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Gabber (IPA pronunciation: [xɑbɝr]), gabba, or hardcore, is a style of electronic music and a subgenre of hardcore techno. The style was born in the Dutch city of Leiden in the late 1980s and further developed in the city of Rotterdam, which is seen as the cradle of the gabber culture. The essence of the gabber sound is a distorted kick sound, overdriven to the point where it becomes a square wave and makes a recognizably melodic tone. Often the Roland Alpha Juno was used to create this sound. Gabber tracks typically include samples and synthesised melodies with the typical tempo ranging from 160 to 220 bpm. Violence, drugs and profanity are common themes in gabber, perceptible through its samples and lyrics, often screamed, pitch shifted or distorted. Image File history File links Broom_icon. ... Articles with similar titles include the NATO phonetic alphabet, which has also informally been called the “International Phonetic Alphabet”. For information on how to read IPA transcriptions of English words, see IPA chart for English. ... Hardcore (sometimes ardcore) is a term that has been used to describe a variety of related electronic dance music styles over almost two decades. ... It has been suggested that Electronica be merged into this article or section. ... This article does not cite any references or sources. ... Leyden redirects here. ... Nickname: Motto: Sterker door strijd (Stronger through Struggle) Location of Rotterdam Coordinates: Country Netherlands Province South Holland Government  - Mayor Ivo Opstelten  - Aldermen Jeannette Baljeu Hamit Karakus Orhan Kaya Lucas Bolsius Jantine Kriens Dominic Schrijer Roelf de Boer Leonard Geluk Area [1]  - City 319 km²  (123. ... A distortion is the alteration of the original shape (or other characteristic) of an object, image, sound, waveform or other form of information or representation. ... A bass drum is a large drum that produces a note of low definite or indefinite pitch. ... Overdrive in the field of rock music, is a term used for an electric guitar amplifier when turned up, usually deliberately, to the point where distortion (clipping) is clearly audible in the output signal. ... A square wave is a kind of basic waveform. ... // Juno may refer to: Juno (mythology), a major Roman goddess June, the month named after Juno Juno (band), an American indie rock band Juno (musical), a Broadway musical with score by Marc Blitzstein based on Sean OCaseys play Juno and the Paycock Juno Reactor, a trance music project... To meet Wikipedias quality standards, this article may require cleanup. ... Beats per minute (bpm) is a unit typically used as either a measure of tempo in music, or a measure of ones heart rate. ...



The origins of the gabber sound

In general the track We Have Arrived (1990) by Mescalinum United is considered to be the first gabber track. Hardcore/gabber music is a fusion of techno and industrial with a dark, aggressive atmosphere. One of the first Dutch gabber tracks was Rotterdam Termination Source's Poing (1992) which became a major hit. The record shop Midtown in Rotterdam is one of the shrines of gabber music, while the Rotterdam based club Parkzicht was the birthplace of the whole gabber culture. In the early to mid nineties a clear gabber fashion took form. Between 1993 and 1998 loads of gabber fans dressed in Australian and Cavello tracksuits, Nike Air Max sport shoes, bomber jackets, and the majority of the male gabbers had shaven heads. Female fans often shaved the sides and back of their head and wore their hair in a pony tail. Later, in 1999 and beyond, their clothing style more and more changed and brands like Fred Perry, Lonsdale and Ben Sherman were added to their outfits. Nevertheless, in most other countries around the world, no dresscode is associated with gabber, and this "training-suit/londsdale" code is actually mocked. Even in Holland, the trend, which culminated in the Happy Hardcore age, is disappearing. We Have Arrived is a gabber track by Mescalinum United, better known as Marc Acardipane released by Industrial strenght records in 1991. ... Year 1990 (MCMXC) was a common year starting on Monday (link displays the 1990 Gregorian calendar). ... Marc Trauner, better known by his numerious aliases including Marc Acardipane, Mescalinum United, The Mover, Pilldriver, Marshall Masters and Resident E, is a Frankfurt, Germany based DJ and producer. ... Rotterdam Termination Source was a Dutch gabber group who created the first and initially most influential gabber track, Poing!. Categories: Stub ... Poing is a gabber track by the Rotterdam Termination Source released by Rotterdam Records in 1992. ... Year 1992 (MCMXCII) was a leap year starting on Wednesday (link will display full 1992 Gregorian calendar). ... Nickname: Motto: Sterker door strijd (Stronger through Struggle) Location of Rotterdam Coordinates: Country Netherlands Province South Holland Government  - Mayor Ivo Opstelten  - Aldermen Jeannette Baljeu Hamit Karakus Orhan Kaya Lucas Bolsius Jantine Kriens Dominic Schrijer Roelf de Boer Leonard Geluk Area [1]  - City 319 km²  (123. ... A tracksuit is an article of clothing consisting of two parts- trousers and a jacket. ... The Air Max IV/Air Max 91; nowadays known as the Air Max BW, is the biggest selling Air Max shoe of all time Two pairs of Air Max, 2003, 2006 Nike Air Max is a shoe by the company Nike that was introduced in 1987 as the first example... Leather jackets A leather jacket is a piece of outerwear. ... Fred Perry hitting a backhand volley Frederick John Perry (May 18, 1909 – February 2, 1995) born in Stockport, Cheshire. ... Lonsdale is a clothing company founded in London, England in 1960, producing boxing equipment before branching out into sports and fashion clothing. ... Ben Sherman is a British clothing company, producing shirts, suits, shoes and other items. ... Happy hardcore is a form of dance music typified by a very fast tempo (usually around 165-180 BPM), often coupled with male or female vocals, and saccharine lyrics. ...

