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Encyclopedia > Kenny vs. Spenny
Kenny vs. Spenny

"Kenny" left, "Spenny" right
Format Reality
Created by Kenny Hotz
Starring Kenny Hotz
Spencer Rice
Country of origin Flag of Canada Canada
No. of episodes 54
Running time 20-22 Minutes
Original channel CBC
Picture format HDTV
Original run August 26, 2003 – present
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Kenny vs. Spenny is a Canadian comedy reality television series about two best friends, Kenneth "Kenny" Joel Hotz and Spencer "Spenny" Nolan Rice, who face each other in various competitions. The loser of the episode must perform an act of humiliation, usually selected by the winner. Kenny and Spenny created the series themselves. The show currently airs on Showcase in Canada, and on Comedy Central in the United States. Kenny asserts that the series is completely unscripted, and is all real.[1] Image File history File links Kenny_Vs. ... For other uses, see Reality (disambiguation). ... A comedy is a dramatic performance of a light and amusing character, usually with a happy conclusion to its plot. ... Kenny Hotz Kenneth Joel Kenny Hotz (born May 3, 1973, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian film maker, actor, producer, director, journalist, photographer and writer. ... Kenny Hotz Kenneth Joel Kenny Hotz (born May 3, 1973, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian film maker, actor, producer, director, journalist, photographer and writer. ... Spencer Spenny Nolan Rice (born April 14, 1973) is a writer, director and performer. ... Image File history File links This is a lossless scalable vector image. ... Radio-Canada redirects here. ... High-definition television (HDTV) is a digital television broadcasting system with greater resolution than traditional television systems (NTSC, SECAM, PAL). ... is the 238th day of the year (239th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. ... Year 2003 (MMIII) was a common year starting on Wednesday of the Gregorian calendar. ... A comedy is a dramatic performance of a light and amusing character, usually with a happy conclusion to its plot. ... // This article is about the genre of TV shows. ... A television program is the content of television broadcasting. ... Kenny Hotz Kenneth Joel Kenny Hotz (born May 3, 1973, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian film maker, actor, producer, director, journalist, photographer and writer. ... Spencer Spenny Nolan Rice (born April 14, 1973) is a writer, director and performer. ... Showcase is a Canadian cable television specialty channel owned by Alliance Atlantis Communications. ... Comedy Central is an American cable television and satellite television channel in the United States. ...

The series was nominated for Gemini Awards in 2005 and 2006 as the best Canadian comedy series, and has received a Rose d'Or nomination in Switzerland for "best international comedy series". Kenny vs. Spenny is also the largest selling format series in Canadian history.[citation needed] The Gemini Awards are an annual awards ceremony in Canada. ...

The show has spawned several replicas of its format, including a British version on Sky One called Ed vs. Spencer. There is also a German version of the show, called Elton vs. Simon, featuring two German comedians and friends. A Quebec version, called Frank vs Girard follows the exploits of two Québécois. The tone or style of this article or section may not be appropriate for Wikipedia. ... Ed Leigh and Spencer Claridge Ed vs. ... This article is about the Canadian province. ...



Each episode is typically based on a statement which sets the goal of the competition in a "who is...?" or "who can...?" style; occasionally a "first one to... loses" statement is used instead. Competitions sometimes take the familiar form of performing a task the best, such as catching the largest fish; but they are more often unusual tasks, such as who is the better stripper. The other typical style of competition is endurance to see who can do or abstain from doing something the longest.

Competition rules

Each episode typically begins with the roommates on their couch explaining the competition to the audience. In the early episodes, there were no rules made explicit on camera. Later the criteria which defined the competition were made clear on the couch (defining the exact task to be performed or avoided of the competition). For a period of time, Spenny decided to outline rules on a whiteboard at the beginning of each episode in an attempt to close all of the loopholes he thought Kenny might use. Kenny, however, also had to agree to the rules for them to be official. The whiteboard rules have been discontinued, and rules are often discussed and agreed upon during the couch scene. There are other rules which are declared to have been agreed upon before filming. The roommates' actions or inactions during competitions often infer additional rules which are not explicitly declared in an episode.

