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Geographical renaming is the act of changing the name of a geographical feature or area. This can range from the uncontroversial change of a street name to a highly disputed change to the name of a country. Some names are changed locally but are not recognised by other countries, especially when there is a difference in language. Other names may not be officially recognised but remain in common use. Geonym is a name of a geographical feature. ... Geography - (from the Greek words Geo (γη) or Gaea (γαία), both meaning Earth, and graphein (γράφειν) meaning to describe or to writeor to map) is the study of the earth and its features, inhabitants, and phenomena. ... Abbey Road in London A street name or odonym is an identifying name given to a street. ... For other uses, see Country (disambiguation). ...

There are many reasons to undertake renaming, with political motivation being the primary cause, such as reverting to the original names of cities that were renamed to honour Stalin. (See de-Stalinization and history of the Soviet Union (1953-1985).) One of the most common reasons for a country changing its name is newly acquired independence. When borders are changed, sometimes due to a country splitting or two countries joining together, the name of the areas can change. This, however, is more the creation of a different entity than an act of geographical renaming. During Joseph Stalins rule (1922-1953), many places, mostly cities, in the Soviet Union and other communist countries were named or renamed in honor of him as part of the cult of personality. ... De-Stalinization and the Khrushchev era For further details, see Nikita Khrushchev After Stalin had died in March 1953, he was succeeded by Nikita Khrushchev as First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and Georgi Malenkov as Premier of the Soviet Union. ... // See also: Nikita Khrushchev After Stalin had died in March 1953, he was succeeded by Nikita Khrushchev as First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and Georgi Malenkov as Premier of the Soviet Union. ...

Other more unusual reasons for renaming have included:

  • To stop having an unusual or embarrassing name
  • As part of a sponsorship deal or publicity stunt

A change might see a completely different name being adopted or may simply be just a slightly different spelling. This article does not cite any references or sources. ...

In some cases established institutions preserve the old names of the renamed places in their names, such as the Pusan National University in Busan, South Korea, the Peking University in Beijing, People's Republic of China, and the Bombay Stock Exchange and the Bombay High Court in Mumbai, Republic of India. Pusan National University (PNU) (also called Busan National University) is one of the leading national universities in South Korea. ... Busan Metropolitan City, also known as Pusan[1] is the largest port city in the Republic of Korea. ... Peking University (traditional Chinese: ; simplified Chinese: ; pinyin: ), colloquially known in Chinese as Beida (北大, Běidà), was established in 1898. ... Peking redirects here. ... The Bombay Stock Exchange The Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (Marathi:मुंबई शेयर बाजार) (formerly, The Stock Exchange, Mumbai; popularly called The Bombay Stock Exchange, or BSE) is the oldest stock exchange in Asia. ... The Bombay High Court was inaugurated on August 14, 1862. ... , Bombay redirects here. ... The Republic of India is the second most populous country in the world, with a population of more than one billion, and is the seventh largest country by geographical area. ...


Naming disputes

It has been suggested that British Isles#Names of the islands through the ages be merged into this article or section. ... The Hyphen War (in Czech Pomlčková válka, in Slovak Pomlčková vojna — literally Dash War) was the tongue-in-cheek name given to the conflict over what to call Czechoslovakia after the fall of Communism. ... Czecho-Slovakia (in Czech and in Slovak ÄŒesko-Slovensko) was the official short name of the country of Czechoslovakia used instead of the form Czechoslovakia: until 1920 (according to some sources until 1923) then again from late 1938 to early 1939 finally again from April 1990 to the Velvet Divorce... The name of the city and county of Derry or Londonderry in Northern Ireland is a subject of naming dispute between nationalists (mostly Catholic) and unionists (most of whom are Protestant), with nationalists calling it Derry, and unionists, Londonderry. ... Northern Ireland (Irish: , Ulster Scots: Norlin Airlann) is a constituent country of the United Kingdom lying in the northeast of the island of Ireland, covering 5,459 square miles (14,139 km², about a sixth of the islands total area). ... The Indian renaming controversy is a result of a movement to change the names of Indian cities from the names used during the British imperial period, back to regional or Indian names. ... Iran has been the subject of a naming dispute in common Western usage. ... The dispute concerns the international name of this body of water There is a dispute over using the name Sea of Japan to refer to the sea bordered by Russia, Japan, North Korea, and South Korea. ... For an in depth analysis of the often confusing terms regarding Macedonia, see Macedonia (terminology). ... A naming dispute exists concerning the region of the island of Ireland which remained part of the United Kingdom following the secession of the twenty-six counties which formed the Irish Free State in 1922 (now the Republic of Ireland). ... Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House, Dubai, UAE. A historic map is manipulated and altered to erase the word Persian from the Persian Gulf. ...

Significant name changes

The following list shows acts of geographical renaming that have had been of international importance or significance.

