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Encyclopedia > Kodansha
The head office of Kodansha

Kodansha Limited (株式会社講談社 Kabushiki-gaisha Kōdansha?) is the largest Japanese publisher of literature and manga, headquartered in (Bunkyo), Tokyo. Kodansha publishes manga magazines Nakayoshi, Afternoon, Weekly Shonen Magazine, Monthly Shonen Magazine, Monthly Shonen Magazine Special, Seasonal Shonen Magazine Wonder, as well as more literary magazines such as Gunzō, Gendai and Shūkan Gendai, and the Japanese dictionary Nihongo Daijiten. Image File history File linksMetadata Download high-resolution version (2272x1704, 683 KB) // (ja) File links The following pages on the English Wikipedia link to this file (pages on other projects are not listed): Kodansha Metadata This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to... Image File history File linksMetadata Download high-resolution version (2272x1704, 683 KB) // (ja) File links The following pages on the English Wikipedia link to this file (pages on other projects are not listed): Kodansha Metadata This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to... Old book bindings at the Merton College library. ... 2nd English edition of InuYasha Vol. ... Akamon Gate at the University of Tokyo. ... Tokyo , literally Eastern capital)   is the seat of the Japanese government and the Imperial Palace, the home of the Japanese Imperial Family, and the de facto[1] capital of Japan. ... Nakayoshi (なかよし also spelled Nakayosi) is a Japanese magazine published by Kodansha concerning shōjo manga . ... Afternoon (アフタヌーン) is a Japanese manga magazine published by Kodansha. ... Weekly Shonen Magazine (週刊少年マガジン ShÅ«kan Shōnen Magajin), also known as Shonen Magazine, is a manga magazine published by Kodansha. ... Cover of January 24, 2004 issue of Weekly Gendai. ...



Kodansha was started by Seiji Noma in 1909, as a spinoff of the Dai-Nippon Yūbenkai (Greater Japan Oratorical Society). Its first publication was the literary magazine Yūben. The name Kodansha (taken from "Kōdan Club", a now defunct magazine published by the company) was first used in 1911 when the publisher formally merged with the Dai-Nippon Yūbenkai. The company's current legal name has been in use since 1958. Its motto is "Omoshirokute tame ni naru" (To be interesting and beneficial). 1911 (MCMXI) was a common year starting on Sunday (click on link for calendar). ... 1958 (MCMLVIII) was a common year starting on Wednesday of the Gregorian calendar. ...

It also owns the Otowa Group, which manages subsidiary companies such as King Records and Kobunsha, and publishes Nikkan Gendai, a daily tabloid. It also has close ties with the Walt Disney Company, and is an official sponsor of Tokyo Disneyland. Japanese King Record King Records ) is a Japanese record company, founded in 1931 as a division of the Japanese music publishing house Kodansha. ... Kobunsha (光文社 Kōbunsha) is a Japanese publisher of literature and womens magazine. ... Alternate meanings: Disney (disambiguation) The Walt Disney Company (also known as Disney Enterprises, Inc. ... Tokyo Disneyland ) is one of two theme parks in the Tokyo Disney Resort located in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan, near Tokyo. ...

It is the largest publisher in Japan, and at one point yearly revenue was more than ¥200 billion. However due to the recent Japanese recession and accompanying downturn in the publishing industry, revenues have been dropping, and the company made a loss in the 2002 financial year, the first time ever since the end of World War II. The second largest publisher, Shogakukan, has been catching up as well – for the 2003 financial year, Kodansha's revenue was ¥167 billion, as compared to Shogakukan's ¥150 billion, a difference of around ¥17 billion; at its peak, Kodansha led Shogakukan by over ¥50 billion. Headquarters of Shogakukan in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan Shogakukan ) is a Japanese publisher of dictionaries, literature, manga, nonfiction, childrens DVDs, and other media in Japan. ...

Kodansha also sponsors the prestigious Kodansha Manga Award, which has run in its current form since 1977 (since 1960 under other names). The Kodansha Manga Award is an annual award for serialized manga published in the previous year. ... For the album by Ash, see 1977 (album). ... Year 1960 (MCMLX) was a leap year starting on Friday (the link is to a full 1960 calendar). ...

Relationship with other companies

The company is a stockholder in various broadcasters across Japan, and is believed to hold around 20% of the TBS Group's stock. It also holds stock in Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, along with Kobunsha. In the recent Nippon Broadcasting System takeover war between Livedoor and Fuji TV, Kodansha supported Fuji TV by selling their stock to them. Tokyo Broadcasting System, Incorporated ) (TYO: 9401 ) or TBS, is a television network in Tokyo, Japan. ... Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Incorporated (QR, 株式会社文化放送, Kabushiki Gaisha Bunka Hoso) is a Japanese radio station in Tokyo, amd broadcast in the Kanto area. ... Nippon Broadcasting System, Incorporated (株式会社ニッポン放送, Kabushiki Gaisha Nippon Hōsō) (TYO: 4660) is a Japanese radio station in Tokyo. ... The correct title of this article is livedoor. ... Fuji Television Network, Incorporated ) TYO: 4676 is a Japanese television network based in Odaiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. ...

