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Encyclopedia > Joruus C'Baoth
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Joruus C'Baoth (70 BBY-9 ABY this is disputed though, as he was cloned after 27 BBY) is a fictional character from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. He was the sole known surviving clone of the Old Republic Jedi Master Jorus C'Baoth. The name "C'Baoth" is possibly derived from the Hebrew word Sebaoth or Tzebaoth (צבאות), which means hosts or armies; thus the pronunciation jor-us sa-bay-oth. The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is a system of phonetic notation devised by linguists to accurately and uniquely represent each of the wide variety of sounds (phones or phonemes) used in spoken human language. ... Fans of the fictional Star Wars universe keep track of the dates of key events with a dating system (or calendar) reckoned at the Battle of Yavin featured in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. ... Fans of the fictional Star Wars universe keep track of the dates of key events with a dating system (or calendar) reckoned at the Battle of Yavin featured in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. ... The cover of the 2004 DVD widescreen release of the modified original Star Wars Trilogy. ... Splinter of the Minds Eye, 1978 The Expanded Universe (also known as the EU) encompasses all of the officially licensed, fictional background of the Star Wars universe, outside of the six feature films produced by George Lucas. ... Form of Government Federal Republic--Unicameral--Parliamentary Official language Basic Capital Coruscant Judicial Branch Supreme Court Legislative and Executive Branch Galactic Senate Senate Chair and Head of State Supreme Chancellor Assistant Senate Head Vice Chair Establishment 25,000 BBY Reorganization into the Galactic Empire 19 BBY Re-establishment 5 ABY... This article or section should include material from Jedi Sentinel —The Jedi Code — Obi-Wan Kenobi The Jedi Knights are a fictional brotherhood and organization from the Star Wars series of films by George Lucas. ... Hebrew (עִבְרִית ‘Ivrit) is a Semitic language of the Afro-Asiatic language family spoken by more than seven million people in Israel and Jewish communities around the world. ... At the bottom of the hands, the two letters on each hand combine to form יהוה (YHVH), the name of God. ...


Jorus C'Baoth (original)

The original Jorus C'Baoth (note the spelling) was from the planet Borthras in the Reithras sector (4/32/112, pre-Empire dates). At the age of 17, he began attending Minic University (6/14/95-4/32/90) in preparation for attending the Kamparas' Jedi Training Center (2/15/90-8/33/88). After two years, he began training under an unknown or unidentified Master. C'Baoth progressed rapidly; a mere two years later Jorus C'Baoth would rise to the rank of Jedi Knight. He would become a Jedi Master 12 years later (4/3/74). In the fictional Star Wars universe, the Galactic Empire was the regime established by then Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to replace the Galactic Republic. ... This article or section should include material from Jedi Sentinel —The Jedi Code — Obi-Wan Kenobi The Jedi Knights are a fictional brotherhood and organization from the Star Wars series of films by George Lucas. ...


The original C'Baoth was a highly respected, active (although some would say overly ambitious and publicity-hungry) Jedi. He was unusually active in Old Republic politics, participating in a demilitarization observation group on the planet Ando (8/82-7/81), the Galactic Senate's "Inter-species Advisory Committee" (9/81-6/79), was a member of the task force the Jedi Order assembled to eliminate the Bpfasshi Dark Jedi's revolt (7/77-1/74), gained fame for mediating the contention surrounding Alderaan's Ascension , deciding in favor of the House of Organa (11/70) and similarly mediated (along with his fellow Jedi Master Tra's M'ins) the Duinuogwuin-Gotal war (1/68-4/66). He then became Ambassador-at-large to the Xappyh sector (8/21/62); while Ambassador-at-large, he was crucial in supporting the Outbound Flight Project, going so far as to become one of the six Jedi Masters who went with it when it departed Yaga Minor (4/1/64). In military terms, a demilitarized zone (DMZ) is an area, usually the frontier or boundary between two or more groups, where military activity is not permitted, usually by treaty or other agreement. ... The following are lists of fictional planets set in the Star Wars universe. ... Dark Jedi is the somewhat misleading name given in the Star Wars fictional universe to those beings who are Force-attuned and adept at the dark side of the Force. ... In the fictional Star Wars universe, Alderaan is the home of Princess Leia, Bail Organa and also, in 4000 BBY, Ulic Qel Droma who fought in the Great Sith War. ... The Outbound Flight Project was commissioned by the Jedi, most notably Jedi Master Jorus CBaoth in the waning days of the Old Republic, after Palpatine became Chancellor, but prior to the Clone Wars. ...

