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G Gundam is related to Japanese Manga
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After Mobile Suit Victory Gundam finished airing in Japan in early 1994, Bandai celebrated Gundam's 15th anniversary by trying something new: free the franchise from the continuity of the Universal Century (and sell more model kits). Thus, the alternate universes were born that are the settings for every TV series following Victory Gundam.

Premiering in 1994, Mobile Fighter G Gundam was the first alternate universe series, and perhaps one of the most controversial. Directed by Giant Robo's Yasuhiro Imagawa, this series takes a vastly different approach to the Gundam saga. Instead of having wars between the colonies and the Earth, a fighting tournament is held to determine the ruler of the colonies. Called the Gundam Fight, it is held once every four years by the United Colonies Federation. Each country has its own representative Gundam (some of which are really ridiculous looking), and the Gundams fight on Earth until only one is left. Set in Future Century (FC) 60, this series chronicles the 13th Gundam Fight and stars Neo Japanese Gundam Fighter Domon Kasshu, who is in the fight as much to win as to fulfill a personal quest.

'Traditionalists' scoff at G Gundam as either an ugly parody of the Gundam world or a thinly disguised take on the Street Fighter/Dragon Ball Z trend with the Gundam name. There is a cult of G Gundam followers who liked its out of worldliness.

G Gundam manga is published in English by TokyoPop.



Main Characters

  • Domon Kasshu: The main character of the series. The Pilot of the Shining Gundam and later the God Gundam. He Spent ten years training under Touho Funhai (Undefeated of the East) aka Master Asia. He is also the new King of Hearts and leader of the Shuffle Alliance. He is on a mission to find his evil brother Kyoji who has stolen the Devil Gundam and to free his father who was placed in cryogenic suspension (Due to his involvement with the Devil Gundam) which is why he agreed to represent Neo-Japan in the Thirteenth Gundam fight. Rash and Impulsive, Domon is willing to what it takes to complete his mission and sometimes he is so hotheaded he takes it out on his partner Rain Mikumara. He had trouble excepting the fact that his martial arts teacher, Master Asia was on the side of the Devil Gundam but got over it. With the help of his surrogate teacher Schwarz Bruder he became a much better fighter. At the end of the series he learns the truth about both the Devil Gundam incident and why Master Asia sided with the Devil Gundam.
  • Chibodee Crocket: Pilot of the Gundam Maxter and represenitive of Neo-America. His fighting style is Boxing. Is a stereotype on the classic American rags to riches story, Chibodee grew up on the streets after he was orphaned at the young age when he lost his mother to some terrorists who were disguised as circus clowns that demanded their tickets to the Neo-American colony. Since that time Chibodee has been afraid of clowns and his skills as a boxer got him noticed and he was invited to the Colony. He wants to win the Thirteenth Gundam fight to fulfill his dream of how someone who grew up on the streets was able to win the Gundam Fight. Later he became the Shuffle Alliances new Queen of Spades and has a personal grudge against Domon Kasshu after Chibodee was defeated by him in his hometown. Chibodee Crocket also doesn't get along that well with fellow Gundam Fighter/Shuffle Alliance member, George De Sand who is in a sense his opposite since they both grew up in different finacial classes and fight for difference pride based reasons. Chibodee fights for his own pride and George fights for his nations pride. His crew are four ladies, Shirley, Janet, Bunny, and Cath which is all the "protection" he needs.
  • George De Sand: Pilot of the Gundam Rose and represenitive of Neo-France. George's fighting style is fencing. George considers himself a knight and fights for the pride of his nation. George grew up in a rich and noble family that is loyal to Neo-France. The De Sand family is one of the few families to remain on earth. George's only fear is his involvement in the Versailles Tragedy. This is where he was in a competion which would decide who Neo-Frances represenitive would be. His opponent Jean Pierre Mirabeau was disquilifed for his dirty tatics and Mirbeau tried to kill the king. George attempted to stop Mirabeau but Mirabeau's missile was redirected at the crowd. George later became the new Jack of Diamonds for the Shuffle Alliance and got a chance to face Mirabeau again where afterwards he got over his fear. At one point he risked his Gundam Fighter position and the honor of his family, when the King refused for him to fight Domon Kasshu in the finals but later after seeing the match the King admitted he was wrong for his earlier decision. He also has little regard for ruffians and didn't like Domon at first when he interupted a match and doesn't get along well with Chibodee Crocket. His crew is his butler Raymond Bishop and he is adorded by Maria Louise the Princess of Neo-France.
  • Sai Saichi: Pilot of the Dragon Gundam and represenitive of Neo-China. His fighting style is Shaolin Style Martial Arts and is the youngest Gundam Fighter. When the colonies were formed most of the shaolin followers defected to the colonies Chikurn temples. Sai Saichi's mission is to win the Gundam fight and convince the Neo-China government to resurrect the Shaolin Temple. His grandfather participated in the Fourth Gundam fight and his father was stricken with a terminal illness now it is Sai Saichi's turn to try to revive the Shaolin temple. When Domon first met him he was accused of attacking Neo-China, but it turned out he was seperated from his Gundam and used Domon to help get it back. Later on he became the new Ace of Clubs (Club Ace) for the Shuffle Alliance and in the finals he met a girl to whom he becomes smitten with but it turned out she is the sister of his upcoming opponent. One thing he has in common with Domon and fellow Gundam Fighter/Shuffle Alliance member, Argo Gulski is that they are fighting for something other than themselves. His crew are two elderly Shaolin Monks, Zui Sen and Kei Yun who are also dedicated in the mission although they can be overprotective to Sai Saichi.
  • Argo Gulski: Pilot of the Bolt Gundam and Represenitive of Neo-Russia. Argo uses wrestling style moves and unlike many of his fellow Gundam Fighters, he doesn't rely on special techniques. At one time he was a Space Pirate Captain where although he was a criminal he valued life and never killed anyone. He was caught and was forced to become Neo-Russia's Gundam Fighter to ensure his crews safety and had a bomb placed on his chest so he can't get out of line. When he first met Domon, Neo-Russia's tatic was to lure in Gundam Fighters and arrest them so they don't have to fight. Argo deeply was disgusted by this tatic and staged an escape to fight Domon. He later becomes the new Black Joker for the Shuffle Alliance and is older than the other new members. One fighter who has a personal grudge against him is Neo-Canada's, Andrew Graham who blames him for his wifes death although it was only an accident. Near the end of the tournament finals, Graham finally remembers that Argo tried to save his wife. Graham in the end took a blow that was meant for Argo. His crew is his warden Natasha Zabigov who was assigned to watch him after Neo-Russia was forced to change their tatics. Natasha does care for Argo though and at the end of the series she deactives the bomb so Argo can fight without holding himself back.

