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Encyclopedia > List of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episodes

This is a list of episodes of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Production Code Airing Number Episode Name Alternative Names Writer Synopsis
101 23 Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad Sonic Search and Smash Squad Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly Scratch and Grounder's origin is explained.
102 9 Subterranean Sonic Robert Askin While trying to hide from Scratch and Grounder, Sonic and Tails are imprisoned by an old mole who thinks they're after his jewels.
103 8 Lovesick Sonic Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly Sonic falls for a robot hedgehog named Breezie, not realizing she works for Robotnik. This episode's "Sonic Says" segment was later parodied on YTMND.
104 17 Slowwww Going Jack Hanrahan & Eleanor Burian-Mohr Sonic gets zapped with a ray gun that slows him down.
105 11 High Stakes Sonic Robert Askin Robotnik opens the Casino Night Zone in order to get workers to build a monument of himself.
106 42 Sonic Breakout Douglas Zip Purgason Robotnik imprisons an obnoxious cartoonist who has made fun of him in his comic book.
107 20 Trail of the Missing Tails Bob Forward Robotnik's insane cousin Warpnik captures Tails and lures Sonic into his Zone of Confusion as bait for Robotnik.
108 33 Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind Close Encounters of the Sonic Kind; Way, Way Out There Douglas Zip Purgason Sonic and Tails have to help fix a rocketship for an alien prince who's late for his coronation.
109 16 Momma Robotnik's Birthday Francis Moss Robotnik's insane mother breaks out of the local asylum and orders her son to destroy the Mobius National Park as her birthday present. When Sonic foils that, she decides to capture Sonic herself.
110 14 Big Daddy King Coconuts Jess Borgeson Sonic has to save a baby gorilla's father from Robotnik.
111 56 Sonic's Song Sing It Again, Sonic Kevin Donahue & Donald P. Zappala In response to a popular song about Sonic, Robotnik creates a robot designed to destroy all the music on Mobius.
112 3 Birth of a Salesman Steven J. Fisher, Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly Wes Weasley makes his debut and sells useless weapons to Robotnik.
113 1 Best Hedgehog Martha Moran Sonic and Tails rescue Robotnik's first prisoner and work to reunite him with his lost girlfriend, whom Robotnik is also after.
114 15 The Robotnik Express Robotnik Express Doug Booth Scratch and Grounder enlist the aid of a pair of strong yet slow-witted bears (who have mistaken them for Sonic and Tails) to help them deliver explosives to Robotnik.
115 22 Too Tall Tails Rowby Goren Tails gets zapped by Professor Von Shlemmer's growth ray.
116 2 Tails' New Home Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly When Sonic tries to find a new home for Tails, Robotnik has his robots disguise themselves as Tails' "parents" in order to lure Sonic into a trap.
117 6 Over the Hill Hero Francis Moss After rescuing the out-of-shape Captain Rescue, Sonic grows tired of his incompetence, which leads to Robotnik tricking him into capturing the hedgehog.
118 12 Blank-Headed Eagle Illegal Eagle Dennis O'Flaherty Scratch suffers a blow to the head and thinks he's TV hero Edgar Eagle.
119 44 The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops Kevin Murphy & Ed Ferrara During a fair in his honor, Sonic's shoes go missing and he has to resort to detective work to find them. Surprisingly, the culprit is NOT Robotnik.
120 18 So Long Sucker Goodbye Sucker Cydne Clark & Steve Granat Tails adopts a pet from another dimension that grows larger when it gets angry.
121 32 Sonic Gets Thrashed Sonic Gets Trashed, Scrap Valley Cydne Clark & Steve Granat When Robotnik opens up a resort to make the resident Mobians his slaves, Sonic enlists the help of some robots from an area of Mobius called Scrap Valley.
122 5 Pseudo Sonic Cliff Macgillivray Robotnik creates a (rather unconvincing) robot look-alike of Sonic with intentions to spoil the hedgehog's image. This episode's plot was also used in issue #9 of the Sonic comic book.