Kodansha also has a somewhat contrary relationship with NHK, the national broadcaster. While many of the manga and novels published by Kodansha that have been made into anime, such as Cardcaptor Sakura, have aired in NHK's Eisei Anime Gekijō timeslot, and Kodansha published a companion magazine to the NHK children's show Okāsan to Issho, editorially the two companies often clash. The October 2000 issue of Gendai accused NHK of staging footage used in a news report in 1997 on dynamite fishing in Indonesia. NHK took Kodansha to the Tokyo District Court, where Kodansha was ordered to publish a retraction and pay ¥4 million in damages. Kodansha appealed the decision, and a settlement was reached where Kodansha only had to issue a partial retraction, and pay no damages[1]. This decision, however, has not stopped Gendai's sister magazine Shūkan Gendai from printing articles on further staged footage controversies that have been dogging NHK. NHK (日本放送協会, Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai), or the Japan Broadcasting Corporation, is Japans public broadcaster. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ...

Manga series published by Kodansha

Oh My Goddess! (ああっ女神さまっ, Aa! Megami-sama!), also known as Ah! My Goddess, is a seinen manga series by Kosuke Fujishima currently serialised in Kodanshas monthly Afternoon magazine first published 1988-08-25 (was the September issue however). ... Akira (Japanese: ) is a cyberpunk serial manga by Katsuhiro Otomo. ... Akkan Baby is a shōjo manga series created by Miyaōchi Saya. ... The Tale of Genji (Japanese title: Asakiyumemishi: Genji Monogatari, あさきゆめみし) is a Japanese manga version of Murasaki Shikibus The Tale of Genji by Waki Yamato, a Japanese cartoonist. ... Sailor Moon , officially translated as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon) is the title of a famous media franchise created by Japanese manga artist Naoko Takeuchi. ... Boys Be (ボーイズ・ビー) is an anime TV-series published in 2000 by Hal Film Maker in 13 episodes. ... The Big O ) is a TV anime series produced by Sunrise, Inc. ... Blade of the Immortal, or 無限の住人 (Mugen no JÅ«nin, literally Inhabitant of Infinity), is a Japanese manga series by Hiroaki Samura. ... BLAME! (ブラム!, buramu!) is a ten-volume science fiction manga by Tsutomu Nihei. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... The introduction to this article provides insufficient context for those unfamiliar with the subject matter. ... Clover is a manga by CLAMP. Clover is published in Japan by Kodansha and in North America by TokyoPop. ... Dear Boys is a manga by Hiroki Yagami, published by Kodansha in Monthly Shonen Magazine. ... Dominator is a British comic strip created by Tony Luke, chronicling the ongoing adventures of the eponymous Demon God of Rock & Roll. ... Look up et cetera in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ... FLCL , sometimes romanized as Fooly Cooly) is a six episode Japanese animation OVA series, the brainchild of director Kazuya Tsurumaki and released by Gainax and Production I.G.. The series focuses on Nandaba Naota, a twelve-year-old boy living in the fictional and initially tranquil Japanese suburb of Mabase. ... Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro is a horror anime. ... Genshiken ) (Sub-title: The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture) is a manga and anime series. ... Get Backers [Japanese: ゲットバッカーズ -奪還屋 (だっかんや) Gettobakkāzu Dakkanya] is a manga series written by Yuya Aoki and illustrated by Rando Ayamine. ... Great Teacher Onizuka (more commonly abbreviated to GTO) is a manga, anime and drama series created by Tohru Fujisawa. ... Rave Master, known in Japan as RAVE ) or Groove Adventure RAVE, is an anime and manga series by Hiro Mashima. ... Gunsmith Cats (ガンスミス キャッツ) is a series of manga and anime work by Kenichi Sonoda. ... Initial D ) is a manga by Shuichi Shigeno which has been serialized in Kodanshas Young since 1995. ... Ice Blade, known in Japan as Jiraishin (地雷震, literally earth-lightning-quake), is a Japanese manga series by Tsutomu Takahashi as his first manga comic. ... Zodiac P.I. is a Japanese manga created by Natsumi Ando, originally published in Japan as JÅ«nikyÅ« de Tsukamaete (十二宮でつかまえて, literally Zodiac Detective) starting in late 2001. ... For other uses, see Ghost in the Shell (manga) (disambiguation). ... Koi Kaze (恋風 Literally love wind or love fever in this context. ... Love Hina ) is a manga (and anime) series by author Ken Akamatsu. ... Gundam ) is one of the longest running series of anime featuring giant robots or