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Generally speaking, human sexuality is how people experience and express themselves as sexual beings.[1] The study of human sexuality is comprised of a broad range of behaviors, processes, and societal topics. Biologically, sexuality can encompass sexual intercourse and sexual contact in all its forms, as well as medical concerns about the physiological or even psychological aspects of sexual behaviour. Sociologically, it can cover the cultural, political, and legal aspects; and philosophically, it can span the moral, ethical, theological, spiritual or religious aspects. Image File history File links Mergefrom. ... Sexual behavior is a form of physical intimacy that may be directed to reproduction (one possible goal of sexual intercourse) and/or to the enjoyment of activity involving sexual gratification. ... Image File history File links Portal. ... This article is about sexual practices (i. ... This article is about sexual practices (i. ... Biology studies the variety of life (clockwise from top-left) E. coli, tree fern, gazelle, Goliath beetle Biology (from Greek: βίος, bio, life; and λόγος, logos, knowledge), also referred to as the biological sciences, is the study of living organisms utilizing the scientific method. ... It has been suggested that Duration of sexual intercourse be merged into this article or section. ... For the chemical substances known as medicines, see medication. ... This article or section does not cite any references or sources. ... Psychological science redirects here. ... Sociology (from Latin: socius, companion; and the suffix -ology, the study of, from Greek λόγος, lógos, knowledge [1]) is the systematic and scientific study of society, including patterns of social relationships, social action, and culture[2]. Areas studied in sociology can range from the analysis of brief contacts between anonymous... For other uses, see Culture (disambiguation). ... For other uses, see Politics (disambiguation). ... For other uses, see Law (disambiguation). ... For other uses, see Philosophy (disambiguation). ... Morality (from the Latin manner, character, proper behaviour) has three principal meanings. ... For other uses, see Ethics (disambiguation). ... Theology finds its scholars pursuing the understanding of and providing reasoned discourse of religion, spirituality and God or the gods. ... Spirituality, in a narrow sense, concerns itself with matters of the spirit. ... Various Religious symbols, including (first row) Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Bahai, (second row) Islamic, tribal, Taoist, Shinto (third row) Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, Jain, (fourth row) Ayyavazhi, Triple Goddess, Maltese cross, pre-Christian Slavonic Religion is the adherence to codified beliefs and rituals that generally involve a faith in a spiritual...

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As Michel Foucault wrote in The History of Sexuality, the concept of what activities and sensations are "sexual" is historically (as well as regionally and culturally) determined, and it is therefore part of a changing "discourse".[2][3][4][5][6] The sexual meanings (meanings of the erotic dimension of human sexual experience), are social and cultural constructs, they are made subjective only after cultural and social mediation.[7] Being the main force conditioning human relationship, sex is essentially political. In any social context, the construction of a "sexual universe" is fundamentally linked to the structures of power.[7][2][8][9] The construction of sexual meanings, is an instrument by which social institutions (religion, marketing, the educational system, psychiatry, etc.) control and shape human relationships.[4][3] Image File history File links WikiNews-Logo. ... Wikinews is a free-content news source and a project of the Wikimedia Foundation. ... Michel Foucault (IPA pronunciation: ) (October 15, 1926 – June 25, 1984) was a French philosopher, historian and sociologist. ... The History of Sexuality is the title of a three-volume series of books by Michel Foucault written in 1976. ... Sexual meanings are the meanings that are attributed, by a particular cultural-social-historical context, to sexual acts and broadly to all the aspects of the erotic dimension of human sexual experience. ... A social construction or social construct is any institutionalized entity or artifact in a social system invented or constructed by participants in a particular culture or society that exists because people agree to behave as if it exists or follow certain conventional rules. ... Politics is the process by which decisions are made within groups. ...

