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A free port (porto franco) or free zone (US: Foreign-Trade Zone) is a port or area with relaxed jurisdiction with respect to the country of location. Most commonly this means being free of customs or being a special customs zone with favorable customs regulations. Earlier in time some free ports enjoyed political autonomy.

The free economic zones are usually called free ports. Many countries have, or have had at some time, designated areas where companies are taxed very lightly or not at all to encourage development or for some other reason. ...

Many international airports have free ports.


Free ports and Free Zones by country


World map showing Asia (geographically) Asia is the central and eastern part of Eurasia and worlds largest continent. ...


Manama (Arabic: المنامة Al-Manāmah) is the capital city of Bahrain and is situated on the Persian Gulf, in the northeast of Bahrain Island. ...


Qeshm is an island situated in the Strait of Hormuz off the south coast of Iran and east of the Persian Gulf. ... Chabahar (in Persian چابهار) is an Iranian city and free port on the coast of the Sea of Oman. ... Kish, an ancient city in Sumer, now in Iraq Kish, an Iranian island and city in the Persian Gulf Kish, a person in Bible The Kish Bank is a shallow in the Irish Sea, a fishing ground. ...


Nagasaki at night, 2003 Megane-bashi (Spectacles Bridge) Nagasaki listen â–¶(?) (長崎市; -shi, literally long peninsula) is the capital and the largest city of Nagasaki Prefecture located on the south-western coast of Kyushu, the southernmost of the four mainland islands of Japan. ... Niigata is the name of several places, times and things: Niigata City Niigata Prefecture This is a disambiguation page — a navigational aid which lists other pages that might otherwise share the same title. ...

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong (香港; Cantonese IPA: ; Jyutping: hoeng1 gong2; Yale: heūng góng; pinyin: Xiānggǎng; Wade-Giles: Hsiang-kang) is one of the two Special Administrative Regions of the Peoples Republic of China. ...

Macao, China

Official language Portuguese, Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin de facto) Chief Executive Edmund Ho Hau-wah Area - Total - % water Ranked 191st 27. ...


The United States Navy (USN) is the branch of the United States armed forces responsible for naval operations. ... Subic Bay is a bay on the west coast of the island of Luzon in the Philippines, about 100km northwest of Manila Bay. ...


Nakhodka is a port city in Primorsky Krai (Maritime Region) in the Far Eastern part of Russia, at 42°49′ N 132°53′ E The city has approximately 200,000 inhabitants. ... Vladivostok Train Station. ... 1861 is a common year starting on Tuesday. ... 1909 was a common year starting on Friday (see link for calendar). ...



Europe forms the westernmost part of Eurasia. ...


Rijeka city tower Ferry in Rijeka harbour Rijeka (in local Croatian dialects Rika and Reka; Fiume in Italian and Hungarian, Reka in Slovene; Sankt Veit am Flaum in older German; R(ij)eka and Fiume both mean river) is the principal seaport of Croatia, located on Kvarner Bay, an inlet... Events February 16 - Louis XV of France attains his majority Births February 24 - John Burgoyne, British general (d. ...


(part of the European Union)

  • Freeport of Hamburg (Freihafen Hamburg)
  • Freeport of Bremen (Freihafen Bremen)
  • Freeport of Bremerhaven (Freihafen Bremerhaven)
  • Freeport of Emden (Freihafen Emden)
  • Freeport of Kiel (Freihafen Kiel)
  • Freeport of Cuxhaven (Freihafen Cuxhaven)
  • Freeport of Deggendorf (Freihafen Deggendorf)
  • Freeport of Duisburg (Freihafen Duisburg)

Hamburg is Germanys second largest city (after Berlin) and, with the Hamburg Harbour, its principal port. ... Bremen lies in North Germany 50km South of the North Sea. ... Map of Germany showing Bremerhaven Watershed of the River Weser Bremerhaven is a city in the federal state of Bremen, Germany. ... Map of Germany showing the location of Emden Emden is a city and seaport in the northwest of Germany, on river Ems. ... Statistics State: Schleswig-Holstein District: Independent city Area: 113. ... Cuxhaven beach at sunset Cuxhaven is a town in Lower Saxony, Germany, with about 55000 inhabitants. ... Deggendorf is a town in Bavaria, capital of the district Deggendorf. ... Duisburg is a German city in the western part of the Ruhr Area (Ruhrgebiet) in North Rhine-Westphalia. ...