123 10 Grounder the Genius Doug Molitor Grounder accidentally puts a "genius chip" in his head, and it makes so smart that he easily captures Sonic and even takes over Robotnik's operations.
124 26 Tails in Charge Martha Moran When Scratch and Grounder zap Sonic with Robotnik's new freeze ray, Tails has to keep him safe.
225 57 Sno Problem Sandra Ryan Robotnik has invented an Ultra-Freezomatic with his goal to freeze every being on Mobius and place on them "Servitude Chips".
126 4 Submerged Sonic Bob Forward Robotnik is after the Power Gems from the city of Submerbia in the Labyrinth Zone.
127 13 Boogey-Mania Dream on Rowby Goren Robotnik reprograms a machine created by Von Schlemmer capable of turning dreams into reality and unleashes a Nightmare Monster upon Mobius.
128 27 Musta Been a Beautiful Baby Gordon Bressack Scratch and Grounder turn Robotnik (by accident), Sonic, and Tails into babies, putting the three of them in daycare.
129 35 Robotnik Jr. Robotnik Junior Robert Askin Robotnik creates a robot son to help him capture Sonic.
130 47 Full-Tilt Tails Robert Askin Robotnik makes chewing gum that makes the consumer fast as Sonic, and then Tails steps on it himself. This episode's plot was later recycled for the Sonic Underground episode "Sonic Tonic".
131 49 Mac-Hopper Doug Booth Robotnik attempts to brainwash a kangaroo who acts like Crocodile Dundee into doing his dirty deeds, but an explosion causes his memory to become unstable.
132 21 Momma Robotnik Returns The Return of Momma Robotnik Francis Moss Mama Robotnik captures Sonic by telling the law that he's a homeless minor.
133 48 Spaceman Sonic Space Sonic Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly Sonic and Tails are blasted into space whilst trying to prevent Robotnik from launching a deadly rocket towards a space station.
134 59 Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior Doug Booth With help from the bears introduced in "The Robotnik Express", Sonic and co. put a stop to the construction of a Robotnik statue.
135 30 The Last Resort Jess Borgeson Sonic is forced into retirement when Robotnik seemingly announces he is giving up villainy.
136 19 Robotnik's Rival Gordon Bressack Robotnik and a rival scientist named Dr. Quark try (and fail) to cooperate in capturing Sonic.
137 36 The Magic Hassle Douglas Zip Purgason Coconuts acquires a magic wand and magical gadgets from Wes Weasley, and attempts to master them while Robotnik trying to change the released Sonic banknotes into Robotnik money in the Mobius Mint.
138 28 Sonic the Matchmaker Robert Askin Robotnik captures Breezie and Robotnik Jr. (who has fallen for the former) in order to find out why they betrayed him so he can build the perfect robot wife.
139 34 Tails Prevails Bob Forward Professor Von Shlemmer wants to make Tails his research assistant, but then Robotnik captures and impersonates him to get Tails to build his latest anti-Sonic weapon.
140 25 Zoobotnik Rowby Goren An intergalactic bounty hunter comes to capture Sonic and falls in love with Robotnik while doing so.
141 29 Attack on Pinball Fortress Force Three from Mobius Bob Forward In a loose adaptation of Sonic Spinball, Sonic, Wes Weasley, and Sergeant Doberman break into Robotnik's Veg-o-Fortress with different intentions for the doctor's stupidity ray.
142 46 Mass Transit Trouble Kevin Murphy & Ed Ferrara Robotnik plants bombs at three of Mobius' centers of transport (an airport, a port and a railway station), threatening to cause chaos unless Sonic can effectively be in three places at once.
143 31 Coachnik The Coachnik Doug Molitor Robotnik constructs a pushy P.T. robot in an attempt to increase Scratch and Grounder's fitness.