Countries and territories

East Pakistan was a former province of Pakistan which existed between 1955 and 1971. ... Belarus (Belarusian: Белару́сь, Russian: Белару́сь (formerly: Белору́ссия)) is a landlocked nation of Eastern Europe with the capital Minsk. ... The banner of White Ruthenia White Russia is a name that was historically applied to different regions in Eastern Europe, most often to the region that roughly corresponds to the present-day Belarus. ... Flag Capital Belize City Language(s) English Government Constitutional monarchy History  - Established 1871  - Disestablished 1981 Area 22,966 km2 8,867 sq mi Currency British Honduran dollar Flag of British Honduras British Honduras was the former name of what is now the independent nation of Belize and was a British... Dahomey was a kingdom in Africa, situated in what is now the nation of Benin. ... Insurrection and War, 1967-75 By the mid-1960s, Norodom Sihanouks delicate balancing act was beginning to go awry. ... The Kingdom of Cambodia (Khmer short form: Kampuchea) is a constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia with a population of over 13 million people, most of whom are Theravada Buddhists of Khmer origin. ... Oubangui-Chari, or Ubangi-Shari, was a French territory in central Africa which later became the independent country of the Central African Republic on August 13, 1960. ... The Central African Empire was the name of the Central African Republic when president Jean-Bédel Bokassa declared himself Emperor Bokassa in 1977. ... The Viceroyalty of New Granada was the name given to a group of colonial provinces in northern South America, corresponding mainly to modern Colombia. ... The Republic of Djibouti (جيبوتي) is a country in eastern Africa, located in the Horn of Africa. ... For other uses, see Djibouti (disambiguation). ... Portuguese Timor is the former name (1596 - 1975) of East Timor when it was under Portuguese control. ... The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, commonly known as East Timor, is an island nation in Southeast Asia, consisting of the eastern half of the island of Timor, the nearby islands of Atauro and Jaco, and Oecussi-Ambeno, a political exclave of East Timor situated on the western side of... Spanish Guinea was an African colony of Spain that became the independent nation of Equatorial Guinea. ... This article needs cleanup. ... Flag of Gold Coast Map from 1896 of the British Gold Coast Colony. ... Motto Unidade, Luta, Progresso(Portuguese) Unity, Struggle, Progress Anthem Esta é a Nossa Pátria Bem Amada(Portuguese) Capital (and largest city) Bissau1 Official languages Portuguese Government Republic  -  President João Bernardo Vieira  -  Prime Minister Martinho Ndafa Kabi Independence from Portugal   -  Declared September 24, 1973   -  Recognised September 10, 1974  Area  -  Total... Portuguese Guinea was the name for what is today Guinea-Bissau from 1446 to September 10, 1974. ... The Dutch East Indies, or Netherlands East Indies, (Dutch: Nederlands Indië) was the name of the colonies colonised by the Dutch East India Company which came under administration of the Netherlands during the ninteenth century (see Indonesia). ... For other uses of this term see: Persia (disambiguation) The Persian Empire is the name used to refer to a number of historic dynasties that have ruled the country of Persia (Iran). ... This article is about the prior state. ... Map of Éire Éire (pronounced ) is the Irish name for Ireland. ... Map of the territory of the British Mandate of Palestine The Emirate of Transjordan was an autonomous political division of the British Mandate of Palestine, created as an administrative entity in April 1921 before the Mandate came into effect. ... It has been suggested that Central Gilberts be merged into this article or section. ... Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz: Кыргызстан) is a country in Central Asia. ... map of New Spain in red, with territories claimed but not controlled in orange. ... The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. ... French Sudan (Fr. ... For other uses of Moldavia or Moldova, see Moldova (disambiguation). ... Anthem Kaba Ma Kyei Capital Naypyidaw Largest city Yangon Official languages Burmese Demonym Burmese Government Military junta  -  Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council Than Shwe  -  Prime Minister Soe Win  -  Acting Prime Minister Thein Sein Establishment  -  Bagan 849–1287   -  Taungoo Dynasty 1486–1752   -  Konbaung Dynasty 1752–1885   -  Colonial rule... South-West Africa is the former name (1884-1990) of Namibia under German (as German South-West Africa, Deutsch Süd-West Afrika) and (from 1915) South African administration when it was conquered from the Germans during World War I. Following the war, the Treaty of Versailles declared the territory... This article is about Puerto Rico, the territory of the United States. ... Taegeuk is a traditional symbol of Korea Capital Gaegyeong Language(s) Korean Religion Buddhism Government Monarchy Wang  - 918 - 946 Taejo  - 949 - 975 Gwangjong  - 1259 - 1274 Wonjong  - 1351 - 1374 Gongmin Historical era 918 - 1392  - Later Three Kingdoms rise 892  - Coronation of Taejo June 15, 918  - Korea-Khitan Wars 993 - 1019  - Mongolian... Joseon redirects here. ... The Independent State of Samoa (conventional long form) or Samoa (conventional short form) is a country comprising a group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean. ... The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (ශ්රී ලංකා in Sinhala / இலங்கை in Tamil) (known as Ceylon before 1972) is a tropical island nation off the southeast coast of the Indian subcontinent. ... Capital Belgrade Language(s) Serbian Government Republic President  - 1992 - 1993 Dobrica Ćosić  - 1993 - 1997 Zoran Lilić  - 1997 – 2000 Slobodan MiloÅ¡ević  - 2000 - 2003 Vojislav KoÅ¡tunica Prime Minister  - 1992 - 1993 Milan Panić  - 1993 - 1998 Radoje Kontić  - 1998 - 2000 Momir Bulatović  - 2000 - 2001 Zoran Žižić  - 2001 - 2003 DragiÅ¡a Pe... For the country formerly called Siam see Thailand SIAM is an acronym for Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. ... Tuvalu is an island nation located in the Pacific Ocean midway between Hawaii and Australia. ... The New Hebrides are an island group in the South Pacific that now form the nation of Vanuatu. ... Spanish Sahara was the name used for the modern territory of Western Sahara when it was ruled by Spain, created from the Spanish territories of Rio de Oro and La Aguera in 1924. ... Flag of Northern Rhodesia. ... This article is about the former British colony of Southern Rhodesia, todays Zimbabwe. ... Southern Rhodesia was the name of the British colony situated immediately to the north of South Africa, known today as Zimbabwe. ... This article is about the former British colony of Southern Rhodesia, todays Zimbabwe. ... Flag Capital Salisbury Language(s) English Government Republic President Josiah Zion Gumede Prime Minister Abel Muzorewa Historical era Cold War  - Established June 1, 1979  - Disestablished December 12, 1979 Area  - 1978 390,580 km2 150,804 sq mi Population  - 1978 est. ...

