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Close-up of Frozone Image File history File links Frozone. ...

Publisher Dark Horse Comics/Pixar Animation Studios
First appearance The Incredibles
Created by Brad Bird
Alter ego Lucius Best
Affiliations Incredible Family (long-time friend), National Supers Agency (ties), Edna Mode (receives costumes and gadgets from her)
Abilities Cryokinesis

Lucius Best (superhero name Frozone) is a character in the Disney/Pixar motion picture The Incredibles, voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. He is a long time friend of Mr. Incredible (Bob Parr) and therefore, the Parr family as a whole (and rumoured by some to be the godfather of the children). He can is able to manipulate the water molecules in the air and freeze them. Dark Horse Comics logo Dark Horse Comics is one of the largest independent comic book publishers in the United States, behind dominant publishers Marvel Comics and DC Comics. ... Pixar Animation Studios is an award-winning American computer animation studio based in Emeryville, California (USA). ... In comic books, first appearance refers to the date or issue of a characters first appearance. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... Phillip Bradley Bird (born on September 24, 1956 in Kalispell, Montana) is an American Academy Award-winning animator who is known for directing Disney/Pixars film The Incredibles (2004), and for directing Warner Bros. ... The Incredible Family is a family of superheroes who first appeared in the Disney/Pixar film, The Incredibles. ... The National Supers Agency (Sometimes called the NSA) is a government division dealing with the employment of superheroes and superheroines in The Incredibles. ... Edna E Mode is a principal character from the movie The Incredibles. ... For pseudo-scientific uses (such as psionic powers), see Psychokinesis. ... Walt Disney Pictures 2006 - present logo. ... Pixars logo and mascot Luxo, Jr. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... Samuel Leroy Jackson (born December 21, 1948) is an Academy Award-nominated American actor. ... Robert Bob Parr (superhero name Mr. ... A godparent, in some denominations of Christianity, is someone who sponsors a childs baptism. ...


The movie

In the Golden Age of Superheroes, Frozone was a longtime friend of the world's most popular Super: Mister Incredible. In the beginning of the movie, shortly after interview footage, he can be seen boarding a helicopter (with a hostage on board). Later, he is seen as the best man for Mr. Incredible's marriage with Elastigirl (Helen Parr) (Incredible was late for the wedding because he was delayed by his number-one fan—Buddy Pine—and a villain named Bomb Voyage). This article may contain original research or unverified claims. ... Helen Parr (superhero names is Mrs. ... Buddy Pine (supervillain name Syndrome; calls himself Incredi-Boy earlier in the film) is a fictional character, the main supervillain featured in the film The Incredibles, (produced by Pixar and Disney, first released on November 5th, 2004), the short film Jack-Jack Attack, and the Disney on Ice play, Disney... Bomb Voyage Status: Unknown Relationships: Unknown First Appearance: The Incredibles (cameo but so far, only appearance) Bomb Voyage is a villain in The Incredibles with a tiny cameo at the beginning of the movie. ...

After Mr. Incredible is sued by people whom he had rescued and loses the cases, the Supers are outlawed. Apparently, Lucius has had an easier time adapting to civilian life than Bob—he even marries an apparently normal woman. However, Bob makes him go out with him on Wednesdays to save lives (covering from their respective wives by telling them that they are going bowling), however, when Helen catches Bob after the act one day, they stopped going out. Bowling ball and two pins Ten-pin bowling lane This article is about the game. ...

Apparently, his wife also learned about this, as when an Omnidroid 9000 battle robot sent by Pine (now known as Syndrome) attacks Metroville (where the two families are residing), Lucius has a hard time finding his Super suit—his wife has hidden it somewhere else in the house and does not want him going out to perform any "derrin'-do" because of a dinner they have been planning for two months that she does not want him to skip out on. He eventually finds the suit, however, and manages to join the battle. After the Omnidroid is obliterated and Frozone returns home, it is not long before he hears that Syndrome has been done in by his own cape in a chain reaction of events which leads to the destruction of his private jet and homelessness for the Parrs. A mysterious man in a cape, in Seinfeld, in episode 6-4. ...