According to Foucault, sexuality began to be regarded as a concept part of human nature since the 19th century; so sexuality began to be used as a mean to define normality and its boundaries, and to conceive everything outside those boundaries in the realm of psychopathology. In the 20th century, with the theories of Sigmund Freud and of sexology, the "not-normal" was seen more as a "discontent of civilization" [10][3] In a well known passage of his work, Foucault noted that the development of the notion of sexuality organized sex as a "fictitious unity" of "disparate parts, functions, behaviours, and feelings with no natural or necessary relation among them"; therefore the conception of what is "natural" is a social construct.[11][12] To escape this cultural "sexuality" Foucault suggest to focus on "bodies and pleasures".[13][11] Normality can mean Normality (chemistry) Normality (statistics) Used in the English language: Being normal. ... Psychopathology is a term which refers to either the study of mental illness or mental distress, or the manifestation of behaviors and experiences which may be indicative of mental illness or psychological impairment. ... Sigmund Freud (IPA: ), born Sigismund Schlomo Freud (May 6, 1856 – September 23, 1939), was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist who founded the psychoanalytic school of psychology. ... Sexology is the systematic study of human sexuality. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... Social scientists and literary scholars have claimed that many things are social constructions or social constructs, or that they have been socially constructed. ...

In many historical eras, recovered art and artifacts help to portray human sexuality of the time period.[14]


Biological aspects

The biology of human sexuality examines the influence of biological factors, such as organic and neurological response,[2] heredity, hormones, and sexual dysfunction;[15] it examines the basic functions of reproduction and the physical means to carry it out. The biological perspective helps to analyze the factors, and ultimately aids in understanding them and using them to deal with sexual problems. See Heredity (disambiguation) for other meanings. ... Hormone is also the NATO reporting name for the Soviet/Russian Kamov Ka-25 military helicopter. ... Sexual dysfunction or sexual malfunction (see also sexual function) is difficulty during any stage of the sexual act (which includes desire, arousal, orgasm, and resolution) that prevents the individual or couple from enjoying sexual activity. ...

Sexual behavior can be a disease vector. Safe sex is a relevant harm reduction philosophy. Monogamy is also espoused, however, practicing safe sex with many committed partners, referred to as serial monogamy or polygamy, is not as safe, particularly among adolescents.[16] In epidemiology, a vector is an organism that does not cause disease itself but which spreads infection by conveying pathogens from one host to another. ... Safe sex (also called safer sex or protected sex) is a set of practices that are designed to reduce the risk of infection during sexual intercourse to avoid developing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). ... Harm reduction is a philosophy of public health, intended to be a progressive alternative to the prohibition of certain potentially dangerous lifestyle choices. ... Faithfulness redirects here. ... Serial polygamy is a form of marriage in which participants have more than one sexual partner in their lifetime (hence polygamy), but not at the same time (hence serial). ... Polygamy has been a feature of human culture since earliest history. ...

Sociocultural aspects

Human sexuality can also be understood as part of the social life of humans, governed by implied rules of behavior and the status quo. This focus narrows the view to groups within a society.[17] The sociocultural aspect examines influences on and from social norms, including mediums such as politics and the mass media. These sorts of mediums can help to bring about massive changes in the social norm — examples include the sexual revolution and the rise of feminism. This article is about the English rock band. ... It has been suggested that Convention (norm) be merged into this article or section. ... Popular press redirects here; note that the University of Wisconsin Press publishes under the imprint The Popular Press. Mass media is a term used to denote a section of the media specifically envisioned and designed to reach a very large audience such as the population of a nation state. ... For the Macy Gray song, see Sexual Revolution (song). ... Feminists redirects here. ...

