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Encyclopedia > Judith Rodin
Judith Rodin
Publicity photo from the Rockefeller Foundation
Born 1944
Occupation President, Rockefeller Foundation; Former-President, University of Pennsylvania
Spouse Paul R. Verkuil

Judith Rodin (born 1944) Ph.D., was the first female president of an Ivy League university. She served as president of University of Pennsylvania from 1994-2004, replacing Sheldon Hackney. A Penn alumna, she received her Ph.D. from Columbia University. Image File history File linksMetadata Download high-resolution version (2400x3000, 2373 KB) Publicity photo of Judith Rodin, from the Rockefeller Foundation. ... The Rockefeller Foundation is a charitable organization based in New York City. ... 1944 (MCMXLIV) was a leap year starting on Saturday (the link is to a full 1944 calendar). ... The University of Pennsylvania (or Penn[3][4]) is a private, nonsectarian research university located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ... 1944 (MCMXLIV) was a leap year starting on Saturday (the link is to a full 1944 calendar). ... The Ivy League is an athletic conference comprising eight private institutions of higher education located in the Northeastern United States. ... The University of Pennsylvania (or Penn[3][4]) is a private, nonsectarian research university located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ... Sheldon Hackney is Boies Professor of United States History and chairman of the Department of History at the University of Pennsylvania. ... Columbia University is a private university whose main campus lies in the Morningside Heights neighborhood of the Borough of Manhattan in New York City. ...

Rodin was credited with expanding and improving the University and significantly changing the character of much of the area surrounding campus. During her tenure at Penn, the University rose from 16th to 4th in the U.S. News & World Report college ranking and tripled its endowment.[1] Rodin is credited as one of the critical figures in the revitalization of University City [2]. Capitalizing upon her influence, Rodin brought Bono to address the 2004 graduating class [3]. In her final year at Penn, Rodin's salary was $986,915.[4] At one time, she was the highest paid university president in the country.[5] U.S. News & World Report is a weekly newsmagazine. ... A financial endowment is a transfer of money or property donated to an institution, with the stipulation that it be invested, and the principal remain intact. ... University City is a district of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ... This article or section may be confusing or unclear for some readers, and should be edited to rectify this. ... 2004 (MMIV) was a leap year starting on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar. ...


Other Professional Highlights

Private Sector

Rodin became president of the Rockefeller Foundation in March 2005. The Rockefeller Foundation is a charitable organization based in New York City. ...

She is currently on the the Board of Directors of Citigroup, AMR Corporation (the parent company of American Airlines), Comcast where she served as the presiding director until 2006. [6] Rodin has also served on the Board of Directors of Aetna, Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and BlackRock. [7] She continues to serve as a trustee of the Brookings Institution. In relation to a company, a director is an officer of the company charged with the conduct and management of its affairs. ... Citigroup Inc. ... AMR Corporation NYSE: AMR is a Fort Worth, Texas-based holding company created in 1982 as part of a reorganization of American Airlines. ... American Airlines and American Eagle aircraft at San Juan American Airlines (AA) is the largest airline in the world in terms of total passengers transported[] and fleet size[], and the second-largest airline in the world (behind Air France-KLM) in terms of total operating revenues[]. A wholly owned subsidiary... This article does not cite its references or sources. ... Aetna (Aetna Inc. ... Electronic Data Systems (EDS) NYSE: EDS (LSE: EDC) is a global IT consulting company that defined the outsourcing business when it was established in 1962 by Ross Perot. ... BlackRock Inc. ... The word trustee is a legal term that refers to a holder of property on behalf of some other beneficiary. ... The Brookings Institution is one of the oldest and best known think tanks in the United States. ...


She was Provost of Yale University from 1992 to 1994, when she moved to Penn.[8] She held various professorial and other positions at Yale from 1972 to 1994, including Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Chair of the Department of Psychology. Rodin has published more than 200 articles and chapters in academic publications and authored or co-authored eleven books.[9] Her most recent book is Public Discourse in America (2003) which sparked a protest on campus when it was released.[10] Provost is the title of a senior academic administrator at many institutions of higher education in the United States and Canada, the equivalent of Vice-Chancellor at certain UK universites such as UCL, and the head of certain Oxbridge colleges (e. ... Yale redirects here. ... A graduate school or grad school is a school that awards advanced degrees, with the general requirement that students must have earned an undergraduate (bachelors) degree. ... Psychology is an academic and applied field involving the scientific study of mental processes and behavior. ...

Honorary Degrees & Commencement Speeches

The University of Pittsburgh is a state-related, doctoral/research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. ... 2006 (MMVI) is a common year starting on Sunday of the Gregorian calendar. ... Franklin and Marshall College is a four-year private co-educational liberal arts college in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. ... 2006 (MMVI) is a common year starting on Sunday of the Gregorian calendar. ... New York University (NYU) is a major research university in New York City. ... 2004 (MMIV) was a leap year starting on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar. ... Brown University is a private university located in Providence, Rhode Island. ... 2004 (MMIV) was a leap year starting on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar. ...

