998, and was later sold to ContentFilm[3] in April 2005. ... A television program is the content of television broadcasting. ... Nikita (re-titled La Femme Nikita in the United States and other international markets) is a television spy drama based upon the French film directed by Luc Besson (see Nikita). ... 1997 (MCMXCVII) was a common year starting on Wednesday of the Gregorian calendar. ... 2001 (MMI) was a common year starting on Monday of the Gregorian calendar. ...

The number of words comprising each episode's title is equal to the number of the season in which the episode first aired. Thus, for example, every third season episode has a title that is three-words long.


Season One

The first episode establishes the series premise and the last episode is the seasons finale.

Title Writer Director # in Season # in Total
Nikita Cyrus Nowrasteh Jon Cassar. 1 1
Nikita, a girl living on the streets, is wrongly accused of a murder she did not commit and sentenced to life in prison. After the government arranges to fake her suicide, Nikita wakes up at Section One, a top-secret agency that aims to train her to become an anti-terrorist operative. Nikita wants to resist, but in order to stay alive, she has no choice but to comply with their plans.
Friend Naomi Janzen Guy Magar . 2 2
Section One is assigned to protect Jovan Mijovich, a politician attempting to negotiate peace among opposing forces in his section of the world. When Nikita meets with a contact to find out who has attempted to assassinate Mijovich, Nikita is recognized by Julie, a childhood friend. Nikita attempts to protect Julie's life by creating a new identity for her, but Julie is actually an operative for the organization attempting to assassinate Mijovich.
Simone Michael Loceff Jerry Ciccoritti . 3 3
Glass Curtain is a high-tech terrorist organization that attracts new members via internet chat rooms. Posing as a new recruit, Nikita is taken to Glass Curtain headquarters, where she discovers that Michael's wife Simone is being held hostage. A former Section One operative, Simone was believed killed years before. Now, Michael's continued love for Simone may threaten the success of Section One's attempted infiltration of Glass Curtain
Charity Robert Cochran Kari Skogland. 4 4
Nikita is assigned to get close to a money launderer in order steal his data files. When she learns about his successful charity for troubled youth, she starts falling in love with him. However, when Section One admits to Nikita that the shelters are a front for a thriving child slave trade, Nikita's loyalties become divided.
Mother Naomi Janzen Guy Magar . 5 5
A nuclear trigger is stolen by a cold-blooded terrorist couple responsible for killing an entire team of Section One operatives. In a final attempt to retrieve the trigger, Nikita poses as the couple's long-lost daughter, who was given in adoption years ago. However, this leads to unexpected consequences for both "mother" and "daughter."
Love Michael Loceff Jon Cassar . 6 6
When an international arms smuggler steals a canister of deadly nerve gas, Nikita and Michael pose as a married mercenary couple in order to infiltrate his compound. However, when the gas is discovered wired to a bomb in a crowded train station, Nikita must put her life on the line to defuse it
Treason Robert Cochran Jerry Ciccoritti . 7 7
Section One is assigned by the CIA to "quietly" deport Suba, a foreign anti-terrorist contact who is smuggling waste uranium out of the country for his own profit. The first attempt to capture him goes terribly awry, and Nikita is held responsible. Upon further investigation, Nikita discovers a traitor in the Section - but one who is being manipulated by Suba, who is holding his son hostage. Nikita must now decide whether to risk the wrath of Section One by rescuing the "traitor's" son.
Escape Andrew Deltman & Daniel Truly George Bloomfield . 8 8
A mysterious Section One operative offers Nikita a seemingly ironclad opportunity to escape from Section One for good. All the information he gives her checks out, and Nikita seriously weighs his offer. However, Michael starts making romantic overtures toward Nikita, and her emotions are divided. Is the Section just toying with her to test her loyalty, or is it the opportunity to escape a real one?
Gray Robert Cochran Ken Girotti . 9 9
Section One's computer security is breached and the directory of all their agents is stolen. Michael goes to Prague to reclaim the directory, but the man who stole it is killed by another terrorist seeking the directory for himself. Nikita discovers that it was randomly left with a civilian passenger on a Prague city bus, architect Gray Wellman. Nikita is assigned to Gray in order to get close to him and retrieve the directory, but when she starts falling for him, her actions not only threaten the mission but Section One's very existence. .
Choice Michael Loceff George Bloomfield. 10 10
The CIA believes that a rogue element of their agency is responsible for a recent massacre of heroin dealers, performed in order to steal money and drugs as part of an embezzlement scheme. Section One is brought in to clean house quietly, but Nikita's continued involvement with architect Gray Wellman is hampering her ability to be a reliable operative. As Section One's operation reaches a fever pitch, Nikita is unable to balance both sides of her life, and is forced to make a choice between the organization that controls her life and the one man that she's ever loved.
Rescue Michael Loceff George Bloomfield 11 11
Section One has successfully destroyed a chemical weapons plant in a former Soviet Block country, but in the process, Michael is wounded and left behind. On the run, he hides in the house of nurse Angie Georgiev. To rescue Michael, Nikita and Madeline pose as cosmetics saleswomen in order to enter the country. Once there, Madeline induces a heart attack in order to be admitted to the hospital where they think Michael is. But when Madeline's cover is blown by a high-ranking military official, Michael must convince Angie to risk everything to help them escape.
Innocent Michael Loceff George Bloomfield . 12 12