The link between constructed sex meanings and racial ideologies has been studied. Sexual meanings are constructed to maintain racial-ethnic-national boundaries, by denigration of "others" and regulation of sexual behavior within the group. "Both adherence to and deviation from such approved behaviours, define and reinforce racial, ethnic, and nationalist regimes."[18][19] Sexual meanings are the meanings that are attributed, by a particular cultural-social-historical context, to sexual acts and broadly to all the aspects of the erotic dimension of human sexual experience. ... Look up others in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ... Sexual behavior is a form of physical intimacy that may be directed to reproduction (one possible goal of sexual intercourse) and/or to the enjoyment of activity involving sexual gratification. ... Look up group in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ... It has been suggested that this article or section be merged into Compliance (medicine). ... In radio, frequency deviation is the result of frequency modulation. ... Nationalism is an ideology that creates and sustains a nation as a concept of a common identity for groups of humans. ...

Sex education

Main article: Sex education

Sex education is the introduction of sexual topics within an educational context. Almost all western countries have some form of sex education, but the nature varies widely. In some countries (such as Australia and much of Europe) "age-appropriate" sex education often begins in pre-school, whereas other countries (notably the USA) leave sex education to the teenage years and even the late teenage years. Sex education covers a range of topics, including the physical, mental, and social aspects of sexual behavior. An early 20th century post card documents the problem of unwanted pregnancy. ... An early 20th century post card documents the problem of unwanted pregnancy. ...

Psychological aspects

The psychological study of sexuality focuses on psychological influences that affect sexual behavior and experiences.[5] Early psychological analyses were carried out by Sigmund Freud, who believed in a psychoanalytic point of view. He also conjectured the concepts of erogenous zones, psychosexual development, and the Oedipus complex, among others. Sigmund Freud (IPA: ), born Sigismund Schlomo Freud (May 6, 1856 – September 23, 1939), was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist who founded the psychoanalytic school of psychology. ... Today psychoanalysis comprises several interlocking theories concerning the functioning of the mind. ... This article does not cite any references or sources. ... This article does not cite any references or sources. ... The Oedipus complex in Freudian psychoanalysis refers to a stage of psychosexual development in childhood where children of both sexes regard their father as an adversary and competitor for the exclusive love of their mother. ...

Behavior theorists such as John B. Watson and B. F. Skinner examine the actions and consequences and their ramifications. These theorists would, for example, study a child who is punished for sexual exploration and see if they grow up to associate negative feelings with sex in general. Social-learning theorists use similar concepts, but focus on cognitive activity and modeling. Behaviorism (also called learning perspective) is a philosophy of psychology based on the proposition that all things which organisms do — including acting, thinking and feeling—can and should be regarded as behaviors. ... John Broadus Watson (January 9, 1878–September 25, 1958) was an American psychologist who established the psychological school of behaviorism, after doing research on animal behavior. ... Burrhus Frederic Skinner (March 20, 1904 – August 18, 1990), Ph. ... In educational psychology, social cognitivism is a learning theory based on the assumption that people learn by watching what others do. ... A mental model is an explanation in someones thought process for how something works in the real world. ...

Gender identity is a specific psychological aspect of human sexuality that can be affected by the social environment. This does not cite any references or sources. ...

Sexual behaviour

Human sexual behaviour encompasses the search for a partner or partners, interactions between individuals, physical or emotional intimacy, and sexual contact. Some cultures will find only sexual contact within marriage acceptable; however, extra-marital sexual activity still takes place. Unprotected sex may result unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. In some areas, sexual abuse of individuals is prohibited by law and considered against the norms of society. Sexual behavior is a form of physical intimacy that may be directed to reproduction (one possible goal of sexual intercourse) and/or to the enjoyment of activity involving sexual gratification. ... This article does not cite any references or sources. ... This subject is covered in some depth at Intimacy. ... Unprotected sex refers to any act of sexual intercourse in which the participants use no forms of protection from sexually transmitted diseases. ... This article is about human pregnancy in biological females. ... A sexually transmitted disease (STD) is an illness caused by an infectious pathogen that has a significant probability of transmission between humans or animals by means of sexual contact, including vaginal intercourse, oral sex, and anal sex. ... Bad Touch redirects here. ...

Sexual activity and lifestyles


Heterosexuality involves two individuals of different sexes. This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ...