Events after the movie

The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer

In the video game Rise of The Underminer, Frozone arrives to help the Incredibles fight The Underminer, but after the sextet is surrounded by robots, Mr. Incredible tells the rest of the family to evacuate the city (along with the rest of the citizens of Metroville). After destroying the robots, Mr. Incredible and Frozone follow The Underminer underground and fight more robots along the way. When they access The Underminer's main computer, they learn that he plans to use a machine called the Magnomizer to make the surface world feel like his home. In order to stop the Magnomizer, they have to go through the Sludge Station. After fighting more robots and hard obstacles, they destroy a machine blocking their path and apparently do the same thing to a wall which reveals a snowy underground part. They go through it and enter a room where they encounter the Magnomizer Guardian and her robot minions. Mr. Incredible throws enough objects to make the Guardian go into overdrive and destroy the room. He and Frozone escape in time and take an elevator into the Magnomizer basement. They fight more robots and work their way up, but have to avoid falling from a trap staircase that they cross, and finally reach the top of the building, where the Magnomizer is. Mr. Incredible uses his strength to unscrew the bolts that hold the machine down while Frozone fends off the guard robots. After Incredible unsrews the last bolt, the building starts to self-destruct. Luckily, the heroes escape with a tank-like machine which falls all the way into a deep, dark pit. There, they fight more robots, whom the Crustodian, head of the Giant Robot Factory, had alerted of the heroes' presence in the Factory. Finally, the two reach the apparent main office, where the Crustodian is, and eventually defeat the Crustodian in battle and the Factory crumbles apart. The Crustodian starts to leave, and Frozone tells Mr. Incredible that there is no time to destroy it (which Incredible is obsessed with doing). They leave once the Crustodian disappears and take and elevator that leads to an underwater tower. They figure out that they are in a power impressure plant run by a robot named Dug, and that the water is braking through the crumbling plant! The two reach Dug (after battling difficult robots), who tells them that he did not intend to have the robots attack them, and he agrees to help them save some non-human scientists who are stranded somewhere else in the plant. Along the way, the heroes protect Dug from rouge robots over which Dug has no command and also lasers, lethal obstacles, and gaps. After all this, Dug opens the door to another elevator to allow Mr. Incredible and Frozone to rescue the scientists, but refuses to travel any further, leaving the heroes on their own. The heroes find the scientists and save them from being exterminated by rouge robots and lasers. After the heroes take these threats down, the scientists help them return to the surface and confront The Underminer, who shows off a giant machine. But first, the heroes must first battle more robots that The Underminer has for them, and after the duo defeats the robots, The Underminer returns with another machine. The heroes give damage to the machine but The Underminer returns to the bigger machine while the rest of the robots fall at the hands of the heroic duo. The Underminer returns to give damage to the heroes who end up giving him more damage than the other way around. When The Underminer returns to the smaller machine, he has run out of reinforcements and the rest of the Incredible Family returns to watch as the duo defeats him, the small machine goes haywire, takes off into the air, and crashes onto the big machine, creating a large explosion which possibly slays The Underminer, and the heroes escape the blast.

The Incredibles in Holiday Heroes/Pixar's The Incredibles in a Magic Kingdom Adventure

In the short comic, The Incredibles in Holiday Heroes, Lucius goes to Mount Tiki Toki with the Parrs while Honey goes to see her mother. Lucius is about to take a drink of fruit punch when the volcano blasts back to life. Lucius tries to congeal the lava, but the extreme heat from the eruption cooks him. It takes the intervention of Bob, Helen, and Dash to help Lucius ultimately save the day. A fruit drink usually consisting of juices from Apples, Cherries, and Pineapples. ... Volcano 1. ...

The eruption forces the Parrs to vacation somewhere else, and in the Disney on Ice presentation Pixar's The Incredibles in a Magic Kingdom Adventure, they choose Walt Disney World, where they are made Grand Marshalls for the Main Street Parade (Bob and Helen, however, want the family to maintain a low profile and try to get the managers to choose another family, but without any success). Lucius is insistent on being left behind the next time that the Parrs go on vacation. However, after Mickey and Minnie Mouse are captured by a robot Syndrome, Bob calls him back into action. When he arrives as Frozone and hears of the robot Syndrome, Lucius is immediately dumbfounded—he thought that Syndrome had perished when his black-and-blue cape got caught in the left side turbine of his private jet and sucked him in. It is Frozone who tells the Parrs that Edna Mode is in the resort at this moment and tells them to become the Incredibles again. Disney on Ice is a touring ice show produced by Feld Entertainment under agreement with The Walt Disney Company. ... Cinderella Castle, at the center of the Magic Kingdom, is Walt Disney World Resorts most recognizable icon. ... Mickey Mouse is an Academy Award-winning comic animal cartoon character who has become a symbol for The Walt Disney Company. ... Minnie Mouse is a fictional character of the Mickey Mouse universe featured in animated cartoons, comic strips and comic book by The Walt Disney Company. ... Edna E Mode is a principal character from the movie The Incredibles. ...

While he is searching half the resort for the whereabouts of Mickey and Minnie, he hears cannon fire from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and immediately realizes that the family is in danger and that the robot Syndrome is there. When he arrives, the robot Syndrome has already used a flamethrower to create a force field of fire to trap the family (who increased the flames to signal Frozone as to where they are in the attraction). Frozone eventually extinguishes the flames. This article is about the franchise. ...