mecha. ... After Mobile Suit Victory Gundam finished airing in Japan in early 1994, Bandai celebrated Gundams 15th anniversary by trying something new: free the franchise from the continuity of the Universal Century (and sell more model kits). ... Title of the series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (or Gundam Seed) is an anime television series from Japan. ... Gundam SEED Astray is a collection of gaiden (side-stories) set in the Cosmic Era of Gundam SEED. Whereas the main story of Gundam SEED focuses on the struggles between the Earth Alliance, ZAFT, and Orb Union, the Astray series is focused on the three MBF-P0x mobile suit prototypes... New Mobile Report Gundam W (also known as Mobile Suit Gundam Wing) is a televised Anime series, which ran for 49 episodes beginning in 1995. ... Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz is the sequel to Gundam Wing, which is set in an alternate universe to the original Gundam series in the After Colony timeline. ... Cover of first manga volume SD Gundam Musha Banchō FÅ«unroku is an SD Gundam manga, a spin off from the popular Gundam anime. ... Running alongside the Japanese release of the TV show Superior Defender Gundam Force, SD Gundam Force Musha Retsuden is a barely connected sidestory. As there is always a yearly SD Gundam manga/model kit line running in Japan, the title seems to only reference the show in the hopes of... SD Gundam Musha Maruden is a multi-part SD Gundam manga, a spin off from the popular Gundam anime. ... Kindaichi Case Files ) is a serialized mystery manga series about a high school student who has an uncanny knack for solving murders. ... Parasyte, known in Japan as KiseijÅ« (寄生獣, literally Parasitic Beasts) is a manga series written by Hitosi Iwaaki. ... Magic Knight Rayearth ) is a magical girl manga, anime, and console game series by CLAMP, whose credits also include Cardcaptor Sakura, Angelic Layer, and Chobits. ... Confidential Confessions is a manga by Momochi Reiko. ... Medabots, frequently misspelled as Metabots, and known in Japan as Medarot ), is a video game published by Natsume, about battling robots. ... Confidential Confessions is a manga by Momochi Reiko. ... Nasu: Summer in Andalusia ) is a 2003 Japanese anime film by Madhouse, directed by Kitaro Kosaka, the famed animation supervisor of the Oscar-winning anime film Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke and long-time collaborator of Studio Ghibli, and adapted from a short 3-tankōbon manga by Iou Kuroda... Negima: Magister Negi Magi ) is a manga and anime series by Ken Akamatsu, known for his best selling title, Love Hina, which contains a large amount of Fan service/ecchi scenes. ... Peach Girl ) is an extremely popular shōjo manga and anime series by Miwa Ueda (上田美和 Ueda Miwa). ... Girl Got Game (originally published in Japan as Power!!) is a manga drawn by Shizuru Seino about a girl forced to pretend to be a boy. ... Princess Knight was a Japanese manga that ran through four serializations from 1954 to 1968, as weell as a 1967 Japanese childrens animated series called Ribbon No Kishi. this show that was dubbed into English and brought over to Western audiences in 1970, where it was called Choppy anf... Saint Tail, known in Japan as Kaitō Saint Tail ), is a magical girl manga and anime series. ... Samurai Deeper Kyo ) is Akimine Kamijyos first published manga. ... School Rumble ) is a manga serialized in the Weekly Shonen Magazine (週刊少年マガジン), drawn by Jin Kobayashi. ... Shakotan Boogie is a manga by Michiharu Kusunoki, detailing the adventures of two brothers interested in shakotan, extremely lowered street cars. ... This article is about the Kosuke Fujishima manga. ... Suzuka ) is a Japanese romance manga by Kouji Seo. ... Confidential Confessions is a manga by Momochi Reiko. ... Tokyo Mew Mew ), also known as Mew Mew Power (English dub title), is a shōjo manga and anime series, created by illustrator Mia Ikumi and writer Reiko Yoshida. ... The first volume of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle as released by Del Rey Manga. ... Warriors of Tao ) is a manga by Shinya Kuwahara; in Japan its named after its protagonist, Toma. ... Vagabond ) is a manga drawn by Takehiko Inoue and adapted from the fictionalized accounts by Eiji Yoshikawa of the samurai, Miyamoto Musashi (宮本武蔵, 1584-1645). ... Wangan Midnight (Japanese: 湾岸ミッドナイト) is a manga series created by Michiharu Kusunoki, of Shakotan Boogie and Sayonara December fame. ... The first volume of ×××HOLiC as released by Del Rey Manga. ...

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