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The name Johnson is an English surname and was brought to England in the great wave of migration following the Norman Conquest of 1066. It comes from the given name John and the name literally means "son of John." The given name John is derived from the Hebrew name Johanan, which means "Jehovah has favored." The name was extremely popular in the Middle Ages as a result of the numerous connections between the name John and the Christian Church. Early records of the name Johnson in the chronicles of England show that the ancestors of the bearers of this name were of the Norman race. The name appears in England from about 1066 A.D., and its history is interwoven within the majestic tapestry which contains the history of Britain. Image File history File links This is a lossless scalable vector image. ... Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name. ... Wiktionary (a portmanteau of wiki and dictionary) is a multilingual, Web-based project to create a free content dictionary, available in over 150 languages. ... Look up Johnson, johnson in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ... Motto (French) God and my right Anthem No official anthem - the United Kingdom anthem God Save the Queen is commonly used England() – on the European continent() – in the United Kingdom() Capital (and largest city) London (de facto) Official languages English (de facto)1 Unified  -  by Athelstan 927 AD  Area  -  Total... A family name, or surname, is that part of a persons name that indicates to what family he or she belongs. ... Motto (French) God and my right Anthem No official anthem - the United Kingdom anthem God Save the Queen is commonly used England() – on the European continent() – in the United Kingdom() Capital (and largest city) London (de facto) Official languages English (de facto)1 Unified  -  by Athelstan 927 AD  Area  -  Total... Bayeux Tapestry depicting events leading to the Battle of Hastings The Norman Conquest of England was the conquest of the Kingdom of England by William the Conqueror (Duke of Normandy), in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings and the subsequent Norman control of England. ... Events January 6 - Harold II is crowned September 20 - Battle of Fulford September 25 - Battle of Stamford Bridge September 29 - William of Normandy lands in England at Pevensey. ... The Middle Ages formed the middle period in a traditional schematic division of European history into three ages: the classical civilization of Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and modern times, beginning with the Renaissance. ...

Professional researchers used such ancient manuscripts as the Domesday Book (compiled in 1086 by William the Conqueror), the Ragman Rolls, the Wace poem, the Honour Roll of the Battle Abbey, The Curia Regis, Pipe Rolls, the Falaise Roll, tax records, baptismals, family genealogies, and local parish and church records to establish that the first record of the name Johnson was found in Lincolnshire where they had been granted lands by Duke William on his conquest of England in 1066. A line drawing entitled Domesday Book from Andrew Williamss Historic Byways and Highways of Old England. ... Ragman Rolls the name given to the collection of instruments by which the nobility and gentry of Scotland were compelled to subscribe allegiance to King Edward I of England between the Conference of Norham in May 1291 and the final award in favor of Baliol in November 1292 and again... Wace (c. ... Curia Regis is a Latin term meaning Royal Council or Kings court. The Curia Regis in England was a council of tenants-in-chief and ecclesiastics that advised the king of England on legislative matters. ... The Pipe Rolls are a series of financial records from England, beginning in 1130 and lasting, mostly complete, until 1833. ...

The name, Johnson, occurred in many references, but from time to time, spellings included Johnson, Joneson,and many others. Scribes recorded and spelled the name as it sounded. It was not unlikely that a person would be born with one spelling, married with another, and buried with a headstone which showed another spelling. The Normans were commonly believed to be of French origin but, more accurately, they were of Viking origin. The Vikings, under their Jarl, Thorfinn Rollo, invaded France in about 911 A.D. After Rollo laid siege to Paris, the French King, Charles the Simple, finally conceded defeat, granting northern France to Rollo. Duke William who invaded and defeated England in 1066, was descended from the first Duke Rollo of Normandy.

The surname Johnson emerged as a notable family name in the county of Lincoln. Many of the ancient and leading houses of the Johnson family name claim descendancy originally from the house of FitzJohn in Normandy, particularly that of one of the leading branches and oldest, that of the Johnsons of Ayscough-Fee in the county of Lincolnshire. They branched north to Scotland at the beginning of the 13th century. By 1296 Wautier Johnson of Berwickshire rendered homage to King Edward 1st of England, on his brief conquest of Scotland. Adam Johnson was a Scottish prisoner of War captured by the English, was discharged from Newgate Prison in 1375. Sir Nicholas Johnson was Burgess of Ayr in 1503. To the south the branches of Johnson proliferated particularly in the English counties of Durham, Northumberland, Bedfordshire, Kent, Lincolnshire, and London. Outstanding amongst the family at this time was Sir Nicholas Johnson.[citation needed]

The surname Johnson contributed much to local politics and in the affairs of England or Scotland. During the 12th century many of these Norman families moved north to Scotland. Later, in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries England was ravaged by religious and political conflict. The Monarchy, the Church and Parliament fought for supremacy. The unrest caused many to think of distant lands.

