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Encyclopedia > Le Moyne College
Le Moyne College

Established: 1946
Type: Private
President: Dr. Fred P. Pestello
Faculty: 230
Students: 2,290
Location: Syracuse, NY, USA
Campus: Urban and Suburban
Sports Team: Dolphins
Website: www.lemoyne.edu

Le Moyne College is a private, four-year Jesuit college of approximately 2,300 undergraduate students that balances a comprehensive liberal arts education with preparation for specific career paths or graduate study. Founded by the Society of Jesus in 1946, Le Moyne is the second-youngest of the twenty-eight Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States. The date of establishment or date of founding of an institution is the date on which that institution chooses to claim as its starting point. ... For the film of this title, see Private School (film). ... University President is the title of the highest ranking officer within a university, within university systems that prefer that appellation over other variations such as Chancellor or rector. ... A faculty is a division within a university. ... For other uses, see Student (disambiguation). ... Nickname: Location of Syracuse within the state of New York Coordinates: , City Government  - Mayor Matthew Driscoll (D) Area  - City 66. ... This article is about the state. ... Cities with at least a million inhabitants in 2006 An urban area is an area with an increased density of human-created structures in comparison to the areas surrounding it. ... Illustration of the backyards of a surburban neighbourhood Suburbs are inhabited districts located either on the outer rim of a city or outside the official limits of a city (the term varies from country to country), or the outer elements of a conurbation. ... A website (alternatively, web site or Web site) is a collection of Web pages, images, videos or other digital assets that is hosted on one or more web servers, usually accessible via the Internet. ... Seal of the Society of Jesus. ... For other uses, see College (disambiguation). ... In some educational systems, undergraduate education is post-secondary education up to the level of a Bachelors degree. ... In the history of education, the seven liberal arts comprise two groups of studies, the trivium and the quadrivium. ... Seal of the Society of Jesus. ... The Society of Jesus (Latin: Societas Iesu), commonly known as the Jesuits, is a Roman Catholic religious order. ... For other uses, see College (disambiguation). ... For the community in Florida, see University, Florida. ...

Le Moyne's 150-acre (0.61 km²) campus is located in a residential setting of the Syracuse, New York suburb of DeWitt, New York. A small portion of the Le Moyne campus stretches into the Meadowbrook Neighborhood of Syracuse, New York, which allows the school to employ a legal Syracuse, New York, address. Syracuse has a population of 147,306 (2000). Nickname: Location of Syracuse within the state of New York Coordinates: , City Government  - Mayor Matthew Driscoll (D) Area  - City 66. ... De Witt is a town located in Onondaga County, New York. ... Meadowbrook is a Syracuse, New York neighborhood, located in the southeastern corner of the city. ... Nickname: Location of Syracuse within the state of New York Coordinates: , City Government  - Mayor Matthew Driscoll (D) Area  - City 66. ...

The college motto is "Totus in Domino Jesu" which is Latin for "Everything in the Lord Jesus". For other uses, see Latins and Latin (disambiguation). ...



Le Moyne offers undergraduate academic programs in Accounting, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry & Physics, Communication, Criminology and Crime & Justice Studies, Economics, Education (Dual Certification with Special Ed), English, Foreign Languages & Literature, Industrial Relations & Human Resource Management, Information Systems, Mathematics & Computer Science, Nursing, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology & Anthropology, Theatre Arts, and Visual & Performing Arts. It has been suggested that Accounting scholarship be merged into this article or section. ... For the song by Girls Aloud see Biology (song) Biology studies the variety of life (clockwise from top-left) E. coli, tree fern, gazelle, Goliath beetle Biology (from Greek: Βιολογία - βίος, bio, life; and λόγος, logos, speech lit. ... Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a tertiary degree in business management. ... For other uses, see Chemistry (disambiguation). ... A magnet levitating above a high-temperature superconductor demonstrates the Meissner effect. ... For other uses, see Communication (disambiguation). ... Criminology is the scientific study of crime as an individual and social phenomenon. ... Face-to-face trading interactions on the New York Stock Exchange trading floor. ... The English language is a West Germanic language that originates in England. ... A foreign language is a language not spoken by the indigenous people of a certain place: for example, English is a foreign language in Japan. ... A Boeing employee speaks at a trade union rally The field of industrial relations looks at the relationship between management and workers, particularly groups of workers represented by a union. ... Human resource management (HRM) is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organizations most valued assets - the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business. ... Information System (example) An Information System (IS) is the system of persons, data records and activities that process the data and information in a given organization, including manual processes or automated processes. ... For other meanings of mathematics or uses of math and maths, see Mathematics (disambiguation) and Math (disambiguation). ... Computer science, or computing science, is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and their implementation and application in computer systems. ... This article is about the practice in general. ... For other uses, see Philosophy (disambiguation). ... The Politics series Politics Portal This box:      Political Science is the field concerning the theory and practice of politics and the description and analysis of political systems and political behaviour. ... {redirect|Psychological science|the journal|Psychological Science (journal)}} Not to be confused with Phycology. ... Religious studies is the designation commonly used in the English-speaking world for a multi-disciplinary, secular study of religion that dates to the late 19th century in Europe (and the influential early work of such scholars as Friedrich Max Müller, in England, and Cornelius P. Tiele, in the... Sociology (from Latin: socius, companion; and the suffix -ology, the study of, from Greek λόγος, lógos, knowledge [1]) is the scientific or systematic study of society, including patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and culture[2]. Areas studied in sociology can range from the analysis of brief contacts between anonymous... This article is about the social science. ...

