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Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension or simply Galidor is show that ran on Fox Kids in 2002 with a total of 26 episodes half-hour episodes. The series was created by Tom W. Lynch, the creator of The Secret World of Alex Mack and The Journey of Allen Strange. For album titles with the same name, see 2002 (album). ... The Secret World of Alex Mack was an American television series that ran on Nickelodeon from October 8, 1994 to 1998. ...

The show is centered around the journey of Nicholas Bluetooth, a 15 year old whose life is turned upside-down after receiving a strange floating alien map over his bed on the eve of his 15th birthday. The map leads Nicholas and his best (and only) friend, Allegra Zane, to a hidden Dimensional Transport Vehicle nicknamed the Egg. Nicholas unknowingly activates the egg and sends himself and Allegra into the Outer Dimension, where they find themselves as part of an intrepid group attempting to save Galidor, which has fallen into the clutches of the sinister Gorm.


Series Information

  • Genre : Science Fiction / Adventure - Mystery - Action - Drama
  • Running Time : 30 Minutes
  • Creator : Tom Lynch
  • Original Network / Channel : FOX / Fox Kids / Abc Family / YTV
  • Filming Location : Montreal
  • Total Number Of Episodes : 26

Cast List

  • Matthew Ewald : Nicholas "Nick" Bluetooth
  • Marie-Marguerite Sabongui : Allegra Zane
  • Sam Magdi : Jens
  • Michael O'Reilly : Jens (Voice)
  • Jeff Hall : Euripides
  • Georges Morris : Euripides (Voice)
  • Claude Girous : Nepol
  • Walter Massey : Nepol (Voice)
  • Derrick Damon Reeve / Steven P. Park : Gorm
  • Ian Finlay : Gorm (Voice)
  • Karen Cliche : Lind
  • Tara Leigh : Queen Riana
  • Randy Thomas : Samual "The Stranger" Bluetooth


  • Nick Bluetooth: A boy of 15 years in age. He has a special power called "glinching" (verb: glinch) which enables him to transform his body's matter into different kinds of matter; usually, he turns his limbs into limbs of other species or specialized machines. A brash and foolish hero, he will usually act first and think later, usually getting himself into more trouble than necessary. At times can be self-centered and obnoxious, is certain he is the leader and knows what's best. Despite his failings, he has a pure heart and desires feverishly to do the right thing despite any odds. Nicholas spends a good deal of the first season not realizing that he is descended from the Stranger (Sam Bluetooth) and Queen Riana.
  • Allegra Zane: 14 year old alleged computer genius (though only once do we see her use a computer). Nicholas's only friend, a karate expert. She is dragged into the Outer Dimension against her will and desires only to go home, until an encounter in Dreejal-Vin in episode 6 ("Belonging") with tunnel-dwellers makes her realize what is at stake. She is Nicholas's calm voice, where he is brash and foolish, she is calm and sedated.
  • Jens: The Chief Scientist of the Royal Court of Galidor. Originally a Wexar, a plant-like creature, his body was burned by Gorm, and he downloaded his mind into a robot body in order to complete his mission and recover "The Warrior," not realizing at first that it is Nick. Jens was also not fond of Allegra when the series began, whining that she is a complainer and "not supposed to be here." Usually acts nervous and panicky, and speaks with an odd high-pitched voice. Halfway through the show his "claw hands" are replaced with more articulate gloves.
  • Euripides: scholar (for some court), resembles a large anthropomorphic frog called an Amphibib. He is from the Realm of Arbo and the last of his kind. Philosopher and Nicholas's spiritual advisor. He carries a staff and has psychic powers which include telekinesis and limited heat generation.
  • Nepol: A Siktari warrior from the frozen realm of Elta Siktar, originally a tall Siktari warrior and leader of Galidor's army, was compacted by Gorm into a small Siktari. Visually impaired, needs glasses. He wields a luka (an icy-looking spear), runs extremely fast and can project freezing blasts.
  • Lind: A mysterious character who shows up in a few episodes at the end. She is a native Galidorian who can dissolve into a purple gel. Like Nick, she is certain she knows what's best and clashes with Nick and company at every opportunity. She and Nicholas begin to connect after rescuing Euripides from Earth.
  • Sam Bluetooth (AKA The Stranger): he is adventure and scientist, he met Queen Rhiana (Nicholas's mother), presumably 16 years back (?, left for Galidor in mid-1985)). Sam Bluetooth constructed the Egg (most likely in the Outer Dimension, having used his house to go there in the first place). In the beginning of the series he is seen falling into a chasm, but at the end of the series he is shown as Gorm's captive.
  • Queen Riana: The Queen of Galidor. Appears in the series mostly as a mental hologram that only Nicholas can see, offering cryptic advice and warnings.
  • Gorm: The show's main villain. Once the chief advisor of the Royal Court of Galidor, Gorm has become a menace throughout the Outer Dimension. He conquered many realms, wiped out some species (like the Amphibibs), and made a virus in the Maps. He has Sam Bluetooth in his clutches and plans to conquer Galidor. He has the ability to glinch at a much weaker level than Nick (he stole a small part of Nick's power when Nick was a baby) but amplifies it to a great degree through a device on his chest.
  • Tager: One of Gorm's main minions, Tager is the master of Mind Control and interrogated Allegra in the second season.
  • Bala: A bounty hunter working for Gorm, he attacks with an energy bolt that turns into a claw upon impact.
  • Caliphonic: Leader of the Aquarts, Caliphonic is a minion of Gorm.