Different-sex sexual practices are limited by laws in many places. United States marriage laws may serve the purpose of encouraging people to only have sex (and children) within marriage. Sodomy laws were seen as discouraging same-sex sexual practices. Laws also ban adults from committing sexual abuse, committing sexual acts with anyone under an age of consent, performing sexual activities in public, and engaging in sexual activities for money (prostitution). Though these laws all cover same-sex sexual activities, they may differ with regards to punishment, and may be more frequently (or exclusively) enforced on those who engage in same-sex sexual activities. Laws also control the making and viewing of pornography, including pornography which portrays different-sex sexual activities. François Elluin, Sodomites provoking the wrath of God, from Le pot pourri de Loth (1781). ... Bad Touch redirects here. ... Whore redirects here. ... Porn redirects here. ...

Courtship, or dating, is the process through which some people choose potential sexual and/or marital partners. Among straight (presumably middle class) teenagers and adolescents in the mid-20th century in America, dating was something one could do with multiple people before choosing to "go steady" with only one, the eventual goal being either sex, marriage, or both. More recently dating has become what going steady was and the latter term has fallen into disuse. Suitor redirects here. ... The middle class (or middle classes) comprises a social group once defined by exception as an intermediate social class between the nobility and the peasantry. ... (19th century - 20th century - 21st century - more centuries) Decades: 1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s As a means of recording the passage of time, the 20th century was that century which lasted from 1901–2000 in the sense of the Gregorian calendar (1900–1999...

Different-sex sexual practices may be monogamous, serially monogamous, or polyamorous, and, depending on the definition of sexual practice, abstinent or autoerotic (including masturbation). Faithfulness redirects here. ... Polyamory (from poly=multiple + amor=love) is the desire, practice, or acceptance of having more than one loving, intimate relationship at a time with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved. ... Abstinence is a voluntary restraint from indulging a desire or appetite for certain bodily activities that are widely experienced as giving pleasure. ... This does not cite its references or sources. ... Woman masturbating, 1913 drawing by Gustav Klimt. ...

Different moral and political movements have waged for changes in different-sex sexual practices including courting and marriage, though in all countries, changes are usually made only at a slow rate. Especially in the USA, campaigns have often sparked and been fueled by moral panic. There, movements to discourage same-sex sexual practices often claim to be strengthening different-sex sexual practices within marriage, such as Defense of Marriage Act and the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment. Moral panic is a sociological term, coined by Stanley Cohen, meaning a reaction by a group of people based on the false or exaggerated perception that some cultural behavior or group, frequently a minority group or a subculture, is dangerously deviant and poses a menace to society. ... The Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, is the commonly-used name of a federal law of the United States that is officially known as Pub. ... The United States Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) is a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution which would define marriage in the United States as a union of one man and one woman. ...


Main article: Homosexuality

Same-sex sexuality involves two individuals of the same sex. It is possible for a person whose sexual identity is heterosexual to get involved in sexual acts with people of the same sex, for example, mutual masturbation in the context of what may be considered "normal" heterosexual teen development. Homosexual people who pretend to lead a life of heterosexuality are often referred to as living "closeted" lives, that is, they hide their sexuality in "the closet". The term "closet case" is a derogatory term used to refer to another homosexual that hides his or her homosexuality or bisexuality, and "coming out" or "outing" refer to making that orientation (semi-) public voluntarily, or as an action by others, respectively. Homosexuality refers to sexual interaction and / or romantic attraction between individuals of the same sex. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... This article is about sexual orientation. ... For other uses, see Coming out (disambiguation). ... While outing often refers to an outdoor excursion, in the late twentieth century the term acquired an additional meaning: taking someone out of the closet - that is, publicising that someone is gay. ...