For competitions where a qualitative decision is required (such as who does something better), a method of judgment or refereeing is usually decided and agreed upon in advance.

The main entertainment in the series, besides the nature of the competitions, stems from the contrast in personality between Kenny and Spenny; this contrast usually impacts the way each approaches the competitions. Kenny's approach is typically more unorthodox, and often includes a willingness to use whatever means necessary – including cheating – to win. Although he doesn't always break the rules, he is usually willing to bend them. Kenny sometimes admits to the belief that he would not win certain competitions if he did not cheat.

On the other hand, Spenny almost always sticks very strictly to both the rules of the competition and his own ethics. He not only follows the letter of the rules, but also what he perceives as the intention and spirit of the competition statement. Spenny will often bear the brunt of Kenny's plans and pranks. Spenny is often paranoid and sometimes this causes him to sabotage his own efforts. Additionally, Kenny occasionally uses the paranoia to his advantage. Kenny has also occasionally used his position as executive producer to threaten crew members and force them to help him and/or not help Spenny.


The winner of the competition gets to assign a "humiliation", an embarassing task, that the loser must perform; although it is implied that the loser must agree to the choice of humiliation in various episodes where the winner attempts to extend the humiliation beyond what was agreed upon.

The show is usually less focused on who will actually win the competition and more on how each competitor will go about trying to win. This is evidenced by the fact that the person who performs the humiliation is not always technically the loser based on the rules – they just do not know about the rules broken by the winner. On several occasions, Kenny has cheated and still been declared the winner, since apparently, unless stated in the opening rules, the loser does not get to check the tape of what their opponent did before performing the humiliation. The show also rarely shows the aftermath of the competition, leaving it unknown how a competitor reacted upon finding out that his opponent cheated. However, in some episodes, the ending credits will have the voices of Kenny and Spenny commenting on an unfair loss.

The two roommates each have a different opinion on who is the ultimate "winner" of a challenge. Kenny believes that the purpose of the competition is to avoid humiliation, and thus, he has won if Spenny does the humiliation. Spenny, on the other hand believes that Kenny cheating or derailing a competition he knows he's going to lose should at least be considered when looking at who ultimately won.[1]


As of the fourth season, Kenny and Spenny are both executive producers, and receive a credit separate from five other executive producers. Also beginning in the fourth season, Matt Stone and Trey Parker have joined the show and are also given their own separate credit as executive producers.[2] Both Kenny and Spenny are credited as directors in the fourth season. Matthew Richard Matt Stone (born May 26, 1971) is an American animator, screenwriter, film director, voice actor and actor. ... Randolph Severn Trey Parker III (born October 19, 1969) is an Academy Award nominated American animator, screenwriter, film director, voice actor, actor and musician. ...

Typically, Kenny and Spenny each have their own producer, camera crew and sound engineer who film their independent exploits for each episode.


The show originally aired on the CBC, but has aired on the Showcase since the fall of 2005, although re-runs still air on CBC during late night hours. The show has aired in the past on GSN in the United States, but now airs on Comedy Central. The series also airs internationally on TV 2 Zulu in Denmark, TV6 in Sweden, FX (Repeats on Challenge) in the United Kingdom, The Comedy Channel in Australia, SIC Radical in Portugal and The XtraHOT channel in Israel. Fox Entertainment Group in Latin America has also distributed the episodes and can be seen on the Latin American versions of FOX channel and FX. Radio-Canada redirects here. ... “GSN” redirects here. ... The logo of TV 2 Zulu. ... TV6 is a Swedish TV channel broadcast by Viasat. ... FX is a British TV channel owned by Fox, launched in 2004 and originally branded as FX289 in reference to its Sky Digital EPG number. ... For other uses, see Challenge (disambiguation). ... The Comedy Channel (promoted on air as comedy) is an Australian subscription television channel available on Foxtel, Austar and Optus Television. ... SIC Radical is a cable TV channel in Portugal owned by SIC, which owns SIC Radical, SIC Comedia, SIC Noticias and SIC Mulher. ... Fox Entertainment Group is an American entertainment industry company that owns film studios and terrestrial, cable, and direct broadcast satellite television properties. ... FX (shorter for Fox Extended Networks) is the name of a number of related subscription TV channels owned by News Corporations Fox Entertainment Group. ...

