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Encyclopedia > John Ringo
John Ringo

Born 22 Mar 1963
Miami-Dade, Florida
Occupation Author
Nationality U.S. Citizen
Genres Science Fiction, Military
Influences Robert Heinlein, Rudyard Kipling
Website http://www.johnringo.com

John Ringo is a popular American science fiction and fantasy author who writes full time. He's had several NYT best sellers and specializes in the subgenre of military science fiction. Image File history File links Broom_icon. ... Prose is writing distinguished from poetry by its greater variety of rhythm and its closer resemblance to the patterns of everyday speech. ... Image File history File links No higher resolution available. ... This article is about work. ... In English usage, nationality is the legal relationship between a person and a country. ... A literary genre is one of the divisions of literature into genres according to particular criteria such as literary technique, tone, or content. ... Science fiction is a form of speculative fiction principally dealing with the impact of imagined science and technology, or both, upon society and persons as individuals. ... For other uses, see Fantasy (disambiguation). ... A genre is any of the traditional divisions of art forms from a single field of activity into various kinds according to criteria particular to that form. ... Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein is a well-known example of military science fiction. ...

Many of his works are action packed and concentrate on SF scenarios that involve small unit actions (special forces) or involve battles integral to the plotting of the works—especially such that utilize a infantry battles and other types of combined arms supporting ground combat. Some of these scenarios are very creative, for example in the Posleen novels Gust Front [1] and Yellow Eyes he postulates US Navy heavy surface combat units—battleships and Heavy Cruisers—specially retrofitted to have an anti-space capability against the foe who controls the skies. These long range up-gunned units then wreck havoc on enemy ground units in lieu of air support. For other uses, see Special forces (disambiguation). ... Infantry of the Royal Irish Rifles during the Battle of the Somme in World War I Infantry or footmen are very highly disciplined and trained soldiers who fight primarily with small arms(rifles), but are trained to use everything from their bare hands to missle systems in order to neutralize... Combined arms is an approach to warfare which seeks to integrate different arms of a military to achieve mutually complementary effects. ... For other uses, see Battleship (disambiguation). ... HMS Raleigh a Hawkins class cruiser around which the treaty limits for Heavy cruisers were written. ...

He is published by Baen Books and hosts a popular web forum "Ringo's Bar" on the author-to-fan forum Baen's Bar. He is known for his outspoken generally right-wing (political conservative) views, and can often be found wandering science fiction conventions wearing a Utilikilt. He is a music fan featuring "music to read by" song-lists in many of his books (regardless of series) which span classic sixties oldies (The Beatles, etc.) to the New Wave, goth, and Darkwave music genres. Baen Books logo Baen Books is an American publishing company established in 1983 by SF publishing industry long-timer Jim Baen (1943–2006). ... Baens Bar is an online community created around Baen Books message board (originally BBS). ... Conservatism or political conservatism is any of several historically related political philosophies or political ideologies. ... Science fiction conventions are gatherings of the community of fans (called science fiction fandom) of various forms of speculative fiction including science fiction and fantasy. ... Utilikilt. ... The White Album, see The Beatles (album). ... The term New Wave has been used to describe several movements in art. ... Gothic rock (sometimes called goth rock or simply goth) is a genre of rock music that originated during the late 1970s. ... Darkwave, also written as dark wave, is an umbrella term which refers to a movement that began in the late 1970s, coinciding with the popularity of new wave. ...

Examples of his works are available on the Baen Free Library. The Baen Free Library is a digital library of the science fiction and fantasy publishing house Baen Books where (as of June 2005) 77 full books are available for free download in a number of formats, without copy protection. ...


Father: William Ringo
Mother: Jane Ringo
Siblings: Six
Position: Youngest by nine years

Lived: Florida, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Switzerland
Visited: Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Lichtenstein, Holland, England, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong (still a colony), Japan, Bahamas, Canada. (More not mentioned.) Official language(s) English Capital Tallahassee Largest city Jacksonville Largest metro area Miami metropolitan area Area  Ranked 22nd  - Total 65,795[1] sq mi (170,304[1] km²)  - Width 361 miles (582 km)  - Length 447 miles (721 km)  - % water 17. ... For the country, see Liechtenstein. ... For other uses, see Netherlands (disambiguation). ... For other uses, see England (disambiguation). ...