The definition of homosexuality is a sexual attraction to members of one's own sex, though people who engage exclusively in same-sex sexual practices may not identify themselves as gay or lesbian. However, the degree of attraction complies with the varying levels of frequency, willingness, and/or interest. In sex-segregated environments, individuals may seek sex with others of their own sex (known as situational homosexuality). In other cases, some people may experiment or explore their sexuality with same (and/or different) sex sexual activity before defining their sexual identity. Health campaigns and officials often seek to target self-identified "straight" or bisexual men who have sex with men (MSM) as opposed to self-identified "gay" or homosexual men. Homosexuality refers to sexual interaction and / or romantic attraction between individuals of the same sex. ... GAY can mean: Gay, a term referring to homosexual men or women The IATA code for Gaya Airport Category: ... This article is about same-sex desire and sexuality among women. ... Situational sexual behavior is sexual behavior of a kind that is different from what is usual for that person (or from what that person normally exhibits) due to a social environment that permits, encourages, or compels those acts. ... Sexual identity is a term that, like sex, has two distinctively different meanings. ... Men who have sex with men (MSM) is a term used to classify men who have sex with men, regardless of whether they self-identify as gay, bisexual, or heterosexual. ...

Despite stereotypes and common misconceptions, there are no forms of sexual activity exclusive to same-sex sexual behavior that can not also be found in opposite-sex sexual behavior, save those involving contact of the same sex genitalia such as tribadism and frot. Tribadism Tribadism or tribbing is a form of mutual masturbation, sometimes called frottage, in which a woman rubs her vulva against her partners body for sexual stimulation. ... Frot Frot is male-male non-penetrative sex, where male partners engage in the rubbing of erect penis on erect penis, typically while in full-frontal embrace. ...

Among some communities (called "men on the DL" or "down-low"), same-sex sexual behavior is sometimes viewed as solely for physical pleasure. Men on the "down-low" may engage in regular (though often covert) sex acts with other men while continuing sexual and romantic relationships with women. Down-low (DL) is an African-American slang phrase implying secret information, as in Whats the down-low? or Keep it on the down-low, meaning Do not make it known. Down-low, in part because of its slang meaning, is also the name of an American black subculture...

Auto-erotic sexuality

Main article: Autoeroticism

Autoeroticism is sexual activity that does not involve another person as partner. It can involve masturbation, though several paraphilias do not require a partner. Autoeroticism is the practice of fulfilling ones own sexual needs without a partner. ... Woman masturbating, 1913 drawing by Gustav Klimt. ... Look up paraphilia in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ...

Though many autoerotic practices are relatively physically safe, some can be dangerous. These include autoerotic asphyxiation and self-bondage. The potential for injury or even death that exists while engaging in the partnered versions of these fetishes (choking and bondage, respectively) becomes drastically increased due to the isolation and lack of assistance in the event of a problem. It has been suggested that this article or section be merged into Erotic asphyxiation. ... Self-bondage is the practice of sexual bondage without a partner; that is to say, tying or otherwise restraining oneself for the purpose of sexual pleasure. ... This article concerns the concept of fetishism in anthropology. ... This article does not cite its references or sources. ... A model in bondage cuffs with a leg spreader In the context of BDSM, bondage involves people being tied up or otherwise restrained for pleasure. ...

Alternative sexuality

A number of "alternative sexualities" exist. These are usually based upon individual choice. They range from the broadly accepted or tolerated, through to the highly controversial and illegal.

Examples of these less common or alternative sexualities include BDSM activities where dominance and submission activities are central features of sexual activity, through to zoosexuality where there is human-animal sexual activity. A collar is a common symbol in BDSM Female bottom in bondage with leather monoglove BDSM is any of a number of related patterns of human sexual behavior. ... This article or section includes a list of works cited or a list of external links, but its sources remain unclear because it lacks in-text citations. ... Look up Zoosexuality in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ...