Subnational entities

Statistics Province: Leinster County Town: Portlaoise Code: LS Area: 1,719 km² Population (2006) 69,012 Website: www. ... Statistics Province: Leinster County Town: Tullamore Code: OY Area: 1,999 km² Population (2006) 70,604 Website: www. ... Capital Bloemfontein Largest city Bloemfontein Area  - Total Ranked 3rd 129,480 km² Premier Beatrice Marshoff (ANC) Population   - 2001   - 1996   - Density Ranked 8th 2,706,776 2,633,504 21/km² (2001) Languages Sotho (62%) Afrikaans (14%) isiXhosa (9. ... Categories: South Africa stubs | Provinces of South Africa | Gauteng Province ... Not to be confused with the former Kwantung Leased Territory in north-eastern China. ... Hebei (Chinese: 河北; pinyin: ; Wade-Giles: Ho-pei; Postal System Pinyin: Hopeh) is a northern province of the Peoples Republic of China. ... KwaZulu-Natal (often referred to as KZN) is a province of South Africa. ... Northern Transvaal redirects here, see Blue Bulls for the rugby union team. ... Mpumalanga, (name changed from Eastern Transvaal on 24 August 1995), is a province in South Africa. ... This article is about the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. ... Papua Region is one of four regions of Papua New Guinea. ... Phuket (Thai ภูเก็ต) is one of the southern provinces (changwat) of Thailand. ... The Andaman Sea (Burmese: ; IPA: ) is a body of water to the southeast of the Bay of Bengal, south of Myanmar, west of Thailand and east of the Andaman Islands; it is part of the Indian Ocean. ... Look up Malay in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ... This article is about the Union Territory. ... For other uses, see Sabah (disambiguation). ... Slogan or Nickname: Island of Inspiration; The Apple Isle; Holiday Isle Motto(s): Ubertas et Fidelitas (Fertility and Faithfulness) Other Australian states and territories Capital Hobart Government Constitutional monarchy Governor William Cox Premier Paul Lennon (ALP) Federal representation  - House seats 5  - Senate seats 12 Gross State Product (2004-05)  - Product... Van Diemens Land is the name originally used by the British for Tasmania, an island state of Australia. ...