144 40 Untouchable Sonic Dennis O'Flaherty Sonic comes to the rescue of a town as it is held to ransom by Robotnik's crime syndicate. A few scenes from the pilot animation are integrated into this episode.
145 45 Super Robotnik Rowby Goren Coconuts accidentally mixes a chemical that gives Robotnik super powers.
146 7 Robolympics Jeffrey Scott An asteroid is heading for Turtle Town and Robotnik offers to save it, but only if Sonic agrees to play in the Robolympics against him and his robots.
147 24 Magnificent Sonic Jeffrey Scott Sonic becomes the sheriff of Tranquil Gulch.
148 37 Blackbot the Pirate Quest for the Chaos Emeralds (1); Time for Trouble Jeffrey Scott Robotnik goes time-traveling to find four Chaos Emeralds that could make him all-powerful. His first stop is the time of Blackbeard the Pirate, where he enlists the pirate's help (after robo-transmogrifying him, that is) to find the Emerald of Invisibilty.
149 38 Hedgehog of the Hound Table Quest for the Chaos Emeralds (2) Jeffrey Scott Robotnik's next stop is the time of King Arfur and the Knights of the Hound Table to get the Emerald of Invincibility.
150 39 Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme Quest for the Chaos Emeralds (3) Jeffrey Scott Robotnik then heads to ancient MobEgypt to get the Emerald of Immortality and to ensure Sonic's ancestors never meet so that he'd never be born.
151 40 Prehistoric Sonic Quest for the Chaos Emeralds (4) Jeffrey Scott Finally, Robotnik collects the Emerald of Life and becomes the Supreme High Robotnik, prompting Sonic to gather up other versions of himself from other times in order to stop him.
152 50 Baby-Sitter Jitters Jeffrey Scott Sonic and Tails babysit a trio of baby beavers who are at least as much trouble as Robotnik and get themselves kidnapped at least as often as Tails.
153 55 Honey, I Shrunk the Hedgehog Jeffrey Scott Sonic and Tails are hit by Robotnik's shrink ray and have to work with the citizens of other shrunken cities.
154 60 Robotnikland Jeffrey Scott Robotnik takes control of the local amusement park on Sonic's birthday.
155 54 The Mobius 5000 Jeffrey Scott Sonic and Tails enter a car race in order to save an orphanage Robotnik's threatening to shut down.
156 61 The Little Merhog Sonic and the Mermaid Jeffrey Scott Sonic and Tails help a mermaid hedgehog save her underwater city.
157 53 Road Hog Jeffrey Scott Sonic (and Tails) get sentenced to hard labor for speeding as a result of Robotnik having hypnotized the law through pollen.
158 41 The Robot's Robot Jess Borgeson Scratch and Grounder build a robot of their own who soon runs away and ends up befriending Sonic.
159 64 Tails' Tale Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly When Sonic mysteriously vanishes, Tails goes looking for him (with help from a pilot and Von Schlemmer), searching in a pyramid.
160 65 Hero of the Year Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly Wes Weasley pretends to host a roast (actually a clip show) to Sonic that Robotnik is using to trap him.
161 63 Fast and Easy 48 Hour Sonic Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly Robotnik is after Easy Eddie, a pick pocket that took his Chaos Emerald ring that he was going to use to conquer Mobius.
162 52 Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted Kevin O'Donnell When Throbbin Screech picks Sonic for his program instead of him, Robotnik kidnaps his unnamed niece in order to be featured on the show.
163 58 Sonic is Running Doug Molitor Mama Robotnik makes her son run for president (with help from Wes Weasley), and when he starts brainwashing the voters (again), Sonic opts to run against him.
164 62 Robo-Ninjas Francis Moss Robotnik captures a master of martial arts in order to turn Scratch and Grounder into better fighters which then creates Robo-Ninjas to stop Sonic.
165 43 Sonically Ever After Gordon Bressack Robotnik invents a ray gun that transports Sonic, Tails, and himself (accidentally) into a storybook.



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