Supporting Characters


Name changes

This series was aired on Cartoon Network starting in August 2002, however many of the Gundams actual names were changed for different reasons. Three of them were changed for religous references (partly due to the fact that Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the United States, refused to stock toys of the XXXG-01D2 Deathscythe Gundam Hell during the run of Gundam Wing), one was changed for an alcohol reference, and the rest for unknown reasons (Though some speculations for the other name changes is some names are too difficult for children to understand or to make the Gundams sound cooler). This show is currently available on DVD although the original Gundam names can only be seen through English subtitles because the dubbed actors' lines are the same as the Cartoon Network Version. The English manga also uses the new names.

Original names go first followed by English adaptation names.

  • God Gundam = Burning Gundam (Includes all the attacks that have the word God in them)
  • Devil Gundam = Dark Gundam (Also the Death Army was changed to Dark Army and DG cells are referred as Dark Gundam Cells rather than Devil Gundam Cells)
  • Scud Gundam = Desert Gundam (Only appears in a flashback at the beginning of Episode 2)
  • Tequila Gundam = Spike Gundam
  • Lumber Gundam = Grizzly Gundam
  • John Bull Gundam = Royal Gundam
  • Pharaoh Gundam IV = Mummy Gundam
  • Minaret Gundam = Scythe Gundam
  • Kowloon Gundam = Howl Gundam
  • Gundam Spiegel = Shadow Gundam
  • Nether Gundam = Hurricane Gundam
  • Matador Gundam = Taro Gundam
  • Mandala Gundam = Mandor Gundam
  • Gundam Heaven's Sword = Soaring Raven Gundam

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Followed by: New Mobile Report Gundam W

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Mobile Fighter G Gundam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (5310 words)
The G Gundam manga is published in English by TOKYOPOP, and the anime was licensed by Bandai Entertainment.
Chibodee Crocket: Pilot of the Gundam Maxter and represenitive of Neo-America.
In G Gundam, she is his crew member for the Thirteenth Gundam Fight, and boasts many talents.
SD Gundam G Generation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (1132 words)
When it was finally released in 1998 for the Sony PlayStation, G Generation covered the plot for Mobile Suit Gundam through Char's Counterattack and featured characters from the remaining Universal Century series as well as G Gundam, Gundam Wing and Gundam X.
G Generation DS follows this tradition by introducing a new character who ties in to the stories of both Zeta Gundam and Monoeye Gundams.
The console G Generation games typically allow the player to capture enemy machines after their mothership is destroyed, while the handheld games allow capture of damaged machines if they are surrounded by three or more player units.
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