Cities and towns

Peking redirects here. ... Beijing (Chinese: 北京; pinyin: Běijīng; Wade-Giles: Pei-ching; Postal System Pinyin: Peking), is the capital city of the Peoples Republic of China. ... Nanjing (南京, Pinyin: Nánjīng, Wade-Giles: Nan-ching; Postal System Pinyin: Nanking, formerly Jinling 金陵, Jiangning 江宁, and Tianjing 天京) is the central city of downstream Yangtze Basin and is a renowned historical and cultural city. ... Pinyin, more formally called Hanyu Pinyin (Simplified Chinese: ; Traditional Chinese: ; Pinyin: ), is the most common variant of Standard Mandarin romanization system in use. ... For other uses, see Bogotá (disambiguation). ... Busan Metropolitan City, also known as Pusan[1] is the largest port city in the Republic of Korea. ... Dongrae is an old name of Busan in Chosun era, now is the second biggest city in South Korea. ... The Korean War (Korean: 한국전쟁), from June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953, was a conflict between North Korea and South Korea. ... Chemnitz (Sorbian/Lusatian Kamjenica, 1953-1990 called Karl-Marx-Stadt; Czech: Saská Kamenice) is a city in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. ... Location Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2) Administration Country NUTS Region DED Capital Dresden Minister-President Georg Milbradt (CDU) Governing parties CDU / SPD Votes in Bundesrat 4 (from 69) Basic statistics Area  18,416 km² (7,110 sq mi) Population 4,252,000 (11/2006)[1]  - Density 231 /km... Map of Germany showing Chemnitz Chemnitz (Sorbian/Lusatian Kamjenica, formerly called Karl-Marx-Stadt) is a city in Saxony, Germany. ... , Madras redirects here. ... Madras refers to: the Indian city of Chennai, formerly known as Madras, the former Indian state, now known as Tamil Nadu (Plural of Madra): Ancient people of Iranian affinites, who lived in northwest Panjab in the Uttarapatha division of ancient India. ... WGS-84 (GPS) Coordinates: , Irish Grid Reference W793666 Statistics Province: Munster County: Elevation: 47 m (154 ft} Population (2006)  - Town:  - Rural:   6,517  6,370 Website: www. ... Cobh (An Cóbh in Irish, derived from English the cove) is a seaport in County Cork in the Ireland. ... Dhaka (previously Dacca; Bengali: Ḍhākā; IPA: ) is the capital of Bangladesh and the principal city of Dhaka District. ... Sadarghat, one of the main ports of Dhaka Dhaka (previously Dacca; Bangla: ঢাকা), population 9,000,022 (2001), is the capital of Bangladesh. ... Short name Statistics Location map Map of South Korea highlighting the city. ... This article is about the town of Dún Laoghaire . ... Kingstown Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Location Map Kingstown, estimated population 15,900 (July 1999), is the chief port of Saint Vincent, and the capital of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. ...   (Urdu: فیصل آباد) is a city located in Punjab, Pakistan. ... Anthem God Save The King The British Indian Empire, 1909 Capital Calcutta (1858 - 1912) New Delhi (1912 - 1947) Language(s) Hindustani, English and many others Government Monarchy Emperor of India  - 1858-1901 Victoria¹  - 1901-1910 Edward VII  - 1910-1936 George V  - 1936 Edward VIII  - 1936-1947 George VI Viceroy²  - 1858... For alternative meanings of GdaÅ„sk and Danzig, see GdaÅ„sk (disambiguation) and Danzig (disambiguation) Motto: Nec temere, nec timide (No rashness, no timidness) Coordinates: , Country Voivodeship Powiat city county Gmina GdaÅ„sk Established 10th century City Rights 1263 Government  - Mayor PaweÅ‚ Adamowicz Area  - City 262 km²  (101. ... For alternative meanings of Gdańsk and Danzig, see Gdansk (disambiguation) and Danzig (disambiguation) The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. ... Flag of Danzig The Free City of Danzig refers to either of two short-lived city-states which were centered on the present-day Baltic port known as GdaÅ„sk (German: Danzig). ... Guangzhou is the capital and the sub-provincial city of Guangdong Province in the southern part of the Peoples Republic of China. ... Map of Zimbabwe showing the location of Harare. ... Following independence in 1980, Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) began renaming cities, towns and streets, in an attempt to eradicate symbols of British colonialism and white minority rule, starting in 1982, on the second anniversary of independence. ... For other uses, see Heraklion (disambiguation). ... For other uses, see Crete (disambiguation). ... The term ancient Greece refers to the periods of Greek history in Classical Antiquity, lasting ca. ... Saracens was a term used in the Middle Ages for those who professed the religion of Islam. ... Byzantine redirects here. ... Borders of the Republic of Venice in 1796 Capital Venice Language(s) Venetian, Latin, Italian Religion Roman Catholic Government Republic Doge  - 1789–97 Ludovico Manin History  - Established 697  - Treaty of Zara June 27, 1358  - Treaty of Leoben April 17, 1797 * Traditionally, the establishment of the Republic is dated to 697. ... Ottoman redirects here. ... Saigon redirects here. ... Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnamese: Thành Chí Minh) is the largest city in Vietnam, located near the delta of the Mekong River. ... The location of Istanbul Province Maiden Tower and Historical Peninsula of Istanbul Istanbul (Turkish: Ä°stanbul) (the former Constantinople, Greek: Κωνσταντινούπολις) is the largest city in Turkey, and arguably the most important. ... is the 87th day of the year (88th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. ... Year 1930 (MCMXXX) was a common year starting on Wednesday (link will display 1930 calendar) of the Gregorian calendar. ... Byzantium (Greek: Βυζάντιον) was an ancient Greek city, which, according to legend, was founded by Greek colonists from Megara in 667 BC and named after their king Byzas or Byzantas (Βύζας or Βύζαντας in Greek). ... Greek Empire can refer to the following: The Greek Empire of the ancient Macedonian Kingdom during the reign of Alexander