A terrorist group smuggles a live nuclear device onto North American soil and threatens to detonate it in a major city. However, the bomb transfer was accidentally witnessed by Rudy, a simple pizza delivery man. Section One interrogates him, thinking he was involved, but Nikita believes Rudy's story - that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nevertheless, he will be cancelled unless Nikita can demonstrate that without Rudy's help, the bomb will not be deactivated.
Gambit Michael Loceff Jon Cassar . 13 13
When Section One attempts to thwart the thief of a canister of Cobalt 60, they lose the Cobalt, but capture one of the world's most fearsome terrorists, George Kessler. To find the Cobalt 60, Madeline must interrogate Kessler, who successfully uses his knowledge of Madeline against her. She manages to gain the upper hand by confronting Kessler with the daughter he never met, but when he kills her in cold blood and escapes, Madeline must put her life on the line and confront him alone.
Recruit Larry Raskin Reza Badiyi . 14 14
Nikita is assigned to evaluate Karyn, who is coming to the end of her two-year training period. On a mission to capture a terrorist gone awry, Karyn kills her trainer in cold blood, then lies about it. When Nikita confronts her, Karyn confides that her trainer had repeatedly raped her. This, coupled with the fact that everyone in Section One seems to like Karyn, makes Nikita's decision all the more difficult. But Nikita's feelings aren't good, and she tries to discover the real story about Karyn.
Obsessed Robert Cochran T. J. Scott . 15 15
David Fanning is one of the world's most dangerous hit men, but Section One is powerless to stop him. Fanning possesses "The Book", a collection of top-secret information damaging to Western governments, and if the Section makes any attempt on Fanning's life, the Book will be released automatically. When the Section's only way in is through Fanning's abused girlfriend, Nikita and Michael are forced to use any means possible to secure her loyalties, but her emotional instability could prove fatal to both of them.
Missing Reza Badiyi Naomi Janzen . 16 16
One of the members of a criminal organization that steals classified information to sell to the highest bidder is Operations' long-lost son, Steven. Section One's mission is to eradicate this group along with a dangerous terrorist that plans to buy a smart missile chip from them, but Operations asks Nikita to keep Steven alive at all costs. Nikita agrees, only if Operations will let her finally leave the Section for good. He agrees, but Nikita threatens to kill Steven if Operations doesn't keep his word. Unfortunately for Nikita, she is unaware of Michael's true role in the mission
Noise Michael Loceff T. J. Scott . 17 17
Section van is breached, and Birkoff is forced to defend himself for the very first time. Now, his fear of being killed on future missions is interfering with his ability to protect Section operatives, unless Nikita can help him overcome this fear, Birkoff is in danger of being cancelled.
Voices Maurice Hurley David Warry-Smith. 18 18
While working undercover near a Central European Consulate, Nikita is confronted by a known serial rapist. Nikita easily subdues the man, leaving him battered and bruised. O'Brien, the police detective on the case, has been pursuing the man for years, and realizes that the rapist's victim was no ordinary woman. With the help of a witness he manages to break through Nikita's cover story and track her down. Because O'Brien now knows the truth about Nikita, he will have to be cancelled, unless Nikita can turn the situation around to her advantage.
War Maurice Hurley Rene Bonniere . 19 19
The stolen Directory has ended up in the hands of Red Cell, and operatives are being hit around the world. Section is being forced to evacuate. In order to learn Red Cell's next move, Nikita and Michael attempt to capture Red Cell's counterpart to Birkoff, but instead, they themselves are captured and tortured. Neither of them are willing to divulge Section's current location, but when Michael admits his love for Nikita, she breaks, because she can not stand to see Michael tortured any further. Far from destroying Section One, Nikita quickly discovers that this was the intended plan all along, and Section has a big surprise for Red Cell.
Verdict Robert Cochran Gilbert Shilton. 20 20
Jovan Mijovich has been elected as premier of his new nation, but there is a hit man out to assassinate him. Nikita and Michael, along with other section one operatives, are dispatched to provide security. During the inaugural celebration, the hit man is taken out, but a hostage situation develops that no one expected. A man, Bruner, claims Mijovich raped and blinded his daughter during the nation's civil war, and threatens to kill him. Nikita tries to defuse the situation, and manages to keep Mijovich alive for the time being. But when Bruner's daughter appears to give her side of the story, the accuracy of her testimony will mean the difference between peace and war for her people.
Brainwash Peter Bellwood Rene Bonniere. 21 21
When Nikita is sent to investigate a bartender at a posh club who may be a terrorist contact, he responds to her questioning by leaping from the 65th floor window to his death. A search of his apartment turns up a strange helmet-like device, which Section later discovers is used for brainwashing. Unfortunately, Nikita has used the device several times in an effort to discover what it is, and now it is in control of her mind. When Nikita and other operatives are assigned to protect the Premier of China from other similarly brainwashed individuals, Section has no idea that the greatest threat to the Premier is Nikita herself.
Mercy Michael Loceff Joseph L. Scanlan . 22 22
Section One is hot on the trail of Tyler, one of the world's most dangerous terrorists. After Tyler kidnaps a young inventor who has created a new, completely undetectable plastic explosive, Nikita is sent to try and rescue the inventor and keep his knowledge out of Tyler's hands. When the mission is unsuccessful, Nikita is given orders to cancel the inventor, but she refuses. Operations decides that Nikita has crossed the line, and he purposely sends her on a suicide mission to destroy a terrorist hideout. Michael intervenes and gives Nikita the means to escape - but her freedom will change both of their lives forever.