In Ireland, settlers became known as the "Adventurers for land in Ireland." They "undertook" to keep the Protestant faith, occupying the lands of the Irish. In Ireland this distinguished family settled in Ulster in the 17th century.

The democratic way of life of the New World beckoned many. They sailed aboard the fleet of sailing ships known as the "White Sails."

It is also the second most common family name in the United States after Smith. During the 1990 census, approximately 0.81% of people counted had this family name. [1] Smith is the most common family name in the United States[1], the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, representing more than 1 out of every 100 persons in each of these countries. ... Year 1990 (MCMXC) was a common year starting on Monday (link displays the 1990 Gregorian calendar). ... 1870 US Census for New York City A census is the process of obtaining information about every member of a population (not necessarily a human population). ...


People commonly referred to as just Johnson

Johnson is a prominent South Indian composer of film scores who has given music to some of the most important motion pictures of malayalam cinema. ...

People with the surname Johnson

Albert Walter Johnson (April 17, 1906–September 1, 1998) was a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania. ... This biography does not cite any references or sources. ... Andrew Johnson (December 29, 1808 – July 31, 1875) was the seventeenth President of the United States (1865–1869), succeeding to the presidency upon the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. ... Arte Johnson (born January 20, 1929), full name Arthur Stanton Eric Johnson, is a comedic actor. ... There have been several people called Ben Johnson or Jonson: Ben Jonson (1572-1637; Elizabethan dramatist, poet & actor) Ben Johnson (c. ... William Manuel Bill Johnson (August 10, 1872_December 3, 1972), United States jazz musician, is considered the father of the slap style of string bass playing. ... Billy Johnson can refer to: Billy Johnson: a football player Billy Johnson: a baseball player This is a disambiguation page — a navigational aid which lists other pages that might otherwise share the same title. ... Bob Johnson can refer to different people: Bob Johnson (1905-1982), Indian Bob, the Major League Baseball player. ... Bobby Johnson (born Columbia, South Carolina) is the current head football coach at Vanderbilt University. ... Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, MP (born 19 June 1964, New York),[1] better known as Boris Johnson, is a British Conservative Party politician, journalist and former editor of The Spectator. ... Brian Johnson (born October 5, 1947 in Dunston, Gateshead, England) (He however lived in North Shields throughout the 1970s and 80s ) is a singer and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist for the Australian hard rock band, AC/DC. He currently lives in Sarasota, Florida. ... The Brothers Johnson is a band consisting of the musicians George Johnson (Lightnin Licks) and Louis Johnson (Thunder Thumbs). After touring with various artists like Bobby Womack and Billy Preston, Quincy Jones hired them for a tour in Japan and produced their debut LP Look out for Number 1, released... Willie Gary Bunk Johnson ( 1879/1889–July 7, 1949) was a prominent early New Orleans jazz trumpet player in the early years of the 20th century who enjoyed a revived career in the 1940s. ... Bushrod Johnson Bushrod Rust Johnson (October 7, 1817 – September 12, 1880) was a teacher, university chancellor, and Confederate general in the American Civil War. ... Whoopi Goldberg performing stand-up at a benefit for Rainforest Action Network. ... Chad Johnson (born January 9, 1978 in Miami, Florida), is an American football wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League. ... Chad S. Johnson Chad S. Johnson (born August 11, 1967 in Emporia, Kansas), a Harvard-educated attorney, served as the Executive Director of National Stonewall Democrats from September 1, 2001 to January 1, 2003. ... Kelly Johnson participated in the design of the Lockheed L-10 Electra, testing a model of the design in the wind tunnel of the University of Michigan. ... This biography does not cite any references or sources. ... Chalmers Ashby Johnson is a professor emeritus of the University of California, San Diego. ... Curt Johnson is currently (since 1999) General Manager of the Kansas City Wizards. ... This biography does not cite its references or sources. ... The Honourable Francis Daniel Johnson, Sr. ... Darcy Johnson (born February 11, 1983) is a tight end for the New York Giants of the National Football League. ... David Allen Johnson (born January 30, 1943) in Orlando, Florida is a former second baseman and manager in Major League Baseball. ... David Johnson may refer to: David Johnson (UK), N.Irish Radio & TV Presenter David Edward Johnson (born 1951), English footballer David Johnson (born 1981) David Anthony Johnson (born 1978), Jamaican footballer David Johnson (born 1945) David S. Johnson (born 1945), computer scientist David Johnson, American soccer player for Los Angeles... Oliver Dink Johnson ( October 28, 1892 - November 29, 1954) was an early jazz pianist, clarinetist, and drummer. ... Donald Wayne Don Johnson (born December 15, 1949) is an American actor well known for his fame in film and television. ... Donald Roy Johnson (born November 12, 1926 in Portland, Oregon) is a former Major League Baseball pitcher. ... Donald Spore Johnson (December 7, 1911 – April 6, 2000) was a Major League Baseball second baseman for the Chicago Cubs from 1943 to 1948. ... Entertainment career The Rock starred, along with former Jackass star Johnny Knoxville, in the remake of Walking Tall, from MGM Pictures, as war hero-turned-sheriff Chris Vaughn (loosely based on the real-life inspiration for the original) who