the Great (as it is referred in the Bible). ... This article is about the city before the Fall of Constantinople (1453). ... For other uses, see Roman Empire (disambiguation). ... Ottoman redirects here. ... Istanbul (Not Constantinople) is a swing-style song, written by Jimmy Kennedy and Nat Simon. ... Jakarta (also DKI Jakarta), is the capital and largest city of Indonesia. ... Kaliningrad (Russian: ; Lithuanian: Karaliaučius; German  , Polish: Królewiec; briefly Russified as Kyonigsberg), is a seaport and the administrative center of Kaliningrad Oblast, the Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea. ... Former German name of the city of Kaliningrad. ... , Kanpur   (Hindi: कानपुर, Urdu: کان پور, spelled as Cawnpore before 1948) is one of the most populous cities in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. ... Kānpur (known as Cawnpore before 1948) is the most populous city in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. ... Osiedle TysiÄ…clecia at night Coordinates: , Country Voivodeship Powiat city county Gmina Katowice Established 16th century City Rights 1865 Government  - Mayor Piotr Uszok Area  - City 164. ... Silesia (English pronunciation [], Czech: ; German: ; Latin: ; Polish: ; Silesian: Åšlůnsk) is a historical region in central Europe, located along the upper and middle Oder River, upper Vistula River, and along the Sudetes, Carpathian (Silesian Beskids) mountain range. ... Panorama of Katowice at night Katowice ( ; Czech: , German: ) was the name of a city in Upper Silesia in southern Poland on the KÅ‚odnica and Rawa rivers. ... Kimchaek, formerly Sŏngjin (성진), is a city in North Hamgyong Province, North Korea. ... Kimchaek, formerly Sŏngjin (성진), is a city in North Hamgyong Province, North Korea. ... Belligerents United Nations: Republic of Korea Australia Belgium Canada Colombia Ethiopia France Greece Luxembourg Netherlands New Zealand Philippines South Africa Thailand Turkey United Kingdom United States Medical staff: Denmark Italy Norway India Sweden Communist: Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea Peoples Republic of China Soviet Union Commanders Syngman Rhee... Kinshasa (formerly Léopoldville or, before 1960, also Leopoldstad) is the capital and largest city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. ... Kinshasa (formerly Léopoldville) is the capital and largest city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. ... , The City of Kitchener (IPA ) is a city in southwestern Ontario, Canada. ... This article is about the capital of Germany. ... , “Calcutta” redirects here. ... The Indian renaming controversy is a result of a movement to change the names of Indian cities from the names used during the British imperial period, back to regional or Indian names. ... Bangla redirects here. ... Nickname: Location in Malaysia and Sabah Country State Settled by BNBC 1882 Declared capital of North Borneo 1946 Granted city status February 2, 2000 Government  - Mayor Datuk Illiyas Ibrahim Area  - City 351 km²  (136 sq mi) Population (2007)  - City 532 129 [2]  - Density 1,516/km² (3,913/sq mi... Kota Kinabalu (1996 pop. ... , For the district with the same name, see Kollam District. ... Kollam, formerly known as Quilon, is a city in Kerala which is also the headquarters of a district by the same name. ... Lake Station is a city in Lake County, Indiana, United States. ... // Place name Several places in the United States of America are called Gary (in decreasing population order): Gary, Indiana Gary, West Virginia Gary, Minnesota Gary, South Dakota There are other similarly-named towns: Gary City, Texas Garysburg, North Carolina Garyville, Louisiana GNIS also lists the following tiny (or uninhabited) towns... Location within China Lüshun city or Lüshunkou or (literally) Lüshun Port (Simplified Chinese: 旅顺口; Traditional Chinese: 旅順口; Pinyin: , formerly in historic references both Port Arthur and Ryojun, is a town in the southernmost administrative district of Dalian of the Peoples Republic of China. ... Location of Malabo in Equatorial Guinea Malabo is the capital city of Equatorial Guinea, located on the northern coast of Bioko Island (formerly Fernando Póo). ... Maputo is the capital of Mozambique. ... Lourenço Marques was a 16th century Portuguese trader. ... , Bombay redirects here. ... The Indian renaming controversy is a result of a movement to change the names of Indian cities from the names used during the British imperial period, back to regional or Indian names. ... New York, New York and NYC redirect here. ... This article is about the settlement in present-day New York City. ... This article traces the history of New York City, New York. ... Nizhny Novgorod (Russian: ), colloquially shortened as Nizhny, is the fourth largest city in Russia, ranking after Moscow, St. ... The name Gorki or Gorky (Горький) can refer to any of the following things: Leninskie Gorki (Горки) - a village near Moscow where Lenin died in 1924 Nizhny Novgorod (from 1932-1990 called Gorki) Maxim Gorky Arshile Gorky Gorky Park (Novel) - a novel by Martin Cruz Smith Gorki,a Belgian band... This article is about the capital of Norway. ... In the period 1878–1924, Kristiania was the name used for Norways capital Oslo (having been called Christiania since 1624). ... Coordinates Mayor Dr. Miomir MugoÅ¡a (DPS) Municipality area 1,441 km² Population (2003 census)  - city  - municipality  - density 136,473 169,132 117. ... Podgorica (Подгорица) (formerly Titograd and Ribnica) is the capital of Montenegro and the judicial capital of Serbia and Montenegro, located at 42. ... Polokwane (previously known as Pietersburg) is a city, municipality and the capital of the Limpopo province in South Africa. ... Polokwane (previously known as Pietersburg) is the capital of Limpopo Province (the province with the greatest increase in growth rate for 2003) in South Africa. ... This is a list of cities and towns in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. ... Port Klang (Malay: Pelabuhan Klang) is the