Season Two

The first episode is the seasons premiere and the final two episodes comprise the season's finale.

Title Writer Director # in Season # in Total
Hard Landing Michael Loceff Jon Cassar 1 23
Spec. Ops Robert Cochran T.J. Scott 2 24
Third Person Michael Loceff Jon Cassar 3 25
Approaching Zero UC . 4 26
New Regime UC . 5 27
Mandatory Refusal UC . 6 28
Half Life UC . 7 29
Darkness Visible UC . 8 30
Open Heart UC . 9 31
First Mission UC . 10 32
Psychic Pilgrim UC . 11 33
Soul Sacrifice UC . 12 34
Nikita befriends a succesful veteran operative, who turns out to be pregnant, and unable to perform as an operative any longer. This endangers a vital mission with Mick Schtoppel, while Walter is up for his three year examination.
Not Was UC . 13 35
Michael is subjected to an interrogation drug after which he loses his memory. This lapse poses a direct threat to his functioning within Section but also opens up an entirely new side of him.
Double Date UC . 14 36
Sadistic woman-beater Fanning is back with a vengeance as a Section operative. When he betrays Section, it sends Michael on a wild goose chase to save a kidnapped Nikita.
Fuzzy Logic UC . 15 37
Birkoff has a young, unwilling, but brilliant protege assigned to him in order to break a terrorist code. Is Section running him or is he running Section? Nikita befriends a new neighbour.
Old Habits UC . 16 38
Nikita serves as an intermediary between Section and a double agent, who turns out to be a psychopathic serial killer. Walter gets married to abeyance operative Belinda.
Inside Out UC . 17 39
As Section is under close-down because of an airborne nerve agent, some operatives keep a cool head while others don't. Under these harsh circumstances, Birkoff is locked in with his ex-girlfriend and her new lover and Operations takes a surprisingly emotional decision.
Off Profile UC . 18 40
Nikita is totally overwhelmed when Michael suddenly starts to date a new mission profiler. Giving up Belinda can finally backfire for Operations when Walter is needed to support Section management decisions.
Last Night UC . 19 41
An artificial intelligence is retrieved that has the main purpose of destroying Section One. As Michael takes charge of Section because of the absence of Operations and Madeline, Nikita gets in trouble when investigating a girl that nearly became 'collateral'
In Between UC . 20 42
Nikita is caught between Operations' and Madeline's personal objectives when a long presumed dead operative suddenly turns out to be alive. Old neighbour Carla re-enters the scene with her new boyfriend.
Adrian's Garden UC . 21 43
The original founder of Section One, Adrian, resurfaces and tries to recruite Nikita as an 'inside' for the preparation of the demise of Section, lead by a machiavellian Operations
End Game UC . 22 44
When the covert job of information gathering, Nikita took on, gets discovered, this results into the ultimate confrontation between Adrian on one side, Operations and Madeline on the other side and Nikita right in between.

Season Three

The first four episodes comprise the season's premiere and the last two comrpise the season's finale.