The style began in the late 1980s, but some claim that it was diluted in 1995 by happy hardcore and, for hardcore fans, by commercialisation which resulted in a younger crowd being attracted to the scene. The commercial organisation ID&T helped a lot in making the music popular by organising parties (most notable are the Thunderdome parties) and selling merchandise. After the airing of what were felt by many hardcore fans as humiliating video clips, notably Hakke en Zage (1996) by Gabber Piet, some gabbers felt they were being made fun of. The name gabber is somewhat less used these days to describe this music style, specially due to this stigma created in the mid 1990s. Many would now prefer to call the style 'hardcore'. After surviving underground for a number of years, in 2002 the style regained some popularity in the Netherlands, although the sound is more mature, darker and industrial. Around the world, it never lost its original grip, and music was evolving and creating new subgenres and approaches, from Digital Hardcore to Breakcore, from Noisecore to Speedcore. Labels like Ant-Zen, Hands and other industrial/experimental ones use many hardcore/gabber elements and come close to what nowadays is called darkcore. It was as if the "happy hardcore period" was ignored, and gabber kept evolving from the oldskool times, maintaining the original industrial harshness with a broad variety of talented artists. This article does not cite any references or sources. ... Happy hardcore is a form of dance music typified by a very fast tempo (usually around 165-180 BPM), often coupled with male or female vocals, and saccharine lyrics. ... The current ID&T logo The ID&T wizard, the old logo ID&T is a Dutch entertainment and medium enterprise that was founded in the early 1990s and organizes the largest dance events in the world. ... Thunderdome is a series of Hardcore techno and Gabber music parties from The Netherlands. ... Year 1996 (MCMXCVI) was a leap year starting on Monday (link will display full 1996 Gregorian calendar). ... For album titles with the same name, see 2002 (album). ... Digital hardcore is a music genre or style that was first defined by Alec Empire. ... This article does not cite any references or sources. ... Noisecore may refer to: This shouldnt be a disambiguation as it is its own genre Noisegrind Noise Rock A style of Hardcore Techno Category: ... Speedcore is a form of hardcore techno that is typically identified by its high rate of beats per minute and aggressive themes. ...

Nu style gabber

There was a somewhat decisive split in the hardcore scene starting in the late 1990s. Some producers started embracing a slower style characterized by a deeper, harder bass drum that typically had a longer envelope than was possible in the traditional, faster style. This newer sound was referred to as "Main stream" or "New Style" (or "Nu Style") and "New Skool" and as the tempo got slower and slower it began to become similar to hard house. Many hardcore enthusiasts hated hard house and the club scene it typified, and frequently DJs would be booed by one group of fans and cheered for by another at the same party, depending on the tempo and style of music they were playing. This is similar to the rivalry and mutual dislike that surfaced earlier between fans of "regular" hardcore and happy hardcore. Eventually the two styles met in the middle, and most gabber today is produced in a bpm range of 160-170. This is typically a little bit slower than the Rotterdam style of the mid-1990s and somewhat faster than the slowest New Style tracks that emerged. Hard house is a style of electronic music that evolved from mixing techno and house music in the 1990s. ... // This article or section does not cite any references or sources. ...


Matt Green is large in the underground gabber and breakcore scene.
Matt Green is large in the underground gabber and breakcore scene.

Gabber is characterised by its bassdrum sound. Essentially, it comes from taking a normal synthesized bassdrum and overdriving it heavily. The approximately sinusoidal sample starts to clip into a squarewave with a falling pitch. This results in a number of effects: the frequency spectrum spreads out, thus achieving a louder, more aggressive sound. It also changes the amplitude envelope of the sound by increasing the sustain. Due to the distortion, the drum also develops a melodic tone. It is not uncommon for the bassdrum pattern to change pitch throughout the song to follow the bassline. Image File history File links Metadata No higher resolution available. ... Image File history File links Metadata No higher resolution available. ... This article does not cite any references or sources. ...