main port of Malaysia, located in the district of Klang in the state of Selangor. ... Port Klang (in Malay Pelabuhan Klang) is the main port of Malaysia, located in the district of Klang in the state of Selangor. ... Nickname: Motto: Maju dan makmur (English: Progress and Prosper) Location in Malaysia Coordinates: , Country State Establishment 1857 Granted city status 1974 Government  - Mayor (Datuk Bandar) Datuk Abdul Hakim Borhan From 14 December 2006 Area  - Total 243. ... Motto: Praestantia Praevaleat Pretoria (May Pretoria Be Pre-eminent In Excellence) Country South Africa Province Gauteng Established 1855 Area  - City 1,644 km²  (634. ... The City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality is a metropolitan area contained mostly in the province of Gauteng, South Africa, that includes the city of Pretoria. ... It has been suggested that Greater Santo Domingo Area be merged into this article or section. ... ... Adolf Hitler built a strong cult of personality, based on the Führerprinzip. ... This article is about Rafael L. Trujillo, former dictator of the Dominican Republic. ... Short name Statistics Location map Map of location of Seoul. ... Hanyang is also a former name of Seoul, South Korea. ... Seoul is the capital of South Korea and was, until 1945, the capital of all of Korea. ... Gyeongseong is the Korean form of Keijō (京城), the former Japanese name of Seoul used during the Japanese Colonial Period (1910-1945). ... This article is about a city. ... Major districts of Shenyang. ... Saint Petersburg (Russian: Санкт-Петербу́рг, English transliteration: Sankt-Peterburg), colloquially known as Питер (transliterated Piter), formerly known as Leningrad (Ленингра́д, 1924–1991) and Petrograd (Петрогра́д, 1914–1924), is a city located in Northwestern Russia on the delta of the river Neva at the east end of the Gulf of Finland... Saint Petersburg  listen (Russian: Санкт-Петербу́рг, English transliteration: Sankt-Peterburg), colloquially known as Питер (transliterated Piter), formerly known as Leningrad (Ленингра́д, 1924–1991) and Petrograd (Петрогра́д, 1914–1924), is a city located in Northwestern Russia on the delta of the river Neva at the east end of the Gulf of... Leningrad (Russian: Ленинград) may mean: St. ... Tel Aviv at night Dizengof Center Allenby Street Tel Aviv-Yafo (Hebrew תל אביב-יפו; Arabic تل ابيب-يافا Tal Abīb-Yāfā) is an Israeli city on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. ... Tel-Aviv Coat of arms Tel-Aviv was founded on empty dunes north of the existing city of Jaffa. ... , Thiruvananthapuram   (Malayalam: തിരുവനന്തപുരം Tiruvanantapuraṁ), also known as Trivandrum, is the capital of the Indian state of Kerala and the headquarters of the Thiruvananthapuram District. ... Indian Coffee House Thiruvananthapuram or Thiruvanathapuram (formerly known as Trivandrum) is the capital (population - 889,191 (2001)) of the state of Kerala, India. ... For other uses, see Tokyo (disambiguation). ... Edo (Japanese: , literally: bay-door, estuary, pronounced //), once also spelled Yedo or Yeddo, is the former name of the Japanese capital Tokyo. ... Not to be confused with capitol. ... York shown within England Coordinates: , Sovereign state Constituent country Region Yorkshire and the Humber Ceremonial county North Yorkshire Admin HQ York City Centre Founded 71 City Status 71 Government  - Type Unitary Authority, City  - Governing body City of York Council  - Leadership: Leader & Executive  - Executive: Liberal Democrat  - MPs: Hugh Bayley (L) John... Tvers coat of arms depicts grand ducal crown placed on a throne. ... Kalinin refers to: Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin The city of Tver, which from 1931 to 1990 was named after Kalinin. ... Ãœrümqi Ãœrümqi (Uyghur: ئۈرۈمچی; Uyghur Latin script: Ãœrümqi; Simplified Chinese: 乌鲁木齐; Traditional Chinese: 烏魯木齊; pinyin: ), with a population about 1. ... This article does not cite any references or sources. ... , Varanasi (Sanskrit: वाराणसी VārāṇasÄ«, IPA:  ), also known as Benares (Hindi: , Urdu: , IPA: ), or Kashi (Hindi: ), is a famous Hindu holy city situated on the banks of the river Ganges (Ganga) in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. ... Benares (also known as Banaras, Kashi, Kasi and Varanasi (वाराणसी)) is a Hindu holy city on the banks of the river Ganga or Ganges in the modern north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. ... Veles is a city in the center of the Republic of Macedonia on the Vardar river. ... Volgograd (Russian: ), formerly called Tsaritsyn (Russian: ) (1598–1925) and Stalingrad (Russian: ) (1925–1961) is a city and the administrative center of Volgograd Oblast, Russia. ... Rodina Mat (Motherland), statue on the Mamayev Kurgan, Volgograd Volgograd (Волгогра́д) (population: 1,012,000), formerly called Tsaritsyn (Цари́цын) (1598 - 1925) and Stalingrad (Сталингра́д) (1925 - 1961) is a city on the west bank of Volga river in southwestern Volgograd Oblast (province), Northern Caucasus district, Russia. ... Stalingrad is the former name of two cities: Volgograd, Russia Karviná-Nové Město, near Ostrava, Czech Republic Other uses: The Battle of Stalingrad (a major turning-point of World War II and arguably the bloodiest battle in human history) Stalingrad (German film set during the above battle) Stalingrad (metro station... Motto: Miasto spotkaÅ„ (the meeting place) Coordinates: , Country Poland Voivodeship Lower Silesian Powiat city county Gmina WrocÅ‚aw Established 10th century City Rights 1262 Government  - Mayor RafaÅ‚ Dutkiewicz Area  - City 292. ... Yangon (also known as Rangoon) is the largest city of Burma. ... Snow-covered statue of Sverdlov in Yekaterinburg Yekaterinburgs Church on the Blood built on the spot where the Tsar and his family were executed. ... Photograph of snow-covered Yekaterinburg Yekaterinburgs Church on the Blood, built on the spot where the Tsar and his family were murdered. ... Passengers bustle around the typical grand edifice of Londons Broad Street Station in 1865. ...

