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Encyclopedia > Labor Day Weekend
Labor Day
Observed by United States
Type National
Date First Monday in September
2006 date September 4, 2006
2007 date September 3, 2007

Labor Day is a United States federal holiday that takes place on the first Monday of September. In 2006, Labor Day occurred on September 4. It has been suggested that this article or section be merged with Labor Day (United States). ... May Day is May 1, and refers to any of several holidays celebrated on this day. ... In the United States, a Federal holiday is a holiday recognized by the United States Government. ... September 4 is the 247th day of the year (248th in leap years). ...



More than 100 years after the first Labor Day observance, there is still some doubt as to who first proposed the holiday for workers. Some records show that Peter J. McGuire, general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners and a cofounder of the American Federation of Labor, was first in suggesting a day to honor those "who from rude nature have delved and carved all the grandeur we behold." Peter J. McGuire (July 6, 1852 - February 18, 1906) was an American labor leader of the nineteenth century, the founder of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America and one of the leading figures in the first three decades of the American Federation of Labor. ... The American Federation of Labor (AFL) was one of the first federations of labor unions in the United States. ...

But Peter McGuire's place in Labor Day history has not gone unchallenged. Many believe that Matthew Maguire, a machinist, not Peter McGuire, founded the holiday. Recent research seems to support the contention that Matthew Maguire, later the secretary of Local 344 of the International Association of Machinists in Paterson, New Jersey, proposed the holiday in 1882 while serving as secretary of the Central Labor Union in New York. What is clear is that the Central Labor Union adopted a Labor Day proposal and appointed a committee to plan a demonstration and picnic. Matthew John Maguire (born May 30, 1984) is an Australian rules footballer with St Kilda. ... Logo of the International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers is an AFL-CIO/CLC trade union representing over 800,000 workers in more than 200 industries. ... The skyline of Paterson, New Jersey, showing the canyon of the Passaic River in the foreground. ...

The First Labor Day

The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City, in accordance with the plans of the Central Labor Union. The Central Labor Union held its second Labor Day holiday just a year later, on September 5, 1883. September 5 is the 248th day of the year (249th in leap years). ... 1882 (MDCCCLXXXII) was a common year starting on Sunday (see link for calendar) of the Gregorian calendar or a common year starting on Tuesday of the 12-day slower Julian calendar. ... September 5 is the 248th day of the year (249th in leap years). ... 1883 (MDCCCLXXXIII) was a common year starting on Monday (see link for calendar). ...

In 1884 the first Monday in September was selected as the holiday, as originally proposed, and the Central Labor Union urged similar organizations in other cities to follow the example of New York and celebrate a "workingmen's holiday" on that date. The idea spread with the growth of labor organizations, and in 1885 Labor Day was celebrated in many industrial centers of the country.

Many other labor organizations, notably the affiliates of the International Workingmen's Association, favored a May 1 holiday. With the event of Chicago's Haymarket riots in early May of 1886, some believed that a May 1 holiday could become an opportunity to commemorate the riots. Thus, fearing that May Day holidays might strengthen the socialist movement, some moved to support the position of the Knights of Labor and their date for Labor Day. The International Workingmens Association (IWA), sometimes called the First International, was an international organization which aimed at uniting a variety of different left-wing political groups and trade union organizations that were based on the working class. ... May 1 is the 121st day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (122nd in leap years). ... On May 1, 1886 (on May Day), labor unions organized a strike for an eight hour work day in Chicago, Illinois, United States. ... 1886 (MDCCCLXXXVI) is a common year starting on Friday (click on link to calendar) // Events January 18 - Modern field hockey is born with the formation of The Hockey Association in England. ... May 1 is the 121st day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (122nd in leap years). ... The word holiday has related but different meanings in English-speaking countries. ... Socialism refers to a broad array of doctrines or political movements that envisage a socio-economic system in which property and the distribution of wealth are subject to social control. ...

