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In modern English, the term ghost ship has come to denote at least one of three separate (though occasionally overlapping) definitions, all of which involving, in one respect or other, unexplained circumstances. Historically, the term has been used to refer to reported sightings of apparitions over water that have appeared in the form of maritime sailing ships, often after having previously been known to have sunk, or to derelict vessels found floating with no crew. In fiction, ghost ships have often been vessels crewed by some manner of spectral or non-living beings. A ghost ship is a fictional concept for a vessel crewed by the not-living. ... The English language is a West Germanic language that originates in England. ... Generally, an apparition is act or instance of appearing. ... This article is about the body of water. ... For other uses, see Fiction (disambiguation). ... For other uses, see Ghost (disambiguation). ...


In reality

  • 1775: The Octavius, an English trading ship returning from China, was found drifting off the coast of Greenland in 1775. The captain's log showed that the ship had attempted the Northwest Passage, which had never been successfully traversed . The ship and the bodies of her frozen crew apparently completed the passage after drifting among the pack ice for 13 years.
  • 1872: The Mary Celeste, perhaps the most historically famous derelict, was found abandoned between Portugal (mainland) and Portugal's Azores archipelago. It was devoid of all crew, but was completely intact. While Arthur Conan Doyle's story "J. Habakuk Jephson's Statement" based on this ship added some strange phenomena to the tale (such as that the tea found in the mess hall was still hot), the fact remained that the last log entry was 11 days prior to the discovery of the ship.[1]
  • 1921: The Carroll A. Deering, a five-masted cargo schooner, was found stranded on a beach on Diamond Shoals, North Carolina. The ship's final voyage had been the subject of much debate and controversy (see main article), and was investigated by six Departments of the US government, largely because it was one of dozens of ships that sank or went missing within a relatively short period of time. While paranormal explanations have been advanced, the theories of mutiny or piracy are considered much more likely.
  • 1931: The Baychimo was abandoned in the Arctic Ocean when it became trapped in pack ice and was thought doomed to sink, but remained afloat and was sighted numerous times over the next 38 years without ever being salvaged.
  • 1933: A lifeboat from the 1906 wreck of the passenger steamship SS Valencia off the southwest coast of Vancouver Island was found floating in the area in remarkably good condition 27 years after the sinking. Sailors have also reported seeing the ship itself in the area in the years following the sinking, often as an apparition that followed down the coast[2].
  • 1948: Many ships responded to the desperate Morse code messages from the Dutch freighter Ourang Medan. The ship was found adrift off Indonesia with all of its crew dead. The boarding party found the entire crew "frozen, teeth baring, gaping at the sun." Before the ship could be towed to a home port, the ship exploded and sank. The reason for the deaths are still unexplained today. The entire episode is apocryphal (see article).
  • 1955: The MV Joyita was discovered abandoned in the Pacific.
  • 2003: High Aim 6 - was a ghost ship found drifting in Australian waters with no crew on board. Despite an extensive search, no trace of the crew was ever found.
  • 2006: The tanker Jian Seng was found off the coast of Weipa, Queensland Australia in March. Its origin or owner could not be determined and it was scuttled in April.
  • 2006: In August the "Bel Amica" (which is one "L" short of the modern Italian spelling of "Good Friend") was discovered off the coast of Sardinia[3]. The Coast Guard crew that discovered the ship found half eaten Egyptian meals, French maps of North African seas, and a flag of Luxembourg on board.
  • 2007: A 12-metre catamaran, the Kaz II, was discovered unmanned off the coast of Queensland, northeast Australia in April[4]. The yacht, which had left Airlie Beach on Sunday 15 April, was spotted about 80 nautical miles (150 km) off Townsville, near the outer Great Barrier Reef on the following Wednesday. When boarded on Friday, the engine was running, a laptop was running, the radio and GPS were working and a meal was set to eat, but the three-man crew were not on board. All the sails were up but one was badly shredded, while three life jackets and survival equipment, including an emergency beacon, were found on board. A search for the crew was abandoned on Sunday 22nd as it was considered unlikely that anyone could have survived for that period of time.