Episode summaries


Number Episode Competition Winner Cheats/Episode highlights Humiliation
Pilot Who can gain the most weight? Kenny (cheated: 16 lbs-8 lbs)) Kenny switched Spenny's protein powder with weight loss powder causing Spenny to lose weight. Kenny also crushed up super laxatives and put them in the weight loss powder. Spenny ruined the ending of Unbreakable by telling people waiting in line to buy tickets how it ends.

A laxative is a preparation used for the purpose of encouraging defecation, or the elimination of feces. ... This page refers to Unbreakable the film. ...

Season One

Number Episode Competition Winner Cheats/Episode highlights Humiliation
101 Who is the best fashion designer? Kenny (3-0) One of Spenny's male models walked off of the show, forcing Spenny to desperately scramble for a new model off of the street. Spenny walked the streets in one of Kenny's bikini creations.
102 Who can stay awake the longest? Kenny Kenny used a bright light visor, an earpiece that beeped when he tilted his head and lots of coffee. Spenny sought to win with using his willpower. Spenny had to serve as Kenny's bathroom attendant.
103 Who is the better cook? Kenny (3-0) During the competition, Spenny got help through a hidden earpiece from a professional chef. Spenny ate cat food.
104 Who can stand up the longest? Kenny (cheated) Kenny used various contraptions to aid his standing which was debated throughout the show as to whether it was cheating or not. In a final stand-off Kenny used itching powder on Spenny's bare feet causing him to quit. Spenny bit off a piece of Kenny's toenail. Also, Kenny spat in the bottle of mouthwash he knew Spenny would use after biting Kenny's yellow nails.
105 Who can sit on a cow the longest? Kenny (arguably cheated) Kenny threw a toy dog at Spenny's cow, scaring it. Kenny also visited the cattle farm prior to the competition date and arranged to have a docile cow for himself, and a rather timid cow selected for Spenny. Spenny was covered head-to-toe in cow manure.
106 Who is the sanest? Spenny (3-1) Kenny complained that two of the judges that voted for Spenny were themselves crazy Kenny went streaking through the streets.
107 Who can earn the most money in three days? Spenny ($1234.31 to $67.00) Kenny sold shares of air time for thousands of dollars but he legally had to split the money with Spenny, leaving him with nearly nothing. Kenny drank a coffee brewed with Spenny's underwear.
108 Who does she like better? Kenny (cheated) Kenny swapped Spenny with an unattractive decoy to date the judge, while Spenny dated a friend of Kenny's. Spenny received a beating from a transvestite dominatrix.
109 Who can stay blindfolded the longest? Kenny (cheated) Kenny planted a third blindfold for Spenny to find, tricking him into thinking he had taken his off. Kenny also avoided wearing the blindfold for most of the competition. Spenny endured Kenny's bad breath for 60 seconds.
110 Who can win a beauty pageant? Spenny (3-0 in best of three) Spenny leashed and walked Kenny like a dog.
111 Who can win a series of mini-competitions? Spenny (8-7)* The duo had a competition in which they had to race to the top of the CN Tower. Spenny ran the entire way up, whereas Kenny lagged behind and took the elevator. The competition was obviously a win for Spenny, but it tired him out for the remaining competitions. Kenny walked up the steps of the CN Tower.
112 Who can lose the most weight? Kenny (cheated: 17.5 lbs-17.0 lbs) At the first weigh-in, Kenny hid a solder halo in his hair. During the competition, he injected constipation medicine into Spenny's food. Spenny gave a spongebath to an old man.
113 Who can stay handcuffed the longest? Kenny Kenny tricked Spenny into removing the handcuffs by "agreeing" to a draw, but winking into the camera. Spenny accepted the crew's decision that Kenny had not actually agreed to the draw. Spenny attempted to "pick up" women with a fake (and extremely large) herpes sore painted on his face.
114 Who can put on the best concert? Kenny (cheated: 3-0) Kenny called Spenny's band, and informed the band that the show was cancelled using a fake message created from voice clips from the Kenny vs. Spenny editing studios. Spenny stood in the middle of the street, in costume, and sang Kenny's song.