Interdisiplinary Programs are offered in Biochemistry, Catholic Studies, Cultural Foundations of Medicine, Gender and Women's Studies, Integral Honors, Multiple Science, Peace & Global Studies, and Urban Studies. Wöhler observes the synthesis of urea. ...

In addition, Le Moyne offers the following special programs: affiliated 3-4 programs in dentistry, optometry, and podiatry; early assurance dental and medical programs; pre-engineering, pre-environmental science and forestry; pre-health related professions; pre-law; pre-medicine, pre-physician assistant; and study abroad. Le Moyne students may enroll in Army and Air Force ROTC programs at Syracuse University. This article is about the dental profession. ... Optometry is a doctoral-degree health care profession concerned with eyes and related structures, as well as vision, visual systems, and vision information processing in humans. ... Podiatry, more appropriately podiatric medicine is a field of healthcare devoted to the study and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and the knee, leg and hip (collectively known as the lower extremity). ... The United States Army is the largest, and by some standards oldest, established branch of the armed forces of the United States and is one of seven uniformed services. ... USAF redirects here. ... A Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program is a college-based, officer commissioning program, predominantely in the United States. ... Crouse College, a 19th-century Romanesque building which houses the universitys visual arts and music programs Syracuse University (SU) is a private research university located in Syracuse, New York, United States the geographic center of the state, about 250 miles northwest of New York City. ...

While each major department has its own sequence requirements for the minimum 120 credit hours needed for the Le Moyne degree, the core curriculum includes studies of English language and literature, philosophy, history, religious studies, science, mathematics, and social sciences.

Le Moyne College's Graduate Programs include Graduate Education, Masters in Business Administration, Physician Assistant Studies, and Nursing. In the United States, a Physician Assistant (PA) is a health care professional licensed to practice medicine with the supervision of a licensed physician (either an M.D. or D.O.) [1] PAs are not to be confused with medical assistants, who perform administrative and clinical tasks in hospitals and... This article is about the practice in general. ...

Campus facilities and resources

The Noreen Reale Falcone Library has over 185,000 volumes and seating for 700 and is connected to the World Wide Web.

With a recently installed fiber-optic network, students can access the campus network, the Library's system, and the Internet from several computer labs around campus or from their rooms if they have computers of their own. All classrooms are being converted to "smart" classrooms, with multimedia capabilities. The Coyne Science Center has over 60 labs, classrooms, prep rooms and faculty/office suites, with two electron microscopes and a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer.

The Recreation Center is designed primarily for intramural, personal fitness and recreational activities. The building houses a fitness room with Nautilus and Universal equipment, an Olympic-size indoor pool built for competition, a whirlpool, an elevated jogging track, racket ball courts, and a large multipurpose gymnasium that can be divided into three courts for tennis, volleyball, basketball and other activities.

Residence halls range from the traditional dormitories to townhouse-style living, featuring three floors of living with three two-person bedrooms, a common area, kitchen, dining cove, and three bathrooms.

School library

The Noreen Reale Falcone Library, Le Moyne's only on-campus library, currently houses almost 900,000 materials and maintains a website with its own OPAC Reference System, which is available from both on- and off-campus computers.

At last count, the following materials were available from the library:

  • 256,565 books, serial backfiles, and government documents (titles)
  • 13,589 current serials (titles), including periodicals, newspapers, and government documents
  • 577,468 microforms (titles)
  • 10,935 video and audio titles

Student life

A wide range of student-directed activities, athletics, clubs, and service organizations are available to the student body. Students are represented by a Student Senate and have formal representation through the senate on most College-wide committees involved in decision making and policy formation.

Approximately 80 percent of students live in residence halls and townhouses on campus. The Residence Hall Councils and the Le Moyne Student Programming Board organize many campus activities, including concerts, dances, a weekly film series, student talent programs, and special lectures as well as off-campus trips and skiing excursions. Le Moyne's theater program puts on two productions a year.