The Octavius was a ghost ship found near Greenland by the whaler Herald in 1775. ... For other uses, see Northwest Passage (disambiguation). ... A 1881 painting of the Amazon (later renamed Mary Celeste) by an unknown artist The Mary Celeste was a brigantine found in the Atlantic Ocean unmanned and under full sail heading towards the Strait of Gibraltar in 1872. ... Motto (Portuguese for Rather die free than in peace subjugated) Anthem  (national)  (local) Capital Ponta Delgada1 Angra do Heroísmo2 Horta3 Largest city Ponta Delgada Official languages Portuguese Government Autonomous region  -  President Carlos César Establishment  -  Settled 1439   -  Autonomy 1976  Area  -  Total 2,333 km² (n/a) 911 sq mi... The Mergui Archipelago The Archipelago Sea, situated between the Gulf of Bothnia and the Gulf of Finland, the largest archipelago in the world by the number of islands. ... 1897-Portrait of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle by Sidney Paget. ... J. Habakuk Jephsons Statement is an 1884 story by a then-young Arthur Conan Doyle, loosly based on the real mystery of the abandonment of the Mary Celeste, published anonymously in the respected Cornhill Magazine. ... Carroll A. Deering, a five-masted commercial schooner, who was found run aground on the shore of North Carolina in 1921, its crew mysteriously missing. ... An aerial view of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Cape Hatteras is a cape on the coast of North Carolina. ... Official language(s) English Capital Raleigh Largest city Charlotte Largest metro area Charlotte metro area Area  Ranked 28th  - Total 53,865 sq mi (139,509 km²)  - Width 150 miles (240 km)  - Length 560[1] miles (901 km)  - % water 9. ... The Baychimo was a steel 1,322 ton cargo steamer built in 1914 in Sweden and owned by the Hudsons Bay Company, used to trade pelts for provisions in Inuit settlements along the Victoria Island coast of the North West Territory of Canada. ... For the 1944 movie, see Lifeboat (film). ... Paddle steamers - Lucerne-Switzerland Left: original paddlewheel from a paddle steamer on the lake of Lucerne. ... The SS Valencia in 1904 The SS Valencia was an iron-hulled passenger steamer wrecked off the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia in 1906. ... Vancouver Island is separated from mainland British Columbia by the Strait of Georgia and the Queen Charlotte Strait, and from Washington by the Juan De Fuca Strait. ... 1922 Chart of the Morse Code Letters and Numerals Morse code is a method for transmitting telegraphic information, using standardized sequences of short and long elements to represent the letters, numerals, punctuation and special characters of a message. ... The S.S. Ourang Medan was a Dutch cargo ship, which, according to various authors, became a shipwreck in Indonesian waters after its entire crew had died under suspicious circumstances. ... MV Joyita was a merchant vessel from which 25 passengers and crew mysteriously disappeared in the South Pacific in 1955. ... Pacific redirects here. ... High Aim 6 was a ghost ship found drifting in Australian waters, an obscure and rarely covered mystery from 2003. ... Tanker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia /**/ @import /skins-1. ... The Jian Seng drifting off the Gulf of Carpentaria The Jian Seng is a ghost-ship, an 80 meter tanker of unknown origin that was spotted drifting 180km south-west of Weipa in the Gulf of Carpentaria by a Coastwatch aeroplane. ... Weipa is a town on the Gulf of Carpentaria coast on Cape York peninsula in Queensland, Australia. ... Slogan or Nickname: Sunshine State, Smart State Motto(s): Audax at Fidelis (Bold but Faithful) Other Australian states and territories Capital Brisbane Government Constitutional monarchy Governor Quentin Bryce Premier Anna Bligh (ALP) Federal representation  - House seats 28  - Senate seats 12 Gross State Product (2004-05)  - Product ($m)  $158,506 (3rd... Scuttling is the act of deliberately sinking a ship, either to dispose of an old vessel or to prevent the vehicle from being captured by an enemy force. ... The Bel Amica is a ghost ship discovered off the coast of island of Sardinia near Punta Volpe on August 24, 2006. ... For the place in the United States, see Sardinia, Ohio. ... It has been suggested that Catamaran History be merged into this article or section. ... Kaz II - Off the coast of Townsville with a torn sail The Kaz II, dubbed the ghost yacht, is a 12 meter catamaran which was found drifting 80 nautical miles (160 km) off of the coast of north Australia on April 18, 2007. ... Slogan or Nickname: Sunshine State, Smart State Motto(s): Audax at Fidelis (Bold but Faithful) Other Australian states and territories Capital Brisbane Government Constitutional monarchy Governor Quentin Bryce Premier Anna Bligh (ALP) Federal representation  - House seats 28  - Senate seats 12 Gross State Product (2004-05)  - Product ($m)  $158,506 (3rd... The Beach - Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia Airlie Beach is a seaside village in the shire of Whitsunday, Queensland, Australia. ... Townsville in 2004. ... The Great Barrier Reef is the worlds largest coral reef system,[1][2] composed of roughly 3,000 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching for 2,600 kilometres (1,616 mi) over an area of approximately 344,400 square kilometres (132,974 sq mi). ... For the band, see Laptop (band). ... Over fifty GPS satellites such as this NAVSTAR have been launched since 1978. ... A personal flotation device (also named PFD, lifejacket, life preserver, Mae West, life vest, life saver, cork jacket, life belt) is a device designed to keep a wearer afloat and their head above water, often in swimming pools, rivers, lakes, and oceans. ...