(part of the European Union)

Copenhagen (Danish: København) is the capital and largest city of Denmark, and the name of the municipality (Danish, kommune) in which it resides. ...


(part of the European Union)

View of Piraeus A night ferry about to leave the port of Piraeus for the Dodecanese Piraeus, or Peiraeus (Modern Greek: Πειραιάς Peiraiás or Pireás, Ancient Greek / Katharevousa: Πειραιεύς Pireéfs) is a city in the prefecture of Attica, Greece, located south of Athens. ... Thessaloníki or Salonica (Greek: Θεσσαλονίκη) is the second-largest city of Greece and is the principal, the largest city, and the capital of the Greek region of Macedonia. ... Morozini Fountain on Venizelou square in Heraclion, Crete, built in 1628 Heraclion (transliterated from the Ancient Greek spelling of the name), sometimes also spelled Heraklion, Heraclio, Heraklio, Iraclion and Iraklio (transliteration of the Modern Greek spelling and pronounciation of the place), and various other similar spellings (in Greek: Ηράκλειο), is the...

United Kingdom

(part of the European Union)

Liverpool is a city and metropolitan borough in Northwest England, on the north side of the Mersey estuary. ... The town of Prestwick is located in the central west coast of Scotland in the region of southern Ayrshire. ... Civic Centre, Southampton Southampton is a city and major port situated on the south coast of England. ... Tilbury is located on the north bank of the River Thames, in the borough of Thurrock in England, at the point where the river suddenly narrows to about 800 yards/740 metres in width. ... Map sources for Sheerness at grid reference TQ919749 Sheerness is a town on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, England. ... Humberside as an administrative county between 1974 and 1996. ...


(part of the European Union)

  • Free Zone of Madeira - Caniçal (Zona franca da Madeira - Caniçal)

For other uses of the word, see Madeira (disambiguation) Madeira Islands location. ...


Official language Georgian Capital Batumi ISO code GE.AJ Head of the Government Levan Varshalomidze Area  - Total  - % water 2,900 km² n/a Population  - Total (1989)  - Density 392,432 135. ... A view of Batumi, circa, 1911, towards the mountains Batumi (also Batum or Batoum) is a seaside city (population: approximately 137,000) on the Black Sea coast and capital of Ajaria, an autonomous republic in southwest Georgia. ... 1878 was a common year starting on Tuesday (see link for calendar). ... 1886 is a common year starting on Friday (click on link to calendar) // Events January 18 - Modern field hockey is born with the formation of The Hockey Association in England. ...


(part of the European Union)

Livorno, sometimes in English Leghorn, (population 170,000) is a port city on the Ligurian Sea on the western edge of Tuscany, Italy. ... Events January 5 - The Battle of Turckeim June 18 - Battle of Fehrbellin August 10 - King Charles II of England places the foundation stone of the Royal Greenwich Observatory in London - construction begins November 11 - Guru Gobind Singh becomes the Tenth Guru of the Sikhs. ... 1860 is the leap year starting on Sunday. ... Location within Italy Trieste (Latin Tergeste, Italian Trieste, Slovenian and Croatian Trst, German and Friulian Triest) is a city in northeastern Italy, capital of Friuli-Venezia Giulia region and Trieste province, population 211,184 (2001). ... Location within Italy Venice (Italian: Venezia), the city of canals, is the capital of the region of Veneto and of the province of Venice, 45°26′ N 12°19′ E, population 271,663 (census estimate 2004-01-01). ...


(part of the European Union)

Ringaskiddy (Irish: Rinn an Scidígh) is a village south of Cork city, in County Cork, Ireland. ... Shannon Free Zone is a 2. ...


(part of the European Union)

  • Free Zone of Verdon - Port de Bordeaux (Zone franche du Verdon — Port de Bordeaux)

Verdon is the name of several places in the United States: Verdon Township in Minnesota Verdon Township in Nebraska Verdon in South Dakota Verdon is also the name of a river in southern France, known for its deep canyon, see Verdon River and for great climbing. ... City motto: Lilia sola regunt lunam undas castra leonem. ...


(part of the European Union)

Riga (Latvian: RÄ«ga), the capital of Latvia, is situated on the Baltic Sea coast on the mouth of River Daugava, at 56°58′ N 24°8′ E. Riga is the largest city in the Baltic states and serves as a major cultural, educational, political, financial, commercial and industrial center... Ventspils is a city in northwestern Latvia, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. ...