returns to the town where he grew up and rids it... Eben Samuel Johnson (1866-1939) was an English-born Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, elected in 1916. ... Elizabeth McCardle Johnson, wife of President Andrew Johnson. ... Eric Johnson (born August 17, 1954) is a Grammy Award-winning guitarist and recording artist from Austin, Texas. ... Ernie Johnson could refer to two baseball players: Ernie Johnson (1888-1952), a MLB short stop in 1912, 1915-1918, and 1921-1925, most notable with the Chicago White Sox Ernie Johnson (1924-), a MLB relief pitcher in 1950, 1952-1959, most notable with the Milwaukee Braves World Series team... There are several people named George Johnson: George Johnson (Writer) George Johnson (Musician) George Johnson (Manitoba politician) George E. Johnson (basketball player) George T. Johnson (basketball player) George L. Johnson (basketball player) This is a disambiguation page — a navigational aid which lists pages that might otherwise share the same title. ... Graham Johnson is a Rhodesian born, British based pianist and Lieder accompanist. ... Colonel Gregory H. Johnson is a NASA astronaut and pilot. ... Harold Johnson (born August 9, 1928, Manayunk, Pennsylvania) was a professional boxer. ... Herbert Johnson may refer to Herbert Fisk Johnson, Sr. ... Several prominent people have been named Howard Johnson: Howard Deering Johnson, founder of Howard Johnsons restaurants Howard Johnson, song lyricist Howard Johnson, Major League Baseball player Howard Johnson former president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Howard Johnson, jazz tuba and saxophone player Howard E. Johnson, swing saxophonist Howard... Hugh S. Johnson on the cover of Time Hugh Samuel Johnson (1882 - 1942) was an American soldier and public administrator. ... The Tall ships Irving and Exy Johnson can be found at Irving Johnson (Tall ship) Irving McClure Johnson (July 4, 1905 - 1991). ... Jack Johnson may refer to: (boxer)]] (1878–1946), first African-American world heavyweight champion boxer yes yes hoola A Tribute to Jack Johnson (1970), a Miles Davis soundtrack album for a documentary about the boxer Jack Johnson (musician) (born 1975), Hawaiian surfer, singer-songwriter and documentary filmmaker Jack Johnson (gunfighter... John Bertrand Johnson (1887-1970) was a Swedish-born American electrical engineer and physicist. ... There have been a number of people named James Johnson: James Johnson (musicologist), a late 18th-century Scottish musicologist James Johnson (Virginia) (?-1825), a U.S. congressman from Virginia James Johnson (Kentucky) (1774-1826), a U.S. congressman from Kentucky James Hutchins Johnson (1802-1887), a U.S. Congressman from... Jimmy Johnson may refer to: Jimmy Johnson (musician), guitarist, producer Jimmy Johnson (American football) (1938- ), American football player Jimmy Johnson (American football coach) (1943- ), American football coach Jimmie Johnson (1975- ), NASCAR race driver Jimmy Johnson (bassist) Jimmy Johnson (cartoonist) Jimmie Johnson (American football) (1968- ), American football player James A. Johnson... Jenny Johnson Jordan (born June 8, 1973) is an American beach volleyball player. ... J. J. Johnson, in about the mid-1960s J. J. Johnson (born James Louis Johnson) in Indianapolis, Indiana, (January 22, 1924 - elements of both classical and jazz music. ... Jeremy Robert Johnson(September 21, 1977) US Author who lives and writes in Portland, Oregon. ... Joe Johnson can be one of several persons: Joe Johnson, snooker player Joe Johnson, U.S democratic politician Joe Johnson, basketball player This is a disambiguation page — a navigational aid which lists other pages that might otherwise share the same title. ... John Johnson may mean: John Johnson (composer) (c. ... John Neely Johnson (August 2, 1825–August 31, 1872) (some sources have his first name as James) was a U.S. political figure. ... Joseph Johnson may refer to: Joseph Johnson (football) Joseph Johnson (murderer) Joseph Johnson (publisher) Joseph Johnson (Texas politician) Joseph Johnson (Watch Maker) from Liverpool Joseph Johnson (Virginia politician) (1785–1877) Joseph Esrey Johnson, U.S. soldier, Medal of Honor winner Joseph Horsfall Johnson, religious leader Joseph Travis Johnson (1858-1919... Kelly Andrew Johnson (born February 22, 1982 in Austin, Texas) is a Major League Baseball player with the Atlanta Braves. ... To meet Wikipedias quality standards, this article or section may require cleanup. ... Kevin Johnson is a former NBA basketball player. ... This article contains a trivia section. ... Kristine Johnson was the anchor of Early Today on NBC and First Look on MSNBC and was also one of the alternating news anchors on Weekend Today. ... Colonel Lacey Robert Johnson (1854-1915) was a Canadian Pacific Railway pioneer. ... Claudia Alta Lady Bird Taylor Johnson (December 22, 1912 – July 11, 2007)[1] was a First Lady of the United States, having been the wife of U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson. ... Lance Johnson, born July 6, 1963, in Cincinnati, Ohio is a Major League Baseball player. ... Leavander Johnson (December 24, 1969 - September 22, 2005) was an American lightweight boxer. ... Justice Lee A. Johnson Lee A. Johnson is a Kansas Supreme Court Justice appointed by Governor Kathleen Sebelius. ... This article does not cite any references or sources. ... Louis Arthur Johnson (January 10, 1891 - April 24, 1966) was the second United States Secretary of Defense, serving in the cabinet of President Harry S. Truman from March 28, 1949 to September 19, 1950. ... Luke Samuel Johnson (1807–1861) (commonly known as Luke Johnson and Luke S. Johnson) was a leader in the Latter Day Saint movement and an original member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles from 1835 to 1838. ... Luther Johnson was a congressman from Texas most famous for his part in the passage of