Labor Day Legislation

Through the years the nation gave increasing emphasis to Labor Day. The first governmental recognition came through municipal ordinances passed during 1885 and 1886. From them developed the movement to secure state legislation. The first state bill was introduced into the New York legislature, but the first to become law was passed by Oregon on February 21, 1887. During the year four more states — Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York — created the Labor Day holiday by legislative enactment. By the end of the decade Connecticut, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania had followed suit. By 1894, 23 other states had adopted the holiday in honor of workers, and on June 28 of that year, Congress passed an act making the first Monday in September of each year a legal holiday in the District of Columbia and the territories. Official language(s) None Capital Salem Largest city Portland Area  Ranked 9th  - Total 98,466 sq mi (255,026 km²)  - Width 260 miles (420 km)  - Length 360 miles (580 km)  - % water 2. ... February 21 is the 52nd day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar. ... 1887 (MDCCCLXXXVII) is a common year starting on Saturday (click on link for calendar) of the Gregorian calendar or a common year starting on Monday of the Julian calendar. ... Official language(s) English Capital Denver Largest city Denver Area  Ranked 8th  - Total 104,185 sq mi (269,837 km²)  - Width 280 miles (451 km)  - Length 380 miles (612 km)  - % water 0. ... Official language(s) English Capital Boston Largest city Boston Area  Ranked 44th  - Total 10,555 sq mi (27,360 km²)  - Width 183 miles (295 km)  - Length 113 miles (182 km)  - % water 13. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... Official language(s) English Capital Lincoln Largest city Omaha Area  Ranked 16th  - Total 77,421 sq mi (200,520 km²)  - Width 210 miles (340 km)  - Length 430 miles (690 km)  - % water 0. ... Official language(s) None Capital Harrisburg Largest city Philadelphia Area  Ranked 33rd  - Total 46,055 sq mi (119,283 km²)  - Width 160 miles (255 km)  - Length 280 miles (455 km)  - % water 2. ... June 28 is the 179th day of the year (180th in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar, with 186 days remaining. ... ...


Labor Day has been celebrated on the first Monday in September in the United States since the 1880s. The form that the observance and celebration of Labor Day should take were outlined in the first proposal of the holiday — a street parade to exhibit to the public "the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations" of the community, followed by a festival for the recreation and amusement of the workers and their families. This became the pattern for the celebrations of Labor Day. Speeches by prominent men and women were introduced later, as more emphasis was placed upon the economic and civic significance of the holiday. Still later, by a resolution of the American Federation of Labor convention of 1909, the Sunday preceding Labor Day was adopted as Labor Sunday and dedicated to the spiritual and educational aspects of the labor movement.

Today Labor Day is often regarded simply as a day of rest and, unlike May Day, political demonstrations are rare. Forms of celebration include picnics, barbecues, fireworks displays, water sports, and public art events. Families with school-age children take it as the last chance to travel before the end of summer. Some teenagers and young adults view it as the last weekend for parties before returning to school. However, of late, schools have begun well before Labor Day, as early as the 24th of July in many urban districts, including Nashville and Atlanta. May Day is May 1, and refers to any of several holidays celebrated on this day. ... Friends and family gather for a picnic in a public park in Columbus, Ohio, c. ... A barbecue on a trailer at a block party in Kansas City. ... The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House illuminated under New Years Eve Fireworks 2005 A fireworks event (fireworks display, fireworks show) is a spectacular display of the effects produced by firework devices on various occasions. ... 9 year old girl A child (plural: children). ... Travel is the transport of people on a trip or journey. ... For other senses of this word, see Summer (disambiguation). ... A separate article is about the punk band called The Adolescents. ... Students in Rome, Italy. ... For other cities named Nashville, see Nashville (disambiguation). ... This article is about the state capital of Georgia. ...


According to Howard Zinn in his research in A People's History of the United States, the original parade in 1882 organized by the Knights of Labor had a loose affiliation with the Ku Klux Klan, a main reason why some supporters of a labor parade preferred the May Day march. Howard Zinn Howard Zinn (born August 24, 1922) is an American historian and political scientist. ... A Peoples History of the United States, 2003 hardcover edition In A Peoples History of the United States, author Howard Zinn seeks to present U.S. history through the eyes of ordinary people, depicting the struggles of Native Americans against European and U.S. conquest and expansion, slaves... Members of the second Ku Klux Klan at a rally during the 1920s. ... May Day is May 1, and refers to any of several holidays celebrated on this day. ...