Psychokinesis (literally mind-movement) or PK is the more commonly used term today for what in the past was known as telekinesis (literally distant-movement). It refers to the psi ability to influence the behavior of matter by mental intention (or possibly some other aspect of mental activity) alone. ...

Episode List

Season One :

  • 1. 1-1 101 Fed 9, 02 : "Identity"
  • 2. 1-2 102 Feb 16, 02 : "Euripides, Please"
  • 3. 1-3 103 Feb 23, 02 : "All For One, One For Nepol"
  • 4. 1-4 104 Mar 2, 02 : "Bouncing Off The Walls"
  • 5. 1-5 105 Mar 9, 02 : "Dust Til Dawn"
  • 6. 1-6 106 Mar 16, 02 : "Belonging"
  • 7. 1-7 107 Mar 23, 02 : "A Crack In The Map"
  • 8. 1-8 108 Mar 30, 02 : "Seeing Is Just Seeing"
  • 9. 1-9 109 Apr 6, 02 : "Truth, Lies and Videotape"
  • 10. 1-10 110 Apr 27, 02 : "Just Because You're Paranoid"
  • 11. 1-11 111 May 4, 02 : "Frozen Feud"
  • 12. 1-12 112 May 11, 02 : "Relativity"
  • 13. 1-13 113 May 18, 02 : "It's Deja' Vu All Over Again"

Season Two :

  • 14. 2-1 201 May 25, 02 : "The Road To Kek"
  • 15. 2-2 202 Jun 1, 02 : "A Room With No View -- Part One"
  • 16. 2-3 203 Jun 8, 02 : "Escape From Kek -- Part Two"
  • 17. 2-4 204 Jun 22, 02 : "Pieces Of Nick"
  • 18. 2-5 205 Jun 29, 02 : "A Tale Of Two Nicks"
  • 19. 2-6 206 Jul 6, 02 : "Go For The Bronze"
  • 20. 2-7 207 Jul 13, 02 : "State Of The Art"
  • 21. 2-8 208 Jul 20, 02 : "The Great Glinch Switch"
  • 22. 2-9 209 Jul 27, 02 : "Mr. Tager Goes To Earth"
  • 23. 2-10 210 Aug 3, 02 : "Area 51 -- A.k.a. : Area Delta"
  • 24. 2-11 211 Aug 10, 02 : "Recalling The Past -- A.k.a. : Remember"
  • 25. 2-12 212 Aug 17, 02 : "The Gates Of Galidor -- Part One : The Gauntlet"
  • 26. 2-13 213 Aug 24, 02 : "The Gates Of Galidor -- Part Two"