Military Service:

Higher Education: Associate's degree
Secondary civilian qualifications: Advanced SCUBA Diver, Cave Diver A Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) is a job classification in use in the United States Army and Marine Corps. ... The Armys Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) is a system of categorizing career fields. ... The 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army was constituted in the National Army as the 82nd Division on August 5, 1917, and was organized on August 25, 1917, at Camp Gordon, Georgia. ... During World War II, the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment (508th PIR or Red Devils) was a regiment of the 82d Airborne Division which in turn became part of XVIII Airborne Corps of the United States Army. ... The 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment (505th PIR) is one of four infantry regiments of the 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army. ... The Air National Guard (ANG) is part of the United States National Guard and a reserve component of the United States Air Force (USAF). ... The Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB) is an award of the United States Army which is presented to those officers, warrant officers and enlisted soldiers, in the grade of Colonel and below, who participate in active ground combat while assigned as a member of an infantry or special forces unit, brigade... The Parachutist Badge, also commonly referred to as Jump Wings or Snow Cone, is a military badge of the United States Armed Forces which is awarded to members of the United States Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy. ... The Good Conduct Medal is one of the oldest military decorations of the United States military. ... The Cold War Victory Medal is an unofficial military medal of the United States of America which can be purchased by any member of the United States military, or civilian employees of the federal government, who served in their positions during the years of the Cold War. ... Ribbon for the National Defense Service Medal The National Defense Service Medal is a military decoration of the United States military originally commissioned by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. ... An associate degree is an academic degree awarded by community colleges, junior colleges, business colleges and some bachelors degree-granting colleges and universities upon completion of a course of study usually lasting two years. ... Scuba diving is swimming underwater while using self-contained breathing equipment. ... Inside the cave at Cave Stream, New Zealand Caving is the recreational sport of exploring caves. ...

Hobbies: Diving, rock climbing (used to, shoulder's pretty much gone), fishing, reading. Climbers on Valkyrie at the Roaches. ...

Percentage income from writing: 100%

Favorite Historical Characters: Scipio Africanus, William Slim Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus Major (Latin: P·CORNELIVS·P·F·L·N·SCIPIO·AFRICANVS¹) (235–183 BC) was a general in the Second Punic War and statesman of the Roman Republic. ... Field Marshal Sir William Slim (pictured here as a Major General) Field Marshal William Joseph Slim, 1st Viscount Slim (6 August 1897 - 14 December 1970), British military commander and 13th Governor-General of Australia, was born near Bristol, Gloucestershire. ...

Favorite Poem: "The Ballad of Bo Da Thone", by Rudyard Kipling This article is about the British author. ...

Favorite Band: The Crüxshadows The Crüxshadows (Pronounced as IPA: )[2] is an Independent music group from Florida. ...

Happy Place: The Gulf Stream For the album by Ocean Colour Scene, see North Atlantic Drift (album) The Gulf Stream is orange and yellow in this representation of water temperatures of the Atlantic. ...

Country of Residence: United States

Favorite Personal Quote: From `The Crüxshadows' "Eye of the Storm"[1] The Crüxshadows are a gothic/darkwave band from Florida, formed in 1992 by Rogue, Sean Flanagan, and Tim Curry. ...

I believe in what I fight for
And I have paid for it with pain
I am here because my contributions
May help turn this fate away

And all who stood by and did nothing
Who are they to criticize?
The sacrifices of others
Our blood has bought their lives.

Image File history File links Broom_icon. ...

Published works


Legacy of the Aldenata series

The Legacy of the Aldenata is the fictional universe of John Ringos military science fiction series. ...

Main Posleen Series story Line
  • A Hymn before Battle (ISBN 0-671-31941-8) free online edition
  • Gust Front (ISBN 0-671-31976-0) free online edition
  • When the Devil Dances (ISBN 0-7434-3540-0) free online edition
  • Hell's Faire (ISBN 0-7434-3604-0) free online edition
  • Watch on the Rhine (with Tom Kratman; ISBN 0-7434-9918-2) free online edition
  • Yellow Eyes (with Tom Kratman; ISBN 1-4165-2103-8)

Cally's War Spinoff Series
  • Cally's War (ISBN 0-7434-8845-8) free online edition
  • Sister Time (ISBN 1-4165-4232-9) due out December 4, 2007

is the 338th day of the year (339th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. ... Year 2007 (MMVII) is the current year, a common year starting on Monday of the Gregorian calendar and the AD/CE era in the 21st century. ...

Other (related) books
  • The Hero (with Michael Z. Williamson; ISBN 0-7434-8827-X) free online edition
       This sequel is set about a millenium after the other main Posleen series works.

A millennium is a period of time equal to one thousand years. ...