115 Who is the best parent?** Kenny (cheated) Kenny switched his already dead doll with Spenny's doll. Spenny dressed up as a baby and sat in a crib on a busy downtown sidewalk.
116 Who do kids like most? Kenny (6-1) Kenny bribed the kids by promising them a pile gifts he had, which were actually empty boxes. Feeling guilty for tricking them, he did give them gift cards in the end. Spenny bobbed for apples out of Kenny's toilet bowl.
117 Who is the strongest? Kenny (default - Spenny injured) Kenny convinced Spenny that Miriam (Kenny's sister, competing against Spenny in this competition) was taking steroids, and Spenny allegedly injured his arm. Spenny received an "atomic wedgie".
118 Who makes the most convincing woman? Spenny (5-0) Kenny invited Spenny's uncle over to the dinner with the judges while Spenny was wearing woman's attire. Kenny "walked the streets" in an area known for prostitution while wearing a female costume. (Two vehicles stopped.)
119 Who is the better actor? Kenny (cheated) Kenny got someone else to act as himself, and gave Spenny a flat tire on his van so he couldn't watch the performance. Spenny had a dozen eggs thrown at him (including one hard boiled).
120 Who is the best male stripper?** Spenny (5-0) Kenny said at the start he was going to let Spenny win out of pity for him. Spenny used pliers to rip out some of Kenny's body hair.
121 Who is the best figure skater? Spenny (default - Kenny faked an injury) Kenny faked a broken leg and got Spenny to tend to him for the entire episode No "official" humiliation - but Spenny urinated on Kenny's bed.
122 Who will use their arms first? Kenny (arguably cheated) Kenny walked around with a dwarf friend tied to his chest and had him throw Spenny's guitar off the roof, causing Spenny to use his arms to catch it. Spenny smelled Kenny's sweaty armpit for five seconds.
123 Who can survive in the woods the longest? Draw (both men forfeited) Kenny used a smuggled magnifying glass to start a fire. Kenny and Spenny French kissed each other for five seconds (humiliation imposed by the film crew).
124 Who can win a court case? Kenny Kenny took Spenny to court to claim he was owed money. Kenny called Spenny's camera crew as witnesses that Spenny admitted owing him money. Kenny spat in Spenny's face.
125 Who can live in a van the longest? Draw Kenny agreed to live in the back of the van with various electrical equipment, while Spenny drove and stayed in the front seat, knowing he hated Kenny's driving. Spenny agreed to switch areas, taking the keys with him. Kenny had made a duplicate key, but his electric equipment had drained the battery. No humiliation.
126 Who is the better boxer? Spenny (Kenny forfeited) Kenny locked Spenny alone in a closet for over a day. Kenny felt bad and let him go and forfeited. Kenny urinated in his pants.
  • *In the mini-comps competition, Spenny (9 wins) urinated longer (Kenny disqualified); jumped on a pogo stick more times (5-2); won rock, paper, scissors; stared longer (only shown on Season 1 DVD); held his breath longer; bowled a better game (146-105); scored higher on the pinball machine (only shown on television); climbed the CN Tower stairs faster (Kenny did not climb) and won the 100-metre dash. Kenny (8 wins) stood on his head longer; blew a bigger gum bubble; won the spelling bee; stuffed more marshmallows in his mouth (15-10); had a higher sperm count (caused Spenny not to give a sample); climbed a flight of stairs faster; spat a grape a further distance (cheated, only shown on television) and won the wrestling match (12-4).
  • **Although these episodes were filmed as part of season one, they actually appear on the season two DVDs.

This article is about the womens bathing suit. ... This article is about the CN Tower in Toronto. ... A solder is a fusible metal alloy, with a melting point or melting range of 180-190°C (360-370 °F), which is melted to join metallic surfaces, especially in the fields of electronics and plumbing, in a process called soldering. ... A wedgie is the practice of pulling someones underwear up causing the underwear to wedge between the buttocks. ... Whore redirects here. ... This article is about the medical condition. ... A magnifying glass (called a hand lens in laboratory contexts) is a convex lens which is used to produce a magnified image of an object. ...