In legend

"The Flying Dutchman" by Albert Pinkham Ryder.
"The Flying Dutchman" by Albert Pinkham Ryder.

The main legend of ghost ships among mariners has been the Flying Dutchman, a captain condemned to eternally sail the seas. The legend has inspired several works. Image File history File links Download high-resolution version (778x644, 111 KB)[edit] Summary The Flying Dutchman by Albert Pinkham Ryder. ... Image File history File links Download high-resolution version (778x644, 111 KB)[edit] Summary The Flying Dutchman by Albert Pinkham Ryder. ... The Race Track (Death on a Pale Horse) (1895 - 1910), Cleveland Museum of Art Albert Pinkham Ryder (March 19, 1847 - March 28, 1917) was an American painter best known for his poetic and moody allegorical works and seascapes, as well as his eccentric personality. ... The Flying Dutchman by Albert Pinkham Ryder For other uses, see Flying Dutchman (disambiguation). ...

Ghost ships in English literature

Well-known examples of ghost ships in English literature include: The term English literature refers to literature written in the English language, including literature composed in English by writers not necessarily from England; Joseph Conrad was Polish, Robert Burns was Scottish, James Joyce was Irish, Dylan Thomas was Welsh, Edgar Allan Poe was American, Salman Rushdie is Indian, V.S...

One of a set of engraved metal plate illustrations by Gustave Doré: the Mariner up on the mast in a storm. ... Samuel Taylor Coleridge (October 21, 1772 – July 25, 1834) (pronounced ) was an English poet, critic, and philosopher who was, along with his friend William Wordsworth, one of the founders of the Romantic Movement in England and one of the Lake Poets. ... Rokeby, Tasmania, Australia, is a suburb of Hobart on the eastern shore of the Derwent River. ... For the first Premier of Saskatchewan see Thomas Walter Scott Sir Walter Scott (August 14, 1771 - September 21, 1832) was a prolific Scottish historical novelist and poet popular throughout Europe. ... This article is about the novel. ... Abraham Bram Stoker (November 8, 1847 – April 20, 1912) was an Irish writer, best remembered as the author of the influential horror novel Dracula. ... A legendary lost star-searcher Theyre becoming like the men of the pre-Guild legend, she thought: Like the men of the lost star-searcher, Ampoliros--sick at their guns--forever seeking, forever prepared and forever unready -- Dune PHP5 Application Server Ampoliros is an advanced and easy to use... Dune is a science fiction novel written by Frank Herbert and published in 1965. ... Frank Patrick Herbert (October 8, 1920 – February 11, 1986) was a critically acclaimed and commercially successful American science fiction author. ...

American Folklore

In the book 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey, storyteller Kathryn Tucker Windham tells the story of the phantom ship Eliza Battle as "The Phantom Steamboat of the Tombigbee." The cover of 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey. ... Kathryn Tucker Windham (born June 2, 1918) is a storyteller, author, photographer, and journalist. ...