Empire of Man series

  1. March Upcountry (ISBN 0-671-31985-X) free online edition
  2. March to the Sea (ISBN 0-671-31826-8) free online edition
  3. March to the Stars (ISBN 0-7434-3562-1) free online edition
  4. We Few (ISBN 0-7434-9881-X)

The Empire of Man series is a collaboration between David Weber and John Ringo. ... Honor Harrington from Honor Among Enemies cover, by David Mattingly. ...

The Council Wars fantasy series

The Council Wars is an in-progress book series by John Ringo, published by Baen. ...

Paladin of Shadows series

  1. Ghost (ISBN 1-4165-0905-4)
  2. Kildar (ISBN 1-4165-2064-3)
  3. Choosers of the Slain (ISBN 1-4165-2070-8)
  4. Unto the Breach (ISBN 1-4165-0940-2)
  5. A Deeper Blue (ISBN 1-4165-2128-3)

Paladin of Shadows is a series of books written by Military sci-fi author John Ringo and centering around the life of ex-SEAL Mike Ghost Harmon. ... Techno-thrillers are a hybrid genre, drawing subject matter generally from spy thrillers, war novels, and science fiction. ... For the member of the Irish folk band The Clancy Brothers, see Tom Clancy (singer) and for the American Celticist, see Thomas Owen Clancy. ... Ghost is a novel by John Ringo. ... Kildar is a Military Fiction (Possibly also Military Sci-Fi) novel by the author John Ringo. ... Choosers of the Slain is a novel by John Ringo. ...

Voyage of the Space Bubble series

  • Into the Looking Glass (ISBN 0-7434-9880-1)
  • Vorpal Blade (with Travis S. Taylor; ISBN 1-4165-2129-1 September 4, 2007)
  • Manxome Foe (with Travis S. Taylor; ISBN 1-41655521-8) forthcoming scheduled for February 5, 2008)

is the 247th day of the year (248th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. ... Year 2007 (MMVII) is the current year, a common year starting on Monday of the Gregorian calendar and the AD/CE era in the 21st century. ... is the 36th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. ... 2008 (MMVIII) will be a leap year starting on Tuesday of the Anno Domini (common) era, in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. ...

Non-series novels

  • The Road to Damascus (a Bolo book with Linda Evans; ISBN 0-7434-7187-3)
  • Von Neumann's War (with Travis S. Taylor; ISBN 1-4165-2075-9)
  • Princess of Wands (ISBN 1-4165-0923-2)

Bolos are a fictional type of artificially intelligent war machine. ... Linda Evans is an American sci-fi writer from Florida. ...

Short stories

Year 2003 (MMIII) was a common year starting on Wednesday of the Gregorian calendar. ... The Service of the Sword, published in 2003, was the fourth anthology of stories set in the fictional Honorverse. ... Honor Harrington from Honor Among Enemies cover, by David Mattingly. ... Map of the Honorverse. ... Jim Baens Universe is a bimonthly science fiction and fantasy webzine published by Jim Baen that launched in June 2006. ... Year 2005 (MMV) was a common year starting on Saturday (link displays full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar. ... An Ezine is a periodic publication distributed by email or posted on a website. ... Eric Flint (born California, USA, 1947) is an American science fiction and fantasy author and editor. ...

References and External links

  1. ^ Ringo, web site and other postings, also: various novels reference the band and the song.
  2. ^ http://www.amazon.com/Hymn-Before-Battle-Posleen-War/dp/1416533214/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/002-2246223-0903259?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1183474974&sr=1-1 Amazon.com listing]

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{{expand|date=2007 November|Running down Ringo's novel publishing dates and turning the data in his biography into text needed. Image File history File links Commons-logo. ...

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John Ringo (574 words)
John Ringo (whose hard-hitting novels from Baen Books have been all the rage among fans of military SF) spoke at the June 2002 meeting of the Atlanta Science Fiction Society.
One of the hallmarks of Ringo's fiction is his depiction of the chaos of warfare and the fact that "in the military, everything goes wrong all the time." His pet peeve with, for example, David Weber's Honor Harrington novels is that Weber's military is a little too perfect.
Ringo readily admits: "David tells me what to write and I write it." Obviously, this is an over-simplified and perhaps too-humble account of their relationship.
John Ringo Family History (1492 words)
Ringo was the eldest of a family of two boys and three girls.
On December 9, Ringo is involved in a shoot-out in a saloon in Safford, Arizona.
John Ringo’s body was found beside west Turkey Creek, a few hundred few west of the Sanders Ranch house in southeastern Arizona.
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