The Outbound Flight Project never returned — it is recorded in his secret archives that the then-Senator Palpatine dispatched 15 top-of-the-line combat ships of his private army to destroy it and especially the six Jedi Masters on board. However, they were intercepted by one of the Chiss' Expansionary Defense patrol of 12 small ships beyond the Outer Rim, and annihilated. Palpatine's shadow advisor, Kinman Doriana, was aboard the sole spared ship. During the interrogation of the survivors, Doriana persuaded the patrol's commander, Mitth'raw'nuruodo, the future Grand Admiral Thrawn, to launch a pre-emptive attack on the Outbound Flight Project - an action utterly against Chiss morality which would directly lead to Thrawn's exile to the Outer Rim and his "discovery" by the Empire. The Outbound Flight project was destroyed by Thrawn. Emperor Palpatine of the Galactic Empire (82 BBY – 4 ABY, spirit incapacitated 11 ABY), often simply referred to as the Emperor, is one of the main characters and the foremost villain in the fictional Star Wars universe. ... In the fictional Star Wars universe, the Chiss are a humanoid species with pale blue skin, blue-black hair and glowing red eyes. ... In the fictional Star Wars series, the Outer Rim Territories is the outermost part of the Star Wars galaxy. ... Grand Admiral Thrawn is a fictional character from the Star Wars galaxy. ...

Joruus C'Baoth (clone)

It is believed that a tissue sample was procured from Jorus C'Baoth during his tenure as Senator Palpatine's personal Jedi advisor (6/79-5/77) (it has been conjectured that the Outbound Flight Project itself, since it was first proposed after C'Baoth's period as advisor, was a personal project of Palpatine himself, intended to eliminate easily some Jedi Masters and discourage exploration; but this can be neither proven nor disproved) prior to Anakin Skywalker's appointment to that position. Sometime after Palpatine procured his Spaarti cylinders early in the Clone Wars, several clones were grown from that tissue sample. Anakin Skywalker (41 BBY – 4 ABY) is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. ... The initial battle of the Clone Wars: The Battle of Geonosis In the fictional Star Wars saga, the Clone Wars, (also known as the Clone War) were a series of intragalactic battles in the Star Wars galaxy that took place from 22 BBY to 19 BBY. The Clone Wars were...

Cloning techniques, and especially techniques early in the war or techniques intended to rapidly grow clones, tended to produce clones that were spectacularly mentally unstable (Later revealed to be due to the Force energy each mind possessed being unable to adapt to the rapidly-increased 'pressure'), and the Joruus C'Baoth clones would prove to be no exception. Clones in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones did not manifest these problems, as they were grown slowly, over a number of years, allowing the mind time to grow accustomed to the clones. Only one clone would have a command of the Force comparable to the original, and be mentally stable enough that Palpatine would twist it into a Dark Jedi and entrust to him the responsibility of guarding the Mt. Tantiss storehouse on the planet Wayland. Film poster for Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002) is the fifth Star Wars science fiction movie released and the second part of the prequel trilogy which began with Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. ... The Force is a binding, ubiquitous power that is the object of the Jedi and Sith monastic orders in the Star Wars universe. ... // Wayland Wayland first appeared in Timothy Zahns Heir to the Empire novel. ...

This at least, is the most probable story; the sequence of events that Coruscant's archives and Thrawn's researches lead one to believe; there seems little reason to believe the later, mad Joruus C'Baoth's assertions that he killed the Dark Jedi guardian of Wayland himself and took over, as this account offers no explanation of whom cloned him, or why.