In film

In 2003, Walt Disney Pictures released the first film in the trilogy Pirates of the Caribbean, the plots of which involve the ghost ships The Black Pearl and The Flying Dutchman. The films are based on the Disney theme park attraction of the same name. Old logo from 1985-2006 Walt Disney Pictures refers to several different entities associated with The Walt Disney Company: Walt Disney Pictures, the film banner, was established as a designation in 1983, prior to which Disney films since the death of Walt Disney were released under the name of the... Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is a movie of adventure and romance set in the Caribbean during the seventeenth century. ... Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) is a romantic adventure movie set in the Caribbean during the early 1700s. ... The Flying Dutchman by Albert Pinkham Ryder For other uses, see The Flying Dutchman (disambiguation). ... Walt Disney Parks and Resorts is the division of The Walt Disney Company that conceives, builds and manages the companys theme parks and vacation resorts, as well as a variety of additional family-oriented leisure enterprises. ... Pirates of the Caribbean is a dark ride at the Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris theme parks. ...

The 2002 horror film Ghost Ship involves a stranded Italian ocean liner named Antonia Graza, lost at sea since 21 May 1962. The ship is boarded by a salvage crew, who shortly afterward encounter the ghostly apparitions of murdered passengers. Ghost Ship (2002) is a horror movie, directed by Steve Beck. ... is the 141st day of the year (142nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. ... Year 1962 (MCMLXII) was a common year starting on Monday (the link is to a full 1962 calendar) of the Gregorian calendar. ...

In 2001 the Sci Fi Channel broadcast Lost Voyage, a Sci Fi Pictures original film about the return of a derelict luxury ship, the Corona Queen, missing 25 years earlier, investigated by the son of one of the missing passengers. SCI FI (originally The Sci-Fi Channel, sometimes rendered SCI FI Channel when part of a longer phrase) is an American cable television channel, launched on September 24, 1992, specializing in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and paranormal programming. ... Sci Fi Pictures original movies are that produced by the Sci Fi Channel. ...

The 1997 science fiction horror film Event Horizon involved a spaceship that while testing an experimental propulsion system, simply disappeared. It returns intact seven years later with no crew, life support offline and data recordings scrambled. The investigating team soon encounters an evil presence that the ship brought back with it. Science fiction is a form of speculative fiction principally dealing with the impact of imagined science and technology, or both, upon society and persons as individuals. ... “Horror Movie” redirects here. ... Event Horizon is a 1997 science fiction horror film that was directed by Paul W. S. Anderson and written by Philip Eisner (with an uncredited rewrite by Andrew Kevin Walker). ...

Numerous episodes of the various Star Trek series deal with abandoned ships discovered adrift. Notable examples are "The Tholian Web" (Star Trek), "The Naked Now", and "Booby Trap" (Star Trek: The Next Generation). The current Star Trek franchise logo Star Trek is an American science fiction entertainment series and media franchise. ... The Tholian Web is a third season episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. ... The starship Enterprise as it appeared on Star Trek Star Trek is a culturally significant science fiction television series created by Gene Roddenberry in the 1960s. ... The Naked Now is an episode from Star Trek: The Next Generation. ... Booby Trap is a third season episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. ... The title as it appeared in most episodes opening credits. ...

In video games

In the game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, which uses as scenario a vast ocean, there is a Ghost Ship that navigates at night across seven different islands in a cycle, one per night. A map with the ship destinations withdrawn was made by a sailor, who died in the moment he finished following the ship in its entire cyclic trip. The player needs to find the map in order to enter the Ghost Ship and continue in the game. In Wind Waker's sequel, The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass, a similar Ghost Ship is used as a dungeon, a plot device, and a boss battle. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (or Zeruda no Densetsu: Kaze no Takuto in Japan) is the ninth game in the well-known The Legend of Zelda series of video games. ... The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass , literally The Legend of Zelda: Hourglass of Fantasies), is an action-adventure game developed by Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. Phantom Hourglass was released in Japan on June 23, 2007, in North America on October 1...

In the Half-Life universe, a ship belonging to Aperture Science, the Borealis, vanishes, taking half of the drydock with it. It is discovered in Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and also implies the player will travel to it in Half-Life 2: Episode 3. Half-Life For a quantity subject to exponential decay, the half-life is the time required for the quantity to fall to half of its initial value. ... This article is about the 2007 computer game. ...

See also

El Caleuche is the mythical ghost ship of Chilote culture. ...


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