Season Two

Number Episode Competition Winner Cheats/Episode highlights Humiliation
201 Who can drink more beer? Kenny (cheated)* Kenny drank non-alcoholic beer and vomited next to Spenny whilst he was passed out to make him think that he himself had vomited. Spenny ate Kenny's vomit (Spenny believed it was his own).
202 Who can stay naked the longest? Kenny While Spenny was in the basement, Kenny set all the clocks ahead 5 minutes so Spenny would think the competition was over and put on clothes. Spenny dressed as a town crier, stood on a busy street corner and proclaimed to have a "small wee-wee".
203 Who has the biggest balls? Spenny (Kenny forfeited) Kenny forfeited to stop Spenny from jumping off a cliff into water to prove that he has the biggest balls. Kenny licked bird feces off of the windshield of the production van.
204 Who do old people like more? Kenny (3-0) Kenny had a man with Down Syndrome named Leonard to pretend to be his little brother. Spenny participated in a seniors' water aerobics class while wearing a woman's bathing suit.
205 Who can dance the longest? Kenny Kenny said the competition did not start until he changed his shoes; then he snuck out of the house. Spenny started dancing. A day later Kenny, came back to change shoes and the competition began. After hours of dancing, Spenny gave up Spenny dressed up as a cheerleader and performed several self-denigrating cheers.
206 First one to talk loses Spenny Spenny hid a bug in Kenny's room to hear him talking in his sleep. Kenny used a text to speech program. Kenny had his mouth washed out with soap.
207 Who is funnier? Kenny Kenny faked a letter from the Ministry of Health, informing Spenny that he may have HIV. Kenny would use this practical joke as his entry for the competition. Spenny performed oral sex on a condom-covered cucumber.
208 Who can kiss more women? Kenny (420-33) A random girl on the street attempts to help Spenny get more kisses. Spenny suspects that she is working for Kenny, and as a result Spenny gets rid of her. Kenny later reveals that he in fact does not know her. Spenny kissed the buttocks and testicles of horse statue.
209 Who can win a rat race? Spenny Kenny kidnapped Sally the rat (Spenny's rat). Spenny retaliated by stealing his valuable vinyl records, which angered Kenny into pretending to kidnap Spenny's mother, who he exchanged for his records. Kenny then used a capybara, claiming it was a "South American Jungle Rat". Kenny had a live rat placed in his underwear.
210 Who is the better journalist? Spenny (default - Kenny did not show) Kenny tries to create fake news stories by hiring actors that look like famous people, a photographer realises that the Shania Twain fake is not actually Shania, he then uses a fake Beyonce however he fails to appear at the judging because he is entertaining her in his bedroom Kenny used a toilet placed on the sidewalk of a busy street.
211 Who can sell more bibles? Kenny (7-0) Kenny tricked Spenny into thinking his children's film script was bought by Hollywood executives. Spenny, thinking that his script offer is real, buys 7 Bibles from Kenny to prove his sincerity. Spenny flew to Los Angeles International Airport and waited in vain for non-existent Hollywood executives to pick him up (part of an elaborate ruse by Kenny).
212 First one to be mean loses Draw Spenny consumes several tranquilizers to prevent himself from being mean. No "official" humiliation - but Kenny "illegally" dressed Spenny up as a clown and urinated on him while he was unconscious.
213 Who is the better rapper? Spenny (2-1) Kenny created a fake crime scene at their home to look like a drive by shooting caused by Spenny's remarks made to a gang. Kenny had hired an actor to play a police officer but Spenny saw through the act by noting the officers dirty shoes. He subsequently went along with the whole ordeal (relocating to a hotel room) making Kenny believe that he would not show up to the rap off. Spenny does show up however, and wins with help from the Rice Cakes. Spenny had "Kenny is a Loser" displayed on a large outdoor TV screen along with some very unflattering pictures. Spenny became annoyed after realizing that narcissistic Kenny actually enjoyed the attention.
  • *On the Season 2 DVD commentary, Kenny admits that Spenny won, since Kenny was the one that actually vomited first.