the Radio Act of 1927, and often quoted as saying: American thought and American politics will be largely at the mercy of those who operate these stations. ... Lynda B. Johnson at Expo 67 Credit: Library and Archives Canada Lynda Bird Johnson Robb (born March 19, 1944 ) is the elder of the two daughters of Lyndon Baines Johnson and his wife, Lady Bird Johnson. ... “LBJ” redirects here. ... Earvin Johnson, Jr. ... Mark Johnson may refer to: Mark Johnson (professor), philosophy professor Mark Johnson (footballer) (born 1978), Australian rules footballer Mark Johnson (film producer) Mark Johnson (umpire), baseball umpire Mark Johnson (hockey player) (born 1957) Mark Johnson (rugby) Mark Johnson (baseball analyst) Mark Johnson (musician) Mark Johnson (football club director), director of... Martin Johnson (October 9, 1884 – January 13, 1937) and his wife Osa Johnson (née Leighty, March 14, 1894 – January 7, 1953) were adventurers from Kansas, United States. ... Michael Johnson may refer to: Michael Johnson (athlete) (born 1967) Michael Johnson (politician) (born 1970) Michael Johnson (singer) (born 1944) Michael Johnson (Drummer) (born 1982) Michael Johnson (Montana) Michael Johnson (Australian rules footballer), Aboriginal footballer with Fremantle Michael Johnson (footballer), Jamaican footballer with Derby County This human name article is... Mitchell Johnson, born 1985, was a member of a juvenile mass murderer duo, who ambushed teachers and fellow students in the backyard of the Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA elementary school on 24 March 1998, killing five and wounding ten people. ... Molly Johnson is a Canadian pop and jazz vocalist and songwriter. ... For other persons named Norman Johnson, see Norman Johnson (disambiguation). ... Norman Lloyd Johnson was born in Ilford Essex, England, in 1917. ... Martin Johnson (October 9, 1884 – January 13, 1937) and his wife Osa Johnson (née Leighty, March 14, 1894 – January 7, 1953) were adventurers from Kansas, United States. ... There have been several well-known people named Paul Johnson: Paul Johnson (artist) Paul Johnson (philanthropist) Paul Johnson (journalist) Paul Johnson (ice hockey), ice hockey player Paul Johnson (Canadian politician), former MPP Paul Johnson (rugby league footballer), an English rugby league player Paul Johnson (footballer), an Australian rules football ruckman... Penny Johnson Jerald, on the set of 24 - 2003 Penny Johnson Jerald (born March 14, 1961) is an American actress with an extensive career in film and television, best known for her portrayals of Beverly Barnes on The Larry Sanders Show, of Kasidy Yates on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine... 1933 Portrait of Philip Johnson by Carl Van Vechten Philip Cortelyou Johnson (July 8, 1906 – January 25, 2005) was an influential American architect. ... Phillip E. Johnson Phillip E. Johnson (born 1940) is a retired UC Berkeley American law professor and author. ... Pierre-Marc Johnson (born July 5, 1946) is a Quebec lawyer, physician and politician. ... Rafer Lewis Johnson (born August 18, 1935) is a former American decathlete. ... For other persons named Randy Johnson, see Randy Johnson (disambiguation). ... Richard Mentor Johnson (October 17, 1780 – November 19, 1850) was the ninth Vice President of the United States, serving in the administration of Martin Van Buren. ... Former quarterback from USC who played for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Redskins, and Oakland Raiders, Rob Johnson joined the NFL in 1995 and is currently a coach at Camp Quarterback, a program run by Robs father Bob that has produced players such as Heisman... Robb Johnson is a musician and songwriter. ... There have been several people named Robert Johnson: Robert Johnson (died 1581), Roman Catholic martyr Robert Johnson (c1583-1633), English composer Robert Johnson, colonial Governor of South Carolina Robert Johnson (c1911-1938), American blues guitarist See also: Robert D. Johnson, (1883-1961) US Congressman from Missouri Robert L. Johnson, (1946... F. Ross Johnson was the former chief executive of RJR Nabisco. ... Rudi Ali Johnson (born October 1, 1979 in Petersburg, Virginia) is an American football running back who currently plays for the National Football Leagues Cincinnati Bengals. ... Samuel Johnson is the name of: Dr Samuel Johnson (1709–1784), English literary figure and compiler of A Dictionary of the English Language. ... Scott Johnson is an author, software developer and entrepreneur most notable for having created and founded Feedster. ... Taborah Johnson, also known as Tabby Johnson, is a Canadian singer and actor. ... Ted Johnson (born December 4, 1972) is a former American football linebacker who played ten years in the NFL for the New England Patriots. ... Terry Johnson is a member of the House of Representatives in the U.S. state of Georgia. ... Travis Johnson (born April 26, 1982 in Sherman Oaks, California) is an American football defensive tackle for the Houston Texans. ... Victor Samuel Johnson, Jr. ... Victor Samuel Johnson, Sr. ... Time magazine, May 25, 1970 Gynecologist William Howell Masters (December 27, 1915 – February 16, 2001) and psychologist Virginia Eshelman Johnson (born February 11, 1925) pioneered research into human sexual behavior during the 1950s and 1960s. ... Walter Johnson on a 1909-1911 American Tobacco Company baseball card (White Borders (T206)). Walter Perry Johnson (November 6, 1887-December 10, 1946), American professional baseball pitcher. ... Will Johnson (born on January 21, 1987 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a striker for the Canadian national soccer team and SC Heerenveen of Dutch Eredivisie. ... William Johnson: There is more than one person sharing this name. ... Willie Johnson (1913 – 1980) was a guitarist born in Senatobia, MS, USA. He should not be confused with Blind Willie Johnson. ...