Later, he rescues the Incredibles again by encasing the robot Syndrome in ice before "he" can use an Omnidroid to attack them. After Mickey and Minnie are liberated and the resort's magic is restored to its former glory, he goes with the Incredibles to see the Enchanted Tiki Room (Helen wanted the family to see that attraction first, but the others immediately voted against the idea). Walt Disneys Enchanted Tiki Room, which is located just inside the entrance to Adventureland in Disneyland, opened on June 23, 1963 and was the first attraction to feature Audio-Animatronics, a Walt Disney Studios invention. ...

Like the Underminer does in the Incredible: Rise of the Underminer Lucius is like the narrator of the game and he teaches you how to play the game. He is even seen a few times.

Mr. Incredible and Pals

The Incredibles DVD's second disk features a fictional unproduced pilot of a children's cartoon named "Mr. Incredible and Pals" starring Golden Age Mr. Incredible, Frozone, and a "cute" cartoon sidekick rabbit named Mr. Skipperdoo. The short episode has optional commentary by Frozen and Mr. Incredible, in which both express disappointment, though Frozone is more outraged than Mr. Incredible by several aspects, including the show's overall campiness, poor animation, and apparent racism. DVD (commonly Digital Versatile Disc, previously Digital Video Disc) is an optical disc storage media format that can be used for data storage, including movies with high video and sound quality. ... This article or section may contain original research or unverified claims. ...


Frozone is a cryokinetic, one who wields control over ice. He can generate ice from his fingertips, but is limited by the amount of moisture in the air and his body. He has frozen water and milk solid, and can freeze bullets in space while congealing gun-wielding opponents. He has limited airborne mobility, not necessarily complete levitation, but he can quickly maneuver along coasters of midair icicles (which deteriorate as he goes) which boost him in the air a good hundred or more feet. This technique is possibly inspired by Iceman. He can also take large bounds and leaps when in the air. In the movie, he skated across the air and hitchiked onto a helicopter because of this. Iceman (Robert Bobby Drake) is a fictional Marvel Comics superhero, a member of the X-Men. ...

His special boots have soles which materialize into either ice skates, skis, or a disc—the equivalent of a snowboard. Combined with chutes of ice, these make for particularly speedy travel. He must also wear special goggles to protect his eyes from snow blindness, and to best conceal his secret identity as Lucius Best, Bob Parr's mediocre-life friend. Modern amateur ice hockey skates Touring skate on ice Modern recreational skates Ice skates are boots with blades attached to the bottom, used in ice skating to propel oneself across ice surfaces. ... A twin-tip shaped downhill ski. ... A disk or disc is anything that resembles a flattened cylinder in shape. ... A snowboard with boot bindings A snowboard is a board ridden in snowboarding to descend a snow-covered slope. ... Chute may refer to: Chute, a facility that allows the movement of items from one level to another by gravity Chute, a parish and group of villages in the county of Wiltshire, England. ... Snowblind redirects here. ...


  • In addition to Samuel L. Jackson, Frozone is voiced by the following voice actors:
    • Kai Pflaume in the German version
    • Nestoras Kopsidas in the Greek version
    • Antonio Molero in the Castillian Spanish version
    • Thierry Desroses in the French version
    • Galambos Péter in the Hungarian version
    • Massimo Corvo in the Italian version
    • Shirou Saitou in the Japanese version
    • Piotr Gąsowski in the Polish version
    • Luis Carlos Percy in the Brazilian Portuguese version
    • Rafael Edholm in the Swedish version
  • In A Magic Kingdom Adventure, Lucius is played by Skyler Rodgers. Jackson, however, does not provide the voice. Also, a grid pattern that simulates stretched spandex is visible of the Disney on Ice version of Frozone's Super-Suit.
  • Before the heroes were banned, Frozone was a womanizer. However, during his interview, he speaks out by saying that "superladies" were always trying to tell him their secrets ("Think it'll strengthen the relationship or something like that.") Frozone always responds by saying: "Girl, I don't wanna know about your mild-mannered alter ego or anything like that. You tell me you're a… super-mega-ultra lightning-babe, that's fine with me. I'm good. I'm good." He was also a partner for the pyrokinetic superheroine Blazestone, but their relationship was flawed and they parted ways. Frozone and Blazestone were also part of a love triangle which was completed with fellow super Downburst.
  • According to his file in National Supers Agency records, he tried to compete in the Winter Olympics as Frozone, but the International Olympic Committee turned him down.
  • Frozone was originally the next target of Syndrome before leading Mirage to discover the whereabouts of Mr. Incredible.
  • Frozone is married to a woman named Honey, a pun on husbands affectionatly calling their wives "honey"

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Frozone's got two accessories, both based on the film: a pair of skis and a sled disc.
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