Le Moyne is home to The Dolphin, a weekly student newspaper. The paper's staff discontinued production of the newspaper from November 2005 until September 2006, in protest, due to the administration's removal of its adviser. For its actions, Le Moyne has been criticized and subsequently censured for violations of freedom of speech, by two well-known national organizations, FIRE, and College Media Advisers. The nearly eleven-month protest formally came to an end on Tuesday, September 26, when Le Moyne's administration dissolved The Dolphin as an organization on campus. The students later decided to put out a new newspaper with a revamped staff and a new adviser.

Le Moyne's radio station, WLMU, redesigned by Oraine Godfrey, features The Fetal Position; a talk show with various music accompaniments. The program is now entering its second year with Andy Johncox, Bill Rutan, and other guest hosts.

Le Moyne also hosts a new student hang out spot known as The Cove. The Cove offers a variety of entertainment on weekends including concerts and movie screenings, and is a popular spot for students.

Dolphy Day

Dolphy Day is an annual tradition in which most students skip classes to spend the day in the sun outside, playing light sports and games, tanning, and participating in a barbecue. Unfortunately, the tradition has also become greatly associated with drinking. On Dolphy Day Le Moyne students, especially underage students, publicly consume alcoholic beverages on campus. Many people see the drinking side of Dolphy Day as completely unacceptable and blame the school for allowing it to continue. It is not clear why the school does such continuation though it is logical to assume that because of the overwhelming number of students who participate in Dolohy Day (over 2000) the situation is impossible to control, in which case the school chooses to help keep the students safe by arranging things for them rather than attempting to discipline all of them. It could also be because the day--with its good and bad aspects-- has become too much of a tradition to change. In all cases Le Moyne has a strict alcohol policy and by no means approves of or encourages underage drinking.

While there is no specific date for Dolphy Day, it has consistently been set in mid-April (the spring semester). The day is a secret until it actually occurs, a tradition which separates Dolphy Day from other school's unsanctioned "drinking holidays." Despite this though, the word usually leaks out a few days before. In 2008, many individuals had an idea about the date ahead of time. This was mainly a result of the weather forecast and the fact that no athletic teams had games on this day. The administration had also set an alternative date for the housing lottery -- however, this alternative date had been schedules a few weeks in advance due to the uncertainty surrounding the date that Dolphy Day would fall.

The actual date of the event is determined by a senior student known as "The Wizard," whose identity is only revealed on Dolphy Day. Through recent history, Wizards have been affiliated with Le Moyne's rugby and lacrosse teams, although it should be noted that the Wizard position has no official historical affiliation with either sports team, and in fact, the Wizard has often been someone who has not participated in any athletics. The position is no longer exclusive to males, as a female Wizard has been selected. When The Wizard calls the day, students are woken up as early as four a.m. and most start drinking then. The previous year's Wizard chooses his successor for the next year, which is kept secret. Prior to Dolphy Day, the Wizard gives a list of three possible dates to administration, so the campus can be prepared for it. Another criterion for the date to be set is for the school not to be hosting any sports games on the decided date. This generally allows this holiday to fall on the first nice day of spring, as the tradition has been since its inception. In 1999, poor planning led to Dolphy Day occurring on a cold, rainy midweek day - the following year, to prevent a similar boondoggle, Le Moyne administration allowed Dolphy Day to occur on a Friday.

Students gather in Quad as the day is officially declared

In the weeks leading up to Dolphy Day upperclassmen perform "Dolphy Day Scares". In these, seniors go around campus, banging on doors, honking car horns, and shouting "It's Dolphy Day!". Scares are usually targeted at underclassmen who are sometimes confused enough to believe the prank and go out and start drinking. Traditionally, one sign of the genuine Dolphy Day has been fireworks. The 2008 scares have included some fireworks, but in very small quantities; there were also some doors damaged. In previous years, scares have also included toilet-papering of campus trees and students driving in unconventional places (ie. lawns, sports fields) to gain the attention of underclassmen.

The school has stopped short of official recognition for Dolphy Day. Most professors acknowledge the tradition, and will often address the issue in their course syllabus for spring semester classes, either canceling classes or insisting they be held. Although professors are not allowed to officially cancel class, many adopt the policy of "If no one comes, how can I give a class?"

In preparation for the day, the school rents portable toilets, tents, band equipment and inflatable attractions among other things. A preset breakfast meal is served to everyone on campus, and a barbecue is held outside for lunch. The school also sometimes hires a band and food stalls.