The Egg

The Egg (or more appropriately, the Trans-Dimensional Module, TDN) is a blue egg-shaped vehicle that stands on four legs and is capable of flight. On the outside, it is barely bigger than a trailer, but on the inside is comprised of several stories, many of which are unexplored. The four seen in the run of the show were

  • The Pilot House, essentially the cockpit. Contains pilot and copilot controls. The front windscreen has a blast screen that can be closed.
  • The Main level contains a circular table in the center with a port for the map to plug in. The map doubles as the Egg's navigational computer, and is incapable of functioning without it (in Episode 7 "A Crack In The Map", Nepal attempts to fly the egg without the map with erratic results).
  • The Reactor Room, which houses the powerhouse of the egg.
  • The Garbage chute, a long compactor room that decimates garbage and fires it off into the Viniculum. Not a place one wants to fall into accidentally.

Nicholas and Allegra both mention lockers, meaning that there is a locker room somewhere on the Egg. The Sandwich Simulator, which apparenly does not work very well, is presumably on this level as well.

Outer Dimension Realms

Here are the known realms in the Outer Dimension:

  • Arbo - Formerly a forest realm until Gorm set large sectors of it ablaze. There are some forest havens in this realm (inhabited by dangerous creatures) but the inhospitable desert dominates.
  • Dreejal-Vin - A crowded city realm and home-realm to the Vinics. A Gorm-created computer virus destroyed their maps and cut them off from the rest of the Outer Dimension.
  • Elta-Siktar - A frozen realm roaming with Eltaans, Siktaris, and Shimels (transportational pack creatures which are only referred to in passing by Nepal).
  • Kek - Formerly a prison realm and now Gorm's stronghold. His powers of illusion are strongest there, which means he is in total control of the environment and those in it.
  • Wex - The home-realm of the Wexers. Not seen in the series.
  • Galidor - Capital Realm in the Outer Dimension. Seen only briefly in one episode, resembling a city of sculptures found in a fishbowl or snowglobe (appropriate for a realm that spent the entirety of the series in containment).

Key Props

  • The Map: A circular gray device with two large grips on the sides with finger-shaped grooves and an old TV-set-shaped monitor in the middle that is capable of presenting a three-dimensional globe (acting as the equator) or a radar-like short range tracker. The map is also capable of floating by itself and is capable of plugging into the center console and acting as the guidance system for the egg, as well as showing data for both Earth as well as the Outer Dimension.
  • The Communicator Watch: self-explantory.
  • The Journal: The stranger's journal, which was hidden in the Monument of Knowledge on Dreejal-Vin. It contains schematics, diagrams, and diary entries of the Stranger's journey through the Outer Dimension. Nick continues writing in the journal when he receives it. There is also a backup built into the journal.
  • The Pack: a three-strapped backpack that Nicholas finds in Arbo. Originally belonged to the Stranger, and was found full of notes, pens, and other "junk."
  • Keyfrags: Parts of the key to Galidor, shards of metal that can be combined into the shape of an egg. They are usually found in a plastic container with fingerprint identifiers to keep them safe. The key is capable of putting itself together (presumably some sort of magnetism) to make sure that it is put together properly.


  • The show was completely filmed digitally, reducing the time required in compositing the computer-generated imagery. The series was also shot in 16x9/1.85:1 but was never released in that format (previews for the show, however, were presented in the "letterbox" format).
  • The actor who plays Nicholas (Matthew Ewald) is on a wire rig in almost every single episode.
  • Allegra Zane leaves her backpack and camera behind in the sewer in the first episode.
  • In the same vein, Nicholas and Allegra have hoodies in the first episode, bring them with them into the Outer Dimension, but never wear them again. Even when they are in the frozen realm of Elka Siktar.
  • The legs on the Egg are the same as Jen's legs.
  • Jens originally had claw hands, but switched to gloves so he could hold props and tools.
  • Nicholas was originally named Christian, and is referred to such in Tom Lynch's original story.
  • Nicholas's last name, Bluetooth, is not named after the computer part. Bluetooth is Danish royalty.
  • There is an article on the wall in Sam Bluetooth's lab that mentions a part of his house disappearing. The article originally appeared on the Galidor web page before the series began as a teaser.
  • CGI seat belts were designed for the Egg's chairs, but were never used in the series.
  • Allegra glinches in Episode 21 "The Great Glinch Switch," and it appears as a red flash rather than blue.
  • The show had an extensive product tie-in with Lego, Cap'N Crunch Cereal, and McDonalds Happy Meal Toys.