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Yugoslavia (Jugoslavija in the Latin alphabet, Југославија in Cyrillic; English: South Slavia, or literary The Land of South Slavs) describes three political entities that existed one at a time on the Balkan Peninsula in Europe, during most of the 20th century. ... Not to be confused with Republika Srpska. ... This article is about the country in Europe. ... Flag of Deutsch-Ostafrika (1885-1919) Flag of Tanganyika (1919-1961) Flag of the Republic of Tanganyika 1962–64 Tanganyika is the name of an East African territory lying between the largest of the African great lakes: Lake Victoria, Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika, after which it was named. ... Map of Zanzibars main island Zanzibar is part of Tanzania Coordinates: , Country Tanzania Islands Unguja and Pemba Capital Zanzibar City Settled AD 1000 Government  - Type semi-autonomous part of Tanzania  - President Amani Abeid Karume Area  - Both Islands  637 sq mi (1,651 km²) Population (2004)  - Both Islands 1,070... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... Official language(s) English Capital Bismarck Largest city Fargo Area  Ranked 19th  - Total 70,762 sq mi (183,272 km²)  - Width 210 miles (340 km)  - Length 340 miles (545 km)  - % water 2. ... Official language(s) English Capital Pierre Largest city Sioux Falls Area  Ranked 17th  - Total 77,116[1] sq mi (199,905 km²)  - Width 210 miles (340 km)  - Length 380 miles (610 km)  - % water 1. ... Official language(s) English Capital Charleston Largest city Charleston Largest metro area Charleston metro area Area  Ranked 41st  - Total 24,244 sq mi (62,809 km²)  - Width 130 miles (210 km)  - Length 240 miles (385 km)  - % water 0. ... This article is about the U.S. state. ... North Yemen is a term currently used to designate both the Yemen Arab Republic (1962-1990) and its predecessor, the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen (1918-1962), that exercised sovereignty over the territory that is now the northern part of the state of Yemen in southern Arabia. ... Capital Aden Language(s) Arabic Government Socialist republic President Sam Hazlewood al-Attas Prime Minister Yasin Said Numan Historical era Cold War  - Independence November 30, 1967  - UN membership December 14, 1967  - Constitution October 31, 1978  - Reunification May 22, 1990 Area  - 1990 332,970 km² Population  - 1990 est. ... North Korea, officially the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK; Korean: Chosŏn Minjujuŭi Inmin Konghwaguk; Hangul: 조선민주주의인민공화국; Hanja: 朝鮮民主主義人民共和國), is a country in eastern Asia, covering the northern half of the peninsula of Korea. ... This article is about the state which existed from 1949 to 1990. ...