In recent years, in anticipation of Dolphy Day, members of the school administration have taken to setting up meetings with students to explain regulations and policies. For example, each student can only go into his or her dorm building, and can bring one guest at a time. To ensure this, colored bracelets are distributed according to one's building which students must wear starting when the receive them and until Dolphy Day is over. Other policies include the prohibition of carrying around transparent containers if they contain alcohol, and the obligation to empty all containers before going into buildings.

The 2008 Dolphy Day occurred on April 17th. Traditionally, Dolphy day begins around 4:00 a.m. A handful of individuals began the gathering in the "Quad" around 2:30 a.m. The seniors made their official march to the "Quad" around 3:15 a.m. Fireworks were set off at 3:30.

The tradition's name is often erroneously attributed to Le Moyne's mascot, the dolphin; oral history states that the celebration started when students would party and enjoy the music of the famous jazz musician Eric Dolphy. For other uses, see Dolphin (disambiguation). ... Eric Allan Dolphy (June 20, 1928 – June 29, 1964) was a jazz musician who played alto saxophone, flute and bass clarinet. ...


Le Moyne sponsors 16 NCAA varsity teams. Le Moyne's varsity athletic program allows new students to make an immediate impact on a team--an opportunity that is not available at many larger institutions. Le Moyne sponsors Division I (MAAC) baseball and women's lacrosse as well as Division II (Northeast 10) varsity teams in men's/women's basketball, cross-country, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis; men's golf; and women's softball and volleyball. The Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC, pronounced mack) is a college athletic conference which operates in the northeastern United States. ... The Northeast Ten Conference is an intercollegiate athletic conference affiliated with the NCAA’s Division II. Member institutions are located in the northeastern United States in the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. ...

The College participates in four sports on the club level: drinking, men's ice hockey, rugby, and volleyball, in addition to cheerleading, with both men and women on the squad.

The College conducts an extensive intramural program with sports and competitors that vary each year. The program usually includes: basketball (men's and women's leagues); flag football (men); indoor soccer (men's, women's and coed leagues); walleyball (coed); racquetball tournaments (coed, men's and women's divisions); volleyball (coed); softball (men's and women's leagues); and inner tube water polo (coed).

Sports at-a-glance


  • Baseball
  • Men's & Women's Basketball
  • Men's & Women's Cross Country
  • Golf
  • Men's & Women's Lacrosse
  • Men's & Women's Soccer
  • Softball
  • Men's & Women's Swimming and Diving
  • Men's & Women's Tennis
  • Volleyball

Intramural activities

  • Basketball
  • Flag Football
  • Indoor Soccer
  • Inner Tube Water Polo
  • Racquetball
  • Softball
  • Volleyball
  • Wallyball

Club sports

  • Men's Ice Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Volleyball

National championships

  • 2004 - Men's Lacrosse [Division II]
  • 2006 - Men's Lacrosse [Division II]
  • 2007 - Men's Lacrosse [Division II]

Athletic centers

  • Anthony A. Henninger Athletic Center

Recreation center

The college's recreation center is a 47,000-square-foot (4,400 m²) facility connected to the Anthony A. Henninger Athletic Center. Designed primarily for intramural, recreational use and personal fitness activities, the center is one of the most modern small-college recreation centers in the Northeast. The college community can use the 25-yard (23 m) competition-size swimming pool, whirlpool, large fitness center and weight room, a three-court size multi-purpose gym area, an elevated jogging track, and four racquetball courts.

Alma mater

Against the sky you stand, Le Moyne.
A beacon to us all,
And on the Heights our forces join,
We rally to your call.

From loyal hearts our challenge roars
That here we stand allied,
You're ours, Le Moyne, and we are yours
While Heights and Hearts abide.

May your ideals be our command
Your praises ever sung;
So long as on the Heights you stand
Your name be on our tongue.

From loyal hearts our challenge roars
That here we stand allied,
You're ours, Le Moyne, and we are yours
While Heights and Hearts abide.

Notable Alums

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Le Moyne College Student Life, Syracuse, New York (158 words)
The wide range of clubs, organizations, and activities on campus is another expression of Le Moyne's commitment to "educating the whole person." An extensive roster of clubs and organizations is only the beginning.
Le Moyne students also participate in such annual campus events as Dolphy Day, Spring Olympics, and Winter Weekend.
The Le Moyne Student Programming Board, which is operated and staffed by Le Moyne students and holds open meetings, is responsible for scheduling all social activities and special events.
Le Moyne College - definition of Le Moyne College - Labor Law Talk Dictionary (113 words)
Le Moyne College is a private, co-education Roman Catholic college in the United States.
Founded by the Society of Jesus in 1946, it is one of 28 member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities.
Located in Syracuse, New York, Le Moyne College has over 2,200 undergraduate and 700 graduate students.
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