(part of the European Union)

  • Free zone of Barcelona (Zona franca de Barcelona)
  • Free zone of Cádiz (Zona franca de Cádiz)
  • Free zone of Vigo (Zona franca de Vigo)
  • Free zone of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Zona franca de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)
  • (Ceuta and Melilla are not Free Ports or Free zones because they are parts of spain, but not part of the european union for customs and excises)

Barcelona within Barcelonès Population (2003) 1,582,738 Area 100. ... City nickname: Tacita de plata (little silver cup) Location Location within Spain Government Province Cádiz Mayor Teófila Martínez Physical characteristics Area      Land      Water 12. ... Situation of Vigo within Galicia Vigo is the largest city of the Galicia region and Pontevedra province in northwestern Spain. ... Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a Spanish city, the capital city of Gran Canaria which is one of the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean, 210 kilometers located off the northwestern coast of Africa. ... Eastern Ceuta, as photographed from Morocco. ... Melilla is a Spanish exclave in North Africa, located on the northernmost tip of Maghreb, on the Mediterranean coast. ...


(part of the European Union)

Marstrand is a seaside town in the municipality of Kungälv, Sweden. ... (16th century - 17th century - 18th century - more centuries) As a means of recording the passage of time, the 17th century was that century which lasted from 1601-1700. ... Gustavia Harbor, St. ... 1785 was a common year starting on Saturday (see link for calendar). ... 1878 was a common year starting on Tuesday (see link for calendar). ...


(part of the European Union)

  • Free zone of Lappeenranta (Lappeenrannan Vapaa-alue)
  • Freeport of Hanko (Hangon Vapaasatama)

Lappeenranta or Villmanstrand in Swedish is a city and municipality that resides on the shore of the lake Saimaa in South-Eastern Finland, about 30 km from the Russian border. ... Province Southern Finland Region Uusimaa Sub-region Länsi-Uusimaa City manager Tom Axberg Official languages Finnish, Swedish Area  - total  - land ranked 397th 632 km² 114. ...


ODESSA (German Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen; The Organization of Former SS-Members) was an alleged Nazi-German fugitive network set up towards the end of World War II by a group of SS officers. ... 1819 was a common year starting on Friday (see link for calendar). ... 1858 is a common year starting on Friday. ... ODESSA (German Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen; The Organization of Former SS-Members) was an alleged Nazi-German fugitive network set up towards the end of World War II by a group of SS officers. ... This article is about the year 2000. ...


Map of America by Jonghe, c. ...


Burlington Bay, also known as Hamilton Harbour, is a branch of Lake Ontario bounded on the northwest by the City of Burlington, on the south by the City of Hamilton, and on the east by Hamilton Beach (south of the Skyway Bridge) and Burlington Beach (north of the channel). ... City Hall in Hamilton. ...


Colón as seen from the ocean in January 2000 Colón is a sea port city on the Caribbean Sea coast of Panama. ...


  • US Customs: List of U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones

See also

Many countries have, or have had at some time, designated areas where companies are taxed very lightly or not at all to encourage development or for some other reason. ... This article is about a tax measure. ... A typical duty-free store, at Zurich International Airport Duty-free shops (or stores) are found in the customs zones of International Airports, ports or international means of transport, and do not apply the local/national taxes. ...

External links

  • a list of free ports in the european union (.pdf-file; english)
  • The german customs administration about freeports and free zones in germany (german)
  • US Customs: About Foreign-Trade Zones
  • US Customs: U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones Board

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Port Said - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (246 words)
Port Said also thrives on being a duty-free port, as well as a summer resort for Egyptians.
Port Said's twin city is Port Fouad, which lies on the eastern side of the canal.
Well, Port Said was designated to receive the gift of what is now known as the Statue of Liberty, then called "The Light Of Asia." When the current government decided that it was too costly of project, "The Light of Asia" was shipped to New York City where it became an American landmark.
AllRefer.com - free port (International Law) - Encyclopedia (318 words)
Free ports originated in the late Middle Ages, when the burdensome tariffs charged by many petty states threatened the reemerging maritime commerce.
The high tariffs later levied in the period of mercantilism necessitated additional free ports.
In the United States, bonded warehouses serve some of the functions of the free port, permitting goods to be stored and processed in specially licensed warehouses if a bond exceeding the amount of the customs duties is first posted.
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