A town crier is a person who is employed by a town council to make public announcements in the streets. ... For other uses, see Courage (disambiguation). ... Horse feces Feces, faeces, or fæces (see spelling differences) is a waste product from an animals digestive tract expelled through the anus (or cloaca) during defecation. ... Species Human immunodeficiency virus 1 Human immunodeficiency virus 2 Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a retrovirus that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS, a condition in humans in which the immune system begins to fail, leading to life-threatening opportunistic infections). ... 33⅓ LP vinyl record album The vinyl record is a type of gramophone record, most popular from the 1950s to the 1990s, that was most commonly used for mass-produced recordings of music. ... // Binomial name (Linnaeus, 1766) Capybara range Capybara (scientific name Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris[1], known as carpincho in Spanish and capivara in Portuguese[2]) is the largest rodent still in existence in the world, related to guinea pigs, agouti, coyphillas and chinchillas. ... Runway layout at LAX LAX redirects here. ... This article is about narcissism as a word in common use. ...

Season Three

Number Episode Competition Winner Cheats/Episode highlights Humiliation
301 First one to laugh loses Spenny Spenny gets Kenny to laugh by having a mutual friend humiliate himself in front of Kenny. Results of competition are decided by photo finish (since Kenny and Spenny both laughed at their friend’s routine). Kenny ate one of Spenny's freshly picked "boogers".
302 Who do gay guys like more? Draw The lone gay judge chose "neither" after walking out on his date with Kenny. Kenny and Spenny were each "teabagged" on the forehead (humiliation imposed by the film crew).
303 Who can wear a dead octopus on his head the longest? Kenny (cheated) Kenny took the octupus off his head and attached the tentacles to his hat to make it look like he was still wearing it. Also, Kenny dosed Spenny with LSD, leading to Spenny releasing the octopus into the lake. Spenny ate sushi off of Kenny's naked buttocks.
304 Who can win a 10-mile (16.09 km) race? Spenny Kenny tricked Spenny into believing that his mother was dead, so that Spenny would go to a fake funeral miles away from the race track. Kenny received a spanking on his bare buttocks from his mother.
305 Who can lift more weight with their genitals? Kenny (Spenny forfeited) Kenny lifted 5 fake bricks with his genitals which Spenny believed were real Spenny sucked on the nipples of mutual friend Bobby.
306 Who is cooler? Kenny Kenny faked a drug overdose causing Spenny to lose his cool during judgement. Although Spenny's attempts at being cool would have lost him the competition anyway. Spenny stood naked in a meat freezer.
307 Who can produce more semen? Kenny (cheated) Kenny got semen from other crew members and collected semen from used condoms in alleyways. In addition, Kenny stole an x-ray machine and radiated Spenny. Just before the final verdict Spenny filled his beaker with hair conditioner, which fooled Kenny, but he couldn't go through with cheating and admitted to what he had done. Kenny tried to get Spenny to drink the semen he collected, but Spenny refused. Kenny then splashed Spenny with the semen; some of it got in Spenny's mouth.
308 Who can stay in a haunted house the longest? Spenny Before entering the house, Spenny went to specialists on the supernatural in hopes of resolving his fears while Kenny went to a different specialist on the supernatural in hopes of gaining the skills to conjure up the devil. While in the house, Kenny played many tricks on Spenny in hopes of scaring him out of the house. In a last ditch effort to prevent his fears from taking over, Spenny handcuffed himself to a chain link in a room. Kenny went to the room next door and attempted to raise the devil in a ritualistic fashion. What followed was a loud bang which caused Kenny and the crew to run out of the house. The loud bang turned out to be a crane from the next building. Kenny dressed in and modelled women's lingerie in a store window.
309 Who can make a better porno? Kenny Kenny makes a series of funny pornographic series to win over Spenny’s routine porn. Spenny performed anal sex on one of Kenny's inflatable male sex dolls.
310 Who can catch a bigger fish? Kenny (cheated) Prior to the competition, Kenny visited the owner of the boat and paid him off to go to an area with no fish, and to go through with his plan. Also during his trip, Kenny had filmed himself catching a dead fish. Later on during the actual competition, Kenny pushed Spenny into the lake, drove away, and left him for 30 minutes. Afterwards, the boat drove back and retrieved Spenny and Kenny showed him the tape made beforehand of him catching the fish. Spenny's head was wrapped in clingfilm while he pressed his face into a hanging pig's buttocks.
311 Who can imitate the other guy better? Kenny Kenny besmirched Spenny's character while imitating him thus provoking Spenny to break out of character too many times. Kenny, through an earpiece, made Spenny say rude things to unsuspecting people on the street.
312 Who can stay homeless the longest? Kenny (arguably cheated) During the contest Kenny visited his bank and withdrew money without his card so he could dine in a restaurant. Spenny was arrested after hitting Kenny in front of two police officers, causing him to spend the night in a cell, thus losing the competition. (Rules stated that they must sleep outside). Kenny kneed Spenny in the groin.
313 Arm wrestling competition. Kenny Although Kenny attempted to cheat by finding a child with the name Spencer Rice and arm wrestling him, Spenny and Kenny arm wrestled at the end of the competition. The replacement Spencer Rice lost and was hosed down with ice cubes down his pants. Then baby food was poured on his head and a pie smashed in his face. When the real Spenny ended up losing he had to stick his hand in a public bathroom toilet and unplug it. The toilet was nearly overflowing with urine, feces and other garbage.