The pseudopod in The Abyss marked CGIs acceptance in the visual effects industry. ... Lego Group logo The classic red 2x4 Lego brick. ...

References to other media

  • In Episode 1, "Identity," Nick has a book called "Chariots of the Gods" on his bedside table. The book is about aliens visiting Earth and is a big influence on the film Stargate.
  • Additionally in Episode 1 "Identity," Nicholas suggests Earth may have had or been in contact with advanced civilizations in the past, similar to Dr Daniel Jackson in Stargate. While the comments were never followed-up in the run of the series, it is conceivable that Earth may have had contact with the Outer Dimension but have been cut off somehow, and that the Stranger merely re-opened this link. This suspicion is also hinted at by Galidorian devices being in a warehouse on Earth in a later episode.
  • The character Gorm wears body armour to protect his own battered and destroyed form, similar to Darth Vader or Doctor Doom. It is not explained how he came to have this armour, but the little skin we see is green and scaly, implying he is some sort of lizard.
  • Queen Riana appears as a mental hologram that only Nicholas can see, similar to the holographic character of Al in Quantum Leap.
  • Episode 5 is titled "Dust Till Dawn," a clear homage to the movie title From Dusk To Dawn though having nothing else in common with the movie.
  • In Episode 7 "A Crack in the Map," a judge who had sentenced Nicholas to community service tells him "what we have here is a failure to communicate," a line directly taken from Cool Hand Luke.
  • In Episode 13 "It's Like Deja Vu All Over Again," Nicholas comments on a powerful energy signal being like "his boombox cranked up to 11." This is a clear reference to Spinal Tap with the amplifier that can be turned up to 11.
  • In the same episode, Allegra arrives with sandwiches that are "Simulated ham and simulated cheese, or simulated peanut butter and simulated jelly... I think." This mirrors a scene in The Odd Couple, where Walter Matthau offers "Brown sandwiches or green sandwiches. It's either really new cheese or really old meat."
  • In Episode 26 "The Gates of Galidor Part 2," Nicholas jumps into Gorm's body and destroys him from within, almost completely mirroring the death of Agent Smith from The Matrix.
  • Much like the long running series "Doctor Who," - "The Egg", while appearing to be smaller in scale from an outside perspective is grander in scale once having step foot within. Which would lend considerable reference of Nicholas Bluetooth being closely resembled to the legendary time traveling adventure know only as : "The Doctor," whom travels within a time traveling device, stuck within a shape of an old 1950s London Police Call Box, known as the "TARDIS." A device which is considerably smaller in appearance then it truly is.

An activated Stargate, the central object of the fictional Stargate universe, here depicted in the SG-1 television series. ... An activated Stargate, the central object of the fictional Stargate universe, here depicted in the SG-1 television series. ... Darth Vader (occasionally referred to as Lord Vader or simply Vader) is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe, and has a principal role in A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Revenge of the Sith. ... Doctor Doom, real name Victor von Doom, is a Marvel Comics supervillain. ... This article or section is missing references or citation of sources. ... Cool Hand Luke is a 1967 American film starring Paul Newman and directed by Stuart Rosenberg. ... Spinal Tap (from left to right): Smalls, St. ... See Odd Couple (disambiguation) for other works with the same title Tony Randall & Jack Klugman, stars of TV adaption The Odd Couple was a hit 1965 Broadway play by Neil Simon, followed by a successful film and television series, as well as other derivative works and spinoffs, many featuring one... Agent Smith (later merely Smith) is a fictional character featured in the Matrix film series, played by actor Hugo Weaving. ... The Matrix is a science-fiction/action film first released in the USA on March 31, 1999, written and directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski. ... Doctor Who is a long-running British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC about a mysterious time-travelling adventurer known only as The Doctor, who explores time and space with his companions, fighting evil. ...

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