Awards & Honors

In 2003, Rodin was presented with the Philadelphia Award, recognizing "citizen[s] of the region who [have] done the most to advance the best and largest interest of the community."[11]


In 2004, Rodin was touted as one of Pennsylvania’s best Democratic candidates for the United States Senate [12]. 2004 (MMIV) was a leap year starting on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar. ... Seal of the U.S. Senate The United States Senate is one of the two chambers of the bicameral United States Congress, the other being the House of Representatives. ...


Rodin is married to Paul R. Verkuil [13], a former President of the College of William and Mary and the American Automobile Association.[14] Verkuil is a professor at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, where he served previously as dean.[15]. Judith Rodin has one child, Alex Niejelow[16], who is a student at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.[17] The College of William and Mary (also known as William and Mary or W&M) is a small coeducational public university located in Williamsburg, Virginia, United States. ... The AAA logo AAA (read triple-A), also known by its historic name of the American Automobile Association, is an American not-for-profit automobile lobby group and service organization that provides its members with many member benefits and services including but not limited to Nationwide Emergency Road Side Assistance... The Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law is the law school of Yeshiva University in New York City, named for Supreme Court Justice Benjamin N. Cardozo. ... Silverman Hall of the University of Pennsylvania Law School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The University of Pennsylvania Law School is the law school of the University of Pennsylvania. ...

Outsourcing, Sweatshops and Graduate Student Unionization Efforts at Penn

While Rodin was president, the University of Pennsylvania outsourced a number of services previously run by the university. Building services were handed to Trammell Crow, an arrangement ended after four years.[18] [19] The move had resulted in layoffs that led to protests and a lawsuit by angered students and staff. Another set of protests stemmed from the layoff of Faculty Club employees when the Club was moved and the University contracted with DoubleTree to operate the Club.[20] [21] [22] In 2000, Penn Students Against Sweatshops protested outside Rodin's office after she refused to meet with the group to discuss university purchase of apparel made in sweatshops.[citation needed] After a two week sit-in, Rodin agreed to withdraw from the [[Fair Labor Association.]][citation needed] Outsourcing (or contracting out) is often defined as the delegation of non-core operations or jobs from internal production within a business to an external entity (such as a subcontractor) that specializes in that operation. ... Trammell Crow (1914 - ) American property developer. ... Downsizing refers to layoffs initiated by a company in order to cut labor costs by reducing the size of the company. ... DoubleTree Logo // About DoubleTree Doubletree is an upscale hotel chain operated by Hilton Hotels Corporation. ... This article is about the year 2000. ... A sweatshop is a factory, where people work for a very small wage, producing products such as clothes, toys, shoes, and other consumer goods. ...

During Rodin's presidency, the Penn administration resisted efforts by graduate students to form a labor union.[23] The National Labor Relations Board initially ruled that graduate students were entitled to hold a union election. The union, Graduate Employees Together - University of Pennsylvania, won the election, but the University appealed the decision. The NLRB later ruled against graduate students' right to organize in a decision concerning Brown University.[24] .[25] [26] A union (labor union in American English; trade union, sometimes trades union, in British English; either labour union or trade union in Canadian English) is a legal entity consisting of employees or workers having a common interest, such as all the assembly workers for one employer, or all the workers... The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is an independent agency of the United States Government charged with conducting elections for union representation and with investigating and remedying unfair labor practices. ... Graduate Employees Together - University of Pennsylvania (GET-UP) is a group of graduate student employees at the University of Pennsylvania that is trying to become recognized as a union. ... Brown University is a private university located in Providence, Rhode Island. ...

External links

Other Biographical Summaries

  • Biography from the Rockefeller Foundation
  • Profile at Sourcewatch.org

Reviews of Rodin's Tenure at Penn

Preceded by
Sheldon Hackney
President, University of Pennsylvania
Succeeded by
Amy Gutmann


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  Results from FactBites:
Juidth Seitz Rodin, Institutional Planning, University of Pennsylvania Archives (1161 words)
Rodin not only offered her extensive knowledge and experience as an educator and administrator, but also, as a Penn alumna, demonstrated a real commitment to the University.
From the beginning of her tenure Rodin made it her goal to strengthen undergraduate, graduate, and professional education, rejuvenate both the campus and the surrounding community, increase funding for the University, and strengthen Penn's national and international reputation.
Judith Rodin was so successful as the president of Penn because she motivated herself by this central tradition.
KIP Online - Judith Rodin - Biography (445 words)
Rodin graduated with honors in 1966 with a B.A. in psychology.
She chairs the Council of Presidents of the Universities Research Association, Innovation Philadelphia, and is a member of the executive committee of the Association of American Universities.
She moved to Yale in 1972, was promoted to associate professor in 1975, named a full professor of psychology in 1979, and added the title of professor of medicine and psychiatry in 1985.
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