Title Writer Director # in Season # in Total
Looking for Michael UC . 1 45
Operations and Madeline keep trying to eliminate Nikita through the assignment of difficult missions, because of her role in the Adrian affair which sees a disclosure of a stunning fact of Michael's life outside the Section.
Someone Else's Shadow UC . 2 46
Opening Night Jitters UC . 3 47
Gates Of Hell . UC . 4 48
Imitation Of Death. UC . 5 49
Cat And Mouse. UC . 6 50
Love And Country. UC . 7 51
Under The Influence . UC . 8 52
Outside The Box UC . 9 53
Slipping Into Darkness UC . 10 54
Walk On By UC . 11 55
Threshold Of Pain UC . 12 56
Beyond The Pale . UC . 13 57
I Remember Paris UC . 14 58
'Hand To Hand UC . 15 59
Before I Sleep UC . 16 60
Third Party Ripoff UC . 17 61
All Good Things UC . 18 62
Any Means Necessary UC . 19 63
Three Eyed Turtle UC . 20 64
Playing With Fire UC . 21 65
On Borrowed Time . UC . 22 66

Season Four

The end of season four marks the original end of the series.

Title Writer Director # in Season # in Total
Getting Out Of Reverse UC . 1 67
There Are No Missions UC . 2 68
View Of The Garden UC . 3 69
Into The Looking Glass UC . 4 70
Man In The Middle UC . 5 71
Love, Honor and Cherish UC . 6 72
Sympathy For The Devil UC . 7 73
No One Lives Forever . UC . 8 74
Down A Crooked Path UC . 9 75
He Came From Four UC . 10 76
Time To Be Heroes UC . 11 77
Hell Hath No Fury UC . 12 78
Kiss The Past Good-bye UC . 13 79
Line In The Sand UC . 14 80
Abort, Fail, Retry, Terminate. UC . 15 81
Catch A Falling Star UC . 16 82
Sleeping With The Enemy UC . 17 83
Toys In The Basement UC . 18 84
Time Out Of Mind UC . 19 85
Face In The Mirror UC . 20 86
Up The Rabbit Hole UC . 21 87
Four Light Years Farther UC . 22 88
Michael and Nikita have been traveling from place to place, keeping one step ahead of Section One's attempts to find them. When George is eliminated from the picture after leaking intel to Red Cell in order to discredit Section One, the newly-empowered Operations and Madeline finally track down Michael and Nikita and bring them back to Section. Just as Michael and Nikita are about to be cancelled, all of Section's systems suddenly stop. Mr. Jones, the mysterious head of Center, is on his way to Section One in order to conduct an evaluation, and has put Section in stasis. When Jones arrives, he reveals that Nikita has been secretly working for Center for the last three years. Nikita assists Jones with his evaluation, and things change radically. Operations is forced to remain at Section One for the next seven years. Madeline takes her own life rather than be cancelled. Walter is transferred to the Farm, where he will train new operatives. And Michael is sent on an abeyance mission so he can end his life like a soldier. But to Michael's surprise, his life is spared at the last minute by Nikita - who then offers Michael his freedom. Sadly, she cannot leave with him. To make him go, Nikita must say words that she may not truly believe, but at least one of them will finally be free...

Season Five

Title Writer Director # in Season # in Total
Title Déjà Vu All Over Again Bob Cochran Jon Cassar
UC. Nikita's participation in Center's evaluation of Section One has prompted shocking changes - Madeline's suicide, Walter's transfer, Michael's cancellation, and Operations' non-promotion. Now Nikita insists that the head of Center, Mr. Jones, keep his end of the bargain by allowing her to make changes that would humanize Section One. But when Section discovers the formation of a new terrorist supergroup called The Collective, Mr. Jones forces Nikita back into the field and pairs her up with a new partner, Marco O'Brien. O'Brien was a cop who was forcibly recruited into Section four years earlier - and along with Operations, Quinn, and numerous others, he has an axe to grind with Nikita. Will Nikita be able to survive not only the loss of Michael, but the very real threats from everyone around her?
A Girl Who Wasn't There Larry Hertzog Terry Ingram 2 90
In Through The Out Door David Wolkove Rene Bonniere 3 91
All The World's A Stage David Wolkove Joel Surnow 4 92
The Man Behind The Curtain Larry Hertzog Rene Bonniere 5 93
The Evil That Men Do Andy Horne & Katherine Tomlinson Roy Dupuis 6 94
Let No Man Put Asunder Larry Hertzog Rene Bonniere 7 98
A Time For Every Purpose Michael Loceff Brad Turner 8 96
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Joel Surnow is an American writer and producer best known for being the creator of the Emmy winning television series 24. ... Roy Dupuis (April 21, 1963) is a French-Canadian (Québécois) actor. ...

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