The second frequently used component of gabber tracks is the "hoover", a patch of the Roland Alpha Juno synthesizer. A "hoover" is typically a distorted, grainy, sweeping sound which, when played on a low key, can create a dark and brooding bassline. Alternatively, when played at higher pitches, the hoover becomes an aggressive, shrieking lead. Faster gabba tracks often apply extremely fast hoover-patterns - gapping (changing the volume rapidly between the maximum and silence) is often used. Common elements also include guitar riffing (often done live at gabber parties) and MCing (more often than not also distorted). This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... MasterCard logo Manchaster Town Hall MC can mean: Mini Cooper: Macao: FIPS PUB 10-4 territory code Machine, (also m/c) Manchester, England (also m/c) Mariah Carey, American songstress Marginal cost Marin Catholic Master cylinder Master of Ceremonies Rapper (also emcee), or a prefix for the names of rappers...

The aforementioned two subgenres of gabber differ in essentially one thing: the tempo.

  • Oldskool gabber, staying true to its mentality, defines "hardness" in speed; tracks rarely go under 160 BPM, and bassdrum rolls often go up to a speed where the beats themselves are hardly distinguishable from each other.
  • Nuskool gabber, however, slows the speed down to 150 BPM, but extends the length of the bassdrum so the bass-frequency resonance keeps on longer. (In this aspect, "nugabber" obviously cannot be considered less powerful than its precursor, although slower hardcore is often less energetic.) A typical style is one best made known by Rotterdam Terror Corps: the beats are divided into triplets and all hoover notes are played in a short, staccato-like fashion, giving the song a march-like feel.

RTC logo Rotterdam Terror Corps is a gabber group formed in 1993 that is well known for its hard beats and is considered by many as a pioneer in the genre. ... In musical notation, staccato indicates that notes are sounded in a detached and distinctly separate manner with their lengths shortened; that is, a short silence should be between the notes, without affecting the rhythm. ...


The gabber scene is often associated with the use of amphetamines, ecstasy, ketamine and other drugs. Amphetamine is a synthetic drug originally developed (and still used) as an appetite suppressant. ... MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine), most commonly known by the street names ecstasy or XTC (for more names see the full list), is a synthetic entactogen of the phenethylamine family, whose primary effect is believed to be the stimulation of secretion as well as inhibition of re-uptake of large amounts... Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic for veterinary use. ...

A misconception about gabber is that it is 'primitive' music. The style (somewhat limited by the fans' taste) evolved into a creative genre, in which complex rhythmic and melodic combinations became more common. More recent gabber music has included melodies and drums that are overlayed with various effects, which adds richness to the music. Gabber wants to grow into a more serious music genre, in which producers are encouraged to experiment. This is largely because of the limited characteristics of hardcore, which force artists to approach several different music styles to create memorable music. Rhythm (Greek = flow, or in Modern Greek, style) is the variation of the length and accentuation of a series of sounds or other events. ... Look up melody in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ...

Because of the extreme tempo and aggression of the music — and because of the shaven heads and clothing preferences similar to those of skinheads or neo-Nazis — gabber fans are supporters of far right or neo-Nazi groups. In the early 1990s, gabber gained a following in the neo-fascist rave scenes of Germany and the American Midwest.[1] However, most gabber fans do not belong to the aforementioned groups, and many producers have released tracks that vocally speak out against racism. Skinheads, named after their cropped or shaven heads, are members of a working-class subculture that originated in Britain in the 1960s. ... The terms Neo-Nazism and Neo-Fascism refer to any social or political movement to revive Nazism or Fascism, respectively, and postdates the Second World War. ... It has been suggested that this article or section be merged into far right. ... The terms Neo-Nazism and Neo-Fascism refer to any social or political movement to revive Nazism or Fascism, respectively, and postdates the Second World War. ... This page pertains to fascism after World War II. For post-World War II Nazi movements, see Neo-Nazism. ... Regional definitions vary from source to source. ...

See also

This is a list of notable gabber artists and DJs. ...

Record labels

Enzyme Records is a Netherlands-based hardcore record label. ... The Masters of Hardcore logo Masters of Hardcore is the currently biggest and most well-known indie gabber music label. ...


  1. ^ Silcott, Mireille. Rave America: New School Dance Scapes. (Toronto: ECW Press, 1999), 114-117.

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