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Encyclopedia > Help! I'm a Fish

Help! I'm a Fish (Danish: ''Hjælp, jeg er en fisk'') is a Danish animated feature film originally released in Scandinavia in late 2000, and produced by Denmark's well-renowned A-Film studios. It was directed by Stefan Fjeldmark and Michael Hegner. Animation refers to the process in which each frame of a film or movie is produced individually, whether generated as a computer graphic, or by photographing a drawn image, or by repeatedly making small changes to a model (see claymation and stop motion), and then photographing the result. ... A reel of film, which predates digital cinematography. ... Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe named after the Scandinavian Peninsula. ... This article is about the year 2000. ...

The movie follows three children--a skateboarding mischief-maker named Fly; his sweet sister, Stella; and a young genetics scientist, Chuck--who discover an eccentric professor's secret formula that, once drunk out of, can turn anyone into a fish. The three, now stuck in the sea, must find its reverse within 48 hours, or else they forever stay that way themselves. Genetics (from the Greek genno γεννώ= give birth) is the science of genes, heredity, and the variation of organisms. ...

An English-language version of the film, with Alan Rickman and Terry Jones (the Professor) as voices, premiered at the beginning of April 2005 on the Latin American version of the Cartoon Network. Alan Rickman as Severus Snape in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. ... Terry Jones Terence Graham Parry Jones (born February 1, 1942) is a British comedian and writer. ... 2005 (MMV) was a common year starting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar. ... Latin America consists of the countries of South America and some of North America (including Central America and some the islands of the Caribbean) whose inhabitants mostly speak Romance languages, although Native American languages are also spoken. ... Cartoon Network is a cable television network created by Turner Broadcasting and dedicated to showing animated programming. ...


One day Fly and Stella's parents leave them in the care of their aunt and her son (i.e. Fly and Stella's Cousin) Chuck (Charles.) After the aunt falls asleep, Fly sets out on a fishing trip, taking Stella with him and blackmailing Chuck into coming as well (using the last copy of a program of Chuck's Fly accidentally deleted earlier.) They make their way out to a small peninsula where they start fishing. The only thing Fly catches is a can, but it has a small sea-horse inside, which Stella instantly names "Sasha" and becomes extremely attached to, although ultimately has to return to the sea.

However, by now the tide has turned the accessible peninsula into an isolated island, and the small outcropping the children are standing on is about to be swallowed by the sea. However, at the last minute they find a secret passage leading to a hidden cove inside the island. There they find a bizarre laboratory, within which is the bizarre but friendly Professor McKrill, a Marine Biologist. He explains that he, fearing that the world shall be flooded due to global warming, has been developing a way for humans to survive underwater- Fish Potion. He explains (via song, which he uses to bolster his failing memory) how the Fish Potion is created, and asks the children to film him before he tests it. Before doing so, though, he must make Anti-Fish Potion, a potion that will restore a human who has drunk Fish Potion to their original self (its formula is the same as Fish Potion, with one extra ingredient). While he explains the Anti Fish Potion to Chuck and Fly, Stella drinks the Fish Potion, believing it to be lemonade. As a result she is transformed into a Starfish. Secret passages are sometimes concealed using large items of furniture, such as this reconstruction of the bookcase that covered the entrance to Anne Franks secret room. ...

Fly discovers Stella, but doesn't realise it is his sister. When Chuck tells him to put the starfish in water (lest it dry out) Fly elects to throw it out the window (into the sea), as all of the Professor's Fish Tanks seem to be filled with carnivorous fish. As he does so Chuck finds the video camera which had been left on, and realises, too late, that the Starfish is Stella. Immediately, both boys and the Professor set out to find Stella, despite the storm that has started. When it proves futile to search for her in a boat, Fly elects to take the Fish Potion, and find her himself. At this point the Professor explains that there is a time limit on Fish Potion; once you drink it, you have 48 hours to drink the Anti Fish Potion before you become a fish forever. Fly drinks the potion, and jumps into the sea. The storm intensifies and the Professor's boat sinks. Chuck, who can't swim, is driven to drink the Fish Potion himself.

Around this time the children's parents realise they are missing and set out to find them.

Meanwhile Stella awakens on the sea floor, and finds Sasha again. She befriends the seahorse and for much of the rest of the movie rides her (since Stella, as a Star Fish, cannot swim herself.) They meet up with Fly (who has become a "Californian Fly Fish") and then find Chuck (who has become a Jelly Fish.) Chuck believes the Professor has drowned, and he himself does not know what has happened to the antidote.