Fictional people

Actor and martial arts expert, Daniel Bernhardt (born on August 31, 1965, in Worblaufen BE, Switzerland) plays, voice acts, and portrays Agent Johnson, one of the characters from the The Matrix Series. ... The Matrix is a 1999 science fiction action film written and directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski and starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano and Hugo Weaving. ... Fictional characters from the Halo series of video games that includes Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2. ... Backyard Sports is a successful series of video games that play on both consoles and computers. ... DVD cover Son of the Beach was a television series (2000-2002) that was a spoof of Baywatch, the chief joke being that the studly David Hasselhoff character is instead a normal, big-bellied and out of shape bald man, but treated exactly the same. ... Johnson, Bergholt Stuttley, known as Bloody Stupid Johnson, is a landscape gardener and inventor on the Discworld (a fictional world created by author Terry Pratchett), and is mentioned in a number of books. ... The Laughing Dragon of Oz, see Frank Joslyn Baum . ... E. Normus Johnson is fictional character who is the subject (and thus the voice) of Big Johnson T-shirts. ... Shadowrun is a cyberpunk-urban fantasy cross-genre role-playing game, set 63 years in the future,[1]following a great cataclysm that has brought use of magic back to the world, just as it begins to embrace the marvels (and dangers) of technologies such as cyberspace, omnipresent computer networks... Wikipedia does not yet have an article with this exact name. ...

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