It has been suggested that this article or section be merged with Mucus. ... GAY can mean: Gay, a term referring to homosexual men or women The IATA code for Gaya Airport Category: ... GAY can mean: Gay, a term referring to homosexual men or women The IATA code for Gaya Airport Category: ... Look up teabagging in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ... Lysergic acid diethylamide, commonly called LSD, LSD-25, or acid. ... This article is about Japanese cuisine. ... Bottom commonly refers to the human buttocks but also has other uses. ... This article is about the use of spanking as discipline. ... Nipple is, generally, the name given to the mammalian nipple, or to things resembling it, such as the tip of an artificial teat or the tip of a grease secreting mechanism in machinery. ... In the NATO phonetic alphabet, X-ray represents the letter X. An X-ray picture (radiograph) taken by Röntgen An X-ray is a form of electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength approximately in the range of 5 pm to 10 nanometers (corresponding to frequencies in the range 30 PHz... PORN can refer to: An abbreviation for pornography Progressive outer retinal necrosis, a disease of the retina Categories: | ... Roman men having anal sex. ... Sex dolls should not be confused with anatomically precise dolls. ... For other uses, see Pig (disambiguation). ... A groin attack is an attempt to cause pain to the groin area of ones opponent, either through punching, kicking, grappling, squeezing or biting. ...

Season Four

Number Episode Competition Winner Cheats/Episode highlights Humiliation
401 First guy to get a boner loses. Kenny Kenny's brother gave him a nerve blocking injection into his penis, preventing him from getting an erection. Spenny had bees poured onto his crotch.
402 Who can blow the biggest fart? Kenny Kenny put flatulence-reducing powder in chili Spenny ate. Kenny manually pumped air into his colon, producing louder and longer farts to psych out Spenny; however, these fart were not measured, as they expelled air, not flatus. Spenny was forced to lie down while the "National Farting Champion of Canada" repeatedly farted in his face.
403 Who can eat the most meat? Spenny Kenny is forced to stop eating when he gets food poisoning. Spenny keeps eating and gains more weight that Kenny. Kenny was forced to make out with an old lady.

The erection of the penis, clitoris or a nipple is its enlarged and firm state. ... The erection of the penis, clitoris or a nipple is its enlarged and firm state. ... This article is about the word fart itself. ... Flatulence is the presence of a mixture of gases known as flatus in the digestive tract of mammals expelled from the rectum. ... This article is about the food. ...


Wins Losses Draws Winning %
Kenny 35 17 4 62.5
Spenny 17 35 4 30.3
  • If competitions where Kenny cheated (12) or arguably cheated (3) and won are not counted, the record would be 20-17-4 for Kenny; If they were counted as wins for Spenny (as Spenny suggests they should)[1], then Spenny would be leading 32-20-4.


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