What has happened is that it was discovered by fish, who inadvertently drank it and acquired Intelligence, and the power of speech. The first fish to drink it, who names himself "Joe" (Alan Rickman)immediately grows ambitious, and with his idiotic Shark minion, and the Anti Fish Potion, becomes determined to rule the world. Alan Rickman as Severus Snape in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. ...

Professor McKrill, who survived the storm and was washed up on a small island, start to make his way back to his lab now.

The children discover a trio of intelligent fish waiting for a bus, and decide to investigate. When they reach Joe's fortress- a sunken steam ship much like the Titanic- they realise that he is using the antidote to give Fish Intelligence. They try to steal or drink the potion, but fail. Joe, seeing that they know more about the potion than he does, tries to coax the information out of them, and locks them up when he cannot. Eventually Sasha (who Joe had separated from them, and sent to work) manages to rescue the kids, and they escape Joe's fortress. At this point friction begins to build between Joe and Shark, as Joe becomes tired of Shark's idiocy, and Shark becomes tired of being subservient (since he can, after all, eat any of the fish in Joe's army.)

Around this time the parents meet up with Professor McKrill, and thanks to his video of Stella's transformation believe that their children have been turned into fish. They set out to find and restore them.

Fly now remembers the song and recipe for Anti Fish Potion, and the kids set about gathering the reagents. They succeed in gathering all the ingredients except the ink of an octopus, which Chuck thinks will be impossible to find (when in fact, they spend a long conversation talking on top of an Octopus.) They are then attacked by the octopus, but it retreats, spraying ink and allowing them to complete the potion. However, it turns out that the octopus was scared by Joe's army, which has now surrounded them.

Joe's army breaks down into a power struggle as Shark refuses to be dictated to just because he is stupid. The children try to escape, but the leader of Joe's crab army stops them. He mortally wounds Fly, and drinks the potion they have made, augmenting his own intelligence. He declares himself "King Crab" and takes control of the crab army, preparing to take over the aquatic world for himself. However, at this point Professor McKrill and the father of Fly and Stella have started syphoning the sea to find fish that might be the children, and their faulty syphon sucks up the entire crab army (including King Crab) and Shark.

The children are left with approximately 12 minutes to regain their human forms, which Fly thinks is impossible, as he is mortally wounded, they have no more potion, and brewing more would take too long. Chuck, however, (who was formerly pessimistic as to the chances of them becoming human again) hatches a plan to enter the Professor's Lab and use the potion that is still there. They now part ways with Sasha (as the mission will be too dangerous, and she, obviously, cannot become a human.) Carrying the wounded Fly in a sock (that he found, amongst other things, in a small 'dump' in the sea) Chuck and Stella enter the pump to reach the Professor's lab, but are followed by Joe (who now has no army.) The children successfully reach the lab, and flood it, however, before they can reach the potion Joe defeats them and takes it for himself, leaving them to deal with the school of Piranha they accidentally unleashed when flooding the lab.

Chuck manages to punch the pirana into submission (presumably using jelly fish ability to sting) and Fly (still wounded, but with a plan) follows Joe, who is escaping back down the pipe. He taunts Joe and starts asking him complicated questions, causing Joe to drink more potion, resulting in a disgusting transformation as becomes more and more "human" (although the combination is rather monstrous.) Eventually Fly poses the last two questions: "What happens to a fish who drinks too much antidote?" "He becomes Human." "Can a human breath underwater?" "Of course not." At this point Joe drowns, and his corpse floats away.

Fly returns the antidote and the children prepare to drink it, however, at the same time their parents open the door to the lab, causing the water to pour out, and as a result they are swept around, and struggle to drink the potion. Stella and Chuck revert to human form, but Fly can only be seen struggling against the tide, still a fish. When the water ebbs away the parents are overjoyed to see Stella and Chuck, but Chuck realises that Fly is not present. He rushes back into the lab, and discovers Fly, still a fish. He frantically tries to find a solution, but accidentally drops Fly, at which point his mother accidentally steps on him. At this point Fly's voice is heard, and he emerges on the other side of the room, a human once more. They realise that the fish that was crushed was actually a stuffed model, seen near the start of the movie.

In the 'Epilogue' we see all the movies' human characters relaxing on the beach of the island. Chuck is not as stiff as he was at the start of the film, spending more time to have fun, and applying his knowledge, while Fly (whose leg is in a cast, presumably as a result of the wounds he suffered as a fish) plays games on Chuck's laptop. Stella finds Sasha again, and the Professor and Chuck whisper a theory to each other. They use a similar potion to transform Sasha into a pony, and the film closes as the cast watch Stella ride her.

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