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Encyclopedia > Hoist (Transformers)

Hoist (Treuil in Canada, Bufalo in Italy) is the name of two characters in the Transformers Universes. A Transformer is a fictional robot that is able to transform, rearranging itself into a common and innocuous form, such as a car, aircraft, or animal. ...


Transformers: Generation One (1985)

Transformers character
Hoist Box Artwork.
Allegiance Autobot (Cybertron)
Sub-Group Autobot Cars
Function Maintenance
Motto "You have to be rolling before you can be fighting."
Alternate Mode Toyota 4WD Hilux Tow-Truck
Comic Appearances Marvel, Dreamwave
Cartoon Appearances Sunbow Productions
Voiced by Michael Chain (English)
Koki Kataoka (Japanese)

In the original Transformers toyline, Hoist is an Autobot who functions as a repairman for the team, keeping them to a tight maintenance schedule. Hoist is confident and sometimes rash. Brave, tough and loyal. He transforms into a green tow truck. The toy of Hoist came out in 1985 was a remold of Trailbreaker, it featured: a head sensor module that could analyse different density properties, 2 missiles for his attachments arm and two welding pieces for arm, and an extra fist. Various Transformers toys. ... Image File history File links Hoist-boxart. ... The Autobots are the protagonists in the Transformers Universe, a collection of various toys, graphic novels, paperback books, cartoons and movies first introduced in 1984. ... To meet Wikipedias quality standards, this article may require cleanup. ... Marvel Comics is an American comic book line published by Marvel Entertainment, Inc. ... Dreamwave Productions was a Canadian art design studio and comic book publisher, best known for their multiple Transformers comic book series. ... Original Sunbow Productions logo Sunbow Productions is an animation production studio, founded in 1981 and owned up until 1998 by Griffin-Bacal Advertising in New York. ... Various Transformers toys. ... The Autobots are the protagonists in the Transformers Universe, a collection of various toys, graphic novels, paperback books, cartoons and movies first introduced in 1984. ... Trailbreaker (Glouton in France, Tuono in Italy) is a fictional character from the Transformers toy line and animated television series. ...

Television Series

Like many second year characters, Hoist just suddenly appeared among the Autobots and Decepticons on Earth, with no explanation.

Hoist first appeared in the Transformers episode #30 "Dinobot Island Part 1".

In the cartoon series, Hoist is often (but not always) seen working in partnership with the architect Grapple. Grapple (Grap in Japan) is the name of a single character in the Transformers universes. ...

He last appeared in episode 64, "Masquerade".

Hoist did not appear in the Transforms movie, season 3, or any of the Japanese exclusive Transformers seasons that followed.

Marvel Comics

Unlike his sudden appearance in the television series, Hoist was given an origin in the comic book series.

Marvel U.S. #14: 'Rock and Roll Out'

The Autobots were suffering heavy casualties and several of their number were in the Ark's repair bay waiting to be repaired. In need of new troops, Optimus Prime requested that Wheeljack transfer the sparks (which Prime refers to as 'engrams') of five Autobots stored in crystals to lifeless Autobot bodies that had created earlier. It is not explained in the comic as to why the Autobots were able to create five new bodies when they weren't able to repair their existing warriors but presumably they had exhausted their supplies in creating these new bodies. Grapple, Hoist, Smokescreen, Skids and Tracks were these five Autobots. Optimus Prime explains that before they left the planet Cybertron four million years ago, these five Autobots agreed to have their sparks transferred to the crystals for storage in case the Autobots needed extra troops during the mission of clearing a path for Cybertron through an asteroid belt. This page is for the original 1984 Transformers character, Optimus Prime. ... Wheeljack is the name of several characters in the various Transformers Universes. ... Look up Spark in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ... Grapple (Grap in Japan) is the name of a single character in the Transformers universes. ... Smokescreen is the name of several characters in the Transformers toyline and Universes. ... // Transformers G1 (1985) Transformers Alternators (2005) Transformers Robots in Disguise (2001) Toy Review The first of the modified spelling of the name, Skid-Z is a repaint of a toy named Indy Heat from the Takara series Car Robots and he is the Hasbro version of that character. ... Tracks (Le Sillage in Canada, Puma in Italy) is the name to a single character in the Transformers Universes. ...

Optimus Prime appointed Bumblebee responsible for guiding all but Grapple of the new Autobots on a tour around their new home but that they were not to engage with the enemy. With their Autobot insignias covered and a dummy driver, the five Autobots pulled into a Blackrock garage. Skids had his radio on and was listening to music but did not know what it was. He asked the garage attendant what he was listening to and was told about a concert, but because he had spent very little time on Earth, he was unaccustomed to how humans speak to each other and sounded very alien-like. The garage attendants were just confused by this. Grapple (Grap in Japan) is the name of a single character in the Transformers universes. ...


Bumblebee was informed by Optimus Prime that the Decepticons planned to steal sonic energy and Skids suggested that may intend to strike the concert he was told about earlier. Optimus Prime agreed and asked them to investigate. The Autobots proceeded to the concert but were unaware of the parking toll and entered without paying. This caused the carpark attendants to get angry and give chase, the Autobots parked up and deactivated their dummy drivers. Finding nobody in the vehicles, the carpark attendants gave up their search. Image File history File linksMetadata Autobot-dummies. ...

As the concert started, Skids says that he likes the music but minutes later notices that something is wrong. he Autobots determine that the Decepticons must have started to steal the sonic energy which was the cause of the drop in quality of the music and proceeded to investigate further. Skids protests that this was against their leader's instructions but Bumblebee doesn't want to disappoint the humans. Finding a cable leading from the stage to underground which must be how the Decepticons were stealing the energy and snaps it apart causing the quality of the music to return.