Coercive and abusive sexuality

Main article: Sexual abuse

Sexual activity can also encompass sexual abuse - that is, coercive or abusive use of sexuality. Examples include: rape, lust murder, child sexual abuse, and zoosadism (animal abuse which may be sexual in nature), as well as (in many countries) certain non-consensual paraphilias such as frotteurism, telephone scatophilia (indecent phonecalls), and non-consensual exhibitionism and voyeurism (known as "indecent exposure" and "peeping tom" respectively). Bad Touch redirects here. ... A lust murder is a homicide in which the offender searches for erotic satisfaction by taking away the victims life. ... Child sexual abuse is an umbrella term describing criminal and civil offenses in which an adult engages in sexual activity with a minor or exploits a minor for the purpose of sexual gratification. ... Ernest Bornemann (1990, cited by Rosenbauer 1997) coined the term zoosadism for those who derive pleasure from inflicting pain on an animal, sometimes with a sexual component. ... This article is about a specific paraphilia. ... An obscene phone call is generally considered to be an unsolicited telephone call that entails sexual or vulgar communication. ... An exhibitionist exposing himself at a soccer game. ... “Voyeur” redirects here. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... Peeping Tom may refer to: A person in the legend of Lady Godiva A person who engages in voyeurism Peeping Tom (film), a 1960 film directed by Michael Powell Peeping Tom (song), a song by the band Placebo from their album Black Market Music Peeping Tom (Rockwell song), a song...

Study of sexuality

In contemporary academia, sexuality is studied in the fields of sexology and gender and sexuality studies, among many other fields. Sexology is the systematic study of human sexuality. ... Gender and sexuality studies is a collective term for the interdisciplinary study of human gender and sexuality. ...

See also

Sexology is the systematic study of human sexuality. ... This is a list of human sexuality topics. ... Child sexuality refers to sexual feelings, behavior and development in children. ... This article or section is in need of attention from an expert on the subject. ... In older age the male sex drive can be just as great as in middle age. ... Illustration from The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex by Charles Darwin showing the Tufted Coquette Lophornis ornatus, female on left, ornamented male on right. ... For other uses, see Love (disambiguation). ...


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Michel Foucault (IPA pronunciation: ) (October 15, 1926 – June 25, 1984) was a French philosopher, historian and sociologist. ... The History of Sexuality is the title of a three-volume series of books by Michel Foucault written in 1976. ... The History of Sexuality is the title of a three-volume series of books by Michel Foucault written in 1976. ... Jeffrey Weeks (Born 1945, in Rhondda, Wales) is a historian and sociologist specialising in work on sexuality, and is also a gay activist. ... The American Anthropologist is the flagship journal of the American Anthropological Association. ... Gayle Rubin is best known as an activist and influential theorist of sex and gender politics. ... The Public Health Agency of Canada is an agency of the Department of Health within the government of Canada which is responsible for public health and, more specifically, emergency preparedness and response and infectious and chronic disease control and prevention. ... Year 2007 (MMVII) is the current year, a common year starting on Monday of the Gregorian calendar and the AD/CE era in the 21st century. ... is the 192nd day of the year (193rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. ...


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1983 AC Statement, Human Sexuality From A Christian Perspective (7138 words)
The significance of sexuality is evident in scripture.
The importance of sexual fidelity is not to be underestimated (1 Thess.
Sexuality remains for us, as it was for adham, God's antidote for human loneliness and the answer to the human need to have a counterpart, to be one with someone, and to be in love.
AmericanCatholic.org-Catholic Update ©2001-Human Sexuality by Richard Sparks, C.S.P. (2987 words)
Whether one is married, single or a vowed celibate, whether one is heterosexual or homosexual, and regardless of one's age or maturity, dealing creatively with sexuality remains a fundamental and lifelong task.
The Church teaches that human sexual intercourse is an action inscribed by the Creator with a twofold meaning, that is, with both a unitive and procreative dimension.
The section of Human Sexuality on singleness is powerful, sensitive, and one of the few official statements of the Church about the charism and cross of living singly in a largely coupled society.
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