A prominent Labor Day event in the United States, since 1966, is the annual telethon of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, hosted by Jerry Lewis to fund research and patient support programs for the various diseases grouped as muscular dystrophy. The telethon raises tens of millions of dollars each year. The Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon is an annual telethon hosted by Jerry Lewis for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. ... Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) is a U.S. organization founded in 1950 which combats muscular dystrophy and diseases of the nervous system and muscular system in general by funding research, providing medical and community services, and educating health professionals and the general public. ... Jerry Lewis (born Joseph Levitch on March 16, 1926), is an American comedian, actor, film producer, writer and director known for his slapstick humor and his charity fund-raising telethons for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. ... It has been suggested that Congenital muscular dystrophy be merged into this article or section. ... The United States dollar is the official currency of the United States. ...

An old custom prohibits the wearing of white after Labor Day. The custom is rooted in nothing more than popular fashion etiquette.[1] In actuality, the etiquette originally stated that white shoes were the taboo while white or "winter white" clothes were acceptable.[2] This custom is fading from popularity as it continues to be questioned and challenged, particularly by leaders in the fashion world. "Fashion magazines are jumping on this growing trend, calling people who 'dare' to wear white after Labor Day innovative, creative, and bold. Slowly but surely, white is beginning to break free from its box, and is becoming acceptable to wear whenever one pleases. This etiquette is also compared to the Canadian fashion rule of not wearing green after Rememberance day. "[3]

Current dates

Labor Day (United States) will fall on the following dates in the next few years:

September 4 is the 247th day of the year (248th in leap years). ... September 3 is the 246th day of the year (247th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. ... September 1 is the 244th day of the year (245th in leap years). ... September 7 is the 250th day of the year (251st in leap years). ... September 6 is the 249th day of the year (250th in leap years). ...

Local Labor Day celebrations

Labor Day Regada - Hydroplane boat races and carnival held in Lock Haven, PA. Weekend ends with a fireworks display. The Mackinac Bridge (pronounced , like MACK-in-aw, note the silent c, and affectionately known as the Mighty Mac or Big Mac), is a suspension bridge spanning the Straits of Mackinac to connect the non-contiguous upper and lower peninsulas of the U.S. state of Michigan. ... Boomsday is an annual fireworks celebration presented by the Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corporation in conjunction with the radio stations of Journal Broadcast Group (HOT 104. ... Nickname: The Marble City, K-Town, Big Orange Country, Knox Vegas Location Location within the U.S. State of Tennessee Coordinates , Government Cities in Tennessee Tennessee Mayor Bill Haslam (R) Geographical characteristics Area     City 254. ... Nickname: The Queen City Location in Hamilton County, Ohio, USA Coordinates: Country United States State Ohio County Hamilton Founded 1788 Incorporated 1819 Mayor Mark L. Mallory (D) Area    - City 206. ... WEBN (102. ... Bumbershoot is a colloquial word for umbrella, probably coined in the 19th century as a portmanteau of umbrella and parachute. ... Nickname: The Emerald City Location of Seattle in King County and Washington Coordinates: Country United States State Washington County King County Incorporated December 2 1869 Mayor Greg Nickels Area    - City 369. ... The Chautauqua, (pronounced shÉ™-tôkwÉ™) was a popular educational movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the United States. ... Pampa is a city located in Gray County, Texas. ... Vancouver (pronounced: ) is a city in southwestern British Columbia, Canada. ... An eponym is a person (real or fictitious) whose name has become identified with a particular object or activity. ... Nickname: Motto: Official website: http://www. ... Lowell is a small developing town located in Lake County, Indiana. ... Official language(s) English Capital Indianapolis Largest city Indianapolis Area  Ranked 38th  - Total 36,418 sq mi (94,321 km²)  - Width 140 miles (225 km)  - Length 270 miles (435 km)  - % water 1. ...

Labor Day Regatta - Hydroplane boat races and carnival held in Lock Haven, PA. Weekend ends with a fireworks display.


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