The three Seekers burst out of the ground to find out what happened and battle commences between the Autobots and Decepticons. Once the Decepticons had been defeated, some of the humans accused the Autobots for being responsible for the sound problems. The Autobots transformed to vehicle mode and left the concert. The Seekers were a dissenting group in the time of the Commonwealth of England. ...

Hoist was among Grimlock's crew of Autobots that eventually left the Earth when the Ark was repaired. He was present at the proposed execution of a group of human children by Grimlock, which was really just a ploy to flush Blaster, whom Grimlock had deemed a traitor, out of hiding. Hoist is assumed to have died at the hands of Underbase Starscream like many Autobots in issue 50.

Dreamwave Comics

Hoist was not among the Autobots on board the Ark in this series, but stayed on Cybertron until the return of Optimus Prime and his crew, who lead the overthrow of Shockwave.

Hoist was among the Autobots brought beck to Earth under the command of Prowl who started construction of Autobot City in Alaska.

Transformers: Machine Wars

Machine Wars Hoist
Machine Wars Hoist

Hoist appeared in this series as a black pick-up truck; a recolor of Machine Wars Hubcap. Machine Wars was a short-lived toy series in the Transformers toyline, introduced in 1996 or 1997. ... Image File history File links Hoist-mw. ... Image File history File links Hoist-mw. ...

His function is Warrior and his motto is "Proper Maintenance prevents poor performance."

Tech Spec: Hoist believes every Autobot should operate at peak efficiency levels at all times, which means he's a stickler for proper maintenance of both internal micro-circuitry and external structural integrity. He's always prepared to tow an injured Autobot in for repairs. And if fired upon in the line of duty, he'll quickly convert to robot mode and battle back with a vengeance!

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Machines Wars Hoist was repainted into Robots In Disguise Tow-Line.

Transformers: Armada

Armada Hoist
Armada Hoist

In Transformers: Armada, Hoist (Grap Super Mode in Japan) is the new name adopted by Smokescreen after he was rebuilt following severe damage at the hands of Megatron and the Requiem Blaster. He transforms into a white backhoe, and is partnered with the Mini-Con Refute. Hoist, like Smokscreen before him, is voiced by Dale Wilson. Image File history File links Download high-resolution version (320x712, 41 KB) Armada Hoist toy by Hasbro. ... Image File history File links Download high-resolution version (320x712, 41 KB) Armada Hoist toy by Hasbro. ... Smokescreen is the name of several characters in the Transformers toyline and Universes. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... The Requiem Blaster is a device in the Transformers: Armada series. ... It has been suggested that Backhoe fade be merged into this article or section. ... Mini-Cons are a human-sized race of power-enhancing transforming robots in the Transformers: Armada universe and its sequels, one of the assorted universes in Transformers fiction. ... Dale Wilson is a Canadian actor, whose acting credits includes Chuck, the fire captain from the Beachcombers. ...

Motto: "Keen vigilance is my weapon of choice."

(From Dreamwave's More Than Meets The Eye Profile Book)

[From the Personal Files of Refute, Mini-Con] This boy's toughened up, but good. Back in the day, when he was just "Smokescreen," he was more of a joker, maybe even a little too hotheaded for his own good. Don't get me wrong -- I loved the 'bot like I created 'im myself. But as good as he was, he just didn't have that edge that you need in a war like this. When Smokescreen got his chassis blown up pretty much beyond repair... well, let's just say that I didn't take the news real well. The only way to save him was a complete overhaul, and that's when he got his new body and name. But that wasn't the only thing that changed... Hoist was more focused, more dedicated, knows exactly when it's time to buckle down and fight the good fight. His favorite joke is that nearly getting killed was the best thing that ever happened to him, and he may be right. I just hope it never happens again!

Hoist is a couple of degrees stronger than he was as Smokescreen and definitely a bit smarter too. He's an excellent and fearless soldier, plus a more-than-decent construction worker. In his backhoe mode, he can move tons of material in minutes and demolish solid steel walls with a few hits.

He doesn't have many shortcomings, but one thing still holds him back: he's not too creative when it comes to how he attacks. He doesn't fight fancy, and sometimes that makes him too predictable in battle.

Transformers: Energon

Armada Hoist continued to appear among the Autobots in the Transformers: Energon comic series by Dreamwave.

Transformers: Robot Masters

Machines Wars Hoist was repainted into Robot Masters Wrecker Hook.

Transformers: Universe

Spychanger Hoist.
Spychanger Hoist.

A Spychanger, seemingly a reincarnation of the G1 Hoist was released in the Transformers: Universe toy line. He was a repaint of RiD Spychanger X-Brawn. He was one of several homages to Generation One released as Spychangers. Two packaging versions of this toy existed - a Kaybee version which did not attribute the toy to Universe and was packaged in vehicle form, and a version for discount stores which did and was packaged in robot mode. Image File history File linksMetadata Hoistsp. ... Image File history File linksMetadata Hoistsp. ... X-Brawn (Wildride in Japan) was the name of a character first from Transformers: Robots in Disguise. ...

His function is maintenance. His motto is "You have to be rolling before you can be fighting."

Hoist is first on the scene whenever an Autobot is injured in the line of duty. His personal mission is to make sure that each of his comrades operates at peak efficiency levels at all times. Though his primary function is maintenance and repair, he'll gladly convert to robot mode to take on a Decepticon adversary.

The mold used for Armada Hoist was repainted and remolded into a Decepticon for the character of Universe Ransack.

Transformers: Cybertron

The mold first used for Armada Hoist was remolded again into Cybertron Longrack, a homage to Beast Wars Neo Longrack.



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