In any case, several years after the Battle of Endor, when Grand Admiral Thrawn finally tracked down the location of the Emperor's private storehouse (the Mt. Tantiss facility), intending to use the cloaking shield and the Spaarti cylinders there to prosecute his war against the New Republic, he discovered that Joruus C'Baoth had gone completely insane- only the Grand Admiral's ysalamiri precautions saved him from the death that had found all previous off-worlders since the death of the Emperor. Thrawn managed to enlist the mad dark Jedi Master into his cause by promising him Luke Skywalker and his sister, as well as his sister's twins to be his to mold to whatever his whims desired. C'Baoth's insanity is best measured by his belief that Leia and Luke actually wanted to learn from him, since he was the only Jedi Master left, as well as his belief that the Old Republic rose up and killed the Jedi ecause they became too complacent. The Battle of Endor was the climactic battle depicted in the 1983 film, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. ... A Klingon Bird of Prey from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country fires while using a cloaking device. ... The New Republic (officially The New Galactic Republic) is a fictional government in Star Wars. ... (pronounced e-sal-i-miri or sal-i-miri, according to the Essential Guide to Species by Andy Mangels)In the fictional Star Wars universe, the ysalamiri have the unusual ability to create a Force-void bubble, a power which they developed as a protection against vornskrs, their natural predators. ... Luke Skywalker (b. ...

Drawing deeply on the Dark Side, and honing his skills at Battle Meditation, C'Baoth greatly increased the efficacy of Thrawn's forces, and he could use his mastery of the Force to penetrate cloaking shields, rendering them of practical use, or for devastating precision timed attacks. That same mastery of the Force alerted him when Luke and Mara Jade plotted the destruction of Mt. Tantiss- he was there and ready for them. Thrawn had ordered him imprisoned in the Royal Chambers of Mt. Tantiss due to his realization that the clone was both too powerful, power-hungry, and unstable to be safely used any longer. Thrawn also intended to take samples and re-clone C'Baoth, this time allowing hte clone to develop naturally to avoid mental instability. In the Star Wars fictional Expanded Universe, Battle Meditation is a manifestation of the Force first made famous by the ancient Jedi Odan-Urr and Nomi Sunrider. ... Mara Jade Skywalker (b. ...

However, the clone had out thought even Thrawn- en route to Wayland, he corrupted the minds of the reinforcements for the garrison, reshaping their minds so that he could control them via the Force. Those reinforcements planted explosives on the yslaamiri within Mt. Tantiss, the very yslaamiri that were making it possible to grow clones in a score of days rather than months, and incidentally, blocking C'Baoth's powers. This led to the death of anyone whose mind C'Baoth had altered, as there was too little brain tissue left for the people to manage on their own once C'Baoth had gone. When they distracted the garrison after their sabotage, C'Baoth prophesied that Jade and Skywalker would infiltrate the warehouse and come to the throne room where he awaited them.

Detonating the explosives and restoring his dark power, C'Baoth made a second attempt at turning Skywalker, but like his first on the planet Jomark, this one too would fail. After a brutal prolonged fight, during which Mara Jade killed a clone of Luke Skywalker, (Luuke Skywalker) , which C'Baoth had ordered grown from the hand lost on Bespin, Joruus C'Baoth was slain by a kneeling Mara Jade, and detonated in an explosion of blue Dark Side energy. This article is about minor villains in the fictional Star Wars universe. ... Bespin is the planet in The Empire Strikes Back over which the floating city Cloud City hovers suspended by an antigravity pod. ...


Originally, Timothy Zahn intended for Joruus C'Baoth to be a clone not of Jorus C'Baoth, but rather of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Similarly, the Outbound Flight Project was merely a throw-away line intended to neatly dispose of the original Jorus C'Baoth. Timothy Zahn (born September 1, 1951) is a science fiction novelist. ... Obi-Wan Ben Kenobi (57 – 0 BBY) is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. ... The Outbound Flight Project was commissioned by the Jedi, most notably Jedi Master Jorus CBaoth in the waning days of the Old Republic, after Palpatine became Chancellor, but prior to the Clone Wars. ...


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Heir to the Empire is the first book in a trilogy of novels known as The Thrawn Trilogy, all written by renowned Star Wars author, Timothy Zahn. ... Timothy Zahn (born September 1, 1951) is a science fiction novelist. ... The Thrawn trilogy are three novels, Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising and The Last Command, writen by Timothy Zahn and set in the Star Wars galaxy about five years after Return of the Jedi. ... The Last Command can refer to: The Last Command (film) A book in the Thrawn trilogy This is a disambiguation page — a navigational aid which lists other pages that might otherwise share the same title. ...

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Joruus had his own mad delusions of ruling the Empire, and was often at odds with Thrawn's plans.
Joruus was partially successful in his quest to alter and shape the minds of the clones they were creating, but their plans fell for naught when the New Republic discovered Wayland.
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