Unusual name changes

Truth or Consequences is a spa city in Sierra County, New Mexico, United States. ... Action Comics #127 (December 1948), featuring Superman appearing on the show with Ralph Edwards Truth or Consequences was an American quiz show, originally hosted on radio by Ralph Edwards from 1940 to 1957, and later on television by Edwards himself from 1950 to 1951, Jack Bailey from 1954 to 1955... Ralph Livingstone Edwards (January 13, 1913 – November 16, 2005) was a television host and producer. ... Jim Thorpe is a borough in Carbon County, Pennsylvania, United States. ... For other uses, see Jim Thorpe (disambiguation). ... For the New York prison see The Tombs. ... Ismay is a town located in Custer County, Montana. ... NFL redirects here. ... Joseph Clifford Joe Montana, Jr. ... DISH is a town located in Denton County, Texas. ... EchoStar Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) is the parent company of DISH Network and the maintainer of the satellite fleet that provides the signal that DISH Network markets. ... DISH Network is a direct broadcast satellite (DBS) service that provides satellite television and audio programming to households and businesses in the United States, owned by parent company EchoStar Communications Corporation. ... Buffalo is a city located in Leon County, Texas. ... City Irving, Texas Other nicknames Americas Team, The Boys, The Pokes Team colors White, Silver, Silver-Green, Royal Blue, Navy Blue Head Coach Wade Phillips Owner Jerry Jones General manager Jerry Jones League/Conference affiliations National Football League (1960–present) Western Conference (1960) Eastern Conference (1961-1969) Capitol Division... For other uses, see Buffalo Bills (disambiguation). ... The winning Super Bowl team receives the Vince Lombardi Trophy. ... The Dallas Stars are a professional mens ice hockey team based in Dallas, Texas. ... The Buffalo Sabres is the best professional ice hockey team around. ... Image:Stanleycuptrophy. ... Dallas redirects here. ... Halfway is a city in Baker County, Oregon, United States. ... Dot-com redirects here. ... A website, Web site or WWW site (often shortened to just site) is a collection of webpages, that is, HTML/XHTML documents accessible via HTTP on the Internet; all publicly accessible websites in existence comprise the World Wide Web. ... Half. ... For other uses, see Idaho (disambiguation). ... A hamlet is (usually — see below) a small settlement, too small or unimportant to be considered a village. ... is the 343rd day of the year (344th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. ... Year 2005 (MMV) was a common year starting on Saturday (link displays full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar. ... Pippa Passes is a city located in Knott County, Kentucky. ... Robert Browning (May 7, 1812 – December 12, 1889) was a British poet and playwright whose mastery of dramatic verse, especially dramatic monologues, made him one of the foremost Victorian poets. ... Pippa Passes was a dramatic piece, as much play as poetry, by Robert Browning published in 1841 as the first volume of his Bells and Pomegranates series. ... Alice Lloyd College is a four-year liberal arts work college in Pippa Passes, Kentucky. ... Washington is a city in Washington County, Pennsylvania, United States. ... Steelers redirects here. ... The winning Super Bowl team receives the Vince Lombardi Trophy. ... Date February 5, 2006 Stadium Ford Field City Detroit, Michigan MVP Hines Ward, wide receiver Favorite Steelers by 4 National anthem Aaron Neville, Aretha Franklin and Dr. John, ASL performed by Angela LaGuardia Coin toss Tom Brady Referee Bill Leavy Halftime show The Rolling Stones Attendance 68,206 TV in... Eastpointe (formerly East Detroit) is a city in Macomb County of the U.S. state of Michigan. ... Motto: Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus (We Hope For Better Things; It Shall Rise From the Ashes - this motto was adopted after the disastrous 1805 fire that devastated the city) Nickname: The Motor City and Motown Location in Wayne County, Michigan Founded Incorporated July 24, 1701 1815  County Wayne County Mayor... The Grosse Pointe Yacht Club St. ... For other uses, see High school (disambiguation). ... Sleepy Hollow is a village in Westchester County, New York, United States. ... Washington Irving (April 3, 1783 – November 28, 1859) was an American author of the early 19th century. ... The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a short story by Washington Irving contained in his collection The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. ... Dublin is a city in Erath County, Texas, United States. ... Dr Pepper is a carbonated soft drink marketed in North America and South America by Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages (CSAB), a unit of Cadbury Schweppes. ... Town San Juan Bautista, Robinson Crusoe, Cumberland Bay A fisherman with 2 Lobsters Robinson Crusoe Island, located in the Juan Fernández archipelago, which is situated in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, 674 kilometres from the South American continent. ... Country Province Municipality Pinos Puente Area  - City 99 km²  (38. ...

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An exonym is a name for a place that is not used within that place by the local inhabitants (neither in the official language of the state nor in local languages[1]), or a name for a people or language that is not used by the people or language to... This is a list of cities which changed their name over the course of history. ... The United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names takes place every five years at United Nations Headquarters in New York. ... The United States Board on Geographic Names (BGN) is an American federal body whose purpose is to establish and maintain uniform usage of geographic names throughout the U.S. government. ... GNIS (The Geographic Names Information System) contains name and locative information about almost two million physical and cultural features located throughout the United States of America and its Territories. ... Toponomy is the study of place-names. ... Since there are way too many places on Earth to list on one page, go to a more specific list below. ... A sticker on the back of this Illinois street sign is intended to deter theft. ... An especially large number of cities and towns were renamed in Russia after the October Revolution. ... Double placenames prominently feature the placenames of two or more constituent geopolitical entities. ... Africanization, as used in this article, refers to the modification of place names or personal names to better reflect an African identity. ... The South African Geographical Names Council is the official government body of South Africa that advises the executive branch of the central government (in the form of the Minister of Arts and Culture) on new geographical names as well as the changing of existing geographical names. ...


is the 146th day of the year (147th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. ... Year 2005 (MMV) was a common year starting on Saturday (link displays full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar. ... BBC News is the department within the BBC responsible for the corporations news-gathering and production of news programmes on BBC television, radio and online. ... is the 330th day of the year (331st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. ... Year 2005 (MMV) was a common year starting on Saturday (link displays full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar. ...

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The geographical area for the population statistics in a form is stated in the head of the form.
The geographical area for the population statistics in a form as well as its spatial location with reference to larger administrative divisions is defined in the head of the form.
The main geographical source information was digitised by name and code according to the DDB internal geo code list (dedik); that is, the area mentioned in the head of the form and the geographical units mentioned in its Specification table.
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There are at least four traditional views on geography among geographers where emphasis is on the spatial analysis of natural and human phenomena (geography as a study of distribution), on area studies (places and regions), on man-land relationships, and earth science (study of the earth, its waters, and the atmosphere.)
Although, many geographers are trained in topography and cartography this is not their main preoccupation, but rather the spatial and temporal distribution of phenomena, processes and feature as well as the interaction of humans and their environment are.
Geographers studying hazards are interested in both the dynamics of the hazard event and how people and societies deal with it.
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